A Superman in Full

Chapter 6

Chapter Six

Lois stood on the roof of the Daily Planet. It was seven o'clock in the evening and turning into a frigid cold night. She was wrapped in wool overcoat and hoping that Superman spotted her as he flew overhead. He had just intervened in an armored car robbery stopping the stolen vehicle and taking control of the robberies for the police. In the old days when she was a reporter she was able to bug him into answering questions, even though he ignored all other reporters. He was aloof but she got through to him. She thought this gave them a connection, but now she was no longer sure, especially after what her father did to him.

As Clark flew overhead, he noticed Lois standing on the roof of the daily planet. When he was thought of as an alien and the citizens of Metropolis weren't too sure of him, Lois and her articles on him bought him some acceptance in at least one city. As Clark he had hurt her by exposing her father, but now as Superman maybe he could make it up to her. He redirected himself and gently landed behind her. Using his deeper, richer toned Superman voice, he spoke.

"Isn't it cold up here for you, Miss Lane?" he asked.

She turned in surprised and then smiled at him.

"Don't you get cold?" she asked.

"Maybe in deep space, but on the whole, no, I don't, Miss Lane," he smiled.

"Miss Lane. I thought I told you to call me Lois," she said.

"Lois," he said to her.

Lois felt herself blushing, which annoyed her. Yes, he was a tall, hot looking, well built male, but she was reporter first.

"I was hoping you would drop by," she said. "I wanted to apologize to you about my father. I never realized how obsessed he was with you."

"He allowed his worst instincts to take control, Lois. His intention, though, was to protect this planet. I can understand that and even respect it," he said.

"You're not angry?"

"I was, but I am no longer," Clark said. "How are you taking it?"

A sad smile crossed her face then she said, "I'm dealing with it. I understand that this information ha to come out, but it saddens me what it is doing to my father."

"Your father made a few mistakes and now he is paying for them. I wish I could help him, but that CCTV feed speaks for itself. He and Luthor wanted to treat me like a lab rat," said Clark.

"But you were too strong to be held," stated Lois.

He shrugged.

"It appears that the US Government no longer believes I am a threat," he said. "Things have worked out in the end."

"So, how about an interview?" she smiled.

Clark laughed. Lois would always be a great reporter before she was anything else. It was a shame that she took the promotion from Morgan Edge.

"Well, Miss Lane, I'll think about that. Right now I have to go. The police are trying to talk a man off the 56th Street Bridge. I think I can help them," Clark said then rocketed away.

Lois sighed. She would have liked a good interview, but more importantly she missed talking to Superman.


In a quiet and empty meeting room in the Hall of Justice, Batman filled out the paperwork on the mission he had just completed. It was less than simple hostage retrieval in Somalia. The hostages were five Doctors without Borders doctors. The thought process was that any super powered Justice League members getting the hostages might cause a quick reprisal on the doctors and death, so Batman, Nightwing, Black Canary, and Katana used darkness as their ally and retrieved the doctors with little incident.

The plan to get the doctors was Batman's. Although he was happy to be on the mission with members he'd worked with before, he had to admit to a certain pride in Nightwing's ability during the mission. Dick had saved both Katana's and Black Canary's lives when three guards entered the room the doctors were held. Using his acrobatic skills and martial arts prowess he took all three down without them getting a shot off. It was a proud moment for him. The UN, who had requested their assistance in this matter, would get a copy of this report.

Bruce was on the last paragraph of the report when the door of the meeting room opened and Diana entered.

"Ah, Batman, I've been looking for you," said Diana.

"I've been here," replied Batman.

"Congratulations on your mission," she said.

"Hmm," he said.

Diana came all the way into the room and sat down across from him. Bruce tried to ignore in order to finish off his report, but there was no ignoring Princess Diana.

"What do you want, Diana?" he asked.

I wish for you to arrange another meeting with Superman," she stated.


"I wish to invite him to join the league," she said.

Bruce sighed at this news. Clark was busy enough trying to get his blog up and successful as well as being Superman, which he had turned into an international role lately.

"I'm not sure he'll want to join, Diana," he said.

"He doesn't have to join, Batman," she said. "He can agree to become an emergency member, who is called on only when there is a true need for him."

Bruce considered what she said. Clark would be an asset under certain circumstances. But did Diana want to speak to him? Why not just have him talk to Clark?

"I could speak to him and make the suggestion," offered Bruce.

"I also wish to speak to him, Bruce," said Diana.

"About what?"

"Sparring. I would like to spar against him. I believe it would be a challenge," she smiled.

Bruce shook his head. She wanted to spar with him. Sometimes he wondered how the Amazonians thought of themselves as ambassadors of love and peace with their love of battle and sparring.

"You want to spar with him," Batman restated. He could barely contain his sense of amusement.

"Shazam is a decent workout, but I believe this Superman would be a challenge and I long for a challenge," Diana told him.

"You can talk to him about that," said Bruce.

"So you will arrange another meeting?" she said.

"I'll arrange for another one," said Bruce.


The ice and snow of the arctic was intimidating to a normal human being, but for Superman it was his home away from Metropolis. Hidden among the mountains of snow and ice was his Fortress of Solitude. Flying at a speed that didn't allow for anyone or anything except the Flash to follow him, Clark cracked through the ice and into the frigid cold water. He came up in an ice cave where a metal door was facing him. Walking up to the door, he entered his code and the door opened.

"Master Kal-El, it is good to see you," said Kelex.

The floating robot acted as butler and caretaker of the fortress. Kelex was built by Jor-El and Clark cherished him, once he discovered his schematics and AI downloaded in the ship that brought him to earth. He personally rebuilt Kelex after he set up the fortress.

