For Turning Blue and Holy Ceremonies

"No, grab the wand! The wand, you idiot!"

"I can't think of a spell at the precise moment, you cow!"

"Do it the muggle-way!"

"She isn't breathing! Hurry!"

Clink. Clink. Clink.

"You would think," a drawling voice came from behind the clutter noises on the ground, "that for two people who've just had a show-down at the Ministry, argued like two five year-olds over a box of sweets, who were summoned by the Headmistress upon their immediate arrival, and spent an hour locked in her office with a pair of real snakes, that you would walk with less of a racket."

"Lay her on the floor!"

"Hermione, breathe! Breathe!"

"Pansy, don't slap her!"

"Don't yell at me, Ginevra! I'm trying to get her to stop turning blue!"

"Will both of you shut up? You two dumb witches are making everything even worse!"

There was an immediate eye-roll. "Oh, excuse us. Were we disturbing you?"

"Don't give me that tone, Granger," Blaise Zabini took a step towards the couple in front of him, exposing his handsome expression in the candlelight of the corridor. A giant smirk stretched across his face as his pearl-white teeth gleamed tauntingly in the dim light. "It's past midnight, and certainly past curfew. I could hear you two stomping your way out from the Head Office as I tried to catch up on some assignments."

Hermione gagged. "Can we please not talk about homework?"

Blaise raised his eyebrow, the smirk still on his face as he was still amused. "What's this? Has the Brightest Witch of the Age finally given up on the stupidity that assignments are in this castle?"

"No," Draco Malfoy, less frozen than he had been all night, replied towards his friend. "It's just that Thomas and Lovegood had been doing their 'assignments' in the grounds and were caught by Filch. And just the mere image of….Thomas and Lovegood working rather hard can put anyone in shivers."

Blaise shook his head while he clucked his tongue. "Oh, those two pesky kids. They were using those quills that were forbidden by the Ministry, eh?"

Hermione and Draco exchanged a look with one another.

In the hectic moment of yelling and insults, Pansy Weasley and Ginny Potter turned to stare at Luna Lovegood with astound eyes. Both of them suddenly struck silent at the mere fact that the corkiest and most eccentric Ravenclaw they'd ever set their eyes on had just shouted at them with much venom; and with the most aggressive glare on her pale face.

"If both of you are going to stand there and shout insults at each other, please leave." Luna kept her glare. "The main concern here is to help Hermione, not to start a war."

Ginny lowered her head, her red curls—for a very special occasion—sprung around her as she found the floor momentarily amazing.

"For Slytherin's sake," Pansy grunted as she formed her palm into a fist and proceeded to punch the back of the brunette sitting on a nearby armchair.

Three loud gasping noises pierced the chamber.

"You see? She needs no bloody medical assistance, just a good hit." Pansy looked down at the brunette nonchalantly. (Oh, come on now. Ginny might be feeling ashamed, but it's Pansy! It's settled that she has no heart. Okay, she does. But when she's being shouted at, especially by Loony Lovegood, the Slytherin inside of her still comes out to play.)

"Pansy, don't—"

"Maybe just one more," the Slytherin cut-off Ginny as she raised her hand at the brunette once more. "Granger!" Slap. Slap. "Granger!"

"Would you wipe that stupid look off your face, Zabini?" Draco snapped, getting tired of hearing Blaise gasp as Hermione explained to him that Dean and Luna were disgracing the grounds of Hogwarts and not breaking the rules over some Weasley's Wizard Wheezes quills .

"Oi, I'm in shock here." Blaise frowned. "I feel like a total prude right about now. There I was, letting Cho sleep peacefully while I decided to do my Potion's homework, and all of a sudden the thing to do is violate the castle? Where does that leave me, mate? Where?" He reached over, and with his dark fingers, he grasped the collar of Malfoy's shirt. "With the Hufflepuffs! That's where!"

"You don't technically know that, Blaise," Hermione pointed out, rolling her eyes as Draco began to turn red in the face as Blaise gripped roughly. (Oh, she could already see it. Draco would hex Blaise, make him cry, question their 'brotherhood', Malfoy would apologize, Blaise would accept, they would share a strange but tight embrace and Hermione would raise her eyebrow and tell everyone at breakfast the following day. Yep. So predictable those Slytherins.)

