A Superman in Full

Chapter 9

Chapter Nine

Once the Javelin returned to earth space docking with the Watchtower, Clark managed to write a mission report and get off the station without running into Wonder Woman. A combination of embarrassment over the way he treated her and anger over the unnecessary knockout punch she hit him with told him it was best to avoid Princess Diana and the Justice League for now. He agreed to be an emergency member, but he made sure that they understood that it better be a real, end of the world emergency. Maybe under dire circumstances he and the beautiful Amazon could deal with each other, he thought. Of course, the fact that she was the most beautiful, desirable woman he had ever seen made his actions under red Kryptonite even more embarrassing to him. If she had never hit him, he would feel obligated to apologize to her, though at the moment the idea of apologizing to her didn't feel right. As weakened as he was by green Kryptonite, he lucky she didn't break his jaw.

Dressed in the loose fitting clothes of Clark Kent, he bought clothes for Kara. She was going to spend the weekend with him in Metropolis, so he wanted her to be able to mix in with normal humans. Kryptonian armor tended to stand out in a crowd. It was just time that she got used to being around humans.

When he returned to his apartment, Kara was already there in her battle armor. She was seated on the sofa watching TV looking utterly bored. He tossed her the bag full of clothes, which she caught and dropped to the floor.

"I got you jeans, shirts, hoodie, and walking shoes," he said. "We can get you more clothes this weekend. I know you're not going to like the ones I got you to wear."

"I can't believe what these people consider this entertainment," said Kara.

Clark looked over at the TV. She was watching the Cartoon Network, which brought a smile to Clark's face.

"Cartoons. I love watching cartoons," he said. "What is wrong with cartoons?"

Kara looked at him as if he had admitted to a crime.

"This place has corrupted you," she said. "This is intellectually vapid. You're an EL, which makes you a genius on Kryptonite let alone this backwards planet."

"If Kryptonians don't find cartoons amusing then they needed some corrupting," said Cark with a smile. "I think cartoons are funny."

"You are definitely Jor-El's son," sighed Kara.

Clark stared at her with an expression of longing. He wanted to know how he was Jor-El's son. She saw the longing in his eyes.

"Jor-El was more open to ideas and differences than the average Kryptonian," she told him. "He even gave sanctuary to an alien for a time. I think his name was J'onn."

"J'onn J'onzz. I've met him," Clark replied.

"Really," she said in surprise. "How?"

"He is part of the Justice League. He's found a home here," he answered.

"I'd like to meet him again. He was fascinating to talk to, though I found him sad at time. He lost his race and his family," she said.

"Maybe I'll introduce you to him again," said Clark, "but not this weekend. This weekend we are going to have dinner tomorrow at a friend's house in Gotham City. We are going as Clark Kent and his cousin Kara Kent and we are going to act as normal as possible."

"I'm a Kryptonian which means to act normal is to be superior to these humans," Kara said.

"Kara, I mean we are going to act human. I know it's difficult for you but it's for the best," stated Clark.

With a frown on her face, she looked up at Clark.

"Who is this friend?" she asked.

"Bruce Wayne. And don't worry just to make it more interesting he invited his ward Dick Grayson to dinner, who is around your age," said Clark.

"Oh, joy," she sighed.


Batman and Green Arrow stood at training room one observation window watching Diana destroy training drone after drone. Dressed in their armored uniforms, they watched as she gracefully dodged and used acrobatics to avoid the drones and then attack them.

"We'll need more drones," sighed Arrow. "She is costing us millions."

"I think we should get Kord to contribute to our maintenance budget, Ollie," said Batman. "We need another billionaire to help support the league."

"I agree, Bruce," said Arrow.

A red blur came to a stop beside the Green Arrow. The Flash watched Diana trained for a few moments. He shook his head as he watched her take out her frustrations on the drones.

"Wow, she's been in a bad mood since she came back from Warworld," remarked Flash. "I said hello beautiful the other day and she almost snapped my head off. She called me a patriarchal pig."

"She is in an expensively bad mood," sighed Arrow.

"What has her in such a bad mood?" asked the Flash.

"Superman," answered Batman.

"Big Blue! I have a hard time believing that," said Flash surprised at the answer. "What did he do?"

"He kissed her without her permission on the rescue mission," answered Batman.

The Flash broke out in a big smile.

"He's the man," he said nodding his head. "I love myself some Big Blue."

"Next time he should ask," growled the Arrow as another two drones were destroyed by Diana and her sword. Bruce shook his head.

"He was under the influence of red Kryptonite," stated Batman. "It wasn't his fault. Red Kryptonite changes his changes his personality, makes him aggressive."

"Does Diana know that?" asked the Flash.


"So, she knows it wasn't the Big Blue's fault," said the Flash.

"She knows and doesn't care," said Bruce.

"Did he apologize?" asked the Green Arrow.

"No, he was too pissed at being cold cocked by Diana, while under the influence of green Kryptonite which can kill him," explained Batman. "Knocked him out for hours."

"Damn, I have to go on a mission with those two and bring my smart phone so I can make a video when they blow up at each other," said Flash. "I miss all the fun. Maybe if I slowed down, I'd see more of the fun stuff."

"He hasn't to apologize to her," said Ollie, who then looked at Bruce. "He's your friend. Make him apologize."

"Yeah, Bats, make him apologize," smiled Flash. "I want to see that."

