A Superman in Full

Chapter 12

Chapter Twelve

When I agreed to interview Princess Diana of Themyscira, I had to admit to some trepidations. She was an ambassador from a mythical and magical Island of immortal Amazons; a member of the Justice League, an organization that protected the earth and assisted those nations or people in need; and she was noted to be one of the most powerful beings on earth since she was the daughter of an immortal Amazon queen and a Greek God. Okay, I was intimidated and a little cynical - a Greek god for a father.

On meeting her I was stuck by three things: she was easily one of the most beautiful women walking on the face of this earth, she was filled with a belief in her cause to do good in this world and bring peace over war, and she was sincere; and in this day and age sincerity was almost as difficult to find as well informed and well read.

Diana put her tablet down beside her breakfast of fresh fruit and oatmeal. In order to keep his cover Clark Kent had written a piece about her on his site and she was surprised to find that the oft time cynical journalist paid for nothing but compliments. It made her smiled. Kal had surprised her with his writing.

"Princess, I have your appointments for today," Mala said as she entered the dining room.

Diana looked up at her assistant and grinned. Mala was surprised to see her princess so happy this morning. Usually on days when she had a lot of work to do, she was all frowns and determination to get through the day.

"Get the telephone number of Clark Kent. I think his site is called ClarkandCatopolis or something like that. I'd like to talk to Mr. Kent this afternoon," she said.

"Yes, Princess," said Mala.

Mala was shocked by this request. The princess didn't like journalists, but she was going to call one and thank them. Today was turning into a strange day.


Solomon Grundy was strong, unnaturally strong, but somehow his strength had been increased and Clark wanted to know how, why, and by whom. Of course, getting information from Grundy wasn't easy. He spoke slow and was as thick as mud. The grey skinned villain picked up an SUV with a family in it and threw the vehicle and family straight at Superman. Clark caught with ease the SUV with the family of five in it that Grundy threw at him. The people were shaken up and scared out if their wits but they were alive. As gently as he could he placed the car down and ripped the passenger and back door off getting the family out of the vehicle.

"Please, get out as quickly as you can. Time is of the essence," he said to the family knowing Grundy would be attacking again.

"I'm stuck," screamed the teenage girl from the back of the car.

Clark saw Grundy coming, running straight at them. He knew that Grundy was uncaring about civilian and collateral damage, so Clark focused his power and hit Grundy in the chest with his heat vision sending Grundy three blocks away from them. With Grundy taken care of for now, he addressed the problem of the stuck young girl. Ripping off the roof of the car he then he pulled the driver's seat out of the car releasing the girl. He then floated above her and picked her up and floated to where he family waited for her. Landing he handed the daughter to the father, who held on to his daughter. He stared at Clark as if he was seeing Greek god come to life. The mother spoke to him.

"Thank you, Superman," she said in a voice dipped in sincerity.

The police were now arriving in armored vehicles with special weapons. Clark noticed that several of them carried the new laser rifles which were developed to deal with metahumans. They had no effect on him, but still he didn't like the idea that they were armed to deal with him. He wanted to protect them, but they didn't want his protection until moments like this.

"I'm sorry about your SUV," he said gently to the family.

"We are alive because of you, Superman. Thank you," the mother said.

With those words he heard a roar come from Grundy and the hulking grey skinned zombie, or whatever he was, wanted his attention. He floated up into the air and turned to face Grundy. It was then that it hit him: Grundy was a creature of magic, which meant if his strength was increased then it was because of magic. Why would a magician do this? And if they did more than likely they would be watching to see how he did against Superman.

Clark made a quick scan of the gathered crowd, but he missed the now disguised Circe as she stood among the humans to watch her handiwork. She was testing Superman and so far he had the strength she was looking for, the strength to deal with Greek gods.

"Grundy wants Superman," yelled Grundy.

"No, he doesn't because Grundy can't handle Superman," replied Clark softly then he thought to himself, I'm starting to sound like Grundy.

Using his superior speed, he flew into Grundy and punched up straight into the air and kept punching until they were above the Metropolis skyscrapers then he hit Grundy one solid punch in the abdomen sending him straight back to earth at a speed and force that Grundy wouldn't be able to withstand. With his telescopic vision and he watched as Grundy hit the street, shattering the cement and ending up crashing into the subway tunnel below. The fight was over. Even a super powered Solomon Grundy wasn't getting up from that anytime soon. Clark returned to the ground to deal with the police.

A police captain in SWAT gear approached him, as he landed.

"Is Grundy disabled?" he asked.

"I would hope so," said Superman. "I believe he should be incapacitated for at least an hour."

"The Science Police should be here soon. They'll have the right restraints for him and take him away to their experimental prison," said the captain. "You should get going."

"You don't want me to clean up around here?" he asked.

"It's best you leave. Trust me, pal, I think you do a great job but some people want to use you to get elected. Let's not give them the chance," he said.

