Losing to the MuggleBorn

"Stop him!"

"Never!" Hermione shouted as she dashed through the sitting room. She ran with all her might, leaping over a thrown armchair as she jumped on the back of the blonde Slytherin a few steps ahead of her.

"Got you!" She shouted loudly at him as they stumbled down, pulling on his hair teasingly as she sat on his back. "Face it, Malfoy, you lose," she said softly, breathing into his ear.

Feeling light shivers as the girl's breath collided with his skin, Draco Malfoy flipped her over; slapping her back as gently as he could against the carpet of the sitting room and regaining some of his pride in the process. "Us Malfoys, Granger, never lose," he whispered as he laid himself on her, the tips of his blonde hair gracing her forehead.

Hermione bit her lip. "Well, Mister Malfoy," she frowned at the Slytherin, trying to settle the bizarre rate her heart was beating in, "there's a first time for everything. And as it turns out...the Light Side always wins." She flicked his forehead with her index finger.

"Is that so?" He asked, unmoved by her comment or action. Instead he took the liberty of piercing straight through her soul with his eyes, making sure that the intensity beamed deep into her. He wanted her to grow frantic at the sight of him, to heave a sigh as the magnitude of his silver eyes stared at her and overwhelmed her to the point of overload. (Yeah, that's how great he knew he was.)

"Because I disagree," he murmured, lowering his forehead against her. He smirked to himself as she took in a ragged breath and she watched as his lips approached her.

Yesterday night, she had kissed him and now it was time for Draco Malfoy to reclaim control and show her who was who in this game of cat and mouse.

"Ugh, more!" A circular golden object hit Draco beside the head.

Okay, maybe their game was in need of a pause.

"Merlin, Ted," Malfoy smiled at the baby boy, shifting himself off of the brunette and taking a seat on the floor next to her, "you caught the snitch. You're going to be an incredible Quidditch player one day." He grabbed the snitch from the floor and tossed it up in the air; feeling smug as Teddy watched the golden ball soar in the air with captivating grey eyes that were matching his.

Hermione huffed, setting herself in a sitting position as her heart calmed itself. "Please, Malfoy, Teddy will be one incredible student. With a brain like his, mixed with his father's genetics, I won't be surprised if he is top of his year."

Draco rolled his eyes. "Come off it, Granger. The boy's has Black blood running through his veins. He'll be exceptional at anything."

"Because of his ancestors?" She scoffed at her fiancée.

"Think about it, Granger," Malfoy continued, letting the snitch go out of his hand as it sprouted its wings. "He has Andromeda's blood, Sirius Black's, Lupin's, my mother's, Nymphadora's, and not to mention Bellatrix's." He paid no attention to the wince Hermione gave at the last name, and watched as Teddy chased the snitch around the sitting room again. "You've to admit, Granger, that my aunt, as mental as she was, was a bright witch."

"I suppose," she said through clenched teeth, her body feeling rigid like if she could feel her skin tightening as she felt memories of the torture curse being used on her by his Auntie Bella. "….She was insane and completely barbaric, but I won't deny she had her smarts."

Sighing to himself, Draco shook his head as he scolded himself silently. He knew that he had to stop bringing things from the past, things that had almost ended Hermione Granger's life into their conversations. He was never going to get her to be comfortable around him and his Manor if she kept remembering things she suffered with him or in his home.

"Um, Granger?"

"Yes?" She whispered, watching the blue-haired child with amazement as he leaped forward and gripped the snitch into his chubby hand.

"I am...grateful that you brought Teddy over," he mumbled, feeling a bit whipped at the thought of his appraising someone else's actions. "If you have not noticed, it means a lot to my mother...It's sort of a..."

"A connection to the sister she lost?" Hermione finished for him.

Malfoy tried not to scowl. "It was complicated back then, Granger. You know that. The Pureblood mania going around was hard to live with in their times. You were in it or you were not. And if you were to turn your back against them it meant being shunned from their world, or worse, dead. And my Aunt," Hermione couldn't help but let a small smile out, "made the mistake of choosing a Muggle-Born over her family. The Blacks were the best Pureblood family in those years and their rules were law. Mother was forced in letting her go.…"

"I can't and won't say that I understand, Malfoy," Hermione added as her fiancée fell into silence, but her eyes were kept on Teddy who attempted to catch the snitch once more. "Perhaps because I'm not a Pureblood, but family is the most important thing. Because without them," she jumped slightly on her seat on the floor as the child ran straight into Draco's arms; startling the two teenagers at the same time, "you have nothing at all."

