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Chapter 111

Chapter 111

Damon released Stefan and his brother stepped back, leaving Buffy in her husband's arms. "I missed you too, buddy." He said to his brother, kissing Buffy's hair.

"I can't believe it. We thought you were gone."

"Well, you didn't think I was gone-gone? I promised you an eternity of misery."

"You thought he was gone, Stefan." Buffy said. "I never did."

"What do you mean?" Damon asked her.

"It's a very long story. One I will tell you later. What happened to you? How did you get back?"


"Bonnie? You were with Bonnie? Did she come back, too?"

"No. She, uh…. She sacrificed herself so I could come back, but I don't want anyone to know. No sense making this harder than it already is."

"What are we going to tell people?" Stefan asked.

"That she wasn't with me over there."

"Over where?"

"You are never going to believe this." Damon walked over to the bench with Buffy still tucked in his arm. "Bonnie's grandma managed to send us to some pocket dimension that this coven of witches created as a prison for this psycho named Kai. And to make it that much more fun, we were repeating the same day in Mystic Falls in 1994."

"Mystic Falls?" Stefan asked disbelievingly. "1994?"

"I know. A bunch of witches were going to get together and create some space time purgatory you'd think they'd pick a better year than the one Kurt Cobain killed himself in. The whole thing was just very depressing."

"How did you get back?"

"Long story, big flash of light, two decades worth of jet lag…. I will explain all of my adventures in that flannel hellscape, but first…." Damon looked down at Buffy sitting tightly pressed against his side. "I have been waiting five months to get back to you. We have a lot of time to make up for."

Stefan nodded. "Yeah. You two go ahead. I'll…. Tell everyone you're back."

"Thank you, brother." Damon watched Stefan walk out of the crypt before turning back to his wife. Now that they were alone together, everything they'd both been feeling in the last five months hit them all at once. He clung to her as she climbed in his lap and wrapped her legs around his waist to be closer to him, holding onto him just as tightly as they both cried. "I was so lost without you." He finally said into her neck.

"I barely moved from my bed for four months. If it hadn't been for Rick, I would've wasted away." Buffy sobbed between kisses. "Damon…. Damon…. I missed you so much."

"Let's go home. I don't want to make love to my wife for the first time in five months in a crypt."

Buffy laughed slightly. "We're going to run Alaric out."

"Alaric lives with us?"

"Well, Alaric and I live together. We have an apartment near Whitmore."


"Oh…. I forgot…. Uh, Mystic Falls is still magic free."

"Hasn't anyone been working on fixing that?"

"Well, Willow and Caroline were, but…. Willow switched over to looking for a way to bring you back after I found out about her little scheme."

"Willow had a scheme? I can't imagine her having a scheme."

"She was using some witchy drugs in a spell to make me hallucinate you in my dreams. One of the many reasons I never got out of bed for so long. The dreams were so real…. I thought somehow you'd found a way to come back to me…."

Damon kissed her deeply for a long, breathless moment. "Baby, I am so sorry."

"But now you are back. And she can start looking again for a way to get us home."

Damon ran his fingers through her hair and kissed his way up and down her neck. "We need to go."

"Yes we do." Buffy stood up and Damon followed suit, sweeping her up in his arms.

"Point me in the right direction." He said as he rushed out of the crypt.

Buffy directed him to the apartment, completely forgetting that she'd parked her car near the cemetery. She desperately tried to get the door open as Damon pressed against her, kissing her neck and running his fingers up and down her ribs under her shirt. He was being so distracting that she ended up just breaking the lock and shoving the door open. Damon kicked it shut behind him as he followed her to her bedroom. Alaric wasn't home yet, so he must be with Jo still.

Damon took just a moment to look around and appreciate the decorating before he turned back to Buffy and brought her lips to his again. They fell back into her bed, clothes flying everywhere and lips kissing every inch of skin they could find. The two of them completely lost track of time as they reacquainted themselves with each other. It wasn't until Alaric's voice coming from the living room that they came back to themselves. They scrambled to put some clothes on before he burst in on them.

"Buffy! Buffy?" Alaric called. "Are you ok? The front door's broken and…." He trailed off as Buffy opened her bedroom door wearing a man's button up jean shirt that was straight out of the 90s. But that's not what shocked Alaric. It was the person standing behind her. "Oh my god…. Damon?"

