A Superman in Full

Chapter 14

Chapter 14

"Bruce, I don't agree with the Justice League's plan," Clark said to his friend.

They were in the Batcave, where Clark and Bruce were mounting small antimatter cannon to Bruce's version of the javelin. The two friends worked in silence until now. Bruce, who had his cowl down, smiled.

"I didn't think you'd agree with it. What is your plan?" Bruce asked.

"If I hit the meteor square in the center at light speed with all my strength, it should cause the meteor to break into thousands of smaller pieces most of which will burn up entering earth's atmosphere. What I suggest is that you in your specially fitted javelin, Kara, and the Green Lanterns play cleanup of any pieces deemed a dangerous size," he explained.

"What about you?" asked Bruce.

"Chances are I'm going to knock myself unconscious," smiled Clark. "Once you know everything is safe, I expect you to zero in on a transponder I'll be wearing and pick me up."

"Just unconscious?" asked Bruce.

"We only have a partial makeup of the meteor," said Clark, "but I can't be sure it is clean of Kryptonite."

"I see," said Bruce. "When do you want to talk to the league about changing their plan?"

"Sooner the better," sighed Clark. "I'd like to get this done and over with. There is no reason for people to have a planet killing meteor hanging over their heads for too long."

"We'll talk to the board at the Hall of Justice tomorrow," Bruce said ending the conversation.

They went back to work on the anti-matter cannon.


"And I support Superman's plan," Bruce rasped then glared at the board.

"You are saying that you know better than us?" asked Hal.

"No, I am saying that this is a safer plan. And that I can destroy the meteor," answered Clark.

Clark and Bruce stood in front of the board. Both men had decided that they were going to go through with this plan regardless of what happened here today.

"I support, Supes," said Flash. "He's got Batman as his backup with some Kryptonian tech and Kara along with the Green Lanterns.

"When do you want to do this?" asked the Black Canary.

"A woman of action just the way I like it," the Green Arrow said under his breath.

"Tomorrow. No reason to delay," said Clark. "The further away from earth I can destroy the better we can pick up the pieces that won't burn up in the atmosphere."

"What do you think, Mister Terrific and Dr. Mid-Nite?" asked Diana.

Mister Terrific and Dr. Mid-Nite, who had been invited to the board meeting, sat at the end of the dais. Both men looked at each other before speaking then Mister Terrific spoke up.

"I agree with Superman's plan. If he is as strong as we think he is and can fly at light speed then we are talking about our best chances to kill that massive planet killer," said Mister Terrific.

"I agree," said Dr. Mid-Nite.

"Let's do it," John Stewart spoke up.

Hal Jordan looked over at him with an expression of curious and annoyance. He leaned in to talk to him, but John whispered to him first.

"This is our chance to see what Superman is capable of and to check out some of Kryptonian tech," he said. "You, Guy, Kyle, Baz, and I can handle cleanup."

Hal nodded to him then spoke up, "I agree Green Lantern John Stewart – let's do this."


Bruce took off from his Batcave in his javelin and headed into space. Acting as his co-pilot Dick, dressed in his Nightwing guise, checked the controls and the status of their Kryptonian weapon. Dick finished his status check then looked over at his mentor.

"We are running fine, Bruce," said Dick.

"We are supposed to rendezvous with Kara and the Lanterns," said Bruce. "Check Clark's transponder."

Dick checked the transponder that Clark was wearing on his belt. According to the transponder Clark was in Smallville, which confused Dick.

"He's in Smallville," said Dick.

Bruce smiled slightly then said, "That sounds like him."

"You understand him?" asked Dick.

"I'm getting there," said Bruce.


Clark stood outside of the house he was brought up in. It was a non-assuming home, the house of hard working people. He found it calming to be there, as it was a place of memories and most of them were fond ones. To think that a man and woman discovered an alien baby and raised it as their own, teaching him values and giving him love. This home gave him focus and strength to do what he needed to be done.

Around him there were a few snow drifts, as a light flurry of snow fell. Christmas had past uneventfully and without anyone to celebrate. He loved Christmas when Ma and Pa Kent were still alive, the exchange of gifts and home cooked meal with enough food to feed an army. If people wanted to drop by for a visit there was some hot apple cider and food for them to have.

