The Married and the Soon To Be

At that exact moment, as every second ticked on by on the elderly clock hanging on that old wall, history was being made.

And there they stood: Hermione Granger, Pansy Parkinson and Luna Lovegood dressed in the same pale-blue dressing gowns, looking their best as they stood together. And as they did, their eyes stared at one person in particular, Ginny Weasley. The three girls gazed at her with adoration and content smiles.

"You look.…" Hermione took a step forward from her spot in the middle of the two other girls and directed a watery gaze at the only redhead in the room. "You look stunning, Gin. Absolutely breathtaking. I can't...I can't even begin to describe to you…" She had to stop, tears rolled down her rosy cheeks.

"Stop, 'Mione," Ginny laughed gently, biting her lip as she turned from the full-length mirror in the room and faced her friend. Trying not to let the emotions out as she sunk her front teeth to her bottom lip, keeping it together in a way she only knew how. "You're going to ruin the dress."

Taking a moment, biting her lip exactly like the redhead was doing, both of them trying to contain many tears that were attempting to push themselves out from their hazel eyes, Hermione whispered a jokingly, "…it's just a dress."

"But you're my Maid of Honor, Hermione. You've got to look perfect for my wedding!" At the mention of that holy word, almost like it was taboo or a trigger for a wave of emotions, Ginny let out a single and silent tear. She said no more.

"Okay." Pansy stepped away from Luna, walking herself over to the bride and maid of honor. "If I recall, no one opened up a box of sentimental-rubbish, so if you please," she nudged Ginny with her hip, bumping her lightly and causing a round of giggles to be let out by the two crying girls. "I've worked long and hard to get you immensely perfect, Sis, so I suggest you don't try and ruin my work. I can guarantee that you will not like to limp yourself down the aisle if you put my work to shame."

Ginny rolled her brown eyes, blinking away a few tears and hoping that her mascara wasn't running. She would hate it if she was on Pansy Parkinson's bad side. After all, she had witness the tremendous smack Ron had received when he asked Pansy for another Butterbeer without saying the magic word. (Never again will Ron Weasley forget his manners in front of his fiancée.)

"Well excuse me, Pans," Ginny hissed teasingly back, running her fingertips lightly underneath her eyes as she threw Hermione a genuine smile; both of them fixing up their make-up as fast as they could. "It is my wedding day, so forgive me if I'm all jitters."

"No, no, no." Pansy smacked her on the shoulder, handing her a handkerchief in the next second. "No family member of mine shall be jittery in public." Hermione noticed the Slytherin's sincere look on her dark eyes as she referred to Ginny as family.

It had been another shocking moment when Pansy had revealed to Ginny, three days ago in her bridal shower — where the redhead had asked Pansy if she'd like to be one of her brides maids — that if she ever had to call anyone a sister she was proud it was Ginny.

And after four rounds of Firewhiskey, Ginny cried onto the Slytherin's shoulder and told her the feeling was mutual. (It was far from bizarre that Hermione had to drink another round on her own just to get over it.)

"You really do look ravishing, Ginny," the dreamy voice of Luna Lovegood interrupted Pansy's attack on Ginny's nervousness, erasing the odd, sentimental moment between the two witches. "I am very happy for you. Deeply from my heart, I mean it." Her blue eyes flashed with a glint that glazed her orbs. "You're my best friend, Ginny, and I wish you the very best. I know you'll have that by Harry's side, there's no doubt about that in my head."

Ginny stared at the blonde, knowing that although her voice was masked with perfect bliss, that her eyes were glowing with emotion. "You're my best friend too, Luna. You know that I love you," she extended her hand out, ignoring the fact that her future sister-in-law was aggressively fixing the damage the moisture from her eyes had created underneath her eyelids, "always."

Luna reached out for her hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. "…You'll be happy, Ginny. Incredibly happy with Harry that you've nothing to ever worry about. Forget the nerves, forget everything else, just think of the wizard who will be waiting for you at the end of the aisle. That's who truly matters."

Pansy dropped her hand slowly away from Ginny's face, turning to look at the Ravenclaw with an astound look in her dark eyes; a look that was far from judging. "Wow, Lovegood, that's beautiful."

"Thanks," Luna replied, smiling dimly.