"Got room for one more to live here, Rick?" Damon asked. "I hear we can't go home just yet and I'd really like to stay with my wife."

Alaric looked at Buffy. "Is he real or is Willow messing with all of us now?"

Buffy smiled brightly. "Oh, he's real."

Damon kissed her hair before walking over and meeting Alaric half way. The two friends embraced tightly before Damon went back to wrap his arms around Buffy's shoulders. "How did this happen?" Alaric asked. "Did Willow…."

"I have no idea." Buffy lied. "He just…. Appeared."

"Lucky I've still got my reflexes." Damon said. "She almost wasted a bottle of bourbon."

"How are you back?" Alaric asked.

"I wished really hard."

"This is seriously not the time to joke."

"Seriously, I don't really know. There was a flash of light and then I was catching a flying bottle of bourbon and holding my wife again."

"Where were you? What happened to you?"

"Rick, as excited as I am for you to have your BFF back…." Buffy said. "I've got my husband back. After five months. Do you mind if we ask all the questions tomorrow?"

Alaric smiled. "It is tomorrow."

"Is it? Well, then we'll see you later. Get some sleep."

"I doubt I'll be able to. You two aren't exactly subtle."

"Ha ha. Good night, Rick." Buffy turned to shut the door.

"Oh, Buffy, uh…. I tried to compel Jo to forget our date and it didn't take."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, either she's on vervain or there's some other reason, but she can't be compelled."

"Elena has a shift at the hospital later today. Let her know. Maybe she can find out why."

"Yeah. Ok." Alaric smiled. "Tell you what…. I'll let you guys have the apartment to yourselves. My office has a comfy couch."

"Thanks, Rick." Damon said.

"Don't think I won't want answers." Alaric headed for the front door. Once it shut behind him, Damon grabbed Buffy around the waist and threw her back into the bed.

Buffy opened her eyes to the sounds of the birds outside and the sun shining through her window. The memories of the events of the previous night came back to her and she started to panic that it was just another dream. But familiar arms wrapped around her and pulled her against a familiar body.

"I missed this so much." He said against the back of her ear. "Waking up to your hair surrounding my face and your heavenly smell invading my senses. The feel of your body against mine…."

She smiled and wiggled tighter against him. "I was worried last night was just another witchy dream."

Damon nibbled on her ear and she laughed. "This is definitely not a dream." She turned around to face him and he reached a hand up to gently stroke her face, staring into her eyes. "God, I love you so much."

"I love you."

"So, I know that it's…." Damon lifted his head to look past her at the clock. "Three in the afternoon, but I'm going to make you breakfast in bed."

Buffy laughed and tightened her arms around him. "I don't want you to leave this bed."

He smiled. "I don't really want to either, but I said if I ever got back to you, I was going to make you breakfast in bed every day." Damon kissed the tip of her nose. "One of the things that kept me sane…. Ish…. Was making pancakes every morning. I thought of it as practice."

"Well, if you're leaving the bed, I'm coming with you."

"That defeats the purpose of breakfast in bed."

"No it doesn't. We can get back into bed with the food when it's done."

He smiled. "All right. But only because I don't want to be away from you for another second." Buffy kept her arms around him as she rolled out of bed and they both ended up on their feet still holding each other. Damon laughed. "Smooth."

"The perks of being married to a Vampire Slayer vampire." She let him go and grabbed his jean shirt again, buttoning it up as he put his jeans back on. "You know, we've got to get you a new wardrobe or have Jeremy bring yours from the house."

"Acid wash not my thing?" He joked.

"Not in the least bit." She leaned into him and kissed him before following him out to the kitchen.

"Ok!" Damon clapped his hands together. "I have no idea where anything is in this kitchen."

Buffy laughed and sat down at the counter, directing Damon to where everything was located. While he was working on the pancake batter, Buffy's phone rang. She wasn't quite sure where she'd dropped it at, so she had to go search for it. Finally she found it where it had skittered under the couch.

Buffy returned to the counter as she answered it, "Hello?"

"Is everything all right, love?" Klaus asked on the other line.

"Oh, Klaus, I completely forgot!" Damon turned around at Buffy's mention of Klaus.

"How could you 'completely forget' your promise to come save your vampiric bloodline?"

"Well," Buffy looked up at Damon's back. He was trying desperately to act nonchalant as he worked on breakfast. "Something major came up."

"What could possibly be more major than Mikael and Esther come back from the dead to kill Elijah and myself?"