Batman glared at them both, while Diana destroyed more drones.


Since it was a snowy night in Gotham City, Clark and Kara flew to Wayne Manor then they changed into the civilian clothes right outside the front door in a matter of seconds. Once they were ready, Clark rang the front doorbell. Alfred opened the door.

"Master Clark," smiled Alfred then he looked at Kara. "And you must be Mistress Kara."

"I must be," she said barely above a whisper.

Alfred looked at her with a raised eyebrow and a smile. When you lived with Bruce Wayne, you became used to bad moods. Clark took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, as he promised to use patience with Kara.

"Please, come in," he said then Kara walked into the house and started to stare at the statues and artwork in the cavernous front hall.

Clark entered and grinned.

"Believe it or not, Alfred, I'm actually younger than her, or I was born after her," Clark said with a smile.

Alfred escorted them into the house and took their overcoats to hang up. Before he could show them into the den, Bruce came out along with Dick Grayson. Kara found herself staring at Dick. She was mesmerized by his raven hair, acrobat's body, and cobalt blue eyes. Most of all she found herself enchanted by his smile. Clark could even hear her heartbeat increase, which didn't worry him, as much as he heard Dick's heartbeat increase. They had immediate sexual attraction.

"Clark, it good to see you," said Bruce.

"Bruce, thanks for inviting us to dinner. My cousin was afraid I'd be her only company this weekend," said Clark.

"So, this must be Kara," Bruce smiled and offered her his right hand.

Kara took it as gently as she could and shook it. Bruce grimaced. Clark knew that it must have been a very hard handshake to make Bruce grimace.

"Hell of a grip you have there," Bruce remarked then he glared at Clark.

Clark rolled his eyes. He didn't want Kara to know who Bruce was, not that she cared who Batman was or anyone else on earth. This was supposed to be a night between normal people, but now he knew she needed more work on touch.

"I like strong grips," said Dick.

He took her right hand in his and with his left hand caressed her right. She found herself once again unable to take her eyes off Dick Grayson. Both Bruce and Clark noticed their younger associates seeming attraction to each other. Clark smiled while Bruce smirked.

"Let's have drinks in the den," Bruce said.

They entered the den. Dick and Kara sat down on the brown leather couch leaving some room between them, while Clark sat down in an armchair. Bruce walked over to the bar.

"Can I interest everyone in a pre-dinner glass of cabernet?" he asked.

"Sure," said Clark.

"Thank you," Kara replied.

"Why not?" added Dick, who seemed to keep his eyes only on the blonde hair woman sitting beside him.

Bruce looked over at Dick and Kara and chuckled to himself, while Clark made a note to keep an ear on her respiration. Even if she was in another room, her respiration would be a giveaway if she and Bruce's ward became too friendly.

"This should be an interesting even," remarked Bruce, as he poured the drinks.


Dinner consisted of chicken cacciatore with fresh baked bread and tiramisu for dessert. Red wine was served with dinner and coffee afterwards. Once Alfred cleared away the dishes, Dick took Kara for a tour of the mansion leaving Clark and Bruce to talk openly.

"Where's Tim?" asked Clark.

"On a mission with the Titans," answered Bruce. "Barbara is patrolling tonight, though with this snow there should be little trouble."

Clark took a sip of the coffee. It was an Italian roast, just as the wine was a Barolo wine. Alfred loved his symmetry when he planned a dinner.

"Should I worry about Kara and Dick?" asked Clark.

"Unfortunately, during his formative years he learned about relationships from me. I tend to specialize in short term intense affairs," said Bruce.

"I thought he was seeing Barbara," said Clark.

"He was, but he cheated on her with the Huntress. As I send I set a bad example for him when it comes to relationships," said Bruce.

Clark smirked. He set an almost monastic example when it came to relationships. He suffered for a time from unrequited infatuation with Lois. There was a relationship with Lana and Lori, but everyone else was a flirtation. With his super human strength, a relationship with someone so fragile as a human meant exposing them to who he really was and there few people out there who liked both Clark Kent and Superman in a sexual, romantic way.

"Good to know, Bruce," mumbled Clark.

Bruce got up and walked over to a dry bar. In a Waterford crystal container was Hors d'age brandy. He poured himself some in a snifter and returned to his chair. Smelling the brandy, he wondered how to broach the subject Wonder Woman.

"Clark, I need a favor," started Bruce.


"You need to apologize to Wonder Woman before she destroys ever drone in the training room and costs Ollie and me millions in replacements," Bruce stated.

"What? Apologize. She cold cocked me," he growled.

"You kissed her and it was a friendly kiss," retorted Bruce.

Clark opened his mouth then closed it. He thought about what Bruce said. He had shoved his tongue down an Amazonian demigoddess throat. Leaning back in his chair, Clark sighed.

"I'll think about it," said Clark.

"Do more than think about, Clark, apologize," countered Bruce.

Bruce was using his Batman glare on Clark, who looked at him and smiled. Unless he had Kryptonite on him, the stare wasn't going to work. Bruce started realize it and softened his glare.

"Please," he growled.

Clark thought about it. His parents had always taught him to take the high road, and Jonathan Kent would be disappointed if his son treated a beautiful woman badly.

"Okay, Clark, I'll apologize to her. Where can I find her?" he asked.

"Thank you, Clark."


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