Consequences of Nature


A burned out Superman gives up his Superhero identity for a time and discovers love.

Action / Romance
John m
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Chapter 1

I don't own these characters, not even the ones I make up, but I'd love to own them.


Metropolis, the Monarch City, was considered the mecca of culture and business in the United States, especially the borough of New Troy. From its business district to museum mile and the middleclass borough of Queensland Park, the city was a shining example of the best city living had to offer. The city did have its slums with the Suicide Slum and Hell's Gate, but even those neighborhoods had manageable crime rates due the influence of an alien who the media gave the nickname Superman.

So, it was with a mix of horror and fascination that many television viewers from across the country turned on their favorite cable news channel to see vast parts of the shining city being destroyed in a battle between Superman and a hideous alien creature with grey skin and jagged rock-like formations on its body. The two super powered beings appeared evenly matched, which was to the detriment of the city because to forces of nature were at war. Cars were crushed; buildings were turned to rubble; and lives were endangered.

Above the fray of the battle, helicopters with cameramen hanging out of the door captured as much of the destruction and the clash between aliens as possible. Already on cable news channels talking heads and anchormen and anchorwomen were ginning up opinions on whose fault this chaos and mayhem belonged. The grey alien appeared to be the aggressor, yet there were many who felt that Superman's presence on Earth had turned Metropolis into a target for these incursions. It was during a heated debate between so called experts on television that the alien creature hit Superman so hard that he brought down a skyscraper that just completed evacuation. Unfortunately, there were many first responders and citizens caught up in the debris of the crumpled building.

Wayne Manor

With a broken leg from a run in with Bane, Batman took control from the Batcave having the Watchtower feed communications through him. Clark was in contact with Bruce during his battle through a Justice League comm. When the creature showed up in Metropolis Clark recognized it from his Kryptonian library. The creature was called Doomsday by Kryptonians and then Colonel Zod in a super powered suit designed by Clark's Kryptonian father Jor-El was able to send the creature into the Phantom Zone imprisoning it. Clark quickly speculated that the destruction of Krypton had released Doomsday, as it did Zod and his followers, who he had sent back into the Phantom Zone.

With Diana off the grid in Themyscira, Bruce sent the Green Lanterns, Shazam, Supergirl, Superboy to Metropolis to backup Superman, while Zantanna, Black Canary, Steel, Dr. Fate, Green Arrow, Nightwing, and Cyborg to assist first responders in clearing the injured and evacuating sections of the city.

"Clark, pull back and let Shazam and the others handle this Doomsday for now. From your breathing and grunts I can tell that you are injured badly," said Bruce.

"They won't be able to handle him. Trust me on this, Bruce," groaned Clark. "For the first time in my life I'm not holding back and this creature is taking everything I've got."

"I'm trying to get hold of Diana. She can help," said Bruce.

"No, she won't able to handle Doomsday. She's too confident in her skills and he is too damned dangerous. It has to be me, Bruce," said Clark. "I just need to recharge a little then I'm finishing this."

"Clark!" Bruce yelled but it was too late. He was now beyond influencing his friend and colleague.

With an end of the conversation, Clark turned off the Justice League comm that was in his ear. He then lifted off into air and within seconds he broke the troposphere moved through the stratosphere and mesosphere and stopped in the thermosphere where he allowed his body to absorb as much of the sun's radiation as he could. From a Class O Blue to a Class K Orange, Superman's body was able to absorb solar radiation and his body turned it into super powers. Only the rare Class M Red to Class Y Dark Brown made him into a normal Kryptonian, which he was closer in strength to Bane than Batman.

As Clark recharged, Kara Zor-El and Shazam met the angry and strength of Doomsday. He sent Kara skipping along the pavement digging it up and leaving a long, crumbling ditch down the middle of the street. Meanwhile Shazam sent several thunder bolts through Doomsday, which appeared to infuriate him more than harm him. Grabbing Shazam's cape Doomsday swung him around and buried him in the pavement. Once he had Shazam down, he battered him deeper and deeper into the pavement until he broke through and feel into the subway tunnel.

