The Frozen and Beautifully Broken

In the darkness of the chamber—that was created by blinds thick enough to be considered cloaks—Luna Lovegood lay perfectly still on her couch. Her long, blonde locks were scattered beneath her head; illuminating her bright pale face like a white halo. Her crystal-blue eyes looked towards the shadow of the ceiling in the chamber, her breath so dim and tense that it was the loudest thing that was heard from the silent room. She laid with her arms crossed over her chest, one palm placed above her heart to make sure if it was still actually beating.

The weeks that had gone by seemed to be torture for Luna. Nothing had hurt so much since the tragic death of her mother, and she'd sworn to herself that her loss was the greatest impact she would ever experience. But, it seems, by a terrible joke played by fate, she ended up befriending Dean Thomas and that's when her troubles began.

She was the simplest girl in the most complex way possible. Sure, the rumors might be true and she might be mental, but that's just the way she liked it. She was the breath of fresh air so many needed in the rough moments. She liked to be different from others, like to see beyond the ordinary and what was normal in its context; the Anti-Hermione Granger as she'd heard so many times.

So unique, so naive.

And never in her journey in life did she expect to find love.

Through the bloodshed that the Second War had become throughout the entire Wizarding Community, the idea of stumbling upon someone she could call her own, to create those butterflies deep in her abdomen, the cause of the blush seeping through her pale cheeks, and the rush that formed in her chest was unbelievable—but, oh, was it possible.

Dean Thomas had come into her life so unexpectedly, along with all those others who called themselves her friends. And when they were held captive in Malfoy Manor a bond started to form, which later was then intensified as they spent weeks at Shell Cottage together. And without really realizing it, Luna found herself drawing his profound brown eyes on her sketchbook more than what she even considered normal; even the Nargles started taking their job too seriously and managed to make Luna stumble upon Dean more than she was accustom to.

And that's how it happened.

As simple and boring as it sounded, that's how it happened. It's how she fell in love with him—and then he took it upon himself to break her apart and regret ever knowing what being in love felt like.

"Lumos." The door to the chamber creaked open and the light from the outside corridors peered in from the space; causing the blonde girl to squint her eyes as the light created pressure on her forehead. "Luna?"

After blinking a couple of times, Luna moved her gaze onto the sound of the deep voice.

And to her misfortune, Dean Thomas stood by the door pointing his wand at her.

Brilliant. He's not satisfied with everything he has done to me, now he wants to blind me too? She thought bitterly. Something that was not common for her, but then again pain wasn't common for her either and now she's stuck in this damn runt.

"Why are you laying in the dark?" The heart-breaking Gryffindor asked, pointing the bright tip of his wand away from the girl and onto a nearby lamp; igniting the light from it and quickly spreading it throughout the living room of the chamber. "Please tell me you attended your lessons today. I don't wish to have McGonagall here again and scolding you. I don't think that woman can get anymore terrifying than when she's yelling at you."

Holding back her retort—which would've been equally witty as evil—Luna bit her lip and kept her eyes framed towards the ceiling. (She did not spend years lurking in the shadows of people and not learn how to be cruel when she needed it. Slytherins in particular were most fun to watch when they were aggravated. So much that she could in fact a send a 'thank you' note to Malfoy for providing her with many insults to throw at any Gryffindor for many years to come. And that's leaving out the ones that are filled with many colorful words that even she wouldn't repeat.)

Dean sighed, bringing Luna back from her memories of overhearing Draco Malfoy's ramblings about the Golden Trio. "….It's been two months, Luna. Please talk to me," he said in a quiet voice, the desperation thick enough that even the Ravenclaw heard it. "Please. Anything. Even if you're going to send a hex at me, but it'd be lovely to hear your voice."

Luna scoffed.

"I guess that works too." Dean tugged on a tiny smile. "….Erm, before I came here," he began after a moment of awkward and tensed silence, "I was in my Transfiguration lesson and Hermione asked….well, more like I overheard her ask Harry if you were going to attend the wedding today. They sent you an invitation but you never responded to it, which then led to Harry's conversation of not seeing you around the castle anymore."

Luna felt a painful knot form in the bottom of her throat, and from behind her open eyelids she received flashes of the face of Harry Potter, a boy who had oddly become like a brother to her throughout time.