He had planned a Christmas with Kara, but she was still on Themyscira learning discipline. He'd promised her to go to Bruce's New Year's Party at Bruce's mansion. She was excited to spend time with Dick Grayson, which Clark was amused by. Though Dick had a reputation as a womanizer, much like Bruce, he knew Kara could handle herself. He hoped he'd be able to take her.

"Kal," he heard Diana's voice.

Clark looked up to see Diana floating down to earth.

"Diana," he said.

"I was surprised to see you were here by your transponder," she said. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, just remembering good times with Ma and Pa Kent and my time on this farm," he told her. "I find strength in this place."

"I understand. Themyscira is like that for me," she said.

Diana landed and walked over to be by his side. Clark had his face raised to the sky. The snow fall was covering the sun, but he still could absorb the solar radiation.

"Before I head off for the meteor I'll head up into the troposphere and soak in as much solar radiation as I can. I have a feeling that I'll need the strength," he said.

"Bruce told me that it was his job to search for you afterwards in case you are injured," Diana said.

"At best I'm probably going to knock myself unconscious. Worst case scenario is that there is a vein of Kryptonite in the meteor that inflicts some serious damage. Either way, I'm going to need him to check on me," Clark said.

"I wish I could do something to help you," she said.

"Will you be at Bruce's party on New Year Eve?" he asked.

"Yes. I promised Bruce I'd attend," she said.

"Well, it would give me something to look forward to if you promised me a dance," he said.

Diana smiled, "Of course, I'll dance with you, Kal. You'll be there as Clark Kent, won't you?"

"Yes," he smiled. "I know he's usually a bit of a clod, but I think I can show off a little. No one will be looking at me anyhow. Everyone will be looking at you."

"You flatter me, Clark," she said softly.

"Well, I'm off," he said.

Summoning up his power, he closed his eyes and took off like a rocket. Diana watched as he headed into the sky and beyond. Watching Superman disappear a certain uneasiness came over Diana. There was something about Superman that drew her to him. Admittedly, it was partially physical, but there was more to it than that. In some ways they were kindred souls. She flew off. If any pieces of the meteor did get to earth, it would be up to her and the rest of the league to protect the people.

Clark stopped and floated in the troposphere allowing his body to absorb the solar radiation. He was tempted to have his El shield absorb his nanobyte armor allowing his body greater access, but decided against hanging naked in space. Enough of the Justice League members thought he was strange to begin with, anyhow. Once he felt his body absorb more than enough of the sun's gift, Clark did a loop then took off gaining more and more speed until he was at light speed.

Dick found himself staring at Kara outside of the javelin. She was floating in space along with the Lanterns waiting for Superman to appear and do his work. His mind and body were preoccupied with Kara, though. She was a beautiful, intimidating on many levels, but beautiful. Her blonde hair was flowing in zero gravity and her face was tense with concern for her cousin.

Bruce worked the controls in front of him. He had the cannon ready and was tracking the meteor, which was fifty thousand klicks away. Once Clark did his thing that fifty thousand klicks would seem like nothing, as the meteor would be blown into pieces. Kent was about to do a baby big bang. He checked the transponder. Clark was almost upon them.

A red and blue blur shot silently past them. Clark and Bruce discussed using his heat vision on the meteor, too. Once he was close enough, Clark let loose with his heat vision, which started to heat up and burrow into the meteor. Whatever cold matter that was part of the giant rock already started to heat up and melt. As he got closer he closed his hands into fists and picked up even more speed. With focus and enough power to tear earth into rubble, Superman hit the meteor.

From their vantage point, it was an awe inspiring event to view. Scientists would be studying this impact of meteor and Superman for years to come. The explosion was silent but devastating, as if several nuclear bombs had gone off in the middle of the meteor. Immediately debris began to fly in all directions. The Lanterns readied shovels, buckets, walls, and whatever else they could image to stop the larger pieces of meteor, but there were none. Kara looked over to the javelin.

