A Superman in Full

Chapter 7

Chapter Seven

It wasn't a heavy snow falling, but more like a pleasant pre-thanksgiving snow that made the city look romantic more than snowbound. Superman landed in front Hall of Justice. On most days some paparazzi waited outside of the hall in order to take pictures of heroes coming going, but today there were none because of the snow. Superman hovered a few inches off the ground and then floated forward into the Hall of Justice.

Once inside he was stopped by security. Clark frowned slightly as he saw the security guards back a way as if they were afraid of him. His displays of strength in defense of the public scared as many as it thrilled. The non meta security guards alerted leaguers. In a red blur Flash appeared at the security desk with a smile on his face.

"Hey, Big Blue, I'm going to be your escort," he said.

"Flash," nodded Superman.

"The board of directors is waiting for you," he stated. "I got to say that I'm happy that you are thinking of joining our group. With you around I'd finally have someone to race."

"Are you on the board?"

"Yup," he smiled. "Don't worry you have my vote already."

"You know I'm only looking to become an emergency member," said Superman.

"I'm sure that you'll want to be a fulltime member once you experience being part of the league," said Flash.

Clark didn't answer. Instead he hovered three inches off the ground and floated beside the Flash. It had become a habit of his to float instead of walk when he was Superman. They continued into the restricted area with the Flash entering his personal code. Once they were on the restricted area, Clark was surprised at the number of costumed metahumans. Zatanna and Hawkwoman were in conversation with each other in the hallway. They noticed Superman and smiled at him. Zatanna added a flirtatious wink. Elemental Woman and Cyborg were walking into the computer room with each other. Clark noticed Shazam glaring at him as he exited a room.

"Everyone seems interested in you. You're a celebrity even among us," said the Flash.

"I'm not that interesting," said Clark.

"Okay, sure, how strong are you?" asked the Flash.

"Pretty strong," smiled Clark.

"A real bragger I see. You know some people think humility is a sham. I don't but some people do," Flash said.

"How is Hal Jordan?" asked Clark.

Flash started laughing at this question. When he finally had control of himself he said, "Good one, Big Blue."

They entered and elevator. The Flash pressed the fourth floor button and they headed up. When the doors opened, they were facing the door to the board of directors' room. They entered. In a blur the Flash left his side and reappeared at the dais seated beside the Green Arrow. Clark reviewed the dais. It consisted of Arthur and Mera, John Stewart and Hal Jordan, the Flash, Green Arrow, Batman, and Diana, and the chairwoman the Black Canary.

"Thank you for coming, Superman," said the Black Canary.

"My pleasure."

"So, you want to become an emergency member," said Hal Jordan with disdain. "Why do we need you?"

Clark looked over at Batman, who shook his head. Falling into his Kryptonian mode, Clark kept a calm exterior. Instead of taking the bait, Clark turned to the Black Canary. He nodded his head in respect.

"I take it that I can leave the same way I came?" he asked.

Diana had heard enough. She stood up out of her chair.

"Superman is our guest and should be treated as one," she demanded. "If you can't be polite then leave and allow us to speak with him."

"I was just trying to start a conversation," Hal said with a smirk.

"You'd like to start a conversation with me, huh?" smiled Clark. "How feeble are these constructs your rings make?"

"Our power rings are one of the most powerful weapons in the universe," stated John Stewart.

"Really? Is hyperbole one of your other great weapons?" Superman asked.

Hal Jordan stood up and created a giant fist construct with his ring. The fist swung at Clark, who stood his ground until the last moment he threw a right punch shattering the giant fist.

"Damn, that is impressive," said Flash.

"He's got my vote," smiled the Green Arrow.

"I have never seen someone break one of the Green Lanterns constructs before," stated Aquaman.

Diana sat down with a smile on her face. She looked over at Hal Jordan, who appeared to be in a state of shock. John Stewart spoke up.

"Was that your strongest punch?" he asked.

"No," answered Clark. "You can usually tell when it is my strongest punch when my eyes are glowing red and I have lost my temper."

"You have a cousin here now, don't you?" said John.


"Where is she?" asked Hal.

"She is training to control her strength, so that she doesn't hurt anyone," answered Clark.

"Is she adjusting?" asked Bruce.

"Not as well as I hoped. We've discussed her leaving earth for a planet where she wouldn't stand out as much," said Clark.

"I'm sorry to hear that," said Bruce.

Clark nodded to his friend.

"Would she be willing to be trained by Amazons?" asked Diana.

"You would be willing to train her, Princess?" asked Clark.

"I would be willing to request permission for her to train on Themyscira, Superman. I believe Amazon discipline would help her," said Diana.

"I think it would help me, too," smiled the Arrow.

The Flash laughed.

"I think the jocularity is unnecessary," smiled Clark. "Thank you, Princess, for your generous offer."

"Amazons believe in helping those in need, especially women," said Diana.

"I'll convey your offer to Kara," replied Clark.

He found himself staring at the beautiful Amazon and unable to look away. Using more strength then he thought he necessary he forced himself to turn his attention to the Black Canary.

"Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman have agreed to give you a tour. While you're gone, I'll decide a mission and a team for you in order to see if you can work within the league's parameters," said Dinah.

"I look forward to it," ginned Superman.

Batman stood up and motioned to Clark.

"Let's get this tour started."


"These are our training rooms," said Diana.

"They are designed to handle the likes of Shazam and Diana," said Bruce.

They stood at the observation window of one of the training rooms. Clark stared down at the empty room.