"Dean must be—"

"I better go find Harry," Luna added quickly before Hermione could get her compliment out. The blonde ignored the witches confused expressions, their raised brows as she slid her hand away from Ginny's and turned towards the door. "There's a lot I've got to say to him as well. He's been like a brother to me for the past year."

"I'll go with you," Pansy stepped away from the two Gryffindors. "I have to make sure Ron's not stuffing his face before the ceremony." She smiled at Luna and waited for her to pass through the door before turning to the two witches again. "…You really have to drop the Thomas subject, Hermione. It's torturing her," the Slytherin witch lectured, closing the door behind her with a scowl.

"Slytherins, eh?" Ginny laughed, patting down her dress. "They're still on about Dean supposedly hurting Luna. Complete rubbish if you ask me."

Hermione nodded in agreement for the sake of it, not wanting to mention that Dean had arrived ten minutes ago, and as soon as he tried to talk to the Ravenclaw Luna had to be dragged off by Neville so she wouldn't slap her fiancée across the face before he got the first 'I'm sorry' out. (Which was a smart move, Hermione didn't want to be the one who caused the bride to go into a fury-spree and attack her guest before the ceremony.)

Adding to Hermione's relief, almost like luck was on her side that moment, the small door of the room opened and one by one the redhead's brothers walked in.

Bill was the first, which suit him right seeing as he was the oldest. He looked at Ginny with proud eyes, almost like a father staring at his daughter. He took the chance as the rest filed in to embrace her tightly with his left arm, his right hand holding onto a scrolled parchment with a red bow around it.

Charlie, the brother from Romania, smiled hugely at her. His burnt fingers, from all the work he does with Dragons, traced lightly around her right cheek after Bill pulled away. Giving her a light caress that he has missed for so many years. His passion for his work did not suffice for the years he'd missed of his sister, of the moments he didn't watch her grow into what she was now. He gave her a solemn smile, unbelieving that time had passed so quickly.

Then came Percy, looking a bit uncomfortable as he pushed his horned-rimmed glasses from the tip of his nose. He threw his little sister a gentle smile, a sincere one, but the guilt that'd seemed to be pouring through him since after the war was still evident on his face. He wasn't sure if he should be present or not, but as he saw the radiant glow from her face and the smile she returned to him he knew he wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Looking charming and for once happy in many months, George entered the room. His dress robes were perfectly ironed and not a trace of a wrinkle was shown. His hair, especially red for some reason, was reaching down to his shoulders. It covered the ear that he had lost; the metaphor of what happened to the missing brother that should've walked in with him. But forgetting the sadness and the grief, George grinned widely at his sister. (Because this was not a moment for sadness and to reminisce about the dead, he knew.)

Lastly, Ron strutted into the room chewing on Chocolate Frog as he smiled at his youngest sibling. A kind of astonished glint passed through his eyes as he noticed her and all of her glory. He could finally see what had all those blokes chasing after her the previous years at Hogwarts, and now he realized he should've locked her up. And part of him, even at that exact moment, debated about hiding her away so she would never had to leave. (Harry would forgive him in the end, right?)

"Whoa, Gin, going somewhere?" George was the first to speak, chuckling at his sister as he spun her around dramatically.

"Yeah, you git," Ginny frowned, but with her amusement high, "to my future."

The five brothers took in a ragged breath through their teeth, staring at the redhead girl like if she'd just smacked each and everyone of them across the face. (That was something five overprotective and older brothers did not want to hear.)

And knowing this, but choosing to ignore it, Ginny asked, "why are you lot here, anyway? Shouldn't you be seated by now?"

George snorted. "What are we, trained monkeys?"

"We already ganged up on Harry, Sis, it's time we did it to you before the wedding started." Charlie smirked in a way that would've made Fred proud. "Oh, come off it, shake that frown off. You knew it was going to happen."

"What did you prats do?" Ginny glared, the amusement dropping from her face. "If I walk down that aisle and Harry's not there you can wager that none of you will survive this. And I would feel terribly sorry for you, Bill," she directed an accusing finger at the eldest, "I've just started liking Fleur to leave her a widow."

Bill chuckled, slapping her finger away, "come off it, Ginevra," he grinned. "You wouldn't murder a bloke who's about to be a father, would you?"

His siblings opened their eyes wide, a gasp passing through them in a circle.

"Bill!" Ginny's jaw dropped. "Are you — no way!"