"I heard from Neville that they knocked—well, banged—on the door of our chamber and you never opened. He wasn't quite sure if you placed a Silencing Charm on it or just refused to have anything to do with them."

Poor Neville, he must be worried sick, Luna blinked and a tiny fragment of a tear pushed its way from her tearduct and slid itself down to the end of her nose. It created a trial, a pathway for the rest of her tears to follow pursuit once the moment arrived.

"Even Seamus is worried, you know?" The Gryffindor continued to murmur. "I heard from Parvati that he had a good twinge to ask me how you were, seeing as I'm the only one who gets to see you….But then he said that if he were to see my manky face he'd curse me to obliteration." Dean let out a small chuckle, taking a few steps away from the door and directing them towards the couch where the Ravenclaw lay. "Not that that scares me exactly, it's more of the fact that he's a menace with his wand and will probably send me to the Hospital Wing on fire."

Luna bolted up straight from her place on the couch and placed all her back on the edge of the armrest, her eyes growing wide as he attempted to get closer. "I expect that's the least you deserve, Dean," she mumbled furiously, fear rushing throughout her body as she could hear his heartbeat.

"Luna, could we please—"

"No," the blonde girl responded instantly, throwing her feet on the marbled floor of the chamber. "I don't want to hear it, Dean Thomas. I don't want to hear anything that comes out of your mouth. Not while it still reeks of Lavender Brown."

Before Luna could pull herself from the cushions of where she sat, Dean pointed his wand at her once more and said with a half-regretting tone, "Petrificus Totalus."

And Luna Lovegood froze.

"I'm sorry, Luna," Dean breathed, his face twisted up in guilt and agony. "I've never cursed a girl before...Well, not if you count Bellatrix Lestrange before she disarmed me. And my mum would murder me if she ever knew." He shook his dark hair, trailing off, and knelt in front of her. Trying not to let the guilt of her shocked blue eyes send remorse through his body and lead him to end the spell he had cast on her. "…I need you to hear me out on the Lavender situation and this way I have your undivided attention."

Oh, you're going to regret this. Ginny taught me the Bat-Boogey hex! Don't think I won't use it, Luna sent a deep scowl at him. The most intimidating thing she could master at her given moment.

Dean gave her another small smile as he noticed her angry eyes. "Listen, Luna, that day that you found Lavender in our chamber she had just stopped by because she was having troubles with Seamus," he began his tale, "and you do recall the times she tried to give him a go and murder him, right? Well, apparently she had grown tired of feeling so angry and just wanted advise on how to handle the situation— "

So she released her anger on you? And being the gentleman that you are you took one for the team? Please.

"I gave her advise, telling her that all she needed was to be herself and Seamus would come around. I assumed you weren't going to show up that night, and she asked if she could stay. I told her to take our room and I'd stay on the couch. And…and when she hugged me goodnight, well, erm, she sort of kissed me— "

Oh for my daddy's Nargles.

"It was just a peck, Luna, a peck!" He shouted fast and clearly; noticing her eyes grow darker. "And as soon as we both registered the fact, we pulled away! I swear it. It didn't even last five seconds.

"But then….then you showed up and you found her in the towel. But that was because after what happened she just wanted to go back to her chamber and forget about what happened, but decided she needed to clear her head first. I suggested she'd take a quick shower and be off before the situation became worse."

Luna's eyes dropped some of their intensity.

"It was never my attention for all of this to happen, Luna," Dean whispered even more gently. "Honestly. I...I love you. And only you." He looked deep into her eyes, his own glittering with what looked like held-in tears. "Lavender has never been, and never will be, an option or threat. You have to believe me." He extended his left palm towards her, placing his fingers underneath her chin. "I'm so sorry I had you living in a lie for so long...but you really never gave me a chance to explain."

Luna's heart gave a loud thump and those tears fell down her cheeks.

"Finite," Dean murmured in a small voice and watched Luna come back to life. "Please, Luna, just...marry me."

Luna shook her blonde hair, her tears still falling helplessly. "Oh, Dean," her voice squeaked, "the things you make me feel," she said in a voice filled with emotions, fog that got in the way that the only logical thing she could do was toss herself towards the Gryffindor.