Hal Jordan, Kyle, Rayner, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, and Simon Baz attacked Doomsday. It was a battle of will against brute force and the brute force of Doomsday appeared to be stronger than the will of the lanterns. Their ring constructs had little effect on the rampaging creature.

Clark felt the soreness of his body subsiding. If he had the time he'd stay where he was for at least fifteen to twenty minutes, but he didn't have the time. In terms of strength Doomsday and he were equals, but Doomsday seemed to be able to take greater damage than him. Where he had the advantage was in speed and flight, not to mention his heat vision. He needed to use his advantages and get Doomsday out of Metropolis. Allowing a moment more of recharging, he left what Bruce called his Messiah pose and sped back towards Metropolis.


The arena on Themyscira was crowded with observers for the games. Artemis of the Bana-Midhdall was the champion of her tribe, while Mala acted as the champion for the Amazons. Both women stood nude, as was their tradition in these competitions, in the middle of the arena. They carried a single shield and a single sword. They were both striking looking women with Artemis slightly taller at five feet eleven inches, fiery red hair, and a body that would make most men blush. The blonde haired Mala was two inches shorter and her muscles were not quite as defined and her body not as shapely, but she also would cause heads to turn on and off the magical island.

Diana sat in the royal box along with her mother Queen Hippolyta and Queen Anahid of the Bana-Mighdall. They watched as Philippus spoke to each contestant. Once they were ready, she stepped aside and let the competition begin. Diana, who a blue chiton like her mother, was her for because today was the first day of Hekatombaion, which was the first month of the year for the Amazons. In the Patriarch's world it was July 1st, the seventh month of the year. Adjusting herself on the hard marble chair, she chided herself getting used to the comforts of the Patriarch's world over the last five years. It was then that her mind wandered to her other life as ambassador and member of the Justice League.

In her time as ambassador and league member she had managed to befriend women and men alike. Her greatest surprise was that her best friend in the league was Superman, or Kal, as she preferred to call him by his Kryptonian birth name. Often she felt closer to Kal than she did to Steve Trevor, who she had been dating the last year. She and Kal had much in common with their abilities, though he was a raw, untrained warrior, who relied too much on his Olympian strength. She was sure that he was stronger than Heracles and that his raw power might even rival Ares or even Zeus.

"Artemis is the superior warrior, Diana," said Hippolyta forcing Diana from her thoughts. "We haven't had a worthy champion since you, my daughter."

Diana used to beat Artemis whenever they sparred. She admired Artemis' determination and skills, though she thought her sister a little too set in her ways when it came to the outside world.

"Mala merely needs more training and experience," said Diana. "Artemis is always training and fighting."

"You know her well, Princess," Anahid spoke up.

An Amazon guard came running into the royal box. Diana watched as Artemis sent Mala to the dirt for the second time. The guard whispered into Hippolyta's ear. She motioned the guard away.

"You have received a message from embassy. The secretive one who cloaks himself in the look of a Bat has been trying to get in touch with you. He spoke of an emergency," the queen said to her daughter.

"I should check on this. It might be something important," said Diana.

"More important that this festival, daughter?" asked Hippolyta.

"Yes, mother, more important than this festival," she said.

Hippolyta looked at her daughter and didn't bother to hide her disappointment.

"Do what you must do," she said in her best royal tone.


Doomsday held Kara by her neck. She was bleeding from the lip and a cut on her forehead. Her body hadn't felt this battered since she was on Krypton and she fell from a training wall in school. She was sure that she had broken ribs and more than likely a serious concussion since she couldn't concentrate enough to use her heat vision. Now she was in Doomsday's hands and about to be killed. This creature that was a story told to Kryptonian children in order to scare them was now about to kill her. She closed her eyes and waited for the end.

