A Superman in Full

Chapter 16

Chapter 16

The ship landed in the middle of Gotham Park tearing up grass and uprooting trees. It was five past midnight and Batman watched as the fireball hit the park. His instincts told him that this was going to be dangerous. Preparing to check out the site, he contacted his team.

"Red Robin, Batgirl, I'm headed to check out Gotham Park," he growled.

"Want backup?" asked Red Robin.

"No. Listen to your communicators for news and the Justice League. I don't want you involved in this unless it can't be avoided," he stated without room for argument.

Bruce readied his grappling gun when Nightwing landed beside him. Bruce turned and glared at him.

"Remember, I don't really work for you anymore. I don't have bat or robin in my name," smiled Dick.

"Keep up," rasped Bruce.

"Very funny," said Dick as he did a back flip off the building then fired his grappling gun swinging to the next building.

Bruce followed him.


Clark sat across from Diana. This was their first date in the sense that they both agreed that this was a date to see if they wanted to pursue a relationship with each other. He lifted his glass and offered a toast.

"I'm glad you accepted my invitation to have dinner at my place this time," he said.

Diana sampled the white wine. It was sweet with an undertone of citrus. She placed the glass down.

"Your fortress is a fascinating place, Kal," she said. "I like it."

"It is the only place on earth I can truly relax. It's built with sound dampening tech that allows me to only hear what is in the fortress," he said.

"You can hear me," she said.

"I can hear your heartbeat," he smiled.

Her heartbeat picked up its pace slightly. Clark looked into her sapphire eyes.

"Of course, I'd know your heartbeat anywhere now. I've memorized it. I find its beat calming and exciting," he said.

Diana blushed. It was time to tell him that she had broken up with Steve Trevor. She tried to explain to see that she didn't for him the same way he felt for her. All she got from him was anger and disappointment. But it had to be done. He mind was on Kal too much lately.

"Kal, I…," before she could finish her sentence alarms started to go off.

"What is wrong?" she asked

"Monitoring room," he said.

Clark sped away from the dining table and into the monitoring room. He brought up some images from news helicopters in Gotham City. A large grey skinned creature with rock protrusions on his forehead, fists, and arms was soullessly killing the police who tried to stop it.

Clark blanched as he watched a cop ripped into two by the creature. It was done for no purpose other than to kill.

"What is that, Kal?" asked Diana, as she entered the room.

"Something I've read about in my father's chronicles. It is called Doomsday. It is a soulless killing machine which is almost impossible to stop. It goes from world to world killing and leaving nothing but death and destruction behind," Clark mumbled.

"The Justice League can stop it," said Diana defiantly.

"No, Diana, it can't. There is only one chance to stop it and that is me," said Clark.

He stood up from his seat and turned and grabbed Diana and kissed her with passion and desperation. When he released her, she was staring at him in shock.

"I have to go," he said then he blurred away.

Diana touched her lips with her fingers then she snapped out of her stupor.

"Justice League," she said to herself.


Nightwing barely avoided the right hand of the creature, as he hit it with three explosive wingdings. The creature was unhurt by the wingdings. He landed and rolled away from the creature then he got up and grabbed an injured Batman and pulled him away by his cape. Bruce had taken a backhand by the creature that sent him flying thirty feet into a police car.

"Batman," Dick said with concern in his voice.

"Broken ribs, maybe more," Bruce rasped. "Batcave. The javelin still has anti-matter cannon attached to it. This creature needs to be stopped."

A boom tube opened and out came running J'onn, John Stewart, Hal Jordan, Simon Baz, the Flash, Steel, Cyborg, Black Canary, Hawkman, Hawkwoman, Mister Terrific, Katana, and Supergirl. Everyone attacked the creature except Mister Terrific who rushed over to Bruce. He took out a medical scanner and started to check on him.

"You have four broken ribs, a bruised kidney, a punctured lung, and some internal bleeding. I need to get you to the Watchtower infirmary," he said.

"Get me to the monitoring room. I can oversee the response to this creature," gasped Batman.

"Infirmary first," said Mister Terrific, who picked Batman up in his arms.

Bruce looked at Nightwing.

"Batcave," he demanded.

"Yes. Batman," said Nightwing.

Mister Terrific ran over to Cyborg and had him open a boom tube then he entered with Batman and disappeared. Suddenly, the Red Robin, Batgirl, Beast Boy, Raven, Wonder Girl, Bunker, Solstice arrived to the fight. Nightwing waved Red Robin over.

"I need to get to the Batcave. Who can get me there quickly?" he asked.

"Kid Flash," Red Robin called.

Bart Allen zipped over.

"Follow his directions and take him where he tells you," said Tim.

"Done," Bart replied with a smile then turned his back. "Hop on."

Dick shook his head and hopped onto his back then they took off. Now Tim gave his attention to the fight. From what he could see John Stewart had a broken arm, Steel was down, and the rest were barely holding their own against Doomsday. He was about to call an attack pattern when a sonic boom drew his attention and a red and blue blur barreled into Doomsday.

Superman and Doomsday tore through the park and then ripped up cement until they came to a stop. It was then a new boom tube opened and Wonder Woman, Elemental Woman, Vibe, Stargirl, Zatanna, and the Green Arrow exited and joined the fray. Diana headed right over to where Doomsday and Superman slowly got up. She had two of Hephaestus magical swords her hands, as she began an attack on the creature.

"Titans, let get the injured out of here and push the public back," ordered the Red Robin.

He recognized that they didn't have the firepower to combat this killing machine. The Titans could be used to protect and respond.