Draco's immediate reaction was to push the infant away from him, but he ignored the slight uneasiness and hugged Teddy back. Ruffling his blue-hair awkwardly as Hermione watched them with an amused expression and a smile he wanted to curse off.

"Will you look at that." The door to the Manor's sitting room opened and in strolled Narcissa Malfoy, a soft stare on her pale face as she took in the sight of her son with her nephew. "I've come to take him from your hands for a while, Hermione," she explained as the brunette looked at her oddly.

"He isn't a bother, Mother," Draco said, feeling fascinated and a bit arrogant as Teddy began copying his hair color; looking like he did when he was a child.

"Of course not, darling," Narcissa looked at Teddy longingly, "but I want him to get to see the rest of the Manor. And I think he could help me melt your father's heart a bit."

Hermione dropped her smile. "I am sorry, Narcissa, that I've caused a problem with you and Mister Malfoy. I forgot to take into consideration the views Mister Malfoy has on the rest of us."

Mrs. Malfoy shook her head, growing a bit irritated at the words Hermione had said. "Nonsense, Hermione. Lucius has to understand sooner or later that his views no longer count now. Teddy is family, whether he likes it or not. And seeing as this is my Manor as well Teddy's allowed whenever."

Hermione sent Mrs. Malfoy a nod, indicating that she understood the situation. (Not to mention she quickly wanted to get out of it. Awkward, much?) "Ted, would you like to go with your Aunt Cissy?" She waited until Teddy pulled himself from Draco's arms and turned to her. "She's going to give you a tour around the Manor. Would you like that? You'll get to see loads of stuff."

"A-Aunt Cissy," Teddy stuttered out, nodding his head excitedly. All eyes in the room watched as the boy wobbled his way to Narcissa, anticipation written on his chubby face as he clutched on to the snitch and he stretched his free hand to Mrs. Malfoy.

"Oh, that was excellent, Ted," the elder witch exclaimed gently, pulling him up to her waist. "We'll start in the gardens, alright. I think I'll have Beta find some of Draco's old toys for you as well."

"What?" Malfoy shouted, his eyes opening widely as his mother headed out the doors with his second-cousin. "I don't share!"

The Gryffindor laughed. "Oh, honestly, Malfoy. What harm could Ted possibly do to your possessions?"

"…This is why I never wanted siblings," he huffed, crossing his arms across his chest. "I don't like other people touching what is mine. That's why they were bought for me, so no one else could have them."

"Selfish brat," Hermione snorted.


Hermione gasped, sinking her fist into his chest. "I am intellectual, Malfoy! In - te -lle -cut -al!" She pronounced every syllable carefully.

Malfoy rolled his eyes. "Si - li- en - ce."

"Git." She punched him again as she threw herself on him, straddling his lap as she kept sending hard punches on his chest. (Who knew she was so aggressive?)

"Off, woman!" He hissed, trying to grip her fists with his right hand, while covering his face with the left one to avoid damage to his handsomeness. "Off!"

Draco watched a bit captivated, through the blur of fists, as the brunette moved from punching his chest to tickling his sides. He stared at the sight of the happiness radiating off from her, expanding out towards him and taking him too. It seemed infectious as he too began to laugh, but not because of the tingles she was sending through his body, but because of her joy. Because he could feel it too, like if they were sharing that bolt of happiness and ease.

"Okay, that's enough. I'm the man, Granger!" He stated as he chuckled, tossing his leg over her hip and pinning her to the ground; landing himself on top of her once more and regaining his status.

"Don't be a prat, Malfoy, I'm a lady," Hermione squealed as his cold fingers began to attack the exposed flesh of her stomach. She struggled to pull down her shirt — which was another gift from her future mother-in-law — as she choked on air. "Stop!" She shouted, feeling her sides burn from the intense laughter roaring through her.

"Never!" He mimicked her, tickling faster.

"You do it like a m-muggle!" She heaved out, gasping for air.

