Consequences of Nature

Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Fortress of Solitude

Concentrating and using her ability of teleportation Zatanna and Bruce, who carried Clark, appeared in front of the main door of the fortress. She then immediately cast a spell around them to keep them warm then waited for Bruce to do the rest. In short time Bruce was able to get them into the Fortress of Solitude. Long ago Clark had given Diana and Bruce emergency status allowing them command control of his piece of Krypton on earth.

The Kryptonian robot and man servant Kelex greeted them at the door.

"Master Bruce, is there a problem with Master Kal-El?" Kelex asked.

"He is near death, Kelex. We need to get him into the infirmary," Bruce growled, as the dense body of his friend grew heavier and heavier in his arms.

Immediately, Kelex summoned two medical robots, who took Clark's body away from Bruce and rushed him off to the infirmary. Zatanna half in shock from the magnitude of the fortress and half in shock from Clark's condition stood there behind Bruce, who pulled down his cowl then ran his gloved right hand through his dark hair. He turned and looked at Zatanna and saw that she was in a state of shock.

Moving to her side, he wrapped her in his cape. With wide open eyes she stared into Bruce's dark brooding eyes.

"I'm taking you into the living area. I need to get you some tea and…," he started.

"What about Clark?" she interrupted him.

"Those robots that took him away have more medical knowledge about Kryptonians then any doctor we could have here," he told her. He's being treated. If he can be saved they will save him. He's Kal-El the head of the House of El, their lord and master."

"He's Clark," she said quietly.

"It's about time I introduce you to all of who your boyfriend is," said Bruce.

Gently he took away. He brought her to the living room area where he sat her down on a soft white couch. Bruce then left her there staring at the marvels of Kryptonian technology while he went to the kitchen and got her a cup of Earl Grey tea. He had been to the fortress enough times to know how to get around and use the simpler pieces of tech.

Often he thought if he had Clark's resources that now criminal would go undetected. Clark's main computer could hack into any database on earth without trouble or Clark's assistance. Clark would never use it that way because it would violate privacy and laws. He was ever the good boy scout.

The tea was finished. Adding some honey and creamer, he brought it to Zatanna. She took the tea and absentmindedly sipped it.

"I need to let the league know what happened," said Bruce then he walked over to a console by a large crystal screen and entered his command code. The console greeted him.

"You have full access on all levels except Zeta, Master Bruce," said a cold voice coming from the console.

"Contact the Justice League," he ordered.

In seconds J'onn appeared on the crystal screen. He was manning the monitor room on the Watchtower.

"J'onn, we have an emergency," stated Bruce.

"Please, tell me the situation," said J'onn.

"Zatanna, Clark, and I dealt with Dr. Gotham," Bruce said.


"Yes, he decided to join us, even though we were dealing with dangerous magic. Send someone to Gotham City to check on Dr. Gotham. Zatanna left him in a magically induced coma. He must stay that way until she is ready to deal with him," explained Bruce.

"And Clark?" asked J'onn, who could read the concern off of Bruce's stony expression.

"Gotham a javelin made of electricity through his body damaging his heart. He's near death. His medical robots are working on his at the moment in the infirmary of the Fortress of Solitude. The league should be informed that Zatanna and I will be here with him. Kara needs to be told immediately," stated Bruce.

"It will be done, my friend. Take care of Kal-El. I know that he will survive. He is Superman," said J'onn, doing his best to make Bruce feel better.

"I'll expect Kara," he said. "Communication over."

The Crystal screen went clear. Clark stood there feeling useless for a moment then he turned and looked at Zatanna. He could see that the tea had helped to focus. She looked less in shock and more in pain at the thought of Clark dying.

Zatanna looked over at Bruce. She put the tea down, took his cape off of her, and then stood up.

"I love him, Bruce. Show me where he is," she said.

Bruce thought about arguing with her, but he decided not to do it. All he had to do was think of Selina and the hold she had on him to know that it was useless to warn Zatanna off of loving Clark.

"I'll take you to the infirmary," he said. "If Kelex tells us we have to leave then we leave. We don't interfere with their work to save him."

"I want him alive," she said.

He smiled then he escorted her down a long hallway. They found a now nude Clark, who was covered only by a light sheet over his lower half, being treated by one of the robots. One of its metal arms was inside of his chest working on repairing his heart. Bruce noticed that they were using a red sun solar lamp over his bed area, so that they could cut into him to make repairs. Zatanna tensed when she saw this.

She was about to ask about how strong Kryptonians were naturally, when a wind blew her raven hair into her face. Kara was here and now she was right beside the operating table. Neither Kelex nor the medical robots dared tell Mistress Kara what do or not do. The young female Kryptonian stood there staring at her cousin. She turned quickly and glared at Bruce.

"What happened?" she barked.

Bruce knew it was dangerous to deal with an angry Kryptonian and Kara had a short fuse.

