Love or Obsession At First Sight?

Love or Obsession At First Sight?

Damon strolled into his house and pocketed his keys. As he was passing the library, he noticed a movement from in there. He figured it was probably Stefan since Stefan was the only other one that lived here. But something made him head towards the door of the library. He tossed his jacket over the stair railing and walked into the library. To his surprise, it wasn't Stefan.

It was a girl.

She was short with long blonde hair that hung down her back. It was wet. She was in pair of jean shorts and a hot pink tank top. All of which clung to her lean, dancer's body. From behind she was sexy as hell. He watched for her a moment, admiring the way her muscles moved under the creamy porcelain skin. She wandered the library looking at the paintings and poking at some of the old books on the shelves.

Finally his curiosity won out. "Who are you and why are you in my house?"

The girl spun around and he was completely bowled over by the amazing set of greenish-blue eyes fixed on him. He'd never seen her in his life because he was sure he would remember someone as gorgeous as her.

"Hi." She said. Her voice sounded…. Heavenly. "Sorry, uh…. Stefan said we could explore while we waited for him."

"Uh huh." Damon had to fight off blinking rapidly to make sure she was real. "Friends of my brother's?"

"Yes. Well, I just met him. But Lexi knows him." She was blushing slightly which only made her seem to glow. God…. She smelled amazing!

"You know Lexi?"

"Yup. Sorry…. I'm Buffy." What kind of name was that? "You must be Damon."

Figures. If she knew Lexi, then she was bound to have heard about him. "So Stefan and Lexi talked about me? All bad I hope."

"Yeah, they mentioned you were like that."

What did that mean? He found himself suddenly wanting to touch her. She smelled so good! He moved faster than the human eye could track to stand right in front of her, but to his utter amazement and complete surprise, she wasn't standing where she'd been a split second ago. He turned and found her standing across the room. Now his curiosity was really piqued.

"Vampire?" Damon asked.

"Vampire Slayer." Buffy answered.

Really? "They don't usually move that fast."

"Well, I'm not exactly new at the game."

"Really now?"

"Thirteen years give or take."

That seemed highly unlikely given what he knew about Slayers. "You don't look a day over 18."

Buffy shrugged. "Apparently Slayers don't age."

Another surprise. "Most of them don't live long enough to find out if it's true."

"I have."

Damon nodded. He liked her already. "You're prettier than the ones I've met."


"You're welcome." Damon took a few steps towards her just to see what she would do. Buffy held her ground. He smiled and changed topics. "So Lexi's here?"

"Yes. We got in this morning. She's sleeping."

"Why aren't you?"


Damon nodded and walked out of the library. He was pleasantly surprised that she followed. "How old are you?"


As they made their way upstairs to Stefan's room at a pace that would've made any normal human uncomfortable, Damon kept stealing glances at her. She was graceful and stealthy. Deadly seemed to be the right word. Like a white tiger or a snow leopard. He walked into Stefan's room and slid onto the bed next to Lexi. She stirred and looked up at him while Buffy stood on the other side of the bed from him.

"Boo." Lexi groaned in annoyance at him. "Hello Lexi . What an unexpected surprise."

"Unexpected surprise?" Lexi said, sitting up. "I think the wrong brother went back to high school."

"How long you here for?" It was more like 'how long do I have to try and seduce your friend'.

"Just for Stefan's BDay."

"You mean you didn't come all this way to see me?"

"That's it, Damon." Lexi said sarcastically. "After a century I finally realized death means nothing without you. Do me."

"Why are you so mean to me?"

"Have you met you? You're not a nice person."

"Because I'm a vampire."

"But you're only the bad parts."

Damon leaned into her and got a little too close for Lexi's comfort. "Teach me to be good."

Lexi grabbed Damon by the neck and slammed him against the mattress. "I'm older and that means stronger."

"Sorry." He choked out.

"Don't ruin my time with Stefan cause I'll hurt you and you know I can do it."


"And don't touch Buffy."

"Take all my fun."

"She'll rip you to pieces before you could blink."

Damon glanced at Buffy and she smiled at him. "I won't touch her if she doesn't want me to."

Lexi rolled her eyes. "Trust me…. She doesn't want you to." She looked at Buffy and released Damon. "Has he been bugging you?"

"Nope." Buffy said. She stole a glance at him as he made his way to the door. Damon smirked at her as Lexi said, "You look cute."

"Thanks. I borrowed one of your tanks. I hope that's ok."

"It looks good on you. Keep it."

"You've got to stop doing that. I've got no room for your clothes and mine."

Lexi shrugged. "Then you should stop borrowing my clothes and making them look better than me."

Buffy rolled her eyes. "Right."

Damon decided to admire the petite blonde for a moment longer before slipping out. She was…. Exceptional. He was going to make her his one way or another. Besides, he'd never had a vampire Slayer before. And by the sneaky looks he'd caught from her, she was attracted to him as well. This was going to be fun.

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