"Yes way." Bill grinned even more grandly, extending the scroll to her that he was holding. "This is my wedding gift for you," he placed the paper into her hands. "Well, not really. I expect Fleur ordered you something from France, but this my gift to you."

"She is pregnant!" Ginny exclaimed after a moment, sending the parchment towards Charlie. "It's a St. Mungos exam. Positive, four months."

And in another round, another unorganized and messy round, all of Bill Weasley's siblings shouted a, "congratulations!" All of them took turns in embracing him, smacking his back and cheering with an overwhelming excitement.

Sensing that it was a very intimate matter, Hermione opened the door to the room quietly and smiled at the redheads. She gave a silent laugh when Bill shouted, "don't wrinkle it, git. I need to show mum!" and she closed the door behind her.


She was sitting on an old armchair; not really doing anything, not really thinking of anything. (Which was a first for her.)

"Hermione, there you are, darling." The brunette turned around swiftly as she heard a familiar voice behind soon enough, her eyes caught notice of a very elegant woman glowing brightly in her classic dark robes, her penetrating dark eyes gleaming in the candlelight.

"Andromeda," she smiled at the woman kindly, lifting herself off the chair and stepping forward to embrace her. "How are you?"

"Oh, I'm fine, Hermione." Andromeda Tonks smiled too — a smile that quickly withered away as she took another look at the girl. "But if I may say, I've been a bit worried for you these past few days," the woman spoke with a straightforwardness as she pulled Hermione to the side, letting Arthur Weasley pass them.

Hermione raised her eyebrow, staring at the woman with a perplexed gaze. "For me?"

"Your presence was missed at Molly's annual Christmas dinner, darling," the woman said, her eyes staring deep into the brunette's face. "Molly told me you were spending the day at the… Malfoys." Hermione felt instantly uncomfortable as she noticed Andromeda's tensed expression as she mentioned the name. "Not to mention that you had that boy play with my grandson."

Hermione felt instantly awkward and ill-eased, clearing her throat lightly before speaking. "I, erm. Well, I assumed it was fine." And blessing Merlin from above, because it really did seem like luck was on her side, Hermione's heart stopped beating rapidly as a bespectacled man walked towards them. "I'm sorry, Andromeda, I didn't mean to upset you. I just...I didn't think it'd be a problem if I had Teddy spend a few hours with me. You know that I love him very much and—"

"I'm not accusing you of anything, dear," Andromeda cut across her, narrowing her eyes sternly; making her relax further as the woman patted her exposed shoulder in a gentle manner. "I'm just surprised he came back to me in one piece."

Hermione let out a puff of a chuckle.

"That's the same thing I said," Harry huffed from his stance next to Mrs. Tonks. "I mean — you look stunning, 'Mione!" He tried to turn his scowl into a sincere smile.

"Oh, turn into troll-droppings, Harry." His best friend glared, causing Andromeda to laugh at her reaction.

"Harry, where is—"

"Gran!" Andromeda's question was answered before it was even fully asked as a blue-haired boy came rushing towards his Grandmother and his Godfather. A blonde woman was glued to his hand as he wobbled his way to them.

Hermione's heart seemed to start beating in a fast pace once again, but not by Mrs. Tonks' stare, but because alluring gray eyes found hers; a pair that she hadn't seen for days but had dreamt of some nights. And they were piercing right through her soul as they found their way to hers, setting her on edge.

"A-Aunt Cissy!" The child shouted, smiling up at his grandmother with glittering eyes and distracting Hermione for a split second as he approached closer to them.

And there it was, another moment of history made and established. Andromeda Tonks coming face to face with her youngest sister Narcissa Malfoy after so many years.

And in that instant, in that second the two sisters stared at one another, silence ringing in the air, all that the two pureblooded women could see from each other was Andromeda and Narcissa Black. They could only see the shadows and flashes of those two girls that used to stay up late at night, talking amongst each other in whispers, laughing and playing, living in as much harmony as could be lived within their times.

"Erm...I'm glad you could make it, Malfoy," Harry said, shifting uncomfortably on his feet as the two elder witches continued to stare at each other; neither of them blinking as their eyes connected and no emotions ran through their faces as they shared their moment.

"Yeah, wouldn't have missed it for the world," Draco replied to the Boy-Who-Lived, but paying him no attention as he instead looked at the brunette standing beside him. "…You look beautiful, Hermione," he added in a soft murmur, smiling at his fiancée with a strange twinkle to his silver eyes. "That dress does you justice."