As Doomsday drew back his right arm in order to finish Kara off, a red and blue blur came out of nowhere and tackled him at the midsection lifting him off his feet and taking him into the sky. From the force of the tackle, Doomsday dropped Kara, just as Shazam woke from his beating at the hands of the creature. With great speed he flew into the air and caught Kara and landed gently on the ground with her in his arms then he watched as Superman flew Doomsdays into the air.

As Doomsday pounded on his back, Clark ignored the pain. Clark reached to his right ear and turned on his Justice League comm. He then shouted.

"Bruce, are you there?"

"Clark, what the hell are you doing?" Bruce replied.

Bruce had repositioned a Wayne tech satellite in order to track the creature and Superman. Now on his computer he saw that Clark had Doomsday and was taking him out of the stratosphere.

"I'm going to stop Doomsday as best as I can," he grunted in pain as Doomsday kept pounding on him. "What I'm going to do is either going to incapacitate or kill him. Either way I want you and Diana to take the body to my fortress. You both have access. I need you to have Kelex send him into the Phantom Zone."

"What about you?" asked Bruce.

"If I'm dead or comatose, just put my body in the solar room of the fortress and leave me there," said Clark.

"Dead? Clark, what are you going to do?" asked Bruce.

Clark didn't answer, but turned off the comm again. He broke the mesosphere continued on to the thermosphere then he reversed his course. Grabbing Doomsday by some of his rock formations he kept the creature in front of him as they headed back to earth. Doomsday took advantage of that to start hitting Clark in the face. With mighty fist after mighty fist he hit his jaw and cheekbones.

Picking up speed, Superman and Doomsday became a fireball reentering the atmosphere. They continued towards the ground until the made contact with it in Boreal Forest in Canada where they landed like a nuclear explosion. Dirt was thrown up into the sky and fire and hurricane winds devastated trees and animals alike for a thirty mile radius. The impact of the Superman and Doomsday not only destroyed part of the forest, but caused earthquakes throughout Canada and parts of the US. The damage was impressive by any standards.

ARGUS Situation Room

Colonel Trevor was the last to arrive. Already seated in the situation room at the large semi-circular table was Director Amanda Waller, General Sam Lane from the DOD's Metahuman Watch, General Donald Wolfit of DOD'S Homeland Defense, Presidential aide Walter Carmichael, and Captain Atom, who acted as a soldier for ARGUS. Trevor took a seat.

"This is exactly what I have been warning about when it comes to Superman. He is too damned uncontrollable and he attracts dangerous beings from other worlds. We should kick the damned alien off the planet," Lane stated.

"Bullshit, Lane. You're paranoid. Superman has done us more good than bad. Todays, well, today he either saved the earth from devastation from this creature, or he, at least, saved Metropolis," said Wolfit.

"Gentlemen, let's not get into a pissing contest because I'll win," said Amanda Waller.

Trevor looked over at his superior at Argus. She was a very attractive African American woman, who looked more like a model than the cold blooded decision maker that she could be.

"We aren't even sure if Superman or this creature survived their impact in the wilderness of Canada. What we are sure of is that they destroyed a good piece of forest and we have environmentalists kicking up a shit storm over it already," she smiled. "We also know that the Justice League will be able to get to the crash site before us, which pisses me off."

"Let's hope Superman is dead," growled Lane.

"You're an idiot Lane. What happens if Darkseid returns or some other equally horrifying alien creature comes to earth? Who gonna stop them – you? Me? We need Superman," said Wolfit.

"Again, gentlemen, enough arguing. We need to get to the impact site and make sure the creature has been neutralized at least," said Waller.

"I'll go," said Captain Atom. "I speak superhero."


Captain Atom stood up. Blue energy wafted off of him. He nodded towards Waller then he headed for the door. Trevor called to him.

"Adam," he called.

Captain Atom stopped and turned.

"Steve," he said.

"Don't engage," he said. "The Justice League is usually a bit testy after they get their butts kicked."

"I'll keep my powder dry," he said then exited.

