A Superman in Full

Chapter 3

Chapter Three

Clark couldn't get his mind off the beautiful Amazonian princess. Easily, she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. In his Clark Kent self, he had developed the personality trait of being awkward and aloof with beautiful women, but never had he felt like that as Superman. Her grace and presence made him truly feel like the son of farmers. Never in his life had a woman had this effect on him. Just being in her presence made him feel as if she was royalty and he was a commoner, the last son of the House of El a commoner.

According to Bruce she was the daughter of Queen Hippolyta of Themyscira and the Olympian Zeus. Clark wasn't one to believe in mythological gods and goddesses, so he subscribed to Bruce's theory. Like the New Gods, Bruce theorized that the Greek Gods and Goddesses were advanced races. At some time Zeus and the rest of his race decided to set themselves up as deities and enjoyed the role. Diana prayed to them.

However you justified it, Princess Diana had powers that pushed even his own powers. He could tell that he got under her skin easily, as Superman, though. But then again Bruce had mentioned that she had a bit of temper, and that it was easily aroused. It already seemed to Clark that he could anger her quicker than normal. Clark wasn't sure if he liked the fact he could get under her skin so easily, but he was sure that he liked the way she called him Kal.

"You done with the web design, Clark," Cat brought him out of his thoughts.

"Um… almost," he answered.

"I can't wait for it to be done," she mumbled.

He had volunteered to design and set up their website mainly because it was an easy task for him. Ever since he discovered his own Kryptonian space ship, which his parents hid for all the right reasons, as well as the abandoned Kryptonian space ship that dated back to their colonial days, his baseline knowledge had increased tenfold. His space ship upgraded the computers and databases of the older ship and both became the basis of Fortress of Solitude. His father Jor-El had stored vast amounts of Kryptonian knowledge in his ship's computer. Weekend after weekend he drank in that knowledge allowing his eidetic memory to assimilate it.

"I really can't wait to get our site up, so maybe we can start earning some money," Cat remarked. "Do you know that TMZ offered me a gig when they heard I felt the Daily Planet?"

"Really?" he replied.

"They wanted me for their TV show," she said, "but I'd rather do this with you, Clark."

"I'm glad, Cat."

They had decided to work out of their apartments until they could afford office space. Cat had showed up this morning with coffee and muffins and had read magazines while he worked. He'd finished the design and the completed the website about fifteen minutes after he started, but he had delayed and looked business so Cat wouldn't become suspicious of him having done it so fast. Now that it was three and half hours later and he was starting to get hungry for lunch, Clark decided to tell her that it was finished.

Turning his laptop so that Cat could see it, he smiled and made a tada sound.

"I'm done," he told her,

"Really?" she beamed from the sofa putting down a magazine she had brought with her.

"Yes, really. We just need a name like you promised and I can set up the name as our domain name and we are in business," he said.

"I've thought about it and I think we should call out site ClarkandCatropolis," she said with a big smile. "You handle news and sports and I handle infotainment just like we agreed."

Clark cringed at the name but he didn't argue with it. He was already feeling guilt that Cat had quit her job to do this site with him. At least the name sounded somewhat memorable, he thought. She could have come up with something worse than that.

"Well, we can start getting to work," Clark smiled.

"I need a celebrity to interview," said Cat.

"Uh huh," replied Clark.


Diana was using one of the training rooms in the Hall of Justice in order to sharpen her skills. Sans sword and lasso, she faced down five fighting drones that were designed to push Shazam. With grace, skill, and prices she dismantled the five drones leaving debris on the training room floor. A smile of satisfaction crossed her face. As her old teacher Philippus used to tell her: In battle you need to think, as losing your temper will give your opponent the advantage. It was a lesson she still struggled with.

As she stood over her handiwork, her mind drifted to thoughts of Superman. At first she found him rude and aloof, but as the evening progressed and the conversation turned away from talk of Kryptonian technology, he warmed up and became more appealing. Bruce and Kal, which was Kryptonian name, bantered easily with each other. It was surprising to see Bruce get along so well with someone. She even found her heart touched when J'onn spoke to Kal about his Kryptonian parents who he had never met. There were times that his eyes misted over and Diana found herself almost moved to tears herself.

