A Superman in Full

Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Kara was dealing with Livewire in the middle of Centennial Park. While people, who were enjoying a Saturday afternoon in the park, now ran away in order to protect themselves, Livewire sent waves of electricity through Kara's body. Screams of pain emanated from Kara, as the electricity rattled her bones. Livewire giggled in response to Kara's screams of pain.

"I thought you were supposed to be tough," said Livewire.

Pushing herself through the pain, Kara launched herself at Livewire. As she sped towards Livewire, Kara used her freezing breath to encase Livewire in ice then she picked up her body and dropped her in the large water fountain in the middle of the park short circuiting Livewire.

Landing beside the fountain, Kara placed her hands on her knees and shook off the pain caused by Livewire. Several police officers came running up towards her.

"The science police are on the way with restraints for Livewire," one of the cops said.

"Thanks," Kara smiled.

"Step away from the suspect," came a male voice from the sky. "We are federal agents."

Kara looked up and saw Peacemaker, Captain Atom, and Blue Beetle hovering in the sky then she looked over and saw Huntress walking towards her with a cross bow armed and ready.

"Checkmate," she whispered to herself.

"Hey, what's the problem?" called the cop.

"Step aside officer. We are federal agents," said Captain Atom.

"You better do what he says," said Kara, as she stood up straight. "I'll deal with them."

The police officers backed off. The moment they were out of range simultaneously the Huntress fired an electrified net at Kara from her crossbow, Peacemaker hit her with a laser weapon, Captain Atom released a lightning bolt of nuclear energy at her, and the Blue Beetle's left arm transformed into a sonic weapon and fired at her. Kara was knocked to her knees.

"Surrender, Supergirl," said Peacemaker.

With the net sending waves of electricity through her body, Kara looked up at Checkmate.

"Piss off," she said in a low voice.

"Prepare to fire again," said Peacemaker.

News helicopters appeared above the scene and news trucks arrived at the scene. On TV's across the country, the scene of Checkmate attacking Kara was being watched by millions. One of them was Amanda Waller, the leader of Checkmate. With a smile she observed how easily her little troop of heroes was taking down Supergirl. Months and months of training were paying off, as they had Kara on the ropes.

A red and blue blur landed beside Kara. Superman now stood protectively beside his cousin. His eyes were glowing red with anger. This was no longer Superman standing there but the head of the House of El.

"If you fire on her, it will be the last thing you do for some time," he stated then he grabbed the net and ripped it into two ignoring the charges of electricity.

"Stand down, Superman," said Peacemaker. "We have a right to take Supergirl along with Livewire in custody as federal agents. Neither you nor her are registered peace officers. You are vigilantes. You have no rights in the law for your actions."

"Citizen's arrest," growled Superman.

Huntress started to reload her crossbow. Superman quickly turned and unleashed a strong exhalation of air from his lungs sending her off like a tumble weed. The Peacemaker started to fire his weapon to find Superman beside him in the air. Clark grabbed his jet pack and smiled, "You need technology to fly, don't you?"

He ripped off the jet pack and let Peacemaker fall thirty feet to the ground. Clark let him fall knowing that his armor would keep him from serious damage. Next, he faced off with Captain Atom and the Blue Beetle.

"It's our turn, kid," said Captain Atom.

"Dude, that's Superman," said the Blue Beetle. "I didn't think we were going to face him yet."

"We were trained for this," said Captain Atom.

"I don't think so, but you're the boss," replied the Blue Beetle, who then fired his sonic weapon at Superman.

Clark easily dodged the sonic wave and returned fire with a blast of heat vision that sent the Blue Beetle to the grass a short distance away. Next, he hit Captain Atom with a more intense blast of heat vision, so hot and so hard that it cracked his armor.

"Damn you. If my armor cracks open thousands of people could die," growled Captain Atom.

"Then retreat, Captain, and have your armor repaired. Your teammates are safe," Clark said.

"This isn't over," said Captain Atom, who flew off.

Clark landed beside Kara, who was over the effects of the battle.

"What should we do, Kal?" asked Supergirl.

"Let's go. We'll decide how to handle this later," he said.

With that the cousins took to the sky leaving behind an embarrassed Checkmate team and a media frenzy.