"Where is Mistress Kelex?" Clark asked.

"She is training in the fitness center," Kelex said.

"Thank you, Kelex," Clark said.

"Is there anything else, Master?"

"Yes, Kelex, run a security diagnostic and increase security by fifteen percent including stealth," said Clark.

"Are we expecting problems?"

"Now that I am no longer a fugitive, Kelex, I trust certain government agency less," Clark told them.

"I shall get to work, Master."

Kelex floated away. Clark hovered off the ground and floated towards the fitness center. In the fitness center Clark had a red sun emitter as part of the lighting. When turned on, it allowed Kara and him to exercise and train with only their Kryptonian strength and abilities. Clark floated to the observation window and landed. He stood there watching Kara, who now worn Kryptonian exercise clothes, spar with a robot. She used something similar to Eskrima sticks, while the robot had a staff.

Clark watched patiently as Kara sparred with the robot. After ten minutes, she was sweating. Twenty minutes into the soaring match, she was covered with sweat. He could see that her muscles were straining and that she was reaching an end to her stamina. It was then that she turned gracefully and threw one of the sticks at the light switch. The stick hit the red light emitter switch turning it off. Her enhanced powers returned and she turned then dismantled the robot. Clark laughed. He then walked over to the door and entered.

"Interesting way to defeat the robot," he remarked.

"I was getting bored," she said.

Kara picked up a towel from a bench and wiped herself down.

"Why are you here, cousin?" she asked him.

"One, to check up on you and see if you have gained more control, and two, to visit my cousin," he answered.

"Yes, I have gained more control. You can check with Kelex," she said with a hint of bitterness.

"Kara, you know that I want you to go out in public and start a normal life, but first you have to learn self control so that you don't accidental hurt anyone. We must remember at all times, Kara, that humans are fragile compared to us," he told us.

"I know, Kal-El," she said, not even bothering to hide her annoyance.

"Kara, please, I know your instinct as a Kryptonian is to view humans as inferior beings. Science, intelligence, physiology, we are superior to them, but they are a newer race, still developing. We come from an ancient race that physically developed as an equal to the New Gods physically and even surpassed them scientifically. My father wanted me to become a protector and symbol for this race. He thought of humans as capable of greatness," he explained.

"And my father wanted me to protect you, but that didn't work out. You are no longer a baby, are you? You are a man. I have no purpose here," she said.

"Kara, you are my cousin. We are the last Kryptonians. I want you to fulfill our obligations and duties as the last of the House of El," he said.

"I'd rather find somewhere else to live where I am not afraid of hurting everyone around me," she stated.

"Check the database under Kryptonian colonies. Several planets were settled by Krypton. Over the centuries these planets developed separately from Krypton. In the case of Daxam, Daxamites have developed powers almost equal to ours. It would be a good place for you. There are a few others, also," Clark told her. "I recommend you studied the planets, their cultures, and their developed abilities."

Clark turned and walked away. Kara watched him leave. When he was gone, her eyes filled with tears. Kal-El was her only family now and she was hurting him. She didn't want to hurt him, but she wasn't sure she could live her life like he lived his.


Bruce arranged for Tim to spend a few days with Dick. One of the reasons was so that he could have Diana and Clark over to dinner and broach the subject of Clark becoming an emergency member of the Justice League. He decided to again have the meeting as his home and for him to be there as Bruce Wayne and not Batman. Clark would be there as Superman since Diana didn't know of his Clark Kent identity.

The bell rang. Bruce walked towards the main hall knowing that Alfred would have answered the door.

"It is a pleasure to have you here, Ambassador," said Alfred.

Bruce came into the main front hall to see Diana in a black pant suit instead of her armor. Alfred took her overcoat and nodded towards Wayne.

"Princess," he said.

"Bruce, thank you for setting this up," Diana said graciously.

"How did you get here?" he asked.

"I flew in from DC this afternoon and my car is outside with two Amazon guards. I am travelling as Princess Diana since tomorrow I'm supposed to have meeting with potential donors of a House for abused women and abused women with children to find a haven. I want o build such a house in several cities," Diana explained.

"Put me down for one hundred thousand dollars," stated Bruce.

Bruce escorted Diana to the dining room then pulled her chair out. She sat down at one end of the table and Bruce sat at the other end. Alfred entered the dining room.

"Should I serve the salads, sir?" asked Alfred.

"We'll wait for Superman. Just serve the wine," said Bruce.

Alfred left. Before Bruce could speak a red and blue blur caused an impressive wind, as Superman sat down at the only seat left with a setting.

"Kal," said Diana surprised at his appearance.

"Superman," Bruce said then glared at him.

"What's for dinner?" he asked with a smile.

"Lamb with roasted potatoes, green beans, and mint jelly," said Bruce.

"Sounds good," Clark grinned. "I have to admit to being a bit hungry."

"You're always hungry," growled Bruce.

Dinner went smoothly with the conversation covering many topics. It wasn't until coffee and dessert, which was chocolate mousse since Alfred found out Princess Diana loved chocolate, that they began to speak to Clark about joined the league as an emergency member.

"From alien invasion to cataclysmic natural disaster, we could use you, Kal-El," said Diana.

Clark looked at Bruce and waited for his opinion.

"She's right. You'd be a major asset," said Bruce.

"What do I do if I'm interested?" asked Superman.

"Come to the Hall of Justice and meet with the border of directors and chairperson," said Diana. "They will ask you to do a mission or two so you can be evaluated."

Clark smiled.

"Should we set up a meeting?" asked Bruce.


Diana smiled then asked, "Do you spar?"

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