A Superman in Full

Chapter 4

Chapter Four

Diana noticed Flash was standing at one of the observation windows on the moon side of the station. He looked to be staring intently at something, so she started to walk towards him.

"Flash, is there a problem out there?" she asked.

"Nay, I'm just… impressed. Really impressed," he said.

She came up beside him and looked out the window to see that Superman was floating in space looking as if he was resting. Diana found herself staring at him, as he drifted there with a smile on his face. Both of them now stared at him.

"I wonder what he is doing?" she asked.

"He looks happy," said Flash.

"He's absorbing solar radiation," rasped Batman, who had quietly come up behind them.

Flash almost jumped out of his skin. He quickly turned and faced Batman, while Diana didn't even move.

"Really?" said the Flash.

"What are we looking at?" asked Hal Jordan, who noticed the crowd as he walked by.

"Superman," answered Flash.

Hal came walking over and looked out of the window. He shook his head as he stared at the man of steel.

"How tall is he? Six two?" asked Hal.

"Six four," answered Batman.

"Well, he doesn't look that tall," said Hal as he straightened his spine and stood as tall as he could. "I bet you have a dossier on him with all his strengths and weaknesses."

"I have a dossier on all of us," growled Batman.

Hall looked at him and shook his head then said, "Is your friend going to come in or not?"

"I'll have J'onn contact him and invite him in," said Batman then he turned and stormed away.

Diana entered the larger conference where Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Flash, Black Canary, Green Arrow, Cyborg, and Element Woman were already there seated. She took a seat between Flash and the Black Canary.

"Exciting, huh?" said Flash.

Dinah glared at him to be quiet, while Diana smiled at him. Before any other conversations could come up Batman, J'onn, and Superman entered the room. Superman followed Batman to two empty seats and they sat down, while J'onn sat beside Hal Jordan. The Black Canary spoke up.

"I'm the acting Chairwoman," said Black Canary. "Welcome, Superman."

"Thank you, Black Canary," he said.

"I should introduce you to everyone," she said.

"No need. I know who everyone is," he replied.

"We know who you are," said Hal Jordan.

Both Batman and Superman glared at Jordan, as they heard the sarcasm in his voice. John Stewart cleared his throat.

"I know that Metropolis has accepted you and the mayor has even embraced you, but the US Government still considers you a fugitive," stated John.

"And I consider their actions towards me criminal. They tried to torture me and dissect me," he said. "I didn't appreciate that."

"I bet," smiled the Flash.

"If what you say is true, something should be done to expose what they did to you," added the Green Arrow.

"You're handsome. Do you date within the hero community?" asked Element Woman changing the subject.

Clark smiled, but he didn't answer. Wonder Woman found herself not only annoyed by Element Woman, but she also wanted to know the answer to her question.

"I know that Wonder Woman and J'onn spoke to you about the Guardians request already," started John.

Batman sighed. John Stewart was always the good marine. When he was given to perform, he performed it.

"You can't have anything Kryptonian unless you are Kryptonian," Clark interrupted him then he paused and grinned. "And I don't recommend trying to take them by force. They are located in my Fortress of Solitude which is protected by Kryptonian technology. You'll never be able to enter it."

"Is that a challenge?" asked Hal.

"No, it's a statement of fact," said Clark.

"You understand the Guardians concern?" asked John.

"I'm not sure that the Guardians can handle the power that they wield, so I have no intention of given them Kryptonian technology and databases," stated Clark.

Batman observed that both Green Lanterns were annoyed by his comment. They might disagree with the Guardians on occasion, but they would give their lives to protect them.

"Your armor, is it Kryptonian tech?" asked Flash.

"Nanotechnology to be exact," said Clark. "When I don't need it, it retracts into my House of El shield boots and cape included," smiled Clark.

"That is amazing. I'd love to study it. My armor is tending to crack a little at my top speed," said Flash.

Clark looked at the armor through several of his enhanced visions. Finally, on the microscopic level he noticed something.

"The polymer you use becomes unstable at extreme speed," said Clark. "I could make a suggestion about a replacement."

"Supes, I like you," grinned the Flash.