"…It's blue," Hermione mumbled lamely, slapping a hand to her mouth as she heard her reply aloud; feeling instantly stupid.

Harry raised an eyebrow at the two, suddenly becoming a part of the background as their eyes focused on one another and he was ignored.

But just as the Chosen One felt out of the loop, something brought everyone back into the now when Narcissa's cold voice rung through the silence. "Andy..." She took one step towards the sister she hadn't seen in so long. "…I…Teddy, he's such a handsome boy."

A second ticked by, the tension in the air got thicker.

But then, "Shut up, Cissy." Andromeda closed the distance between her sister and her. Strongly throwing her arms around her neck and pulling her close, embracing her tightly like she hadn't done in years.

Between the crying that had started emerging from the two sisters, the three teenagers looked at each other feeling uneasy as the women sobbed onto each other and Teddy started crying as well because of it.

"Harry!" Mrs. Weasley, dressed in red robes, came hurrying to the group. "It's about to start! The Bonder is — Why is Andromeda..." She stopped abruptly with her shouting when she noticed that Narcissa was the one embracing Andromeda tightly. "Oh, Merlin. That's something extraordinary, isn't it?" Molly Weasley breathed, looking at the elder witches with happy eyes.

"Shall I go stand at my place?" Harry asked, more eager to leave the women and to face the nervousness that had been driving him mental since he awoke in the morning. (There was just something about crying women that scared him senseless.)

Gazing at him with the warmest stare that Harry had ever gotten, almost like a mother was staring at her son, Mrs. Weasley gave him a teary smile; something loving and so affectionate burning in her brown eyes. "Yes, dear, it's time."

Blinking away once from the blush on his fiancée's face — one that he was really proud of, if he may say so — Draco looked at his once-upon-a-time-ago enemy casually. "Scared, Potter?"

"…Very," Harry exhaled noisily, walking towards the window of the living room of the Burrow and taking a peek outside; his emerald eyes looking relieved as he noticed his best friend waiting for him at the end of the aisle. "You really outdid yourself with the garden, Mrs. Weasley," he turned to the redheaded woman, smiling in gratitude, "the Burrow looks amazing."

Mrs. Weasley's teary smile grew bigger and more tears fell. "Only the best for you two, dear."

"The snow adds a magnificent touch, Molly," Narcissa, who had already pulled herself away from her sister, placed a palm on Mrs. Weasley's shoulder. "I doubt that you could've made it any better." As she said this, snowflakes came pouring down from the clear sky, spreading about on the grassy floor and the trees that held crystal beads hanging from the branches; giving it a sense of an icy winter wonderland.

The entire wedding theme had been based around winter. Everything was white and icy, from the tablecloths to the chairs, but with a hint of a pale blue tint that reflected off the crystal. Making the guest really feel like they were in a magical stroll through a snowy town, even adding the cozy feeling one feels when this time of year comes by for a quick hello.

"Come on, Ted," Harry picked up the now dark-haired child, "dad's getting married." He grinned to the boy, noticing his eyes turning from their usual grey to an intense emerald; looking like Harry would've if he was still a three year-old.

"I'll be checking on Ginny then — Hermione, to your spot!" Mrs. Weasley exclaimed before storming back towards the spiral staircase of her home, greeting the guests as she passed them and they headed towards the gardens.

"Come, Cissy, you'll be sitting with me." Andromeda laced her arm with her sister's, directing her out of the living room and towards the front of the podium where Harry, Ron, Neville and Teddy were already standing by; all of them patting the groom's back for support.

The air suddenly became clearer and easier to breathe, nothing left but two souls.

It was just Draco and Hermione now.

Waiting for a few seconds, trying to push away the red tint that was surely still on her cheeks, Hermione took a shaky step towards the blonde boy. "…You made it."

"I wanted to see you," he replied automatically, taking a step to her as well, so smoothly.

"Is that so?" She raised her eyebrow, taking another step closer to him.

There was a small distance that now stood between them, small enough that she felt his handsome radiance penetrate her and he felt the warmth of her brown eyes enter through his skin.

A leer tugged on Draco's lips. "Very much."