"Between holographic technology supplied by J'onn and drone tech supplied by a joint venture from Wayne Tech and Queen Tech," explained Bruce, "it supplies different battle scenarios."

"Of course, the room can also be used for sparring," stated Diana.

"Really?" said Clark.

"Do you spar?" she asked.

"Um, well, I've never sparred with anyone."

"You should. It tests you best," she said.

"I suppose so," said Clark.

Bruce stepped back. He tried to hide the smirk on his face, as he knew that once Diana wanted something then she got it. She wanted to spar with Clark.

"We should spar," she stated.

"We could," he said.

"We can spar now. I feel it would be an interesting challenge," she said.

Clark looked into her sapphire eyes and in his mind he told himself that this wasn't a good idea then she smiled. It was both sensuous and friendly.

"Okay, let's spar," he said and then cringed that he agreed.

"This is wonderful," Diana said then started walking towards the door to enter the training room.

Clark looked at the short sword at her side and then at Bruce.

"Is her sword made from magic?" he asked.

He nodded yes then suppressed a grin, as he knew of Clark's problem with magic. Clark followed her in the training room. Diana pulled her sword and started to warm up. Clark started to hover above the ground.

"I'm invulnerable to many things but not magic," he said.

"I won't hurt," said Diana then she smiled at him.

Again he found himself getting lost in her smile. Before he could prepare himself, Diana kicked him in the abdomen followed by bringing both her hands wrapped around the hilt of the sword down on the back of his neck. Clark went face first into the floor of the training room leaving a dent in the shape of his face.

"You are slow in your reactions, Superman," said Diana.

She sheathed her sword then jumped on his back and grabbed in chin bringing it back in a submission move. Clark had only been hit as hard as she hit him a few times. At first, he was afraid that he'd hurt her, but now he was afraid she'd hurt him.

Concentrating his strength and letting some of the restraints off his powers, he brought his chin forward using his hips and buttocks to throw Diana off him. She landed hard against the wall. Clark got up slowly, as Diana quickly got to her feet.

"Well done," she said.

She drew her sword again. Clark noticed that the wall was made of reflective form of metal. He quickly used his heat vision and bounced a shot of intense heat off the wall and hit Diana in the buttocks causing her to growl. Clark hovered off the ground again.

With sword swinging and faster than he anticipated Diana came at him. He used his superior speed to avoid her attack and then used his heat vision on her buttocks again. Bruce watched this and shook his head. Clark was playing with fire. Suddenly, a red blur appeared and stopped beside him. The Flash had left the meeting to find them.

"Oh, my goodness, now this is fun," he said. "My money is on Diana."

"Why?" growled Batman.

"Because she has feminine wiles at her disposal and we all fall for that," the Flash said.

She turned to face Clark. Her eyes were on fire with anger and her body ready to attack. Clark was amazed at how beautiful she was. She was almost hypnotic.

Diana sheathed her sword again. Clark noticed that she grabbed the gold lasso that hung from her other hip. He had no idea what the lasso was capable of.

"I do not appreciate assaulting my behind," she snapped.

"I didn't appreciate having my face driven into the floor," Clark countered.

He started to move when she caught him with her lasso. Because he didn't take the lasso seriously, he got caught up in and now found that he couldn't break it, so he started spin wrapping himself and Diana up in the lasso. Now they were entangled in the lasso staring at each other's face.

"I can't break this rope," he said.

"It was forged by Hephaestus," she stated.

"Magic. I hate magic," Clark growled.

"I am the daughter of Hippolyta and Zeus. The magic of the Greek Gods is part of me. Do you hate me?" she demanded.

"How could I hate a being so beautiful?" he said staring into her eyes.

He couldn't believe he said what he just said. The lasso had more than strength going for it.

"You think I'm beautiful," she said.

Clark looked from her raven hair to her sapphire blue eyes to her sensuous lips then answered, "The most beautiful woman I've ever seen, and you aren't fragile and easily broken like most human women."

Bruce knew what the lasso was capable of, so he rushed into the training room. Coming up to the two heroes, he started to unknot and unbind them.

"I recommend the two of you stop speaking until I have you free," he said.

Diana stared into Superman's cerulean eyes. This Superman made her feel things no other man had made her feel. Steve offered her friendship, companionship, but this Superman made her understand lust, if not something more.

Bruce finished unbinding them. Clark floated away from Diana, though he kept his eyes on her. Diana finally looked away from him then turned and looked at Bruce and said, "Thank you, Batman."

She turned and exited the training room. Bruce walked over to Clark, who now stared at the empty space where Diana had stood.

"Her lasso makes you speak the truth," Bruce told him.

"Wish I knew that ahead of time," he sighed.

"I think you've done enough damage today," said Bruce. "Why don't we meet for dinner in Gotham City? I'll be able to supply you with whatever team and mission they want you to do on then."

"Thanks," Clark said then looked at his friend. "I need to get some fresh air and blow off some steam."

"Yeah, I know," said Bruce.

The Flash came blurring into the room. He looked from Superman to Batman and back again.

"I'll show him out," said the Flash.

Bruce nodded.

"So, Big Blue, maybe we can have a race?" asked Flash.

"A race?"

"Yeah. You and me. The first to go around the world wins," said the Flash.

"Can I fly?" he asked.

"No, you have to run like me. I think you are faster flying than running. We have to do this comparing oranges to oranges. We should run," the Flash said.

"I'll think about it. Let's go," said Superman.

He and the Flash blurred away leaving Bruce alone in the training room.

"Kent and the Amazon princess," growled Bruce to himself, "that needs to be watched."

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