Bruce saw that Clark was a good two hundred and fifty thousand klicks away. He wasn't moving. Bruce spoke into the communicator knowing she could hear him through an earplug.

"Kara, come aboard. We might need you to find Clark. If he is unconscious in deep space there is the chance of suffocation," Bruce said.

She flew immediately to the airlock and Dick let her into the javelin. Ignoring Dick's presence she strode into cockpit. Bruce had the javelin going already. It was almost at top speed and headed for the transponder signal.

"Did you know that if he was rendered unconscious, it was deadly for him?" she asked.

"We discussed it. I wanted to stay closer to him, but Clark told him the explosion of the meteor would almost be like a cosmic event. It was too dangerous to be close to it," explained Bruce.

"Hurry up," growled Kara.

"We will get him, Kara," said Dick with confidence. "He's Superman. He's not that easy to kill."

She turned to glare at Dick, but instead she fell into his arms allowing him to embrace her and comfort her. Bruce shook his head then ignored them.


It was cold in space and boring, especially when you were genetically designed to do one thing. Doomsday did what he was designed to do which was to find civilizations and destroy them completely. Built as the ultimate doomsday weapon, he had only one purpose. He would use whatever mode of transportation that was available to him and travel from planet to planet killing people, culture, societies, and worlds. It was his programming, written into his soulless DNA.

Of course, being invulnerable and the strongest creature in the universe made his job easy. He'd spend weeks killing and destroying and that process somehow fed him, made him stronger, gave him purpose. His ship's sensors picked up a large explosion. It was far off, but large enough to register. This interested him. Usually an explosion that large indicated a populated planet somewhere in the vicinity. If he had any luck this would be a planet worthy of destroying.


Clark woke up in the Watchtower infirmary with several people leaning over him. He opened one eye and looked at Dr. Mid-Nite, Mister Terrific, and Black Canary and smiled.

"This is definitely not heaven, though the Black Canary could pass for an angel," he said.

Dr. Mid-nite laughed. Black Canary smiled.

"You did it Superman," she said.

"And gave myself a helluva headache in the process," he said.

"I can understand that," said Mister Terrific.

He helped Clark sit. For a moment Clark felt dizzy, but it quickly passed.

"You did it, Superman," said Black Canary. "Nothing got to earth."

"Although, there was a nice light show in the sky," said Dr. Mid-Nite.

"So, I'm fine, I guess?" Clark said.

"You're fine. If you were another man, I'd say you had a concussion, but I think some time in the sun and you're headache will be gone," said Mister Terrific.

Clark got up and headed out of the infirmary and straight into Flash, Bruce, Dick, Kara, J'onn, Kyle Rayner, Hawkman, Hawkwoman, Green Arrow, and Diana were in the hallway waiting for him.

"My hero," said Flash, who sped up to Clark and offered him his hand to shake.

They shook hands then hugged. Next, Clark looked over at Bruce.

"I have your cannon when you want it," said Bruce.

"I trust you, Bruce," smiled Clark.

"They are waiting on a presser for you down at the Hall of Justice. I recommend a drink in the cafeteria myself. I may have smuggled some champagne on to the station," smiled Green Arrow.

"I'd rather not do a press conference for the Justice League. I'll give the impression that I'm a fulltime member, so I guess it is the champagne," said Clark.

"I'll boomtube down to the Hall of Justice and lead the press conference," said Diana.

"Wait," called the Black Canary, "I'll go with you."

Diana looked over at Clark and smiled then she and the Black Canary walked away. Clark sighed.

"Everybody, let's go to the cafeteria. Besides champagne, I had some finger foods prepared and sent up. I think we deserve a celebration," the Green Arrow called out.

The crowd started to head towards the cafeteria. Bruce walked up beside Clark and quickly said, "Good job."

He then continued passed Clark. Bruce took a right when the rest of them took a left. Clark observed as Dick had his arm around Kara and everyone seemed so happy. Maybe becoming a fulltime member would be a positive in his life and not a negative. And he'd be able to get to see more of Diana. He started to smile as he walked down the corridor towards the cafeteria.

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