"Diana," John Stewart's voice came over the intercom, "Can I speak to you?"

She looked up at the observation area to see John in his Green Lantern uniform standing behind the glass. Nodding yes, she walked over to the door and opened it. Grabbing a towel from the bench, Diana wiped herself down. John came walking down the corridor. She could tell that John was annoyed.

"I heard about last night," he started. "I still believe we Lanterns should have confronted him. I know you said he won't budge on his decision not to give his technology and databases to the Guardians, but the Guardians think it is important he be convinced."

"John, the technology and databases belongs to him and his cousin. They are the last Kryptonians. They believe themselves the caretakers of the technology and databases," she stated.

"But can they be trusted?" he asked.

"If you were to attempt to take anything by force, I believe Batman and J'onn would side with Superman. Both of them appear to trust him. I do not want to see the league splintered over this issue. I agree with them. Kryptonians should be allowed to hold onto their own culture and science," Diana stated.

"I'll have Guy head back to OA to report," said John. "He's been grumbling about having nothing to do on earth."

"I'll talk to Batman, gain. Maybe we can invite this Superman to the Hall of Justice or the Watchtower to meet with us. If he says yes, you can speak to him there, but I wouldn't make any demands, John, though, when you meet him," said Diana.

"I understand, Diana. Thank you," he said and strode away.

Suddenly, Diana was in the mood to talk to Batman now and discuss inviting Superman to meet the league. She headed back towards the elevator to go to the monitoring room to find out when Batman would be on Duty.


Unable to sleep Clark stood on top of the Wayne Corp Building in Metropolis with the wind whipping his cape around. Visibility was almost nil as a blizzard shut down the city. The howling wind and insular effect of the snow acted almost as a relief for his hearing. Instead of having to overly focus in order to deal with sounds and smells, he just stood there and listened to the wind allowing this winter storm to be a respite.

Suddenly, his hearing picked up an emergency call from an airplane in distress. He knew that Metropolis International was shutdown, so a plane in distress was a plane in jeopardy. He rocketed off the building and up until he cleared the snow and the clouds. He hovered in the tropopause and scanned the horizon until he found the plane then he focused in on listening into the cockpit.

"Mayday, mayday, we are low on fuel and have to land," the pilot stated.

"Why are you heading to Metropolis International? We are closed," responded the tower.

"We had engine trouble over the Atlantic and now have a fuel shortage," explained pilot. "Baltimore, Philly, Boston, New York, and Providence were also son snowed in."

"We are attempting to clear a runway, but we are having trouble. Don't make an attempt to land yet. Repeat, don't make an attempt to land yet," the tower informed him.

Clark shook his head. The plane definitely needed his assistance. He flew directly at the plane and kept pace with the plane as the two pilots and navigator stared at him through the window.

"Do you see this?" asked the pilot of his compatriots.

"Yeah, and I think I just soiled my pants," said the co-pilot.

Clark gestured to let them that he was going to land the plan for them. They continued to stare at him not really believing what they were seeing. Even though metahumans had made an appearance about ten years ago, it was overwhelming to see one flying right in front of them.

"Isn't that Superman?" asked the navigator.

"Yeah, sure, that's what we'll call him," mumbled the pilot.

"I heard he was a fugitive from the law."

"It looks like he wants to land us," said the co-pilot. "Should we let him do it?"

"Can he do that?" asked the navigator.

"I have no fucking idea," replied the pilot, "but what do we have to lose."

Clark gave the thumbs up. The pilot for lack of a better response responded by giving him a thumbs up. This was now in the hands of God and Superman.

"Al, tell the tower that Superman is landing us," the pilot said. "I really don't want to explain this to the tower."

In what the pilot and his crew thought a display of unfathomable strength Clark took the weight of the plane on his shoulders and began to descend. The pilot lessened the engines in response to Clark placing their lives in his hands. For Clark this was a logistical problem more than a physical one. The weight of the plane didn't even strain his muscles. Viewing the airport, he was they were making an attempt to clear a runway in the blizzard, but it was futile. Clark flew the plane to one of the runways closest to a terminal and since though it was covered in snow, he used his heat vision to melt away some of the snow then he gently placed it down. Luckily, the pilot put the wheels down. Clark flew over to the pilot's window. He smiled and nodded then he flew off.