With a grunt and a bump on the head, Dean Thomas was slammed against the ground of his chamber with his fiancée on top of him. "So, will you marry me?" He asked, his face buried in her floral-scented hair. The feeling stuck in his throat made his voice come out shaky that he had to press her tighter to him to find some strength. (Oh, Merlin, had he missed her.)

"I wouldn't have it any other way," she whispered, wiping her eyes as she rested her head against his chest.

Swallowing his tears, Dean pulled on the witch's chin with his shaky fingers and found her lovely eyes looking deeply at him. "...I love you," he said and he found that her lips tasted as delicious as the smell of her hair.

"Get up," she said with a giggle, pulling herself away from the comfort of his chest and the bliss from his lips, "come on now."

He groaned in a playful irritation, seeing as he wanted to spend the next lifetime kissing and holding her and she had just put a pause on that. "Why?"

"Well, we have a wedding to go to. And I can't show up without my fiancée, can I?" She explained as she left his side and darted towards the door.

"Where are you going?" Dean asked, staring at her with questioning eyes as she tugged on the handle of the door.

She smiled at him grandly, dreamily—looking like the Luna Lovegood everyone knew. "I've got to go fix Lavender's relationship, of course." She flashed another second of that eccentric, calming smile and closed the door behind her.

Oh, it was the last time she will let all those mental emotions get the best of her, she promises that. From now on she would only allow herself to feel one, and that was the one that came more natural: being in love with what fate gave her.


A small humming bird soared over the tops of a beautifully decorated garden with many bright roses popping their hues from the green vegetation. It chirped along the grounds of Hogwarts, mixing its sounds with the light music playing in the background, entertaining a few people that were seated on the many chairs filed in rows on the grassy ground; dressed in their spring best.

"I'm getting married!" Blaise Zabini shouted from the top of his lungs as he dashed towards his best friend and Hermione Granger from his place at the front of an alter. "I'm getting married, mate! Can you believe it?"

Looking away from that little bird that seem to fly too far away, Hermione narrowed her eyes at the dark-skinned Slytherin. "Shockingly, no," she responded for her fiancée, both of them standing so close to each other and their hands clasped tight together as they witnessed the Slytherin's great happiness. "I was definitely sure Cho would never agree to this and she'd be the first in line to give up her magic to avoid it."

Blaise scoffed, adjusting the emerald tie he was wearing with his dark dress-robes. "Oh, please, she can't live without me," he replied in a voice full of smug. "She'll be getting all of this," and then he shimmied his hips at the brunette, "and you know what they say, Granger. Once you go Blaise you can't help but go craze."

Hermione stuck her tongue out, scrunching her face. "That's disgusting."

"Disgusting?" The groom huffed. "You and Drake are what is disgusting, Hermione. With your holding hands, snogging when you think no one's watching you, that sickening glow to your faces, the blush on your cheeks when he fumbled with the hem of your dress—"

"Were you watching us?" Draco hissed, raising his pale eyebrow as his fiancée turned a deep pink and she looked ready to either bolt from the garden or murder his friend.

"Well, excuse me if I had nothing to do!" Blaise glared, taking a step away from Hermione's angry-growing expression. "I've been standing here for forty minutes looking my bloody best. Grinning and posing for photographs, mesmerizing the other soon-to-be brides with this handsome face, making the blokes jealous because their witches wish they had a taste of me, winking at the Maid of Honor, receiving my wedding gifts, getting my mummy to stop crying, assuring Mister Chang that I have not violated his daughter before the ceremony, talking to reporters for the Daily Prophet, inspecting that no ruddy gate-crashers snuck into my party..."

Malfoy hardened his grey eyes, still frowning. "At what point exactly from your fun-filled adventure did you find yourself not having anything to occupy your thick head with that you needed to observe every move Hermione and I gave?" (Oh, how he hated the fact that Zabini saw him kissing the Gryffindor Princess. That was something he very much would have liked to keep to himself. He was not going to tolerate years and years to come of teasing and innuendos from the prat.)

"Actually," a grin spread on Zabini's tanned face as he looked ahead from them, "she pointed it out." He nudged his head forward, making Hermione and Draco turn to see Pansy Parkinson—dressed in an intense blue dress— arm-linked with Ron Weasley, step onto the main part of the garden. "She was helping Cho's family to their selected seats before Weasley showed up and she just happened to see you and Granger giving it a go by the children."

