Under The Rose


AU Buffy is a famous actress with famous friends and a famous boyfriend filming a movie in Texas when she meets Angel, a lawyer from Sunnydale, CA.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

A/N I was sitting at work trying to think about writing on Tipping The Scales: Back To The Future, but I couldn't concentrate on it. This is what came out of my fingers' typing. I hope you like it.

Summary: This is sort of the story of the famous version of Buffy from My Own Version 4 (Same Time, Different Place). This is with a twist though. It's B/A! How, you ask? Just read on to find out.

Chapter 1

Buffy Summers wasn't the type of person that enjoyed going to parties and putting herself out there like most other young stars her age. She loved being an actress and she loved meeting new people, but ever since her name had shot to the "A-List" she was constantly surrounded by paprazzi. They loved to make up rumors about her especially because most of her friends were guys. Every week it seemed that she was with a different guy, or she was cheating on this one with that one. None of it was true, of course. For as long as she could remember, she just felt more comfortable with the guys. Sure, she had girlfriends that she hung out with, but they were the type of girls who wanted spa dates and always wanted to look their best. Buffy didn't really care about that half as much as she should.

Buffy Anne Summers had been born in Memphis, Tenessee on November 19, 1981 to Joyce Summers and Hank Summers. From the moment she was born, everyone knew she was going to be different. Some might say driven and hard to keep up with. Her mother's best friend, Lynn, had given birth that same year in January to a baby boy, Justin Timberlake. The first time Justin laid eyes on Buffy, he knew they were destined to be best friends. And it was true. Growing up, the two were so close that it seemed nothing could tear them apart. The amazing thing was that Buffy lived in New York City while Justin lived in Memphis. Both of them were driven towards their future careers and they fed each other's creativity.

When Buffy was five years old, she decided she wanted to be a figure skater. She used to watch the beautiful skaters swivel and jump and spin all over the ice and it just amazed her. So, with the help from her mother and Lynn, Buffy began ice skating. She was good at it too. She began winning medals and advancing to harder levels. Her life was pretty busy. She woke up at 4:30, ate breakfast and was on her way to the rink where she practiced from 5:30 to 6:45. After that, she went to school. Directly after school, it was usually ballet class or weight training. Then, she was back on the ice until 6:30 at night. She did her homework and went to bed early and did it all again the next day. A normal life like the other kids wasn't something she liked, so the busy schedule made her happy.

When she was eleven, she suffered a lower back injury and had to put her skating on hold while she recovered. During that time, auditions for a role in Interview With The Vampire were being held. Buffy had no clue why she'd done it, but she'd decided to try for the role. And to her utter amazment, she got it! She was going to be Claudia next to Brad Pitt's Louis and Tom Cruise's Lestat! Her coach, Nina, was thrilled, but worried that Buffy would give up what she was good at. Joyce decided to allow Buffy to do homeschool, that way she could do ice skating AND act in the movie. It was a tight schedule and pretty gruelling for an eleven year old, but Buffy managed it. And she made a close friend in Brad Pitt. He supported her skating and did his best to come see her perform. In a way, he filled in the father-figure that her real father was usually missing from.

She had also met a punk-skater named Brandon Margera, aka Bam Bam. He had been in town for a skate competition and had been staying at a hotel near Buffy's apartment. They kept running into each other at a convinience store between the two places and finally, Bam asked her out. Because she was so busy, their first date had been her taking him to the set of Interview. When she had a day off from acting, she took him ice skating. He even managed to get her to his competition. The two quickly became close and Buffy took him to the premieres of Interview. They were an unlikely pair, but for some reason, they worked.

Buffy's acting in Interview had been so good, that the Hollywood awards people had noticed it. She was nominated for a Golden Globe and she even won an MTV Movie Award. Now Buffy was torn between wanting to act and wanting to skate. She loved skating. She was good at it. She had even been invited to skate at Skate America in 1995 she was so good. It was a big international competition that was a huge deal to skaters. Feeling like she knew which career she would stick to, Buffy increased her training and began to prepare for Skate America. Unfortunately, two weeks before Skate America, Buffy got too close to the wall during a travelling spin and the back of her blade had gotten stuck in the wall. It shattered the cartilage in her knee and fractured her knee cap. Her knee also filled up with fluid. It was a devastating blow to Buffy's skating career.