Blaise snorted at her. "Oh, I know everything," he retorted at her with some tone of defense. "And let me tell you, my once-virginal-bookworm," he took a step back, letting go of Draco's shirt as he aimed a punch towards his face as he mentioned the dirty deed that caused the Gryffindor Princess to be as impure as Luna Lovegood. "I was told by Goyle, who was told by Parvati, who was told by Romilda Vane, who heard it from Lavender, who overheard Weasley talking to Finnegan and Potter that he was told by Pansy, who had a talk with Millicent, that Ernie McMillan has decided to wait until their wedding to continue consummating their physical relationship!"

Malfoy raised his pale eyebrow and a look of disgust started emerging onto his expression. "That's filthy, Blaise. How can you even spread around Millicent Bullstrode's sex life?"

"Because she is currently having one and I am not!" Zabini hissed.

"Pansy, she's suffocating not going deaf!" Ginny finally snapped, reaching over and pushing the dark-haired witch away. "Hermione, are you alright?"

Looking up at the redhead with a slight blur and aching parts of her body, Hermione nodded her head at the girl. "I'm fine, Gin. Completely fine."

"You see?" Pansy snorted, shoving Ginny back to the side so she could get a clear view of the brunette. "She just needed a few slaps to react, that's all."

The redheaded Gryffindor glared. "You're a complete beast."

"You don't have to be so brutal, Ginny, I know what I'm doing," Pansy replied. "After all, I reacted the same way so many times that the only thing that helped was being slapped out of it by a fellow Slytherin. And believe me, those bitches are worse. When they get a chance to attack with permission, they're not the fairest of witches."

The three other girls in the background glared at Ron Weasley's new bride.

"You sure you'll be fine, Hermione?" Luna asked, speaking quickly before Ginny could lash out at her sister-in-law. "We can always reschedule this. There's still a few more days of school left, I'm sure the Headmistress would grant you an extension."

"No, no, Luna." In a very shaky manner, Hermione stood from the armchair with some caution; smiling gratefully at the blonde as she stretched a hand out and helped her steady herself. "I'm ready. It's just…when I saw everything put together, I couldn't help but grow weak. I mean, after everything that's happened these past few weeks, it all seems so surreal now. I've never been used to so much peace that I can't bear it."

Sticking her tongue out at the redhead, Pansy turned to grin kindly at Hermione. "Well, you better start believing it, Granger. Things are starting to change—they've been changing ages ago." This time without trying to injure her—which came purely from the heart, mind you— Pansy placed a palm on Hermione's shoulder. She slowly gave her a light spin towards the mirror on the wall. "Now all we've to adjust to are the things we're getting from it. Times are no longer the same, nor will they ever be, but believe us, it's for the better."

In the tall crystal glass, Hermione saw Pansy smile at her with the sincerest expression that she'd ever seen on the Slytherin's face, especially directed towards her. And in the mirror hanging on one of the chamber's walls, she also saw her two other friends emerge from the back; the three of them standing behind her as the white dress on Hermione's body glowed dramatically on her reflection.

"Where are we going?"


"I say we just let him continue walking and make a go for it," Draco suggested as he held on to his fiancée's hand while they followed the footsteps of Blaise's fuzzy slippers. "He'll never notice. "

"How do you know that?" Hermione mumbled, her eyes kept forward as Blaise turned the corner and they continued to follow.

"Because, my Gryffindor," the blonde wizard said with a bored tone and a small smirk appearing on his pale face, "Zabini likes to concentrate on his walking. He imagines himself strutting down a catwalk from a muggle runway that he puts all his focus on every expression he makes as he walks. It's a completely barmy, but he never pays attention to the things around him."

"Really?" The brunette asked, mocking laughter threatening to spill.

"We're here," Blaise's voice rang through Hermione and Draco's laughter; making Hermione embarrassed as her eyes quickly scanned the floor and landed on the Slytherin's magenta slippers.

"What exactly is here?" Malfoy questioned, his irritation quickly coming back to him as his best friend returned the smirk he had on behind his back. "You're not going to tell us, are you?" Draco added, glaring even more as Blaise shook his and just pointed to the door where they'd stopped.