"You were invited here so that we could get to know each other. We'd rather no clash with each other in emergency situations," said Diana. "It is better that we come to an understanding than confront each other."

"I agree," said Clark.

"Have you done anything to try and clear up your situation with the government?" asked John Stewart.

"I am trying to deal with the situation with some of my contacts," said Batman.

"I'll help if you need," the Green Arrow said.

"You trust him?" Hal asked Batman.

"I do," answered Batman.

"Kal-El, are you hungry?" asked J'onn.

"To be honest I'm always a little hungry. It has to do with my metabolism," said Clark.

"Me, too," said Flash. "I should show you the cafeteria. We can grab a snack."

"I think that is a good idea. It will allow us to talk," said Batman.

"After you, Flash," said Clark.

Seconds later a red and blue and red blurs zipped out of the conference room. The Green Arrow laughed.

"Finally, someone can keep up with the Flash," he said.

Flash and Clark entered the cafeteria area. Scanning it with his x-ray vision, he saw that it was filled with already prepared meals that only needed to be microwaved, deli meats, bread, and drinks of all varieties. Flash zipped over to a freezer and opened it.

"Do you want me to list the meals in here?" he asked.

"How about I make us a sandwich and you grab us drinks and a table," said Clark.

In seconds the Flash was seated at a table with two bottles of Pepsi and cups filled with ice. Clark smiled. He grabbed a foot long baguette then went into super speed. On the baguette he put salami, mortadella, capicola sopressata, provolone cheese, Italian peppers, olive oil, and spicy mustard. He cut it into two and joined the Flash.

"Oh, do you want to join the team?" the flash asked after taking a bite.

"I don't think certain people would want me. I am a fugitive," said Clark.

"Yeah, but you make a great sandwich," said Flash.

"You should try my meatloaf or steak sandwich," smiled Clark.

"I want to hang with you, Supers," smiled the Flash, as he took another bit. "So, tell me how I can fix my armor?"

Back in the conference room, John Stewart and Hal Jordan argued that they should subdue Superman and arrange for US Government to receive him. This led to shouting match the Green Arrow and the Lanterns. Dinah and Diana attempted to get settle things down and J'onn communicated with Bruce telepathically.

You must get him cleared with the US Government. He could be a very valuable member of the team.

I know, J'onn. I think it's time for Batman to pay certain people a visit.


Dick Grayson came to visit his mentor and the man who raised him as almost as if he was a son after his parents were murdered, Bruce Wayne. Alfred heard the door opened and rushed out of the kitchen and down the hall to see Master Dick taking off a winter overcoat and hanging it up.

"Hey, Al," Dick greeted.

"Master Richard, it is good to see you," said Alfred in his usual formal way.

Dick smiled. While Bruce trained him in combat and more, Alfred tended to his wounds and bruises. Together they acted almost as one parent; together they were a good father. Dick walked up to the older man and gave him a hug. Dick guessed that Alfred was sixty by now and Bruce no more than twenty-four. He was nineteen.

After a year of intensive training at fourteen he became Batman's apprentice Robin. That lasted until he was seventeen and graduated early from high school and started college. In college he became Nightwing, while Batman trained a new Robin, Jason Todd. Because of Joker that ended badly with Jason developed a warped sense of Justice, true vigilante justice. He became the Red Hood. Bruce had turned his back on him; cast him out of the family. Now it was Tim Drake, who called himself the Red Robin, that worked his Dick's place.

"Bruce in the cave?" he asked Alfred.

"With Master Timothy," answered Alfred.

"I'll head down," said Dick.

He walked into the study and over to the bust of Shakespeare. Pressing the right eye of the marble statue opened up a hidden panel to an elevator to large cave beneath Wayne Manor. Dick stepped in and headed down.

When he got to the bottom, he saw both Bruce and Tim at the computer station working. Bruce had his cowl down and Tim had his mask off. Unlike himself, Tim enjoyed the computer aspect of Bruce's type of detective work. Even before Bruce took him on as his latest apprentice, he was a world class hacker.

"You two look busy," Dick said.

"We are hacking into A.R.G.U.S. encrypted files looking for the documents and CCTV of what they did to Superman," answered Tim.