Draco and Hermione frowned more, and Blaise clucked his tongue.

"You sick, sick, sick individuals," Zabini said in a scolding voice, "how dare you let innocent eyes witness your ungodliness?"

Hermione groaned, noticing the amused expression on Pansy's face as she approached them and Ron's slightly scrunched up expression as he caught sight of her and Draco holding hands.

"Well, my dear Draco," Pansy smirked widely at the couple, her eyes gleaming with a malicious glint that Hermione would've sent a well-aimed curse at in years past, "it's good to see you with steady fingers. I never knew you had such playful ones before."

Ron frowned at his fiancée's comment and looked away from his best friend's blushing face. "Could we please not get into the subject of Malfoy's fingers, Pans?"

"Clearly." Blaise tugged on the sleeves of his robes and rolled his eyes at the two un-wed couples. "If Hermione is not complaining about them, neither should we. Now, let's get into a more important matter here—my wedding!"

Ignoring her fellow Slytherin, Pansy's eyes dropped their evilness to replace them with an odd tint. "Have any of you noticed who Ginny and Potter came with?" Her tone was thick with excitement that it sounded as she might squeal with glee. (Which would be very uncharacteristic of her, and would confuse Hermione of what was happening with the world she once knew.) "Luna and Dean!" She exclaimed before the two Gryffindors could ask or before Malfoy's neck could turn and scout the site for the Potter couple.

"As in Dean Thomas?"

"Yes!" Pansy laughed loudly. "Apparently they mended their troubles." She then clapped her hands. "Oh, I've never seen such a glow on Lovegood's face before! It's rather contagious."

Flinching on his spot at the sudden light jump Pansy gave, Malfoy knitted his eyebrows; feeling a little disturbed. "Please tell me, Weasel, that you did not put the Cheering Charm on her?" He whispered towards the redhead with his eyes still focused on a blissful-looking Pansy.

"Oh, he did!" Pansy grinned at Draco, obviously hearing the question directed to her fiancée. "And he'll suffer a great pain for it later."

Ron's blue eyes widened. "She was getting a bit carried away with Zabini's wedding that she wanted to move ours closer. Like in two weeks. I had to do something to help me out, didn't I?" He mumbled to the other three, keeping his stare firmly on his wand-hand. "It should wear away in a couple of hours, and hopefully by then I've come up with a wicked plea to spare me from her wrath."

"Poor Lovegood, " Blaise muttered, his attention not on the redhead and his abnormally-happy girlfriend but at the glittering Ravenclaw a few feet away with her hand clasped tightly with a tall Gryffindor. "She knew that I was meant for Cho and she had no choice but to go back to Thomas. Well, at least she got a good snog before I'm off the market. Oh, the riot I cause with the witches in this castle."

Draco, Hermione, Ron and Pansy watched as his dark face slowly faded from an arrogant expression to a trembling bottom lip and watering eyes; a revelation crossing over him.


"I'm getting married!" He blubbered, startling Hermione as she attempted to place a hand on his shoulder. "What the bloody hell am I doing? I'm denying the world from my goodies to sleep on a couch?" He pulled at the top of his tie, loosing it. "Non posso respirare!"

Ron raised his eyebrow; clearly not catching what the Slytherin had just said. "Erm, what?"

"I'm going to faint!" Blaise shouted before darting out of the garden and towards a cabin nearby.

"For Slytherin's sake," Draco grunted, his frown subsiding Pansy's giggles. "I better go talk to him before he passes out. Again." He turned to his fiancée and raised her hand to his face. "I'll be back, 'Mione." He pressed his lips gently on to her knuckles, a smirk growing on his face as she reddened and then headed to find his best friend.

And as the blonde walked away, trying to find his sobbing and emotional friend, Pansy swayed on her spot as she smirked widely at the brunette. "Aw, look at you, Granger."

Looking away from her fiancée's retreating figure, Hermione turned to see the witch leer at her mockingly; Ron's matching hers. (She was such a bad influence on him.)

And from her frown, Pansy said, "you're in love, aren't you?"

"I-I...erm...Shove off, Parkinson," Hermione retorted in a splutter. "Can't you mind your business and not nose about on what Draco and I do?"