"Magic," he answered curtly. "Dr. Gotham awoke and was ready to try and take over the world again."

"He wasn't supposed to be playing the hero. He was taking time off," she spat.

"He was there because of me," said Zatanna with tears in her eyes. "And he's hurt because of me. He's hurt because he was protecting me."

Kara floated over to her much in the same way Clark loved floating instead of walking when in his Superman guise. She floated right up to Zatanna then landed. Bruce brought his hand to his utility belt where he kept a piece of Kryptonite in a lead container.

"I love him," Zatanna said softly.

The anger in Kara's face melted away and she put her arms around Zatanna and hugged her. Bruce exhaled slowly then brought his hand down. Both Kara and Zatanna started to cry.

"I'm going to walk around the fortress," growled Bruce.

He turned and stormed out of the infirmary before any more tears were shed. Kara giggled.

"We made him uncomfortable," she said.

"Bruce can be emotionally constipated," said Zatanna.

They turned and looked at Clark. The robot continued to work on him. Kara called over Kelex. He floated to them.

"Yes, mistress," Kelex said.

"What are the chances of Kal-El's survival?" she asked.

"Seventy-three percent, mistress," Kelex answered. "It is based on the repairing of his heart, which was highly damaged."

"Should I invite doctor to assist?" asked Kara.

"Medical robot X-AZ is highly capable of making the repairs, mistress," said Kelex.

"How long will the operation last?" she asked.

"Four hours and twelve minutes," Kelex answered.

"We will be in the living area, Kelex. Please lets us know when the operation is done," said Kara.

She turned to Zatanna.

"Let's go relax for a while. I know I need some food and you look like you could some rest and some soup," Kara said.

"Soup?" Zatanna asked.

"Yes, soup. My cousin has tons of soup in stasis. Even though, he a good cook, he tends to eat soup and sandwiches when he's on his own," Kara told her."

"Okay, soup it is," she said in a voice just above a whisper.


Several hours passed. Kara and Zatanna sat and talked, mainly about Clark. Kara talked about him as being a special baby born unlike any Kryptonian in generations. She spoke about the brilliance and importance of the House of El and how surprised she was to find Kal-El a fighter for justice instead of scientist since the House of El produced some of Krypton's mist brilliant scientists. Zatanna listened in rapt attention. The man she already thought of as extraordinary was even more so.

Meanwhile Bruce ended up in Clark's science and computer lab checking out some of the Kryptonian technology. Bruce had learned to read some Kryptonian over the years dealing with Clark, especially when Clark allowed some Kryptonian tech to be used for the Watchtower. It was Kryptonian technology that allowed them to turn Darkseid's boom tube into a form of teleportation for Justice League members with specialized hidden platforms built in several cities since no one wanted to carry a boom tube device all the time.

Of course, the amount of Kryptonian technology that was hidden away and unused interested Bruce. Was there tech here that could improve his armor by making it lighter and stronger? He knew that Clark's armor was based on DNA, so that was a problem, but there had to be tech here that could benefit him and his mission.

Using his limited Kryptonian language skills, he found what he translated as a muscle regenerative glove. Taking his gauntlets off, he slipped the glove on activating it. He then rubbed it over his knees. Even though he was only twenty-eight, he had the knees of a forty year old man from all the abuse. He didn't need X-rays or CAT scan to know that the glove was doing his knees a great deal of good.

"Clark, you bastard, I wish I'd know about this damned glove years ago," he said, as he chose which battered part of his body to use the glove on next.

In the living area, Kara heard the communication alert buzz. She stood up and headed over to the crystal screen.

"Answer," she said.

The image of Diana filled the crystal screen. She looked concerned.

"How is Kal?" she asked.

"He is still being operated on," answered Kara. "I'll know if he'll survive in less than two hours."

"Kara, he will survive. His will is even stronger than his body," Diana said.

"I'm glad to hear you say that, Diana. I know that Kal thinks of you as family," Kara replied.

"We fight now and again but we will always be friends, the best of friends," said Diana.

She noticed in the background Zatanna sitting on the couch looking forlorn and tired. For a time she was angry at Zatanna because she didn't trust her intentions when it came to Kal, but now she felt a kinship with the woman. They both loved Kal. He might be with Zatanna right now, but it was time for Diana to admit to herself that she loved him. Maybe in the future there would be a chance for them, but now she needed to show Zatanna her support.

"How is Zatanna?" asked Diana.

"Upset and worried," Kara answered.

"Tell her that Kal doesn't disappoint those he loves," she said. "Call me when you have news."

The screen became clear again. Kara returned to the couch.

"Diana sends her best," said Kara.

"I heard," smiled Zatanna.

"She's right, though; Kal doesn't disappoint those he loves," Kara told her.

"He better not this time," Zatanna replied.


Zatanna had fallen asleep on the couch. Kelex entered the room and Kara, who sat quietly beside her, shook her gently to wake up.