Meanwhile, Steel was unconscious and Hawkwoman had one of her wings broken. Along with John Stewart they were evacuated out of the area via a boom tube made by Cyborg. Those remaining watched Wonder Woman attack the creature to have the thing drive a sharp rock protrusion on her side then send her flying into the air with a right hook. Superman caught up to her and grabbed her. He brought her over to the rest of the Justice League and placed her softly on the ground.

He started to leave when Diana grabbed his arm, "Kal, he is too strong to face by yourself."

"Diana, trust me. I am the only one who can stop him," said Clark.

"It's Doomsday, isn't it?" asked Supergirl.

"I checked his cellular level. It's him," said Clark.

"Who the hell is Doomsday?" demanded Hal Jordan.

"The reason Kryptonians gave up space flight. He was found in space by one of our explorers and brought to Krypton. When he awoke he started to kill and destroy. It took our best scientists and warriors to eventually stop him. He was sent into the Phantom Zone. I have no idea how he got out," Supergirl explained.

"He's out and I will stop him," said Clark. "I am the head of the House of El; this is my duty. Protect the civilians."

With those words, he flew off towards Doomsday.


Doomsday and Superman exchanged blows at such speed you could hear a sonic boom with each punch. They stood toe to toe battering each other and destroying a good deal of midtown Metropolis. While they battled, Diana and the rest of the league saved civilians from falling buildings, cleared away rubble, and kept a protective ring around Doomsday and Clark.

With each succeeding fist from Doomsday, Clark felt pain he had never felt before in a fight. His healing ability couldn't keep up with the damage, while Doomsday healing ability handled the damage done by Clark better. Doomsday grabbed the front of his nanobot armor. Clark could feel the suit cracked and give to the strength of the creature. With his left hand he held Clark up and with his right he started to pound his face punch after punch.

Diana couldn't hold back any longer. She was healed from her first encounter with Doomsday and she wasn't going to be denied a chance at fighting the beast again. Flying straight at Doomsday she lowered her shoulder into his back causing him to release Clark and going tumbling down the street.

Diana stopped and checked on Clark. His face was bloodied and swollen.

"Kal, Rest. I can fight him for now," she said.

"Diana… don't. He's too strong, soulless, a killing machine," he mumbled.

"And I am an Amazon and the daughter of Zeus," she said then took off.

Clark forced himself to sit up. He watched as Diana went after Doomsday. The creature threw car after car at her. She either avoided or blocked them with ease. What she didn't expect was the speed of the creature. Avoiding a thrown car, she didn't see him follow the car and was caught by surprise by one of his powerful punches.

Through years of training she was able to semi-block the surprise punch taking most of the hit on her shoulder. Never had she felt such strength before in her life. He was stronger than a Greek God. Summoning her swords from her bracelets, she began an attack on Doomsday. Her magical swords cut through his rock and invulnerable skin causing him pain. He backed away until he saw an opening then he attacked again.

Clark watched helplessly as Diana bent over from a gut punch then she was kneed in the face sending her down on her back. Doomsday then stood over her and prepared to pummel her like it had Clark. Suddenly, his eyes blazed red and he felt his body strengthen from an adrenaline spike.

"NO!" he yelled.

Taking off he flew straight at Doomsday who glared at him. He first hit the creature with a blast of his heat vision moving it a good fifty feet away from Diana. Clark picked up speed and grabbed Doomsday by the midsection and lifted him in the air flying him away from the city. If they were going to finish this fight then it would be somewhere without people.

Just out of emergency surgery, Bruce was wheeled into the monitoring room. Immediately, he took over from Dr. Mid-nite.

"This is Batman," he growled. "Hal and Dinah, check on Diana. Kara, J'onn, John Stewart, and Simon, Superman has landed in Siberia with Doomsday. I want you to head off after him. The rest of you continue rescue and cleanup."

Everyone did as they send. Hal and Dinah found Diana unconscious. With his ring, Hal checked on her. She had three broken ribs, a broken arm, and internal bruising and swelling. He knew that she had the physiology of an Olympian, which meant that she would heal in time.

"How is she?" asked Dinah.

"Battered and bruised with some broken bones, but she'll be fine in a day or two. Let's get her to Cyborg, so she can be boom tubed to the Watchtower," said Hal.

"How the hell is Superman going to handle this monster alone?" Dinah asked.

Hal just shook his head.

In the forest of Siberia Superman and Doomsday leveled acres of trees in the battle. Neither one would give up. Superman was protecting his adopted world and those he loved and Doomsday was doing what he was genetically designed to do. Again, Clark felt himself weakening under the barrage of Doomsday's onslaught. He returned with his own onslaught but Doomsday was stronger. Clark knew he needed to kill in order to hold his own against this creature and he vowed never to kill.

"Damn you!" he cried out at the top of his lungs then he unleashed his heat vision at its strongest.

From the air J'onn, John, Simon, and Kara heard the scream and saw the glow of red. They headed off in that direction and saw Clark remove Doomsday's left arm at the elbow then his right arm was cut off at mid forearm. The four of them hovered there above the two battered warriors and watched as Superman then flew at Doomsday, lifted him up, and flew off towards space.

"We should follow him," said John.

"Kara and I shall follow him," said J'onn. "You and Simon check to make sure this damage is limited to wildlife and nothing more."

John nodded and he and Simon flew off to check the devastated part of the Siberian forest. J'onn turned and looked at Kara.

"Your cousin needs us," he said. "I can still feel his presence. Follow me."

Flying past Jupiter, Superman stopped and with the last of his strength he threw Doomsday into the blackness of space. He watched as the grey skinned creature spun head of heals away knowing he would travel millions of miles unimpeded. From his scan of Doomsday, he knew that the creature's arms would grow back and that he could survive in deep space. Suddenly, he felt his eyes grow heavy and Superman passed out from the damage done in the battle.

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