"Oh," the dark-haired witch laughed, "touchy on the subject, are we? Very well then, I will not speak about the love between you and Draco." She didn't give the brunette a chance to reply when she added, "just because it's unnatural and this bloody charm forbids me to speak of such illness."

Hermione rolled her eyes and Ron took a step away from them; feeling cautious.

"We've just gotten back from talking to Pansy's parents," the redhead said, changing the conversation before either of the two witches present could start to row. (He was not quite sure who he would support—well, okay, he knew he'd be behind Pansy completely because, well, he loves her and she entertains him at night. Obvious there, isn't it?) "Zabini seemed to have invited everyone on his mummy's owl-list and we were shocked to see them striding down from the castle."

"…I tried to hide," Pansy side-commented.

Ron gave a nod and then said, "Mrs. Parkinson was surprisingly charming when I was talking to her. She seemed so eager for the wedding that she looked like she might wet herself from the anticipation."

The brunette looked at her friend in a scolding manner. "Ronald."

"What? She was. She even wanted to meet my mum so they can start planning the wedding. Which is in a couple of months, as she reminded me every other second," he grumbled silently. "Everything was going well, you know, until…."

On the sudden soiled look on her bets friend's face, Hermione asked, "until what?"

"Dad's not so pleased with who I was sorted with," Pansy spoke, the charm apparently lifting itself as she looked sadder than Ron did, "and he made sure to inform us that he wasn't happy with me marrying a Blood-Traitor."

Ron looked even more saddened, and Hermione knew it was because he most likely felt like he wasn't good enough. Like he still wasn't good enough.

"I swore mother was going to hex him on the spot, but I pulled Ron away before either of them could speak again." Pansy moved her dark eyes from Hermione and looked deeply at the redhead boy. "…It doesn't matter, Ron, I already told you. Dad can say all the things he wants to, but none of it is going to change what I think. I told you from a start that they are vile, but I—Look at me, Ronald."

Ron mumbled something incoherently, and his fiancée had to reach for his chin and snap his head towards her direction. Making him look at her; to stare at her glittering eyes.

"I love you, alright?" Pansy whispered. "I love you, and I want to be one of the Weasley women."

Ron let a small smile crawl on his freckly face. "….I love you too, Pans."

And as they sealed such an oddly tender moment with a tender kiss, Hermione headed to find her fiancée. Suddenly feeling a bit lonely without him, and wanting to feel that sensation that Ron and Pansy were no doubt feeling from one another.


"Hold still, you git," Draco hissed, his hands trying to untie the emerald tie from around his friend's neck. "Calm down, Zabini, or I'll hex your bits off if you go into a convulsion!" He threatened, growing irritated at the trembling his best mate was giving.

Blaise nodded hectically. "I'm okay...I'm okay," he chanted to himself, taking a seat on the chair provided by the cabin. (Well, the one that the Headmistress provided for his joyous occasion for having the ceremony in the school grounds.) "I'm a big lad...I'm a big lad. I can handle this."

"You're being pathetic, Blaise," his friend snorted, slapping him beside the face. "I said hold still!"

Zabini gulped. "T-Thanks, mate," he muttered incoherently as he rubbed his right cheek from the slap he'd just gotten. "I needed that."

"I didn't do it for your needs, mate, but for my own," Draco responded, waving away the gratitude his friend gave to him. "You're becoming like a blubbering witch with her knickers in a twist, you know? No wonder Chang can handle you like a dangling strand of yarn."

"I resent that," Blaise muttered, grabbing the tie his fellow Slytherin managed to snake away from his neck and allowing him access to the oxygen floating around them. "I'm just having a bit of trouble knowing that I'm actually doing this, you know? I mean...I'm glad I'm doing this, I wouldn't give up my magic for all the galleons in the world, it's what makes me such a lovely boy, after all. But...I guess I'm growing up."

Taking a seat from across Zabini's, Draco sighed in frustration. "I'd expect you figured that out when you turned seventeen, Blaise." He rolled his eyes. "Look, you just have to grit your teeth and remember that you love Cho. Granted, you're not in love with her, but you know that will happen someday."

His friend nodded slowly. "…Someday."