The Hall of Justice, Media Room

John Stewart, Hal Jordan, Bruce, Arthur, Dinah, Barry Allen, Diana, J'onn, and Steve Trevor sat in the media room watching a cable news channel. A heated debate had taken place between a White House representative, an important senator, a retired general, and the news anchor. It ended with the news anchor pointing out that Superman had risked his life saving earth from a meteor and now we were arresting his cousin for saving people from a metahuman out of control. Bruce turned off the TV.

"Amanda Waller has caused this mess. What are you going to do to solve it, Trevor?" asked Bruce.

"When she was given permission to put together the team called Checkmate, Amanda Waller ceased to work for A.R.G.U.S., Batman. Her position of director is open," said Trevor.

"That doesn't answer Batman's question, Steve," said Diana.

Her voice was cold and filled with barely contained anger. Since the incident Superman and Supergirl had taken to Superman's Fortress of Solitude. Bruce had been in touch with him. Clark told him that he was starting to agree with Kara that it was time that they immigrated to Daxam. At least the people on that planet were descendants of Krypton. They could almost live out normal lives there. As pure blood Kryptonians they were more powerful then Daxamites, and as members of the House of El they have higher IQ's, but they would fit into their society more than here on earth and, more than likely, embraced.

"The White House is considering an executive order calling for federal agents to arrest vigilantes. This won't affect the Justice League, which has been recognized by Congress, the UN, and many foreign governments. It will affect those who aren't either a member of the JL or a federal agency," he explained.

"That's ridiculous," said Hal Jordan. "I'm a member of the Green Lantern Corp, which is recognized by many worlds as a peacekeeping organization. Am I allowed to deal with metahumans or a natural disaster without being a member of the JL or some federal agency?"

"You guys are beating up the messenger here," said Trevor. "I just came here to get you up to date. I have no influence in this."

"You're just following orders," growled Batman.

Trevor glared at Batman. He understood what Batman was implying.

"I recommend that you talk to the White House," said Trevor.

"An election is coming up in sixteen months. I think we should talk to Senator Martin, who running neck and neck with the president in the polls," rasped Batman.

"Is that a threat, Batman?" responded Trevor.

"No, Trevor, it is warning," said Batman. "This world needs protectors like Superman and Supergirl. The average citizen realizes that, so I think it's about time that the politicians do, also."

Batman stood up.

"Now I'm leaving. I have a friend to see," said Batman.

He started to leave when Diana stopped him.

"Batman, wait for me," said Diana.

She stood up and joined him.

"We have a friend to see," she said.


Fortress of Solitude

While Kara got in a strenuous workout, Clark sat at his monitoring station. He had brought up information of Daxam. It appeared to be a fine world, more advanced than earth, though not advanced as Krypton. He knew if he contacted them and told them that he was the son of Jor-El and Kara the daughter of Zor-El that they would be welcomed. Yet, Daxam wasn't home. Earth was.

From the day that Martha and Jonathan Kent found him and his ship earth had been his home. When as a five month old baby, hours after being found by them, he accidently dislocated two of Martha's fingers as she played with him, they knew he was different and he knew he had injured her. Being a Kryptonian he had such awareness at such an early age. Instead of being frightened by him, they protected him. They loved him and they brought him up to a good, moral man, who wanted to protect those who needed protection.

Could he really leave earth? Could he leave his home, or leave his responsibilities? What would Jonathan think if he decided to run because things had gotten tough? Martha expected Clark to always face his problems, to always be there for those he loved. Yet, Kara was family and she needed him. Who did he have to stay here for?

"Master Kal-El, a ship has landed. We have visited," said Kelex.

"Let me see who they are," Cark said.

The monitor he was looking at went from images of Daxam to a security feed of Batman and Diana getting out of his javelin and making their way to one of the entrances.

"Kelex, greet our guests at the west gate," he said.

"Yes, master," Kelex said then floated away.

Clark stood up. He realized that he was dressed in Kryptonian leisure clothes, loose black pants and a black shirt/jacket that reminded Clark of Nehru jacket with his family's crest in white on the right breast. Turning off the monitor, he headed towards the main living room where his guests were waiting for him.

"Master Kal-El should be here in a moment," he heard Kelex tell Bruce and Diana.

He walked into the living room. Bruce was taking off his winter cape and cowl while Diana removed the coat she wore.

"Kent, dressed like a proper Kryptonian?" asked Bruce.

"Kal, it is good to see you," added Diana.