"Damon's back."

Klaus was quiet for a very long moment. "How?"

"I don't know. I was having yet another argument with Stefan and Damon just appeared out of thin air. We've been a little…. Busy since."

"Of course you have. Well, if anything happens to me, at least you'll have some lovely final moments with your beloved husband."

"Klaus…." He had already hung up though. Buffy shook her head and called Klaus back. He didn't answer, of course. "Oh, grow up." She said to his voicemail before she hung up and set her phone down. Damon was really focused on the pancakes. "Mikael and Esther are alive."

That got his attention. Damon turned around and looked at her with wide eyes. "Seriously?"

"He called me two days ago to let me know. Willow and I were going to go to New Orleans yesterday to keep Klaus alive, but pretty much everything that could go wrong, did go wrong."

"Like what?" Buffy watched Damon for a long moment as he took the pancakes off the griddle and added the bacon and eggs to the plates. He set the plates down and walked around the counter to sit next to her. "Buff?"

"I just got you back. I don't want to talk about all the horrible things that have happened. At least not for a while."

"We can't ignore it forever. Let's talk about it over our meal, hit the sheets again, and then continue the conversation."

Buffy laughed slightly. "Are you sure? Things haven't exactly been the greatest."

"Of course I'm sure." He took her hand and kissed her palm. "Talk to me. I've been waiting five months just to hear your voice. Good, bad, terrifying…. I want you to talk to me."

She sighed. "Ok. I'll tell you everything that's happened in the last five months."

Damon shook his head and pulled Buffy tighter against him. They'd moved over to the couch and curled up there together. He had one arm around her waist and his free hand was fiddling with her wedding ring on her finger. He thought he'd had it rough stuck in his 90s hell, but Buffy had been here dealing with witchy hallucinations, everyone but Enzo giving up on bringing Damon and Bonnie back, and Stefan acting like a complete douche all while being kept out of her home by the no-magic bubble.

"I'm sorry, baby." Damon finally said. "I am so very, very sorry." He kissed the side of her head.

"You don't have anything to be sorry for." Buffy said. "You don't have any control over how stupid your brother can be."

"I know I don't, but it doesn't make it any better. I've played that night over and over in my head for the last five months and if I had just left Liz, I would've made it back in time and never left you."

"She might've died without you."

"I don't think she would've. Even if she had…."

"You never would've left her. Even knowing what you do now." Buffy heard footsteps coming up the stairs outside. She stood up and walked over to the door, opening it before Jeremy could reach for the doorknob.

Jeremy pushed past Buffy into the apartment and went over to confront Damon. "Why didn't Bonnie come back?" Damon didn't answer him. "Why didn't she come back?"

Finally Damon said, "Because she wasn't there. It was just me."

Buffy walked over and touched Jeremy's arm. He sighed and sat down on the nearest chair. "You know I paid her cell bill so I could call her phone and hear her say the same six words every day?"

Damon glanced at Buffy and she shrugged. "Sounds good. I'll give it a call."

Jeremy looked up at him with suspicious eyes. "Why? She hated you."

"Bonnie wasn't there with me Jeremy because she found peace. She's in a better place."

"How did you get back?"

"I don't know. One minute I was standing in my own personal hell, the next I was holding my wife."

Jeremy looked at Buffy and she sat down on the armrest of his chair, wrapping an arm around his shoulder. "I know that you miss her, Jer, but if she found peace…. It would be selfish to bring her back. Trust me when I say: It's a horrible ordeal to go through."

"What do I do now?"

She smoothed back his hair and watched his eyes for a moment. "You figure out a way to keep going."

"Sorry I bothered you guys." Jeremy said, standing up.

"It's ok, Jer. I was just catching Damon up on everything he's missed."

"I'll let you get back to it. I know you've got a lot of catching up to do." He headed for the door.

"Jeremy…." Buffy shook her head as he closed the door behind him. She turned to her husband. "We need to tell Willow everything you know about that pocket dimension. Maybe we can get Bonnie back."

Damon nodded. "I was planning on it."

Before Buffy could say anything, her phone started ringing again. It was Matt. "Kinda busy, Donovan."

"I know. I'm sorry, but…. It's about Enzo." Matt said.

"What about Enzo?"

"Stefan gave him to Tripp."

"What?! Is that where he's been?"

"Yes. I told Caroline and Stefan and they went to rescue him, but now he's not there."