This time, the Slytherin gasped. "Muggle?" He said a bit aghast. "I'll teach you what I do like a muggle." He pinned her hands over her head as his strength kicked in, he looked her deep in the eyes. Just the way he knew how to do it, so enthralling. He began to lean down, already savoring the feel of her lips on his. He smacked on another smirk on his face as she tried to pull her arms from above her head, looking frantic as he gazed at her hungrily.

He was Draco Malfoy; he always took control and it was time she knew that.


"—You're such an idiot!"

"—I'm the idiot?"

Groaning as he stopped instantly, turning away from the target that Hermione's lips were. (Apparently, he was never going to be taking control.)

"You're the one who didn't want to take the Floo Network, you cow!"

"Did you just call me a cow — Drake, did he just call me a cow?" Pansy Parkinson stomped her way towards the couple laying on the floor, ignoring the fact that her friend was on top of the girl and that his face was twisted into a deep frown. "I'll have you know, Blaise," she turned away from the blonde to glare at the dark boy she had just apparated with, "that I lost those ten pounds!"

"Ten?" Blaise huffed, strutting his way towards her and the couple. "It was twenty-five, and you had Madam Pomfrey fix your nose!"

"Ah!" Pansy gaped at him, her jaw dropping. "You promised you'd never tell!"

"I lied!" Blaise shouted back.

"Charming, aren't they?" Malfoy whispered down to his fiancée, the frown still present on his pale face.

Clearing her throat, feeling instantly uncomfortable, Hermione mumbled, "a bit." She tried giving the blonde a smile as she patted his shoulder in a soothing manner. The same frown threatening to crawl on her face as she saw Parkinson send a well-aimed kick at Zabini.

They just had to show up at that moment, right? They couldn't just get distracted for five seconds wherever it was that they apparated from?

Hermione's jaw opened, a shocking thrill racing up her spine as she realized something. (Oh, dear Merlin, did she actually want him to kiss her?)

"Sorry to interrupt what would've been one dazzling snog," Blaise limped his way to Draco, pulling him up by the collar of his plain black shirt, "but we came here to visit. So if you please, refrain yourselves from being a couple while ours are not present."

Draco rolled his eyes, aiming a kick of his own to Blaise' left leg. (Damn their timing!)


"So, you sent her an engagement ring for Christmas?" Hermione raised her eyebrow, looking at Blaise Zabini like he was the biggest daft in the world. "You actually owled her a ring?"

"...Yeah?" Blaise nodded, knitting his eyebrows together as the two witches gave him a murderous glare and Draco sent him a bemused sneer. "What's so wrong with that? What girl wouldn't want to be surprised with an engagement ring for Christmas?"

"The kind of girl that imagines a bloke asking her," Pansy hissed, shaking her dark hair at her friend. "Not closing the last deadline in their relationship by mail!"

Blaise stared at her, no other emotion crossed his face but utter confusion. "…It was pure gold," he added, still looking perplexed at the girls frowning at him. "And I sent a note."

"She is never," Malfoy directed a mocking finger at his best friend, "going to let you cry on her anymore. You can start packing your trunk to our chamber because she's not letting you in yours once we return."

Hermione glared harder at the dark-skinned Slytherin, even glancing towards her fiancée. "Why does it have to be our chamber, why can't he go with Pansy?"

"Because, Hermione, I'm not having the prat sleep in my headquarters. He sleeps naked, for Salazar's sake, and do you know how much of a bloody racket he makes? What if I'm trying to 'sleep' with Ron and he bursts in?" Pansy gave a exaggerated snigger. "I think not."

As Hermione and Blaise recoiled at Pansy's statement of fornicating with the Weasel King, Draco couldn't help but notice that the two girls were now in first-name bases. "Did I miss something here?" The blonde voiced his confusion, looking between his friends and his fiancée. "When did you two become such the great friends?"

The witches rolled their eyes.

"Honestly, Drake," Pansy sighed, "there is only so much hatred one can produce, and mine has reached its limit." She smirked as the brunette nodded her head in agreement. "I guess you can say that after the war I just figured there was no reason to hate her, Potter, or any of the Weasleys. At the end they fought for the same reasons we did, and that was for what we believed in. Sure we were twisted," Blaise nodded at that too, taking another Chocolate Frog from the center table, "but I admit defeat. We were a losing battle from the beginning, there was no point denying that."