"Diana," he said then smiled. "Have a seat."

Kelex collected their gear and went to hang them up. Diana sat down on the large semi-circular couch, while Bruce sat in a comfortable armchair. Clark grinned. It was his favorite chair.

"Can I get you tea or coffee?" he asked.

"Hot coffee would be nice," said Bruce.

"Mint tea for me, Kal."

Speaking into a wrist band he wore Clark gave the drink order to Kelex, "Kelex, hot coffee for myself and Bruce and mint tea for Diana."

"Yes, Master Kal-El," replied Kelex's voice.

"And you tease me that I have Alfred," said Bruce.

"Kelex has been in my family for a 150 years. He's been upgraded several times, but he is basically the same molded personality wise since the day my father made him as a boy," explained Clark.

Before Bruce could comment Kara came into the living room wearing Kryptonian workout clothes. She looked relaxed and surprised to have guests.

"Sorry for interrupting, Kal," she said.

"Kara, you're not interrupting," he said.

"We are here to see the both of you, Kara," said Diana.

"Checkmate went too far. Polls show that the public is behind you and Kara, so we now have to translate that to some form of action," said Bruce.

"Sounds good, but the next time either Clark or I show up in public, I bet checkmate shows up," said Kara.

"I agree that they'll show up for you, Kara, but Clark upped the ante with defeating them so easily. Amanda is probably looking to add to her team in order to deal with you, Kent," said Bruce.

"I worry about that," said Clark.

"I think I can deal with her," said Bruce.

"She's afraid of Batman," smiled Diana.

"I have some dirt on her that cold damage her career," Bruce replied.

"Clark and I have been looking at the planet Daxam as a potential new home," Kara added quickly.

Bruce scowled at this, while Diana looked as if she had been gut punched.

"Is that true?" Bruce asked Clark.

Clark nodded yes then he said, "It is an option."

Kelex returned carrying a tray with two mugs of coffee and a mug of tea. He stopped at Diana and gave her the tea then he gave Bruce his black coffee. Lastly, he gave Clark his coffee with cream and three sugars then he looked at Kara.

"Can I get you anything, Mistress?" Kelex asked.

"I'm fine, Kelex. I need a shower," she said.

Kelex floated away. Kara followed him out of the large living room. Bruce stood up. He sipped his coffee.

"Do you mind if I check out your infirmary, Clark. My back has been hurting me. I thought that you medical robots might be able to help," said Bruce.

Clark smiled. He knew Bruce liked to use Kryptonian medical tech in order to keep his body from wearing down and breaking.

"You know where it is, Bruce. I assume you are staying for dinner," Clark said.

"If you are offering," said Bruce.

"I'll prepare something."

Bruce strolled away with his coffee in hand. Clark turned and looked at Diana. She was solemn.

"What's wrong, Diana?" he asked.

"I don't want you to leave, Kal. We were finally starting to get to know each other. I was enjoying it," she said.

"Me, too," he smiled.

She put her tea down and then stood up. As an Amazonian warrior she was a woman of action. Suddenly, she needed to move. She started pacing.

"There has to be a way to convince you to stay," she said.

"Diana, I…," Clark started to speak.

"No, this is your home. You need to stay. Your friends are here. Your life is here," she said.

"Everything I love is here," he added softly.

Diana stopped pacing and looked at him.

"I never asked, Kal; do you have someone special in your life?" she asked.

"You mean a girlfriend?"




"To quote a song – all the good ones are taken," he grinned.

Diana smiled at this.

"Plus, I have a problem with human women. They are so fragile that I fear I'll break them if I lose control. I remember in high school I almost lost control with Lana. I could have injured her or worse," he admitted.

"But you didn't, did you," said Diana.

"No, I didn't. Still, it is always in the back of my mind. On Daxam I'd be able to let go with a woman. They aren't as strong or a durable as a Kryptonian, but they are close enough," he told her.

"There have to be some women on earth that you can let loose with," she said staring into his cerulean eyes.

For a moment neither one spoke. They just stared into each other's eyes. Finally, Clark swallowed.

"Maybe, one or two," he smiled. "I better check on what I have in for dinner."

He started to walk away, but Diana stopped him.

"Kal," she said.

He turned and looked at her then said, "Yes, Diana."

"Can I help you in the kitchen?"

"I'd like that," he replied.

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