A Superman in Full

Chapter 10

Chapter Ten

Clark owed Bruce many favors, so if he could help his friend by apologizing to Wonder Woman then he could bite his tongue and do it. He flew to Washington DC where both the Hall of Justice and Themysciran Embassy were located. Clark had given him her schedule, so he knew that he'd either be able to catch her at the end of her Justice League shift or en route to the embassy. As he flew over the city, he heard the screech of a car's breaks and immediately flew down at top speed to stop a car accident saving a small child. He was able to lift the car up and flew it over the intersection that it had sped through.

Placing the car down near a police officer, he nodded at the cop and then took off. People called his name and took pictures of him with their smart phones as he headed into the air. Next, Clark headed over to the Themysciran Embassy. As he approached it at a leisurely pace, he saw Wonder Woman flying towards the embassy. He headed towards her. Diana saw him coming and hovered in place.

"Wonder Woman," Clark started, "I was looking for you."

Instinctively, Diana balled up her hands into fists, as she expected retribution for knocking him out when he was incapacitated from Kryptonite. Clark noticed her fists and suppressed a smirk.

"I came to apologize for kissing you, Princess Diana," he said. "I was under the influence of red Kryptonite. I know that that may not be a good excuse, but it has a negative effective on me, so I apologize for my actions."

Diana was surprised by his apology. She was gladden to hear the apology, but something about the fact that kissing her was part of the negative effect of red Kryptonite irritated her.

"I accept your apologizes, Kal-El," she said using his name.

"Thank you, Princess," he smiled.

Something about the way he said princess now irritated her. Yes, she was finding a great deal about Superman irritating.

"May I ask you something, Kal-El?" she asked.

Superman took a deep breath. There was something about her tone that told him he was hiding into territory best avoided.

"Ask, your highness," he said.

Highness. More irritation built up in her system. She was Diana, Wonder Woman; a man should not make her feel this irritated. Who was this Kal-El? He wasn't royalty. He wasn't even one of her comrades in the Justice League.

"Was kissing me part of the negative effect on you?" she asked.

Clark sighed. Now he knew he should have flown off after the apology. Well, Clark, in for a penny then in for a pound, he thought.

"The negative effect was my aggressiveness and my not caring what other people thought or felt. The kiss wasn't negative, Princess; it was pleasant. I wish it happened under better circumstances," he told her.

Diana listened to him and thought about what he said. Did he mean that he still wanted to kiss her? Was he being bold or was he being honest? Why is he so handsome?

"The kiss was a mistake and will never happen again. You have positive attributes, but you are too much…" she was explaining when Clark put up his hand.

Even from DC he could hear Kara back in Metropolis. He had left her to her own devises at his apartment, but now he heard her calling for his help.

"I have to go. There is trouble in Metropolis," he said to Diana.

Before she could open her mouth he was gone. Her expression went from confused to irritated to angry. Instead of continuing on to the embassy, she turned and sped off to Metropolis. Clark arrived in Metropolis midtown. Several buildings were damaged and a dozen cars totaled. Solomon Grundy was cratered near Kara, who was wearing her revealing Kryptonian armor, and facing down Green Lantern Simon Baz and Shazam. The two Justice Leaguers seemed to have a problem with her and Shazam was about to attack her.

Clark came to a stop in front of Kara. He glared at Shazam and Baz.

"Why are you attacking my cousin?" he demanded.

"She and Grundy put lives in danger fighting," stated Shazam.

Clark looked over his shoulder at Kara and spoke to Kara in Kryptonian, "What happened here, Kara?"

"He was attacking people and I thought I could help like you do. He was stronger than I anticipated," she told him.

Shazam decided to attack. He was fed up with Superman interfering and showing him up. Speeding at the two Kryptonians as they spoke he prepared to hit Superman with a right.

Clark observed him coming out of the corner of his eye and then slapped him with the back of his right hand sending Shazam skidding down the street breaking up concrete as he went. Simon Baz shook his head. He was hoping to avoid any more violence.

"Superman," he started.

"Kara was trying to help. She saw Grundy causing trouble and wanted merely to stop her," he explained.

"I can see that now," said Baz.

