Consequences of Nature

Chapter 12

Gotham City

"Dleihs," cried Zatanna.

Batman performed a tuck and roll coming to a stop just behind Zatanna, as Circe attacked. Her magical lightning struck Zatanna's shield and dissipated. A few feet away from them a magically strengthened by Circe Solomon Grundy took another swing at Wonder Woman, who easily evaded his lumbering attack. His strength was improved but his speed and agility were the same. She grabbed his large grey wrist and flipped him over her hip then she drove him into the cement by placing her right boot on his chest and stepping down hard. Wonder Woman had no intention of letting him get back up.

Batman stood up and placed his hands on Zatanna's hips. She smiled at this familiar gesture. There was a time that she had a crush on Bruce, but those days were over.

"Careful, Batman, I know someone who wouldn't like you being so familiar," she said.

"Hmm," he growled his opinion.

"You don't think he'd mind?" she asked teasing him.

"He's not the jealous kind," growled Bruce.

"Maybe he just hadn't met the right person," she said then paused. "Until now."

"Just get Circe's attention for a few seconds and I'll take her out," he rasped. "We can talk later."

"How are you going to take her out?"

"Don't worry about that I have a way," he said.

He reached into his utility belt and grabbed a small gas grenade. This grenade had been put together by him and Dr. Fate with the intent of subduing magical beings, even the most powerful ones like Circe.

Zatanna focused her will and power and yelled, "Stniartser!"

Three golden restraints wrapped themselves around Circe's body. The sorceress growled and started to break the restraints when Batman tossed his grenade. It landed at her feet and exploded in a cloud of gold gas.

"You think gas can…," Circe never finished her sentence, as she dropped to the cement and passed out face first on the ground.

Bruce wrapped himself in his cape, as he turned and noticed Wonder Woman had finished with Grundy, who was lying in a two foot deep hole. J'onn had sent Zatanna and Wonder Woman to Gotham City in order to deal with Grundy and Circe. Batman joined them when he saw there was a fight going on inside of his city. Now that it was over it was time for him to return to his mission of protecting Gotham City.

"Zatanna," he growled, "make sure Circe ends up in the cell Mister Miracle designed and built. She won't be able to escape that."

"I can handle it, Batman," she sighed.

Bruce had a tendency to sound like her father giving her instructions. She had been doing this long enough to know the routine by now. Her newbie days were long over. Diana lifted an unconscious Grundy over her shoulder then walked over to Zatanna, as Batman fired his grappling gun and lifted himself away.

"We have done well hear. Let's get these two into specialized jail cells on the Watchtower. The police here cant' handle them," said Diana.

Zatanna nodded.


It had been a long evening and all Zatanna wanted was some time with her boyfriend. According to J'onn, now that he had returned to being Superman, he was busy in China with an earthquake along with the Flash, Steel, and Green Lantern. Though he hadn't really returned to the Justice League fulltime, he was helping out on the big things.

She had used the women's locker room to change into pair of jeans, a black retro Joan Jett tee shirt. Heading into the cafeteria she saw Dinah and Diana sitting and talking over a cup of coffee. They looked serious which drew her attention. She grabbed a mug of coffee and joined them.

"What's going on?" she asked.

"Diana was requesting some time off," she said.

Zatanna looked at her not hiding her surprise. Diana was one of the most committed members of the Justice League.

"There are changes that need to be made on Paradise Island. With my mother now incapacitated," she said then paused as she thought of her mother as a stone statue, "those changes are up to me to make and no one else."

"Queen Diana," smiled Zatanna. "You are now the Queen of the Amazons. Wow."

"Until I can bring my mother back to life then, yes, I am Queen of the Amazons," she said.

"You know I'm willing to help with trying to turn your mother from stone to human again," said Zatanna.

"I know, Zatanna, and I appreciate it. Right now Dr. Fate and Nimue are working on my mother's problem. Zeus stripped Hera of her powers, otherwise I'd force Hera to return my mother to normal," smiled Diana. "But I know you are willing to help."

"Can Zeus return her power to her?" asked Zatanna.

"He has disappeared, abdicated his throne," growled Diana, as she thought about her father and became angry.

"How much time will you need, Diana?" asked Dinah.

"It could be months, Dinah," sighed Diana. "I intend on reuniting the males who had been born from Amazons and discarded with Paradise Island. It is time for my sisters and Paradise Island to stop being just a place for women only. Themyscira will always be the home of Amazons, but it can become more than that."

"An island of uber feminists having to accept men," said Zatanna, "sounds like a bitch of a job. I wouldn't want to convince Amazons to accept men."

Diana looked at Zatanna and smiled then said, "It will take some time to get everyone to accept the changes I intend to make."

"Losing you for months is going to be hard. I guess I can depend on J'onn and ask Superman to do more then be an emergency member," said Dinah.

"And you can use Supergirl and Powergirl making them take extra shifts," added Zatanna. "Don't abuse my boyfriend's abilities, Dinah, or I'll put a hex on you. I like spending time with him."

"Superman belongs to the world," said Dinah.

"But Clark Kent belongs to me," grinned Zatanna, "and I like it that way."