"Huh," she mumbled.

"We have news," said Kara.

"Master Kal-El is in recovery. With the assistance of Master Bruce, he has been moved to solarium and is resting under yellow light sun lamp. It is estimated that it will take him three days of rest and eight hours under a day under the sun lamp to fully recover," explained Kelex.

The two young women hugged each other.

"Where is this solarium?" asked Zatanna.

"I'll show you," said Kara.

When they got to the solarium, Bruce and Clark were talking.

"I found the regenerative glove and used it on myself," said Bruce.

"It is designed to stimulate healing of muscles, ligaments, and tendons," said Clark in a voice that sounded weak and tired. "My mother was the co-inventor of it."

"I want one," growled Bruce.

Clark laughed then said, "You'll have one."

Bruce turned and looked at Kara and Zatanna.

"More tears are probably going to be shed, so I'm going to get something to eat," said Bruce. "I'll bring you some soup later."

"Thank you, Bruce," said Clark.

"You'd do the same for me," he said then left.

Kara and Zatanna walked up to the bed Clark was lying on. Clark adjusted the bed so he was in a seated position.

"So you're going to live," said Kara.

He crossed his arms across his broad chest then said, "I guess that I am."

Kara punched him hard on the upper arm. He grimaced in pain.

"Don't scare me like that again," she said. "Now I have to let Diana know that her best friend is going to live."

"Tell her I won't be well enough to be yelled at for several days," smiled Clark.

"I'll think about it," said Kara.

Kara turned to leave, but she stopped for a second to wink at Zatanna. She gave them some space and privacy. Zatanna came even closer to the side of the bed. She looked at Clark and suddenly wanted to hit him like Kara did.

"Don't ever do that again," she told him in a tone that said she was in a fighting mood. "I have been worried sick over you. If you died because of me, I don't know what I would have done."

"Zee, I needed to protect you. Dr. Gotham was going to kill you," he said. "I couldn't see you get hurt not when I could stop it."

"It was magic, Clark. I probably could have deflected it, but it almost killed you," she said.

"But you didn't see it coming, Zee," he countered. "Dr. Gotham's thunderbolt was going to kill you."

"Damn you, Clark Kent," she said then grabbed his face with her two hands and kissed him passionately and deeply.

When she stepped back, Clark was smiling and looking better than he had in hours. Not being able to help herself, she kissed him again.

"I think I told you that I love you," he said.

"And I think I told you that I love you, too," she said.

"Zee, can you stay with me here until I'm healthy enough to leave?" he asked. "I can show you the whole place including my family room where there is a sculpture of my mother and from Krypton that I did. I want to share everything here with you."

"I'm not going anywhere, Clark," she replied.

He moved over on his bed making room for Zatanna then he patted the bed beside him.

"Join me," he said.

She looked at the red sun lamp. Clark turned it off.

"I can take a short break while you lay down with me," he said.

Slipping off her boots, Zatanna made her way to the bed. Clark lifted the sheet and she slipped into the bed joining him. Resting her head on his shoulder, she sighed.

"Next time, remember that I can handle myself, Clark, or swear I will hex you," she said.

"You're kidding right?" Clark said.

Zatanna answered with a sly smile and a kiss.


Four days had passed and Clark was finally recovered. Under a red sun lamp Clark lay on a bed with Zatanna straddling him. She slowly undulated on top of him. Clark stared into her eyes, as she slowly and steadily rode him and her to an orgasm. As they both grew closer and closer to climax, Zatanna threw her head back and started moaning which eventually turned in a scream, while Clark did his best to fight back his groans of pleasure. Finally, they both climaxed together with Zatanna collapsing on top of Clark.

"Oh, God, Clark," Zatanna sighed, as her body experienced a post coital shockwave. "I think we should have one of these lamps installed in your bedroom."

"If it gets you to say with me more, I'll go it right away," he smiled.

She leaned on her elbows, which were planted on his chest, and stared into his blue eyes.

"Is that an invitation to stay at your apartment more?" she asked.

"As much as you want and if you are willing," he answered.

"Looking for a roommate, Clark?" she asked in a teasing voice though the answer was important to her.

Clark took her in his arms and rolled over onto his side. He stared into her violet eyes for a moment before answering.

"No, I'm not looking for a roommate, but I would be honored if you lived with me in Metropolis," he answered.

Zatanna buried her face in his chest and grinned. She had never contemplated living with another until this moment. The fact that the person asking her was Clark made her answer all too easy.

"We are going to need a bigger place if I say yes," she said.

"Our blog is starting to do better. I think I can afford a slightly bigger place," he told her.

"Clark, I make really good money as a magician, so I can afford at least half of the rent," said Zatanna. "I am picking out the apartment."

"Does that mean we should go apartment hunting together?" asked Clark.

"Yes," she grinned.

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