"What are you up to, Bruce?" asked Dick.

"Trying to help a friend," answered Bruce.

"You must like him to deal with A.R.G.U.S.," said Dick.

Bruce didn't answer but continued his work. Tim looked at Dick and smiled. They were both used to his moods.

"How is college?" asked Bruce.

"Fine," Dick sighed.

He wasn't about to admit to Bruce that he was bored and spent too many evenings patrolling as Nightwing. Gotham University was considered one of the better colleges in the country, yet Dick felt like he was wasting his time there. He knew what he wanted to do with his future.

"You want me to take a patrol tonight while you work?" asked Dick.

"Check out the docks. Killer Croc has escaped Arkham. I know he wants to catch a boat out of the country," said Bruce.

"He's finally giving up on killing you and becoming the top croc of Gotham," grinned Dick.

"Don't underestimate him. He is a meta," said Bruce.

"I got it," shouted Tim.

Suddenly the computer screen came up the image of General Lane, Amanda Walling, and Lex Luthor along with several soldiers attempting to cut open an unconscious Superman. Bruce scowled as he watched.

"Download everything you can," said Bruce to Tim.

"Consider it done," said Tim.

"Scalpels, lasers, knives, and God knows what," growled Dick. "What did he do to deserve that?"

"He's an alien with fantastic powers," stated Bruce. "This is about mistrust and paranoia not Superman being a threat. If we let them get away with what they did to Superman then we are next."

"I'll suit up and go after Croc," said Dick. "You two nail their asses."


Clark finished up the updates of local teams scores and then inputted his article on slum lords and updated his opinion blog. Once he was done, he shut down his laptop and looked at his wristwatch. It was one in the afternoon.

His smart phone rang. He answered it.

"Clark Kent."

"I'm at Wayne Financial in downtown Metropolis, Kent. Why don't you come down here and interview me," said Bruce.

"Bruce Wayne, billionaire playboy. That's sounds more like a Cat Grant interview, Bruce," said Clark.

"I have something for you. The interview is a front. Get down here," ordered Bruce.

"I'll be there in a half hour," said Clark. "Can you give me a hint what you have for me?"

"A way to clear a certain alien's name," said Bruce.

"I'm on my way," said Clark.


Dressed in chinos, a blue rumpled dress shirt, a red and yellow tie, back sports coat, and overcoat, Clark waited in the reception area while the secretary checked to see if Bruce Wayne wanted to see him. Running his hand through his tousled hair, Clark tried to keep an expression of calm on his face.

"Mr. Kent, Mr. Wayne will see you," said the secretary.

Clark stood up and headed into Wayne's Metropolis office. It was large, comfortable, the office of a powerful and rich man. Bruce was sitting behind his desk, which had a black marble top. Reaching for something in his pocket, Bruce took it out and turned on a small device.

"We can talk freely now," he said holding the small device. "This scrambles on recording devices or devices trying to listen in on our conversation."

"You invited me here, Bruce," said Clark.

Bruce reached into the pocket of his suit jacket and tossed him a thumb drive. Clark caught it.

"What's this?" he asked.

"CCTV feed of them trying to dissect you and torture you," said Bruce. "I thought you might like to put this on your website as an exclusive."

"And to put heat on those who did this to me," added Clark.

"I intend to talk to Amanda Walling, so you'll find her face obscured. Luthor and General Lane can't be reasoned with, but I can do business with Walling," said Bruce.

"I take it you are going to get me off the most wanted list" smiled Clark.

"That's the idea," said Bruce.

"Okay, another favor. I seem to owe you a lot of favors now. Should I be worried?" asked Clark.

"Let's just say that when I ask you for a favor you'll be hard pressed to say no," grinned Bruce.

Clark chuckled.

"I guess I'm in your debt," said Clark.

"When can I expect the feed up on your site?" asked Bruce.

"Tomorrow," said Clark then he smirked. "Along with my interview of Bruce Wayne. Shall we get to work on that interview, Mr. Wayne?"

Bruce rolled his eyes.

"I'll get even with you, Kent, for this," said Bruce.

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