Diana stiffened slightly when she heard Clark's name mentioned by Zatanna. Dinah noticed this and made a mental note. The pairing of Zatanna could become a problem in the future.

"You have your time off, Diana. Take two or three months. If you need our help with anything, you know how to contact us," said Dinah.

Diana stood up and nodded then said, "Thank you, Dinah."

She looked over at Zatanna and added, "Tell Kal that I'll miss him. He is my best friend." Diana paused for a moment then she spoke again. "Take care of him, Zatanna. He is the best of us."

With grace and pride Diana walked away. Dinah looked over at Zatanna to gage her reaction. Zatanna was sitting there looing pensive.

"She has always had a crush on Superman," Dinah. "I hope you know that."

"I know, Dinah," Zatanna replied softly.

"You trust, Big Blue, don't you?" asked Dinah.

"With my life," smiled Zatanna. "I just wonder if… you know... if I'm not good enough for him. She's the daughter of Zeus. I'm just magical."

Dinah laughed then shook her head.

"He is in love with you, Zatanna. Enjoy that. Lust happens all too often but love doesn't come around all that often," Dinah told her.

Zatanna smiled then said, "Thanks, Dinah."

Zatanna's and Clark's Apartment.

It had been a late night for Clark. After rescuing thousands, he spent hours assisting with the cleanup and find bodies to be buried. When he got home, he showered then joined a sleeping Zatanna in bed. With a big smile on his face, he settled in next to Zatanna. Three hours into his sleep he felt his senses starting to diminish. Opening his eyes the room was bathe in red light and a naked Zatanna was straddling him making good use of his morning erection. The thought that he promised to have breakfast with Kara crossed his mind for a moment then it disappeared in the heat of passion.

Kara flew through the city of Metropolis heading towards Clark's new apartment. It had been awhile since she spent some time with her cousin and she was looking forward to it. She liked the Zatanna and Clark dating, she missed the attention he used to give her. Though, she had to admit that she liked the new upscale neighborhood and place, especially the balcony and French doors which allowed her to slip into the apartment with ease, but she was going to miss the dinner near him. It was great food and lots of it for not much money. Clark was always worrying about money.

Zipping into the apartment through the open French doors, Kara came to a stop in the middle of the living room. With her sensitive hearing, she heard a female moaning in pain, so she used her x-ray vision to check the apartment to see if Zatanna was hurt. Zeroing in on the sound she looked through the walls to see Zatanna moving up and down on her cousin. They were both naked in bed. Kara screamed.

Even with diminished senses Clark heard that scream. His mind flashed immediately to Kara. He sat up and in a protective way covered Zatanna then whispered in her ears, "Kara is here for breakfast. I promised to have breakfast together."

"She didn't see us making love?" whispered Zatanna.

"Yeah, saw everything," came the answer. "Super senses."

Zatanna started to laugh, as Clark turned a shade redder than the sun he was born under.

It took several minutes but Clark finally joined Kara in the living room, while Zatanna took a shower. Kara was still in her Supergirl costume pacing the living room when he entered in his robe.

"That is an image I will have in my head for the rest of my life, Clark. I don't want to have that image in my head. I really don't want that image in my head," she said.

"Kara, the image will fade in time," sighed Clark.

"Oh, no, it won't, Clark. It is indelible. Like you I have an eidetic memory. Now I get to compare my boyfriends up against my cousin because I've seen him naked and hard at work," she said. "I'm never going to be able to think of you as the Man of Steel again without blushing."

"I'm going to make coffee," he said in a defeated tone. "Do you want to use the spare bedroom to change out of the costume and I'll make us all breakfast."

"This better be a good breakfast, Clark, a really good breakfast," demanded Kara.

Clark zipped into the kitchen and started to make a waffle batter along with sausage. While Clark cooked, Zatanna finally made an appearance wearing jeans and halter top. Kara came out of the spare bedroom dressed almost the same as Zatanna.

"So, Kara, long time no see," Zatanna smiled.

Kara blushed. Zatanna began to laugh. In the kitchen Clark smiled. Everything was going to be alright.

Brainiac's Ship.

Brainiac had completed turning Zor-El into a cybernetic Superman. Half his face and brain had been replaced with technology. His right arm and left leg had been replaced, also. Besides the enhancements which should make him stronger than Kal-El, he had spent time making him immune to Kryptonite. In a matter of days, he would have Kal-El, the last scion of the House of El, and also whatever this planet earth had to offer.

"Wake up, my slave," said Brainiac.

He released Zor-El from his medical bed prison. Wearing similar Kryptonian armor as Clark, he stood up. The armor didn't extend to cover his cybernetic arm and leg and when Zor-El looked in a reflective surface, he saw a red eye and his own eye staring back at a face that was half technology. He had changed greatly.

"We are going to be meeting some fellow Kryptonians, my slave," said Brainiac.

Zor-El didn't respond. He couldn't respond, as he was a prisoner to creature Brainiac had turned him into.

"I need you to step into the solar radiation chamber. I want you to be fully powered when you meet your fellow Kryptonian," said Brainiac.

Silently, Zor-El walked down the lab and entered the solar radiation chamber. Brainiac turned on the machine and let the radiation saturate Zor-El's Kryptonian body.

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