Buffy looked at Damon. "It's official. I'm killing your brother."

"It gets worse, Buffy."

"How could it be worse?"

"Tripp has Ivy's phone."

"So what? That's not that big of a deal. He did kill her. I doubt stealing is beneath him."

"Yeah, but your name is at the top of the recent dialed list."

"Are you kidding me?"

"I don't know if he knows where to find you, though. Just…. Watch your back."

"Yeah. Thanks, Matt." Buffy hung up and turned to Damon. "Seriously, Stefan is a dead vampire. I may turn his ass into Tripp."

"Who's Tripp?"

"Forgot to mention him. He's the new resident vampire hunter. He figured out that Mystic Falls is a no magic zone and he's been driving vampires across the border. Stefan apparently gave Enzo to Tripp."

"Because Enzo turned his girlfriend?" Damon shook his head. "I've done worse. He's done worse!"

"Welcome to the wacky world of New Stefan." Buffy sat down. "We've got to save Enzo."

"This is so weird. You hated him five months ago."

Buffy laughed slightly. "He grew on me."

Damon stood over her. "Told you so." He leaned down to kiss her.

She enjoyed the kiss for a long moment, lingering in his arms even after it was over. "Ok…. I think I've got a plan."

"I know that tone of voice." He pulled back slightly to look down at her. "I'm not going to like it, am I?"

"Well, it's something you would come up with…. I think."

"Then I'm definitely not going to like it."

Damon carried the bags of clothing back to Buffy's car and put them in the trunk. Buffy was still inside the store compelling the store clerks. They'd been going around town compelling themselves a new wardrobe and leaving a trail of bitten people with Buffy's address for Tripp to find. Buffy wanted to get caught by the wannabe Hunter so she could save Enzo. Sheriff Forbes was going to shut down Route 13 while Caroline, Tara, and Elena were going to block Old Miller Road and Alaric, Willow, and Stefan were going to go to the main road out of Mystic Falls and cover it.

He smiled at his beautiful wife and he suddenly felt a pang of guilt. Bonnie had sacrificed herself so he could have this moment. Before he realized what he was doing, he'd pulled out his cell phone (which Buffy had saved and kept on) and dialed Bonnie's number. "It's Bonnie. Leave me a message." The recording said.

"That's it?" Damon asked the machine. "That's your outgoing message. Really? I mean, the onetime I'm actively seeking the sound of your voice, that's all I get. Perfect. Anyway, I'm sitting outside of a store watching my amazingly gorgeous wife buy clothes for us after spending the most incredible night and day with her and I just wanted to say that…. I got to do all of that and more because of what you did for me. So thank you and I'm sorry. Other than that, I don't know what to say or what I'm supposed to say except that, defying all possible global scenarios, I might miss you a little bit. And Buffy says hi." Damon hung up as Buffy opened the door and came out into the sunshine wearing a new pair of Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses and wiping the trace of blood off her lips.

"Anyone exciting?" She asked, gesturing at the phone. He looked away, embarrassed, and Buffy smiled. She walked up to him and kissed him gently. "Don't be embarrassed, Damon. You spent five months with her and she sacrificed herself to send you back here. I owe her so much." She took his phone and dialed the last number. When the recording finished, Buffy said, "Thank you, Bonnie. Thank you so, so very much for giving me my husband back. I wish I could tell you this in person, but since I can't…. Then I will cherish every second of every day with Damon and before I close my eyes at night, I will thank you again for this amazing gift you gave me." She ended the call and handed Damon back his phone.

Damon smiled and pulled her to him, holding her tightly against his chest. After a long moment, they pulled away simultaneously and got into the car. He drove them back to their apartment and when they got out, they spotted Tripp standing in the main entrance doorway.

"That was quick." Damon said, gesturing at the man.

"He must've been in town already looking." Buffy undid her seatbelt. "Ready to get captured?"

"As I'll ever be." He reached over and kissed her before getting out of the car.

Buffy followed suit and took Damon's hand as they walked up to the doorway. "Hey, aren't you Matt's friend?" She asked Tripp.