Bam moved in with her and her family to keep her company while she recovered. Her leg was in a brace, so she couldn't really move about much without a wheelchair or her crutches. Buffy's parents spent most of the time fighting, so she relied on Bam to keep her sane. He drove her to her physical therapy sessions and to her doctor's appointments. Buffy even got to go to some of Bam's skateboarding competitions. At the end of five months, Buffy was back on the ice, but it wasn't the same. She couldn't do jumps, spins were out of the question, and she tired too easily. After all those years of deication and medals, Buffy's ice skating career was over. It was heartbreaking. On top of that, Buffy's parents were getting a divorce and Buffy was moving with her mother to Los Angeles, California, all the way on the other side of the country.

Buffy became very depressed. She barely ate, she didn't sleep well at all, her new school seemed too big for her and she felt out of place. The only comfort she had was Brad. The two spent a lot of time together and he managed to help her get through the tough transistion. She even joined the cheerleading squad and started acting again. Brad helped her find roles and pretty soon, she was on her way. She got the role of Harrison Ford's daughter in The Devil's Own, another movie with Brad, and she also played John Travolta's daughter in Face/Off. At the end of 1996, Buffy got the role of Helen Shivers in I Know What You Did Last Summer and her career really took off.

She kept in touch with Justin and Bam, even managing to visit them occasionally. Justin was in Europe with his group, NSYNC, and Bam was back home in West Chester, PA still skating. She saw him the most, but they were more friends than they were romantic together. He was proud of what she was doing with her life. When she finished filming I Know What You Did Last Summer, she went to Atlanta to film Scream 2. After they premiered to glowing reviews about her performances, Buffy went on to begin filming on Cruel Intentions and Simply Irrisistable. Cruel Intentions was a huge hit, but Simply Irrisistable wasn't that big at all. Buffy also landed a small role in The Wedding Singer as a friend of Drew Barrymore's. She and Drew became friends and Drew invited her to come try for the part of Natalie Cook in the movie version of Charlie's Angels. Before she filmed Charlie's Angels, though, Buffy shot the movie Bring It On. She played the head cheerleader of the Toros from Rancho Carne High School in San Diego. Both movies were huge successes.

While she was in England promoting Cruel Intentions, Bam was in Europe for a skate demo. He came to see her in London and convinced her to come to a concert. It was a band that he had fallen in love with and he wanted her to meet them. So, Buffy went to her first H.I.M. concert. It was awesome and the band was great. She and the lead singer, Ville Valo, really hit it off. After the show, they all went to a pub and Ville and Buffy ended up spending the entire night together just talking and enjoying each other's company. Before she knew it, they were an item. The European and the American tabloids went crazy at Buffy's new romance. It was her first romance in the public eye and she had no clue how crazy it could really get. She took it in stride, though, and she and Ville seemed to flourish. He even discovered that she could sing just in time for her to audition for the role of Satine in Moulin Rouge. She got it and was wisked away to Australia to film it.

Ville and Buffy remained close friends, but their romantic relationship sort of fell apart. They were both busy with their careers and they decided it was for the best that they just stayed friends. Good thing, too. Buffy was busier than ever. Moulin Rouge was a huge hit with the critics and the awards people. She was nominated for just about everything. Golden Globes, Oscars, SAG awards... It was astounding. She followed Moulin Rouge with Scooby Doo and then helped Bam out with his movie Haggard. Bam had staked his claim to fame through his CKY DVDs and the MTV show Jackass. Jackass had even spawned a successful movie. Bam had decided to branch into directing and he asked Buffy to be the girl he hooked up with at the end of the movie. She agreed and she even got to see Ville again while he filmed a music video for the movie. During the music video/concert, Buffy got a call from her agent that she was going to do Charlies Angels: Full Throttle, the sequel to Charlie's Angels. She began training for that and there was even a dance scene with the Pussycat Dolls in the movie. Bam and Ville didn't want to miss that, so they came to visit her on the set to see her dance burlesque style and even lose her top at one point. Full Throttle was a huge hit and Buffy's career was "on fire" as the gossip columns liked to say. After that she did Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed.

