A Superman in Full

Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Bruce hated monitor duty for the Justice League. Be it at the Hall of Justice or on the Watchtower, the thought of spending a shift staring at screens and dispatching teams bored him. He'd rather be putting his detective skills to work finding away of putting Cobbelpot in prison for one of his many criminal ventures or tracking the newly escaped Harvey Dent. Yet, here he was staring satellite and CCTV feeds waiting to respond to a global crisis or metahumans breaking laws.

"Hey, Bats, anything brewing?" the Flash inquired after blurring into the monitoring room of the Hall of Justice.

"Humpf," Bruce grunted.

"Oh, I see we are in a good mood today. I was thinking of putting your name up for media liaison. I think you'd do a great job answering questions from reporters and putting on a dog and pony show," teased Flash.

"I can hurt you," stated Bruce.

"You'd have to catch me first," smiled the Flash, "and we know you can't do that."

"Don't test me, Flash," growled Bruce.

"What are you going to do - glare at me?" he asked.

"Don't push me too far or you'll regret it," warned Bruce.

"Ahh, you're not so tough," smiled the Flash.

With highly trained and quick reflexes, Bruce reached into his utility belt and threw a small cylinder at his feet. Before Flash could move his feet were encased in ice. Bruce got up from his seat and walked over to Flash, who was unable to move.

"I'm not so tough, huh?" Bruce asked him. "It will take you another three minutes to vibrate out of the ice. Do you know what I could do to you, Barry Allen?"

Flash's jaw opened. He stared at Bruce. Somehow Batman knew his identity. How in the hell did he ever figure it out?

"You know who I am," he said.

"Forensic scientist at Central City Police," he said.

An alarm went off at the monitoring station. Bruce moved over and answered it.

"J'onn, what is it?" he asked.

"We have a problem. Our outwardly directed sensors picked up a large meteor heading towards earth. It is five weeks away and it is a planet killer," J'onn told him in his usual calm manner.

"I'll have Dinah contact the US Government and UN to inform them about this," Bruce said, "then I'll gather an executive council together of Justice Leaguers. We need a plan of action and we need one now."

"I will gather all pertinent information to prepare for the meeting," said J'onn.

"Got it," Bruce said then he broke the connection.

Bruce looked over at Flash.

"Get out of the ice. We have work to do," said Bruce.

"Yes, sir," said Flash.


Clark finished updating his and Cat's site then he saved it. Leaning back in his chair at his desk, he smelled the coffee that Cat was making. It was an Italian roast. She came out of his kitchen with two mugs of coffee and an expression on her face that said she was worried. Of course the world was worried because of the impending meteor on the way.

"I have links to the US Gov, UN, DOD, and Justice League. Each link leads to an article about the meteor and what plans are being made. I also have Emil writing an article about the meteor and potential ways to stop it," said Clark.

"Do you think the Justice League can stop this meteor, Clark?" asked Cat, as she handed him his coffee.

He took a sip. If they can't I will, he thought to himself.

"I guess we'll just have to have faith in the Justice League, Cat," said Clark. "They have succeeded in the past."

"I wish Superman was part of them. Now I trust him completely," she said.

Clark smiled at this. At first Cat hated Superman. He was an alien and couldn't be trusted, but now he was Metropolis' alien.

"You never know, Cat, he may get involved. It's early in the process yet," said Clark.

Cat sat down at the sofa and he turned his desk chair and looked at her.

"I'm glad about one thing, Clark and that we left the Daily Planet together and started our site," she said. "it's been nice to know that we make a good team and that our site has been doing better lately."

"Me, too, Cat," he replied.

"I got a call from Lois yesterday," she said shyly.

Cat knew that Clark had a crush on Lois at one time. She never understood why Lois preferred an egotist like Jonathan Carroll rather than Clark. He was sweeter, kinder, and his shyness and aloofness were just part of him.

"How is Lois?" asked Clark.

"She said she wished she had you as a reporter right now. Lois still thinks you are second only to her as a reporter," Cat said.

"Well, I get to report for us, Cat," he smiled.

"I'm glad about that, Clark."

Clark's smart phone rang. It was lying beside his laptop. He picked it up and answered it.


"It's me, Wayne," said Bruce. "The league needs you. I think this qualifies as an emergency."

"Where and when?" he asked.

"The Watchtower and as soon as you can. We have a plan and you are part of it," Bruce said then he hung up.

Clark put the phone down and looked over at Cat.

"A CI with some information. I'm going to have to get going," he said.

He stood up to emphasize that it was time to go. Cat stood up.

"I might be in and out a lot because of this meteor. It looks like I'm going to have to head off to DC for a few days to begin with, but I'll get us the best article on how the world was saved from the meteor," he stated.

"Should I upgrade the site while you are gone?" she asked.

"No, I can handle that," he smiled.

"I'd rather you be around during this crisis but I understand," Cat said.

She walked to Clark, got on her tiptoes, and gave him a kiss on his cheek. Cat then exited. Once she was gone, Clark stood up straight and then took off his glasses and tossed them on his desk. It was time for him to get to the Watchtower and help stop the meteor.


Superman floated in space not far from the Watchtower. He wanted to soak up as much silence and solar radiation as he could beside joining the league. As he enjoyed the respite for his senses, Zatanna, Cassie, Stargirl, and Fire stared out the observation window at him. For several moments they stared in silence.

"Okay, I have to admit it - he's sexy," stated Zatanna.

"Caliente," added Fire.

