A/N Just a bit of Damon and Buffy fluff because I miss them. October is such a long way off!


Stefan walked out to the garden where a flurry of activity was going on. Buffy and Damon were off with Elena, Bonnie, and Willow on a college campus trip. There was no one else in the house, so Stefan was a bit confused as to why there was a construction crew setting up in the garden. He made his way over to one of the men and got his attention.

"Are you Mr. Salvatore?" The man asked Stefan.

"I'm a Mr. Salvatore." Stefan said. "What are you doing?"

"Renovations, sir. We got an order from a Damon Salvatore to restore and upgrade a gazebo in the gardens of this property."

Stefan smiled. Damon was fixing up Buffy's favorite spot in the garden while they were away on their college trip. "Yeah. Do you need me to show you where it is?"

"I was just about to come confirm the location."

"I'm Stefan Salvatore, Damon's brother. The gazebo is this way."

Buffy had her Kindle in her hand as she made her way towards the hidden gazebo. It was still dark outside. They'd gotten back from their campus trip and dropped Elena off at her house. It was early morning just before the sun was due to start rising. Buffy had been too wired to sleep, so she'd grabbed her Kindle and headed out to the garden.

She rounded the corner and looked around in confusion. Her little hidden gazebo was different. Really different. The greenery around it was a more vibrant green and thicker. There were different kinds of flowers strung through the vines. Where there was an opening, light blue gauze curtains fluttered in the wind. The entrance arch was covered by the gauzy curtains and the curtains were pulled to the side.

Inside, the old rusted furniture had been replaced with all new yet still vintage looking furniture. Straight across from the entrance was a white wooden daybed done up in light blue sheets and fluffy white pillows. It had been cut to fit inside the angled edges of the gazebo. The three railings behind the day bed had been turned into walls so if it rained, the day bed wouldn't get rained on. A glass table sat in the middle of the gazebo. The legs and frame were silver grape vines that made it look like it was growing out of the ground. On either side of the entrance sat a large white wicker chair with light blue cushions. There was a drink cart off to the side that matched the silver grape vines of the coffee table. On top of it sat a crystal decanter with bourbon and matching glasses. On the coffee table was an old porcelain tea set.

It was her own little private oasis. There were hidden boards that could be rolled down from each section of the roof and folded over so the inside of the gazebo would be water proof. The boards rolled out far enough so that the vines and flowers wouldn't be crushed. There was a ceiling fan hanging from the ceiling and little white twinkle lights were woven on the ceiling to look like that night sky.

"Do you like it?" Damon asked behind her.

She spun around to look at him. "You did this?"

"Well, not by myself. I hired a team. But, yes. I did this. For you."


He smiled and wrapped his arms around her. "You're welcome."

"You spoil me." She reached up and kissed him.

"Well, it's not just for you. I mean, the house gets a bit crowded now and then. I figured it would be nice for us to have a little place to retreat to."

"I love it." She kissed him again. "When did you do this?"

"I had it done today while we were away. I wanted to surprise you."

"I am definitely surprised."

Damon smirked, leaned down, and lifted her into his arms. He turned and hit a button on the beam next to the entrance. The hidden boards slid down, folded, and locked into place leaving the only light in the gazebo the twinkle lights above them. He released the gauze curtains on the entrance, which also had a white privacy curtain behind them, and walked over to the bed. "Let's break this place in." He laid her down on the bed and climbed on top of her.

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