Canada's Boreal Forest

The Green Lanterns, except for Guy Gardner and Simon Baz who were back on the Watchtower having their injuries taken care of, were the first to arrive. Diana when she heard about what happened wanted to fly off to check herself but Bruce convinced her that it was best for him and her to arrive in a javelin in order to transport Clark and the creature to the fortress as requested. The desolation of part of the forest was awe inspiring. The area went from forest to looking like the face of the moon. It was almost beyond comprehension that anyone could survive this, even Superman.

With their power rings the lanterns searched for Superman and Doomsday. As they searched a Justice League Javelin flew into the area. Hal Jordan discovered the bodies and signaled with his power ring. Bruce flew the Javelin as close as he could to the spot as he could get. He landed the Javelin kicking up more dirt and dust, while the Lanterns landed and encircled the spot with Superman and Doomsday.

The cargo doors of the Javelin opened. Forgoing crutches or a cane, Batman with a cast on his right leg walked off the ship with Wonder Woman behind him. Looking over at them Hal was stuck how out of place the statuesque beauty of Diana was here in this wasteland. He then looked at the bodies of Doomsday and Superman. The behemoth Doomsday almost looked like he was protectively holding Superman. John Stewart used his ring to scan for life, as Kyle Rayner stepped up to the bodies and knelt down beside them.

"Are they alive?" asked Bruce in his gruff Batman voice.

"There is barely any life sign in either one of them," said John.

With his ring forming a hand Kyle moved Clark out of Doomsday's arms and placed him at the feet of Bruce and Diana, who stared down at her friend. His face was bloody and swollen from battle. Her sapphire blue eyes filled with tears.

"His handsome face is so bruised and swollen," she said.

Bruce took a deep breath before speaking. Clark's bio armor was cracked and damaged. If he understood the technology of the armor it would repair itself in time.

"Load the creature onto Javelin," he ordered.

Hal used his ring to form a shovel and picked up Doomsday. He moved the creature onto the Javelin and dropped him in the cargo hold. When he exited he saw that Diana had picked up Superman in her arms and carried him into the Javelin.

"What are you going to do with them?" asked John.

"The creature is going into the Phantom Zone and Clark is going into his solar room at his fortress where he can absorb as much artificial solar radiation as he can so that his body begins to heal," said Bruce.

"Need and escort?" asked Hal.

"No," answered Batman. "It would be better if you got back to Metropolis and helped out there. A war was fought among civilians. Too many are dead and injured. They need our aid."

Before any of the Green Lanterns or the Javelin could leave, Captain Atom arrived. He observed the area and shook his head.

"What do you want, Captain?" asked Hal.

"Came to check the condition of the creature and Superman," he told him.

"They are out of commission," said John floating over to Jordan and Captain Atom.

"Dead?" asked Atom.

"No," said Hal, "but they'll be out of action for some time."

"What are you going to do with the creature?" asked Atom.

"He's going into the Phantom Zone," said John. "We won't have to deal with him again."

"I'd feel better if ARGUS had a say in this," said Atom. "You're acting a little too independently for my taste. Maybe the creature would be better kept in cryo by ARGUS."

"Remind me to give a shit about what you think," said Hal, who then flew off, as the Javelin lifted off.

John, Kyle, and Captain Atom watched the Javelin and Jordan fly away. Atom knew that several governments and their agencies would try to track the Javelin in order to find Superman's Fortress of Solitude. It would be for naught, though. Once they got into the flight, Bruce would turn on the stealth mode and the Javelin would be untraceable and Superman's hiding place would be safe from prying eyes.

"There are going to be consequences for what happened today," said Captain Atom.

"There always are, but they are never the ones you expect," said Kyle.

"Metropolis has many dead and billions in damages. This isn't over," said Atom.

Kyle looked at Captain Atom and shook his head. In his opinion the good captain had forgotten what it was like to be a hero and had settled into tool of government to easily.

"I should help out in Metropolis," said Kyle.

He lifted off the ground. Captain Atom followed him.

"I should help, too," he said.

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