"Wonder Woman knows him. She's sparred with him," Cassie said. "I wouldn't mind sparring with him."

"He's a little too old for me," stated Stargirl.

"Yeah, you prefer Nightwing, but I noticed he his eyes on Supergirl right now," smiled Cassie. "I like them more mature, though."

"Is that right, Wonder Girl?" Stargirl emphasized her code name.

Diana walked into the observatory and saw them staring at Kal. She thought it juvenile, though she had to admit that he did look like a Greek god in repose with his eyes close and floating there in space. Clearing her throat, she got everyone's attention.

"Zatanna, Dr. Fate needs you. He wants to develop a magical defense shield for whatever pieces of the meteor we miss," Diana stated. "Stargirl and Wonder Girl, you are supposed to be the Red Robin's group practicing rescue techniques, and, Fire, you are part of Blue Beetle's first response group."

They scattered leaving Diana alone in the observatory. She walked over to the observation widow and stared out at Superman. He appeared to be in a state of peace enjoying the void that was space. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and moved in a blue towards the Watchtower. Diana turned and headed towards the main conference room.

Superman was escorted into the conference room by chatty Booster Gold with Batman in tow.

"I'm from the future," Booster grinned. "I know things you don't. We should have a cup of coffee and a photo op together some day. Maybe I can fill you in on the future."

"Unless I change the future by snapping your neck," smiled Clark.

Booster almost tripped over his own feet. He execussed himself and hustled away. Bruce chuckled.

"You shut Booster Gold up, Clark," Bruce said with a smirk. "Your powers are growing on me."

"You help come up with this plan that I'm going to hear and you need my help with," inquired Clark.

"I had input," said Bruce.

"You trust the plan?" he asked Bruce.

"It has potential," said Bruce.

"You sound cautious," said Clark.

"I am always cautious," said Bruce.

They entered the conference room. Already seated around a circular table were John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, Simon Baz, Supergirl, Shazam, J'onn J'onzz, Diana, and Captain Atom along with Dinah, Aquaman, Hawkman, Hawkwoman, and Ted Kord. Clark noticed Kara there and smiled at her. She was supposed to be still on Themyscira, but he guessed this was more important than training. They sat down on the two empty chairs. Dinah spoke.

"Thank you for coming, Superman," she started. "This is definitely an emergency. We have a plan to stop the meteor, but we need your participation for it to work."

"I'll do what needs to be done. The earth is in danger," he said.

"Ted explain," said Dinah.

The Blue Beetle, Ted Kord, had his mask off and he was reading a tablet. He put the tablet down and started to explain the plan to Clark.

"We plan on flying a large nuclear missile out to meet the meteor. You will take that missile, burrow into the middle of the meteor and plant the missile then once you are free from the meteor explode it. If we plant the missile correctly it should split the meteor into two large pieces with many hundred of smaller ones. Two teams will be formed to deal with the halves. These teams will change the trajectory of the meteor halves even more forcing the meteor to miss earth. Do you have a question?"

"Who will deal with the larger smaller ones?" he asked.

"Captain Atom, Hawkman, Hawkwoman, Batman, and myself will try to destroy as many of them as possible as the first tier of defense. The second tier will be a magical barrier erected by several of our magical inclined members and lastly earth defenses such as the US, EU, Russia, and such," she said.

"Who did the math on this?" asked Clark.

"I did. Batman, Mister Terrific, Mister Miracle, Batgirl, Supergirl, and Power girl," answered Dinah.

"I'd like to run the numbers myself," Clark said.

"Are you qualified?" asked Ted Kord.

"Kal-El is the son of Jor-El, who was one of the greatest scientists Krypton ever knew. He would make the top geniuses of the world seem like grade schoolers. Kal-El is more than your equal. He just chooses not to indulge in the sciences too often."

"Go right ahead and run the numbers," said Hal Jordan, "but the question is will you take the damned missile to the meteor?"

"Even if I don't agree with them, I'll take the missile to the meteor," stated Clark.

Bruce smiled. He had a problem with the plan, but now that Clark had agreed he knew that even if the plan went wrong, he'd try to come up with a solution. Bruce was sure that the nuclear warhead wouldn't be enough to split the meteor into two equal pieces.

"Okay, after the meeting, Ted take Superman to the lab and let him see the math," she said. "We need to act on this. Our prep time and practice time is short."

"If needed I have access to an antimatter cannon that is more powerful than anything you have access on this planet," said Clark.

"Kryptonian technology," growled John Stewart.

"Yes, Kryptonian technology," replied Clark. "It is safely secured in my fortress."

"And protected by Kryptonian technology," added Kara.

Diana could sense an argument brewing with the Green Lanterns and the Kryptonians. She stood up.

"Now is not the time to bring up old arguments. We must be focused on the saving of this planet, our home," she demanded.

"The princess is right," said Clark. "This is my home and I will not let it be damaged."

"Good," growled Batman. "Let's get to work."

The meeting started to break up. Bruce leaned into Clark and whispered.

"I want a version of that cannon mounted to the Javelin I'll be flying. They have no plan B," he said.

"I have a smaller version that might work. We'll talk about it," said Clark.

"Good," said Bruce, who then stood up and strode out of the room.

Diana walked up to Clark, who slowly stood up.

"I am glad you joined this mission," she said.

"If you didn't call on me I would have attempted to stop the meteor by myself," he admitted.

"I think we'll work better as a team," she smiled.

Clark returned the smile.

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