"I need a drink," said the pilot.

"First round is on me," said the co-pilot.

"That was cool," said the navigator.

Both the co-pilot and pilot looked at him as if he was an idiot.


Dressed for winter, even though he wasn't bothered by the cold or heat, Clark walked down the street carrying a bag of fresh bagels he bought from a deli in his neighborhood of Hell's Gate. The area he lived in was considered up and coming which meant it was still affordable as it was about to be gentrified and have the rents go sky high. Stopping at the brownstone he rented an apartment out of, he noticed a limo double parked outside of his apartment building. Clark headed into the building and up the stairs to his fifth floor apartment.

Getting to his apartment door, Clark heard a heartbeat in his apartment. He used his x-ray vision to check his place out and was surprised to see Bruce in his living room. He opened the door to face Bruce Wayne, who was wearing a black cashmere overcoat, a black suit, blue dress shirt, and red silk tie.

"What are you doing here, Bruce?" asked Clark.

"Offer a friend a cup of coffee," said Bruce.

"Take your coat off and I'll you a cup," said Clark.

Bruce took off his overcoat and tossed it on the sofa then he sat down beside it. Clark headed into the kitchen. Once there, he put the bag of bagels down and used his super speed to prepare the hot water and the French press. Heating up the hot water with his heat vision, he took off his leather jacket and then poured the water into the French press. Next, he carried a tray with the French press, two mugs, a sugar bowl, creamer, and two spoons, and placed it down on the coffee table in front of Bruce.

"So, why are you here?" Clark asked.

"To offer you an invitation from the Justice League to visit either the Watchtower or the Hall of Justice," he stated.


"It's time we get to know each other in order to end any animosity between us," said Bruce.

"This doesn't sound like you, Bruce," said Clark, as he pushed down the coffee then poured his friend a mug.

"It was Diana's idea," said Bruce. "J'onn seconded it. I think it isn't a bad idea, though we have to be careful. The Lanterns are still under orders to secure Kryptonian tech and databases."

"Intergalactic cops," smiled Clark.

Bruce sampled the coffee and smiled.

"Alfred would approve," he remarked.

"It's a blend of Italian and Sumatra," grinned Clark.

"I looked into your lease of your farm," Bruce stated.

When his parents died in a car accident, Clark arranged to keep the farm by leasing it to a larger farm. The house was left alone, which allowed him to visit it now and then. It was the money from the lease that he was using for the startup of Cat and his blog. He stared at Bruce and tried not to look irritated that Bruce looked into his fiancés.

"Why did you do that, Bruce?" he asked.

"Because you are a journalist not a businessman. I am a businessman," smirked Bruce.

"Okay, tell me about my lease," Clark sighed.

"You could have gotten at least thirty percent more," he started. "In three months the lease has an out coming up. I'd like to make you an offer."

"I'm listening," said Clark.

"Wayne Ag will buy you out of your lease and you'll sign a lease with Wayne Ag and your farm will become part of our organic farm products farms. You'll be given a better lease deal and a thousand shares of Wayne Class B stocks," offered Bruce.

"Sounds too good," said Clark.

"Don't worry about it, Kent; I'll make a profit," said Wayne. "What do you say?"

"I'd be a fool not to take you up on the offer," said Clark.

"Is that a yes?"


"Are you coming to the Justice League for a visit?"

"Yes," sighed Clark.

"J'onn tends to stay on the Watchtower, so I recommend you visit there," suggested Bruce.

"Agreed. You arrange the day and time and I'll be there," said Clark.

"We have portals located in key cities and places…"

"Bruce, I'll just fly up to the Watchtower. The state of the art space station does have a landing bay or hatch door somewhere," he said with a grin.

"Knock and we'll let you in," said Bruce. "Now I flew in this morning and didn't have time for breakfast. Care to join me for breakfast?" Bruce asked.

"I have fresh bagels, cream cheese, and lox, if you are interested?" asked Clark.

Bruce sipped the coffee then said, "Let's eat."

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