"Same goes for me, 'Mione." Blaise beamed a chocolaty smile at the brunette. "We were spoiled, brainwashed, arrogant Pureblooded children. It was expected of us to hate what was beneath us."

Before Hermione could slap on an expression of anger or pain, the Slytherin witch continued. "Put it this way, Hermione: I'm the only daughter for my parents, I'm surrounded by male cousins that constantly fed me lies of praising and honoring my blood-status. I was an arrogant, selfish girl. How was it not expected of me to hate all of those who were beneath me, of the people who my father assured me that were no better than me? I was a Princess walking amongst filth, I was bound to hate you."

"Um…thanks?" Hermione cleared her throat, uneasy. She shared a brief glance with her fiancée, both of them expressing the same look. They were both shocked at the sudden acceptance, but grateful for it.

"So," Pansy clapped her hands, snapping their attention back to her, "have you two chosen a date for the wedding yet?"

Hermione mentally cursed, she had forgotten about that once again. (Where was her head these past few days?) But before it could get awkward, a loud CRACK rang in the air.

"'Mione." Harry Potter, their Holy Savior and the brunette's best friend, appeared at the sitting room with his fiancée clutching on to his left arm.

"Harry!" Hermione grinned, leaping herself off the armchair she was sitting in. As she swung her arms around his neck to greet him, she couldn't help but feel grateful at his timing. "Gin, you two are late." She smacked the redhead girl behind the head as she directed her arms around her shoulders.

"Mum got a bit carried away," Ginny sighed, waving a hello at the three Slytherins in front of her. "We spent three hours searching for table clothes — three!"

"I think she was more desperate to leave than I was," Harry joked as he shook Malfoy's hand awkwardly, and then directed it to Blaise. "She was already brewing up a plan to bail, but unfortunately Mrs. Weasley directed her attention on finding the wedding dress and the day dragged on and on after that." He bent down and hugged Pansy politely. (Mostly because he knew Ron would throw a fit if he excluded her.)

"I would rather just show up with my nightgown, but Andromeda insisted I have a perfect dress." Ginny rolled her eyes. "Who gets married in a dress in these times, honestly."

"True," Pansy replied, waving at her future sister-in-law. "We should all just show up naked, then, Weasley, if the dress code is so loose."

Ginny frowned.

And right on time before the redhead and the Slytherin could start to row, the doors to the sitting room opened, and this time Narcissa Malfoy did not walk in alone.

"Hermione, darling, Beta told us that—" She was followed by her husband and a colored-hair baby in his arms. "Oh, they're already here." She smiled at her newly arrived guest.

"Mrs. Malfoy. Mister Malfoy," Harry greeted a bit tensely, staring at the hold the ex Death Eater who held on to his godson. "Thank you for having Hermione and Teddy over. I appreciate it." He bent his neck slightly, acknowledging their presence.

Oh, the awkwardness that filled the air.

"Not at all, Mister Potter." Narcissa waved her palm. "It was such a pleasure, I assure you." Her greeting smile deflated a few centimeters as something crossed her blue eyes. "…I was actually wondering...Do you think it would be possible you can stop by with Teddy before the holidays end?"

"—Dad!" Teddy beamed at the sight of Harry, kicking his legs a bit frantically as Mister Malfoy placed him on the floor carefully. "Daddy!" He wobbled his way towards the bespectacled wizard.

All of the unknowing faces gaped at the Boy-Who-Lived with astonished eyes as the boy stretched his arms towards him. All of them astounded by the fact that Teddy Lupin had just referred to Harry as his father.

"Oi, Ted!" Harry smiled, ruffling his blue hair. "Did you behave yourself? You better have not given the Malfoys or your Aunt Hermione any trouble. You know your Grandmum Andy will beat you again," he laughed along with Teddy's hectic chortles as he said this.

Little Teddy shook his head, smiling wide without a care in the world. "D-Dra-ko sn-snitch!" Teddy managed to say, snuggling his neck into his Godfather's neck, yawning lightly as his head rested against something.

"Malfoy's been playing with him since he arrived," Hermione interjected as her fiancée gained a pink tint to his cheeks. "I think Ted likes him, Harry. Not to mention that he has a sense of affection for Mrs. Malfoy."