Shazam got up and once again came at Clark, who raised his right fist to greet him. Before he could connect with Shazam jaw, a golden lasso caught his fight and stopped him. Shazam flew into Clark and the two of them flew into a bank causing major damaged.

Kara was outraged. She looked up at Diana, who had used her lasso to stop Clark's punch. Her eyes turned red and then she fired heat vision beams at Diana, who blocked them with her bracelets. Not to be stopped, Kara picked up the still unconscious Grundy with one hand and threw him at Diana, as if she was throwing a snowball. Grundy collided with Diana and the two of them went hurtling away.

Suddenly, Shazam came out of the bank wrapped in a large safe's door and looking, as if he had been punched harder than anytime he could remember. No one touched him as he continued down the block. Clark came floating out of the hole in the bank. He continued on until he and Kara were once again side by side.

Without Grundy, Diana returned to the fray. She had tried to stop Superman from hitting Shazam in the hopes of avoiding a fight, but that didn't work out. Now she was ready for a fight. Shazam slowly got up and shook off the effect of taking on Superman. Both he and Diana were ready to attack Superman and Kara, when two giant green hands appeared before them. The Green Lantern Simon Baz tried to make peacemaker.

"I believe a mistake was made here. Let's not compound with more unnecessary violence," he said. "She was subduing Grundy and we overreacted."

"We should take her in. I think she is a problem that needs to be dealt with," growled Shazam.

"I am calm now, Green Lantern," said Diana. "I don't intend on attacking."

The green hand holding her up disappeared. Diana floated to the ground and landed. She walked towards Kara and offered her a handshake. Kara looked suspiciously at Clark, who nodded yes, and then Kara took Diana's hand.

"You are strong but need discipline. I offer you a chance to train with my sisters on Themyscira," offered Diana.

"What is Themyscira?" asked Kara.

"An island of immortal Amazons," answered Clark.

Diana looked at Clark. They made eye contact with each and held it for several seconds. He finally nodded.

"For how long?" he asked.

"No more than a month," said Diana. "I can see you have been training her. She needs more intensive training, though. Discipline twenty-four hours a day for a month becomes a habit."

"I see," sighed Clark then he looked at Kara. "What do you think?"

"Will I learn how not to hurt humans by accident?" asked Kara.

"Yes," smiled Diana.

Kara turned to Clark, "Kal-El, I want to do this."

"You mean you're interested in staying on earth," he said.

"If they can teach me what you've been trying to teach me, what you learned over a lifetime, then, yes, I want to stay," she said.

Clark smiled then he looked at Diana and asked, "What do we need to do?"

"I will handle everything," she said. "Now, Grundy is in custody. We should clean up this mess."

"I agree," said Clark.


Kara and Clark flew silently to the Themysciran Embassy. Diana had arranged for Kara to use the portal in the embassy to the island where she would be greeted by General Philipus, who would become her trainer. They landed at the front door of the embassy. Before they could open the door, one of Diana's Amazon assistants opened it.

"I am Mala, Princess Diana's assistant," the attractive Amazon stated.

"This is Kara Jor-El and I am Kal-El," said Clark.

"Please come in. Princess Diana is waiting for you," she said.

They followed Mala through the Grecian decorated embassy. Clark noticed the statutes of warrior women and examined them with his enhanced vision. They were almost three thousand years old.

"Those are some of newer statues, which we decided to use for the embassy," said Mala.

"Are the warriors well known in your culture?" asked Clark

Mala was surprised by the question. It showed a certain respect.

"Yes, they are some of our best warriors," she said then pointed to a statue of a particular tall, stoic looking warrior. "That is a statue of General Phillipus."

"Impressive," said Clark.

They continued until she let them into a comforting waiting room. The waiting room was decorated with divans, a marble fireplace, a mahogany desk and chair, more statues, and paintings on the wall.

"Please sit. I'll get the princess," said Mala.

She left them alone in the room. Clark heard Kara sigh. He turned and looked at her.

"Cheer up. You'll be home for Christmas and I know you have a date scheduled with Dick Grayson for New Year's Eve," Clark said.

Kara blushed the said, "What is Christmas?"