"Maybe after she gives you a bit of action and you truly become a man."

And then Blaise frowned deeply, his panic-attack forgotten. "I am too a man, Malfoy!" He snapped, his ego wounded slightly. (Curse Chang for not giving it up!) "And, yes, I'm content that at least we're good friends and that our marriage won't be awkward, but still. Seeing everything set up and all the congratulating people, it suddenly makes everything real." He gave his head a slight shake, rubbing his eyelids as he tried breathing calmly again. "…I'm going to pass out when I see her coming down that aisle, mate, I know it."

Feeling unlike himself, Draco gave his friend a smile. "Just think that she'll be the witch you'll end up being so in love with, who you will share everything with, and who will ultimately give you children."

Blaise looked up, looking alarmed and like he was about to start going into another fit.

"Fine, you ruddy idiot, think that she'll give it up at the end of the ceremony," Malfoy snapped, taking the conversation to another direction.

"Now you're talking, Malfoy!" Blaise grinned, clapping his hands together and laughing excitedly.

Draco snorted, "pathetic."

"Oh, don't go about being so insulted, Drake." The dark Slytherin rolled his green eyes. "Just because I'm not entirely in love with Cho doesn't make you a sudden saint because you and Hermione got manky in your chamber and you enjoyed it ever so much."

Malfoy's eyes threatened to open widely and in shock, but he managed to glare at Blaise before they gave him away. "I do not know what you are talking about."

"You don't, do you?" Blaise grinned cheekily. "Honestly, Malfoy, just because I play to be an idiot doesn't mean that I am one. You seem to be forgetting that between you and I, I'm the mastermind behind all Slytherins. I see and notice everything—and that affection that you've developed for Granger is immensely obvious. Believe me, the entire castle can see your eyes shining when she holds your hand."

The blonde frowned automatically. "Affection? I feel no— "

"Oh, pardon me then—the love you feel for Granger is obvious," Blaise corrected himself before Draco could get out his complete denial. "There's nothing wrong with loving her, you know? You look strangely happy when you're around her, something I haven't seen in your face since Fourth Year when you were certain Potter was going to be eaten by that dragon."

Draco still said nothing, eyes narrowed at his fellow house-mate.

Blaise continued, "I'm assuming your plan backfired on you, then. Which is not a surprise to me either seeing as you never have the heart to finish your sadistic— "

"My plan is going perfectly well," Malfoy hissed, standing himself up from the chair as he finally got enough of the things Zabini said. "If you, the smartest bloke in the castle, can see the love I developed for the Muggle-Born then obviously I'm playing my cards right and even she has began to believe it!"

Blaise raised an eyebrow.

Draco's chest heaved up with anger, his fury boiling through his veins as he disregarded his friend's expression. "I would never allow myself to love that filthy bookworm, even if I was tortured into it, understood? I'm doing this for my benefit, just like I've told you plenty of times before. This marriage is nothing but convenient for me and unlucky for her."

And yet with his anger blazing deep inside of his chest, with the words filled with hate and venom spewing out of his mouth, his silver eyes held no flame. They stared back at his best friend with his lies dripping from their sockets. The hate on the surface not matching what his eyes reflected on the inside.

"….You love her, don't you?"

Draco lowered his head, his blonde hair falling to his forehead as he looked down at his chest and nodded his response. His eyes quickly looked back up at Blaise as he noticed his shoes appear right in front of him after a few seconds.

And again to his surprise Blaise was grinning largely and proudly.

Malfoy scoffed at Zabini's annoyingly I'm-always-right expression that he was wearing at the current moment.

"That's my mate! The Slytherin Pureblood Prince that has no heart and feels no emotion!" Zabini laughed, slapping the back of Draco's robes. "Come, Malfoy, I'm getting married."

In a strange moment of friendship, in what could be described more like a moment filled with brotherly affection, Blaise Zabini and Draco Malfoy exited the cabin with two smirks on their faces; just like only the Slytherins knew how to do. An arm draped around each others shoulders as they headed towards Blaise's future together. Leaving the blonde wizard with hopes that his was just over the horizon.

But what neither of them seemed to have noticed was the brunette sitting underneath the cracked cabin window with heartbreaking tears falling from her hazel eyes and a broken expression on her face as the world started to crash all around her.

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