Instead of saying anything, Tripp held up a tranquilizer gun. Damon vamped out and Tripp pulled the trigger. Buffy caught the vervain dart in between her fingers and threw it back at Tripp, hitting him in the knee. Tripp groaned and tried to throw a stake at them, but Damon caught it and rushed at Tripp. As he held the man by the neck with the stake against his jaw, four shots rang out. Two guys had come out of the alley beside the apartment building and shot Buffy and Damon with two vervain darts each. Damon wasn't used to vervain and it actually knocked him out. Buffy was still drinking vervain on a regular basis, so it just burned a little. She pretended to go down, though. The plan wouldn't work unless they got taken to Enzo. And Damon sure as hell wasn't going alone.

Buffy kept her eyes closed as they cuffed her and threw her and Damon in the back of a van. The men were in the back of the van with them and Buffy assumed that Tripp was driving. It took about twenty minutes to get where they were going. When they did, Buffy could feel that the sun was setting around them. They grabbed her and Damon and carried them to a larger van. Buffy kept her eyes closed, but slitted them enough to see through her eyelashes. In the back of the larger van, Enzo was chained up. He looked panicked when he saw her and then his eyes widened in shock.

"Damon?" Enzo asked. He growled at the men and Tripp. "What have you done to them?"

"You know these two?" Tripp asked as the men chained Buffy and Damon up. "Oh well, you had the chance to save yourself and give them up, but now you'll have friends to die with when we cross the border." He slammed the doors and left the three vampires alone in the back of the van.

When the engine started, Buffy opened her eyes. Enzo sighed in relief. "Oh please. Like their little vervain darts would actually do anything to me." She smiled at him. "We're here to rescue you."

Enzo smiled and shook his head. "I see you found a way to bring him back."

"Actually, I didn't. He did." She pulled on the chains and discovered that they were reinforced, but they wouldn't be a problem for her to snap.

"When did he come back?"

"Last night. I had a really bad day and I went to the crypt to hide for a little while. Stefan interrupted me and we got into it and then Damon appeared out of thin air."

"Have a happy reunion did you?"

"Of course…. Until we found out that Stefan had turned you into the vampire execution squad."

"Sorry to interrupt."

"Shut up. You know I'd have come for you sooner if I'd known. My brother-in-law has been kind of a douche lately."

"I noticed." Enzo looked at his chains. "So, what's the plan, love?"

Buffy glanced at the front of the van where Tripp was driving. She lowered her voice and said, "We've got roadblocks at every road into Mystic Falls. They'll stop Tripp and we'll get out of the van. And put a stop to this nonsense once and for all."

"He's probably on vervain."

"Probably, but when has that ever stopped any of us?"

Damon started to wake up and spotted Enzo first. "Morning, sunshine." Enzo said.

"Hey…." Enzo Damon looked down to see the chains on his wrists. "Well this brings back memories."

"I'm glad to see you found a way back, mate."

Damon looked at Buffy and smiled. "Me too."

"So, don't you two think we're cutting it a bit close? We're almost to Mystic Falls…. Which is known for it's bridges; quaint, small town charm; and a really big vampire bug zapper."

"We'll be fine." Buffy said.

"Famous last words, love."

The van slowed down and Buffy could hear Alaric's voice outside. "Evening. My girlfriend and I were headed out for date night and our car just stopped. You think you can help us out?"

"Oh I don't know anything about cars." Tripp said.

"Yeah, oh well, maybe you could give us a ride then?"

"Sorry, in a bit of a hurry."

"Yeah. So are we." Alaric punched through the glass of the window. It shattered and knocked Tripp back. Buffy used the distraction to break the chains holding her. She went to break Damon's chains, but the van suddenly lurched forward. Alaric could be heard yelling and Buffy got a glimpse of him being dragged with the van. They were speeding towards the border of Mystic Falls. She yanked on Damon's chains, snapping them just as Tripp's van crashed into Alaric's car.

The van began to flip over, flying through the air and crashing over the Mystic Falls sign. It landed upside down and Buffy groaned as she felt the no-magic start to drain her vampire power away. Damon groaned as his fatal gunshot wound appeared. His shirt started to soak with blood. Enzo began coughing and choking on his blood.

Buffy yanked on Enzo's chains, but they wouldn't budge. She was just a regular Slayer being quickly drained of any magic. "Consumption, wasn't much fun the first time around either." Enzo said.

"Buffy, go!" Damon said, pushing on her.

"You're coming, too." Buffy pulled on him.


"Come back for me." Enzo choked.

Suddenly Willow and Stefan appeared. Stefan had a crowbar that he'd used to break into the back of Tripp's van. Buffy helped Damon to his feet and pointed at Enzo. "Free him." She ordered Stefan as she and Damon struggled out of the van with Willow's help.