"I have so much more to teach you. Christmas is my favorite holiday," said Clark. "I haven't really celebrated since ma and pa died."

"Kal-El, you sound so human," said Kara.

"I am human is many ways, Kara."

"You are so much more than human," she said. "You are an advancement in Kryptonian evolution because of your Jor-El. He would be proud of you."

"Kara, I am just me," said Clark.

Diana entered the room. She was dressed in a grey skirt and white silk dress shirt. Though she didn't wear her tiara, she had her bracelets on. Clark once again noticed just how beautiful she was.

"Kara," she said, "you are here. The portal is being prepared."

"Kal-El said I didn't need to bring anything with me," she said.

"You will be supplied with everything you need on the island," said Diana.

Diana sat down on a divan, so Supergirl and Superman sat down. Clark heard the divan creak under their weight, mainly his weight, so he stood up quickly. Diana slyly smiled.

"Anything wrong, Kal?" she asked him.

"Um… no, not at all," he stammered.

"Farm boy," Kara whispered so softly that only Clark could hear.

He glared at her for a moment then relaxed.

"I'd like to thank you again, Princess Diana, doing this for Kara," he said.

"I feel we have gotten off on the wrong path and I just want to right that. Like the League and myself, you are trying to bring justice and good to this world," she said.

"My birth father Jor-El thought I could become a symbol and guide for humanity. By disobeying orders he saved my life, so I feel I owe him and his vision and earth for giving me life," explained Clark.

Kara looked up at him sadly. Zor-El tasked her with protecting her cousin, and instead he was protecting her. She needed to do better. Mala entered the room.

"Your highness, the portal is ready," Mala stated.

Diana stood up, so did Kara.

"Mala, you and Nayla escort Kara to Themyscira. Spend a few days visiting home," she said.

"Thank you, Princess," smiled Mala.

Kara looked at Clark, who gently smiled.

"In a month I expect you to have the same control as me," he said to encourage her.

"I'll do my best, Kal-El," she said. "As the head of the House of El, I owe you my loyalty and as my cousin I owe you my love. Thank you, Kal, for standing behind me."

Clark walked over to his cousin and gave her a hug. At first she was stiff, but then she returned the hug. He really did act more human than Kryptonian, she thought. Kara joined Mala. They exited leaving Clark and Diana alone.

"Was the House of El important on your planet?" she asked.

"It was one of the ruling houses," he said. "Also, my father was noted as Krypton's greatest scientist. My mother Lara was one of their leading scientists. It was a well respected House."

"I see," she said softly. "The Green Lanterns wanted to take your technology and database into custody because the Guardians fear it. May I ask you a question?"

"Please, do," he replied.

"Can you understand it?" she asked.

He smiled. She was asking if he was smart enough to be the caretaker of Kryptonian technology and database. Diana was subtle and clever when she wanted to be.

"I understand it all. I am a Kryptonian, Diana. I was born with an eidetic memory and an IQ equal to my parents," he smiled. "They should have no fear. I would destroy the database and the technology rather than allow it to fall into the hands of those who don't deserve it."

Diana smiled. The Lanterns were definitely wrong to want to pry his heritage away from him.

"Kal," she started, "would you like to spar again one of these days? I find you a challenge and I like a challenge."

"No magical forged swords," he stated.

"Not even one?" she smiled.

Clark felt his heart beat quicker with that smile. This Amazonian princess definitely got under his skin in a way few other women did.

"Okay, one sword," he sighed.

Her smile brightened and then she asked, "When can we do this?"

"Um, next week. How's that?" he said wondering why he couldn't just say no to her.

"Excellent. And afterwards I invite you to dinner here at the embassy as my quest," she said. "How is that?"

"Sounds nice," he answered. Sounds nice, he chided himself, what are you eleven. Couldn't you throw in a gee whiz or two with the sounds nice.

"This is wonderful. Here, let me escort you out," Diana said.

Walking up to Clark, she slipped her arm around his left arm. For a moment they both felt a fizz of electricity passing between them. A look of concern passed across Diana's face to be replaced with a mask of calm. Clark smiled benignly at her.

"Well, let me show you, Kal," she said.

"Yeah, sure," he replied.

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