Ginny noticed the elder witch's sad expression as Harry ignored her question. She knew better than anyone that Harry wouldn't want to have Teddy anywhere around the Malfoys, especially with the maniac Lucius. She got that, but Ginny wasn't going to stand by it. Harry had suffered years without family, which you couldn't call the Dursleys as necessarily, and she wouldn't let Teddy suffer the same. She knew her boyfriend was happy that her family was like his own, and they really were, but she knows he would've wanted to have blood-related relatives in his life as well. And it was something they were going to have to give to their Godson.

"You know, Mrs. Malfoy," Ginny pulled the boy off her fiancée's shoulder, smiling softly as Teddy beamed at her and clutched himself closer onto her. She had to ignore the shocked faces, once again, as the boy called her 'Mummy'. (They were the closest thing that came to parents to him, and Andromeda never seemed to correct him whenever Teddy would address them as such.) "Harry and I are getting married on New Years, and I know it's not much of a proper invitation, but I'd be pleased if you could join us."

All of the surprised eyes moved towards Narcissa. "Really?" Was all the Pureblood woman could managed to say. Her eyes were wide with an emotion, one that Ginny Weasley seemed to understand; alike her future daughter-in-law who was smiling grandly for her.

"I'm sure Andromeda will be pleased," Hermione spoke. "And I'm positive that Teddy will be delighted to see you and Mal - Draco again." (Oh, to be formal.)

"And what am I, a bloody portrait?" Blaise crossed his arms upon his chest in an offended manner.

Ginny rolled her eyes. "You're obviously invited, Zabini."

"A proper invitation would've been recommended as well, Weasley," he huffed indignantly. "I'm assuming my fiancée is invited as well?"

"Of course." Ginny smirked into her Godson's hair. (Nothing like a little settled rivalry to make her wedding day perfect.)

"Tough luck, Pans, you're not invited." Zabini laughed teasingly, nudging his friend with his elbow.

"I am, prat." Pansy shoved his elbow away. "Ginny sent me the invitation two days ago. And besides, my fiancée's the Best Man, obviously I am allowed to show up." She stuck her tongue out.

Frowning at the crudeness of the girl, Mrs. Malfoy shook her head and said a stern, "Pansy, act like a lady."

"…Sorry," the girl muttered, earning two sneers from her Slytherin friends.

"Brilliant then." The redhead witch smiled at all of them. "Now we must leave, Andromeda is expecting Teddy soon and," Ginny pushed Teddy's hair aside, to expose his forehead and let Mrs. Malfoy kiss him lightly, "we'll discuss this with her. I assure you, Mrs. Malfoy, Andromeda will oblige to this without a problem."

"…I hope so," Narcissa said in a murmur, staring at the redhead as she walked to the nearby fireplace.

Smiling once more at them, Ginny waved a goodbye and said, "See you at my wedding." The flames eating her and Teddy away until they disappeared.

Taking a couple of steps towards the blonde woman, Hermione dared to give the woman a light embrace. "Thank you so much for everything, Narcissa." And as the two pulled away, the brunette whispered, "…I was wondering if you'd like to join me at searching for my wedding dress soon?"

Taking the chance as Harry Potter's exchange of goodbyes with the others drowned out Hermione's request, Mrs. Malfoy grinned beautifully and warmly at the girl. "I will be delighted."

Turning away her smile from the woman, Hermione then turned towards her son who she decided to approach. And as she did, he was about to rise up from his chair when she lifted her palm up, stopping him. "…See you at the wedding, Malfoy," she said in his ear as she hugged him convincingly as possible that is.

Draco swallowed, his body feeling aflame from her skin on his.

Daring herself once again, she pressed her lips softly between his neck and his earlobe, knowing that no one could see. But she did feel him give a throaty breath, tensing up. "…I win," Hermione added, leering as she pulled herself away.

And with a smirk, she took Harry's hand, feeling strangely content about the last two days and she didn't even let the fact that Lucius Malfoy had sneaked his way out of his sitting room minutes ago bother her because she knew with the rest of the Malfoy family she had progressed with.

"Goodbye," Draco murmured uncomfortably, scowling as Pansy and Blaise started laughing hysterically, both knowing Malfoy a lot better than what he thought.

And as her best friend and her disappeared with a loud CRACK, she felt regret at not letting Malfoy kiss her in the split second that she saw his silver eyes for one last moment. (Damn it, she did want him!)

Things were definitely about to get screwed up, she just knew it.

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