"Granger!" The couple snapped their heads to the side, watching two other young witches dressed in pale-blue standing by the backdoor of the Burrow with their flowers held tightly in front of them. "Leave the git and hurry!" Pansy shouted in an order, frowning without shame that she interrupted the first moment of solitude Draco and Hermione had gotten.

"See you—" Hermione was cut short as a pair of soft lips crushed onto hers; silencing her completely.

And as soon as she was released, the air suddenly cold as it passed through her lips and a shock swept by her like a cold swish of wind, Hermione's brown eyes were wide. "What — What was that for?" She murmured, her head spinning from his daring action.

"A simple reminder that," Malfoy traced a finger on her lips, smirking," I win."

More shock ran through the Brightest Witch of the Age's system, her heart giving a loud thump as Draco removed his finger from her bottom lip.

"Granger!" Pansy shouted once more, the music starting to play behind her.

Oh, what a day it already was.


As the sun poked its way out from one of the dark clouds in the sky, Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger walked bemusedly down the stoned pathway that led down to the main grounds of Hogwarts. The blonde wizard had his arm draped around the brunette's shoulders, talking to her in a quiet manner that had her very entertained and even keeping her warm from the cold weather. And as they walked, they seemed to miss the curious looks a few students were giving them, obviously aware that it was a Slytherin and Gryffindor embraced in a close manner as they passed on by like it was the simplest and the most casual of things.

"I can't believe you are serious," Malfoy said, a giant smirk on his face as he continued and led the way, "the audacity of Weasley. I was sure he was daft as a mountain troll, but never to that extent."

"We weren't quite sure why he would just burst in," Hermione explained, giggling along with his mocking chuckles, "but Harry reckons their friendship will never be the same after that."

Draco snorted, shaking his blonde hair. "Obviously, Granger. I doubt that I'd be able to look at Blaise the same if he were to see me naked." He stuck his tongue out in disgust as he envisioned the scene in his head. "Not to mention that the girl was barely starting to put on a show for Potter, ruining their wedding night."

The Gryffindor grimaced, feeling revolved and harassed for the quick image that popped into her head. (Oh, how she prayed she would never catch Harry and Ginny doing anything repulsing.) "The Leaky Cauldron will never be the same for Ron after that." She shook her head to get rid of her previous, perverted thought, and instead choosing to think back to the face her best friend made as he stormed out from the room Ginny had reserved for her and her new husband. "He didn't talk for days after that scene."

"I hope he's learned to knock from now on," Draco commented as he brought Hermione down to the grass gently as he could. Once again finding themselves in that vacant hill that Malfoy had granted to his Gryffindor as a peace-offering before they started getting along. "If he were to storm into our chamber—"

"You imply like we'll be doing something, Malfoy." Hermione scoffed, stretching her legs forward as she looked at the view. "Oh, do you mean that you don't want Ron seeing you in your jammies?" She sniggered loudly, nudging him with her elbow as she inhaled the cold air and sighing contently after her fiancée gave a deep scowl and turned to look at the snow-covered mountains. "Is that it?"

"You're so witty, Granger," Draco's voice dripped with sarcasm, "how ever did I miss it?"

She snorted. "There's a lot of things, Malfoy, that you've yet to learn about me," she said casually, turning to face him again. "For example, I am quite the comedian."

"Was that a joke right there?" He raised his pale eyebrow.

Hermione smiled, laughing lightly. "It was." She reached for his hand and softly rested her palm over his, a little surprised that his skin was actually warm for once. She had found that it was no longer competing with the coldness of the weather, but instead he felt soft. Comfortable.

A dim smile appeared on the Slytherin's face, his silver eyes getting lost towards the mountains as he tried not to look like anything as the girl touched him gently.

"…You know, Malfoy, I'm surprised we never got an owl over the Christmas holidays. From McGonagall or Kingsley," she waited for her fiancée to say something, but instead she met his confused stare. "On the train back to Hogwarts Luna told me she received her owl...You know, because her and Dean never sent in a date of their wedding?"

A minute passed and Hermione grew angry that Draco kept staring at her with his stupidly confused face.

"Remember, the owl they were going to send to the couples that failed to complete the deadline of their wedding dates, Malfoy?" She slapped him beside the head, sending his blonde locks flying over his eyes.

"Oi!" Draco hissed, pushing her hand away. "Relax, will you? There's no need to get aggressive, woman!"