Superman nodded then he took off. For some reason he felt more accepted now by the police, who had changed their opinion of Superman over the past few years. It was as if he wanted Superman to avoid the difficult part with the press and the higher ups who liked to blame Superman for everything wrong in Metropolis at the moment. With the influx of met human villains, they wanted simple answers and simple solutions and blaming it on the Justice League and vigilante heroes was one solution they liked. The public ate it up the blame game.

Maybe he was finally starting to made inroads. The gathered crowd was cheering as he left this time. It would be what both his fathers wanted for him. A smile crept across his face as he flew faster and faster finally reaching a speed he knew he couldn't be tracked and then heading back to his apartment.


Clark settled down on the sofa and turned on the TV with the remote. On the TV the news channels were playing and replaying Superman's fight with Grundy. Depending upon what channel he watched they either condemned him or congratulated him for his actions. The Daily Planet cable news station gave Superman the best reports. He chalked that up to Lois. She may be mad at Clark Kent for his leaving the Daily Planet, but she still loved Superman as a news source. Lois Lane would always find Superman breaking news.

His cellphone rang. Clark reached over to the coffee table and answered it.

"This is the Themysciran Embassy. Please hold for Princess Diana," a female voice said.

Clark smiled and waited for Diana to come on the line. A few moments later he heard someone clear their throat from nerves even though they had their hand over the phone. Super hearing was a blessing and a curse.

"Clark, this is Diana," said Diana.

"This is a surprise," he said.

"I wanted to call you to thank you for your piece on me that you wrote. It was a surprise," she said.

"It's okay, Diana. I made nothing up. I just wrote what I knew about you," he said.

"I enjoyed our dinner. Can we do it again?" she asked.

Clark grinned then said, "I would love that."

"How about tonight?" she asked.

"Are you asking Clark or Kal-El?" he asked her.

"I'd like to see them both," she said with a laugh in her voice.

"Um, I don't have the budget of a successful man like a Steve Trevor or billionaire like Bruce Wayne, but I would love to take you out for a burger and a milkshake at my favorite place in Metropolis. How are you at dressing in disguise like I do as Clark?" he asked.

"I've never tired it," she said.

"Care to try?"

There was silence for a few moments then Clark heard what he wanted to hear, "Where should I meet you?"

"Ill give you the address and directions," he replied.


Clark waited outside of the diner. It was nine o'clock and the Blue Moon Diner was located by the docks. Though, it wasn't the best area in the world, he was sure that Diana would be sage. She was Wonder Woman. Plus, outside of Smallville the diner had the best burgers and milkshakes he had tasted.

Scanning the area, he heard the footfall of high heels on cement. Focusing in on them, he estimated they were five blocks away then he used his telescopic vision to find Diana. She was dressed in jeans, a wool overcoat, turtleneck, a floppy hat, and glasses, not unlike his own. It brought a big smile to his face. He waited for her.

"Diana," he said as she approached him.

"Kal," she smiled.

He stood up straighter and returned the smile. Maybe tonight he could be Kal instead of Clark Kent or Kal-El. Kal was somewhere in between the two.

"The Blue Moon has the best double cheeseburger, spicy fries, and milkshakes in Metropolis. Are you ready for dinner?" he asked her.

"I am very hungry," she said.

"Good," he said then offered her his arm and then entered the Blue Moon Diner.

After getting seated at a booth, the waitress came over and offered them menus. Clark refused.

"I know what I want," he stated.

"Okay, what is it, honey?" asked the older waitress as Diana perused the menu.

"I'll have a double cheeseburger, spicy fries, and a strawberry milkshake," he ordered.

The waitress looked at an pensive Diana, who put down the menu after thirty more seconds.

"I'll have the same except make my milkshake chocolate," she ordered.

"Milkshakes with the meal?"

"Yup," said Clark.

"Okay," she said then walked away.

Diana shifted in the booth and looked at Clark for a moment before speaking.

"I've talked to Dinah and she'd like you to patrol with several veteran leaguers just to get used to the way we do things," said Diana. "She really wants to be on the roster, even if it for emergencies only."

"Is this dinner about league business or friendship?" he asked in a friendly tone.

"Friendship, I hope," she answered.

"I hope so, too," he said. "How about we let league business wait for another day?"

"Okay," she agreed then she offered him a smile.

"We can talk about our careers," he chuckled.

"Why do you laugh?" she asked.

"I'm a journalist trying to start a site and make money from it and you are an ambassador. I'm not in your league, princess," he said.

Her eyes narrowed and the first hint of anger reddened her cheeks.

"Don't call me princess, Kal," she warned him.

Clark smiled.

"What should I call you?" he asked teasingly.


"Diana," he repeated her name.

"Do you have many friends, Kal?" she asked.

"Yes and no. I have some who know me as one person and only very few who know me as Clark Kent and Superman," said Clark. "Do you have many friends?"

"I have my sisters and those I have met in the Patriarch world," she said.

"And they know you as Diana, Wonder Woman, and Princess Diana," explained Clark. "You are one person. I have never been one single person. I have always been a farm boy from the Midwest, an alien from a dead planet, and a hero with powers that people fear, even though I mean no harm."

"Well, with me you can be yourself, Kal. I accept you," said Diana.

"Thank you, Diana," he smiled.

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