Then came Troy. Buffy was excited about this movie. It had Brad in it as Achillies, Peter O'Toole as King Prium, Eric Bana as Hector, Buffy as Helen of Troy, and Orlando Bloom as Paris. She had a semi-nude scene in the movie and she was really nervous about it. Orlando suggested that they get to know each other so it would be less awkward for them and it was love at first sight. Buffy and Orlando were the hot new "golden couple" of Hollywood. Troy wasn't that big of a hit, but she was proud of it. After Troy, she went to Japan to film The Grudge. After that, she took some time off to be with Orlando on his movie Kingdom of Heaven. She met Liam Neison, one of her mother's favorite actors and she met Jeremy Irons.

And that's where she was now. She was sitting in her hotel room in Austin, Texas talking to Orlando in New York City. He was promoting Elizabethtown and Buffy was filming a movie called The Return. Ville was currently residing in her house in LA while he was recording his new album. Bam was finishing up Viva La Bam and continuing his radio show on Sirius Radio. Things were looking good for Buffy. She was 23 years old, had the best friends she could ask for, and she was in love. Orlando was a hit with her friends and family and he had instantly one over Buffy's mom.

"I love you too." Buffy said. "No, I'll talk to you later. I'm going exploring tonight. Yeah, believe it or not, I've never been here. Yeah. Ok, bye babe." Buffy hung up and stood up to stretch. She looked at her watch and then decided to leave. The streets of Austin were interesting. She managed to evade fans and paparazzi because she had dark brown hair. She'd always been a blonde, except for when she filmed Cruel Intentions, Simply Irrisitable, the two Scooby Doo movies, and Moulin Rouge. Those were long enough ago that people forgot what she looked like with different colored hair. She also had on a New England Patriots cap with her hair tied up through the back of it. She passed a book store and saw her face staring back at her from some random magazine cover. Buffy shook her head and moved on, only to run smack into a tall, dark, and very handsome man.

"Oh, I'm sorry." She said.

"No, it's my fault. I wasn't paying any attention to where I was going." He said.

"Ok, then it's both our faults. I wasn't paying attention either."

"Deal." He smiled at her and Buffy suddenly felt like she was floating.

"Oh," She held out her hand. "I'm Buffy."

"Angel." He said, shaking her hand. "Are you new here?"

"Uh, I'm just passing through."


"Do you live here?"

"No. Just passing through myself. I'm a lawyer."

"Oh, should I talk to mine about the accident?"

He chuckled. "No, no. I'm not looking to sue a beautiful woman."

"That's good then."

"Well, I better get going. Big case, no time." "I know how that is. Well, not so much the big case, I'm more one with the 'no-time' thing."

"It was nice talking to you." "You too." They shook hands and he was on his way. Buffy watched him for a second and then turned and headed the way she had originally intended. She found herself glancing back at the handsome stranger. Stop it Buffy! Orlando. Orlando. Think Orlando. Her cell phone rang and Buffy picked it up and squeeked, "Yeah?"

"Is that a good squeak or a guilty squeek?" Ville asked on the other line, his smooth Finnish accent a welcome surprise.

"Ville." She sighed.

"Did I catch you at a bad time?" "No. No, I'm just walking down a random street minding my own business."

"Isn't that hard to do?"

"Not at the moment. So what's up?"

"I just wanted to see how you were."

"I'm good. How's my house?"

"I'm keeping it clean for you."

"And smoke free?" "It's like a fog machine exploded in here."


"I'm kidding." He laughed his famous laugh that Buffy loved so much. "I'm going outside, don't worry."

"Good. How's the album coming?"

"Smooth. Bam took the rest of the band to Las Vegas."

"You didn't go?" "No. I wanted to lay down more vocal tracks."

"Busy, busy, busy."

"Always. So, you're not filming right now?" "No, I got the night off and tomorrow morning. I'll pay for it tomorrow night, though."

"Long night?" "Yeah. No worries." "Well, I better get going. Don't cause a frenzy down there."

"I'll do my best."

"Bye Buffy." "Bye." Buffy hung up and smiled. Ville was one of her closest friends. He and Bam were like two older brothers always watching out for her. She was so grateful to have them in her life.

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