"Well wipe away that confused expression and answer me. You look like a comatose Troll!" She shouted back, crossing her arms over her chest.

"I've already taken care of the situation, dear," he snarled once more, rubbing his head roughly. "Blimey, are you sure you've never played Quidditch? That one hurt!"

Trying to restrain her hand from smacking him again, and possibly giving him a concussion, Hermione settled on crossing her arms over her chest once more. "Well, how did you take care of this, darling," she took in a whiff of the cool air before she continued. "Professor Slughorn said there was no exceptions for the deadlines. He clearly told us if neither of the corresponding couples proposed to the other, which we didn't, we'd be getting an owl from the Ministry informing us of the date they assigned."

Sighing to himself, letting the anger fade away like a mantra with the breathes he took in, Draco reached for one of her hands after a few seconds. "…I sent an owl of my own to the Minister before the holidays," he said gently, glad that the brunette didn't deny herself from his touch and let him drag her hand to him, "informing him that I could use a bit more of time."

Hermione raised a brow.

And ignoring that, he scooted to her, her knuckles pressed to his cheek as he closed the small grassy distance between them. And as he arrived to her side, he brought her hand to his lips, pressing them softly onto her flesh. "With the Headmistress persuasion, he'd nothing more to do than to oblige to my request."

"Still have your swagger, I see," she mumbled, pressing her lips together as she felt her knuckles burn. "But why buy more time, it's what I'm not understanding here. Wouldn't it have been simpler to just let the Minister assign us the date? I mean, it would be less—"

"Yes, Granger, it could've been easier and less awkward," he huffed at her, lowering her palm from his face, "but then I couldn't do it the right way. I wouldn't be my charming self, would I, if I let someone assign us a date that will tie us together for eternity." He paused for a second, taking in another puff of air. "I wanted you to feel the same way Ginny or Pansy did when their fiancées asked them. Without that wretched, unimportant feeling in your chest like Lovegood or Chang did."

Hermione's breath caught in her throat and her hazel eyes opened widely, Draco Malfoy was suddenly kneeling on one knee; gray eyes boring into her like waves of silver.

"We've had our difficult times," he began, his warm hands clutching on to hers firmly but delicately, "years, even, that I'd be most grateful if we could leave behind us so we could start off new and fresh. I promise you that by my side no harm will ever be presented to you. That I will always be there to cherish you...and make you happy..." He reached into the pocket of his school robes.

"Hermione," he pulled out a silver ring, something so simple, so elegant, yet so breathtaking. Its diamond glittered in the sun, reflecting colored rays off from its crystal; dazzling Hermione into a deeper silence. "Will you marry me?"

The brunette pressed her lips into a tight line, looking at the Slytherin and at the ring very carefully. Calculating, thinking nonstop in those seconds.

Is this the part where his mental, dead Auntie Bella jumps from behind him and shouts 'Avada Kedavra'?

Five seconds ticked by.

I'm waiting — She's not coming, Hermione.

Another second.

Really? I could've sworn I heard movement behind those trees — Answer already, you idiot!

"…Yes," she exhaled, and in the next moment she launched herself to him. The only sane thing she found she could do at the moment from that wave of silver and emotions and thoughts seeping into her system.

She wrapped her slender arms around his neck and placed his back onto the grass, pinning him down as she pressed her lips to him.

She kissed him with an emotion she quite couldn't figure out. Something that she had never truly experienced before. It was something that invaded her insides and seemed to send electrical currents to her organs and made her heart beat at an irregular rhythm; a rhythm she felt his heart beat to as well. Both their lips moved furiously together in a twisted perfect sync.

"Here," Draco breathed, their lips parting away from each other for a slight second. He waited until she straddled him to reach for her hand again, carefully with shaky fingers sliding the silver ring onto her finger.

"….It's beautiful, Malfoy," she said after a moment, her eyes moving from the diamond to his silvery eyes and finding them to be more intoxicating than the piece of jewelry on her finger.

"I think," he put his palms on the sides of her waist, slowly pulling her down so she was resting on top of him, her head snuggled to his neck, n action so simple, so unlike him, that he found great bliss in as he buried his chin in her brown curls, "you are the beautiful one, Mrs. soon-to-be Malfoy."

And even though that should have revolted her, even though that should have made her gag, it didn't. All Hermione could feel was the waves of his heart and the weight and meaning of that engagement ring on her finger.

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