Stefan used the crowbar to get Enzo loose from the chains. Buffy caught a glimpse of Tripp as he lurched out of the front of his vehicle, blood gushing from his head. Instead of facing off with them, he ran away. Damon and Buffy made it across the border and turned around to see Stefan and Enzo following them. Willow rushed over to help both of them get across the border.

"Rick!" Buffy cried, getting ready to run over to him.

"No!" Damon held onto her. "Your neck was snapped, Buff. You go over there and you won't come back.

"Rick!" Buffy cried. Alaric was laying on the ground with Jo working over him. "Where did she come from?"

"I don't know." Willow said.

"What's happening?" Alaric gasped.

"You still with me?" Jo asked. "While I'm sealing this wound I want you to think about how you tried to compel one of the smartest women on campus to forget about her date with you." She applied gauze to his bloody chest. "The date where I single handedly saved dozens of lives without smearing my makeup. Alaric? Hang on! Stay with me. Come on!" She started pumping on his chest. "Gonna get that heart pumping. You don't get to have the last word with me. Alaric!" Alaric stopped moving. "Alaric!"

"Damon, we have to get him across the border!" Buffy pleaded. "We can't let him die!"

Jo continued pumping Alaric's chest, refusing to give up. "Stay with me! Come on!"

Suddenly Alaric's head snapped up. He looked around in confusion. "So-so-something's wrong."

"Don't move." Jo said.

"No, something's wrong. I'm not supposed to be alive."

"There's no reason you shouldn't be. I sealed the wound we just have to get you to the hospital."

"He's alive?" Buffy asked.

"He's alive." Jo confirmed over her shoulder. "We need to get him to the hospital."

"I'll call Sheriff Forbes." Stefan offered.

Buffy paced the living room of her and Alaric's apartment. Damon sat on the couch and watched her. Alaric had been her best friend the last five months. They'd leaned on each other for support. If he had died….

"This was my fault." Buffy said.

"What?" Damon asked.

"This was my plan. Rick…."

Damon was suddenly in front of her, stopping her pacing. "Is alive…. And human. From the way you described his last five months…. He didn't like being a vampire. This is only a good thing."

"He could've died. I could've killed him."

"Buff, you need to calm down. Rick is alive and well. He's not a vampire anymore. He's probably leaping for joy." Buffy's phone began ringing and Damon grabbed it off the table. It was Alaric's cell. "Hey Rick. Just the person I needed to call right now."

"Is she freaking out?" Alaric asked.

"It's like you know her."

"Let me speak to her."

Damon handed the phone to Buffy. "I am so sorry, Rick. I…."

"Buffy, calm down." Alaric said forcefully. "I'm fine."

"You could've died and it was all my fault."

"But I didn't die. I'm alive. Completely alive."

"No thanks to me."

"Buff, you can't beat yourself up. I'm happy that I'm not a vampire anymore. You know how much I hated it."

"I know, but…."

"No buts. I'm going to be ok. Jo is having me transferred to Whitmore to keep a better eye on me. She says the Mystic Falls Hospital sucks."

"Well, it does."

"Listen, I'm going to be fine. You and Damon just relax and be together. You've been apart for five months. One day isn't enough to catch up on all of that."


"I'll talk to you guys later." He hung up before Buffy could say anything else.

Buffy looked at her phone and realized that she had messages from Klaus. The first two were apologies and asking her to please come down and help him. The third was from a number she didn't recognize. "Hi Buffy, this is Hayley. I got your number from Klaus's phone. Listen…. I know that Damon is back…. I overheard Klaus talking to you…. And I really do hate to interrupt your reunion, but Elijah is missing. It's a very long story and I will catch you up on it when you get here."

Buffy ended the voicemail and looked at Damon. "Feel like a road trip?"

"To where?"

"New Orleans." The look on Damon's face told her he wasn't happy about it. "Elijah's missing, Mikael and Esther are back, we've got nothing going on here right now…."

Damon sighed. "Well, if Klaus is in danger of being killed, then that means we're in danger. Yeah. Let's go to New Orleans."

"I'm going to need the white oak stake."

"Ok, you call Jeremy and get him to bring it. I'll get us packed."

"Hopefully Willow is still willing to go, too." Buffy said, picking her phone back up.

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