"Children," Hermione huffed, pushing her fiancée away as she reached for the doorknob and twisted it open.


The Ravenclaw, the Gryffindor, and the Slytherin—the three witches in the background, watched with misty eyes as the brunette shined beautifully in front of them. How delicately and magnificent the beads on her strapless, satin dress gleamed with the light of the sun entering from the tallest window in the chamber. And even how dazzling that hairpin that was made up of two snakes with emeralds attached wonderfully as pupils looked as they joined as a heart on the side of Hermione's head; pulling her waves away from her face and exposed her beauty more to the public.

"Who would've thought," Pansy whispered, trying not to break the tender moment going on as her black eyes connected with the emeralds on the hairpin, "that an object passed by generations of Slytherins and Purebloods would look so breathtaking on the Gryffindor Princess?"

"I think it's lovely," Luna murmured as well, sounding a little distracted as she gazed down at the diamond on her finger; feeling her own chills race up to her spine as she thought of how close her wedding date was. "The fact that you refused to wear a veil but instead that Black heirloom that the Malfoys gave you. It just gives it the perfect touch."

Ginny nodded, agreeing with the two other girls. "As if the ceremony won't officially turn you into a Malfoy, that hairpin adds their form into who you are, 'Mione."

Giving her bridesmaids—who were all dressed in deep-emerald dresses—a watery gaze, Hermione inhaled deeply as she inhaled some of her courage. "It's time."

And it was.


Jumping back a step and colliding with a hard chest, Hermione squeaked at the sudden uproar exploding from the small chamber she had just entered. "What in Merlin's—"

"What's all this, Zabini?" Malfoy asked, settling his fiancée as she continued to waddle as several pairs of excited eyes stared enthusiastically at them.

"This is us," Blaise pushed past the frozen couple and joined his fellow classmates inside of the Weasleys chamber, "celebrating your unholy, lovely union!"

"With my help, of course," a hand was raised in the air and Harry Potter smirked at his best friend. "We couldn't have you return to Hogwarts without making a festivity, could we? It's not every day that your fellow Gryffindor and Slytherin are joined together to face the most sacred of unions by will, is it?"

Said Slytherin and Gryffindor frowned.

Harry rolled his eyes at them, uncaring. "Come off it, we needed to celebrate this."

"Besides, we're tired of all the drama," Pansy spoke from her couch as she tighten the hold on her bathrobe. "Not that it isn't delightful that the two of you are together—"

"Or that it will finally stop Blaise from updating me on every step you two make," Cho said from the seat next to Pansy, her pajamas wrinkly as they can be as she attempted to straighten them out. (What Ravenclaw likes to look like a total mess?)

"Not that we don't care," Luna—sitting on Dean Thomas' lap from a chair across the room—added with a dreamy smile.

"But whatever it is that you've to say, you better make it snappy." From her position next to the Boy-Who-Lived, Ginny yawned loudly. "It is past one, and we were told that you had something very important to tell us that couldn't wait until morning. And as much as I love you, 'Mione, I've exams come sunrise, so please.."

"Harry," Hermione groaned as she was pushed in to her friends' chamber, the door shutting behind her and her soon-to-be husband. "Couldn't you not have said anything?"

Potter shrugged casually. "Sorry, Hermione, but it's important."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Blaise interrupted the conversation between the two Gryffindors. "Potter should've kept his trap shut, but he didn't—now tell us!"

There was a shove. "Would you get out of the way?"

A snort was met with the angry retort and another shove was given in return to the prior one. "Excuse me, but this is a very important day for me. I've to make sure that every hair is in place." A pair of deep eyes looked into the mirror, causing a sneer to reflect from the crystal. "I can't go out there and look like a common Gryffindor, can I?"

"Oi!" Ron Weasley—who was laying lazily on a small couch, trying to take a nap between the bickering—frowned at the two wizards arguing over the mirror. "I resent that!"

"Would you get away—"

"Oi, oi! Watch it! This is fine silk! Wait your turn!"

"Zabini," from the shouts the wizards were giving, no one seemed to hear when the door to the chamber opened, "would you please move away from the mirror? You had your turn two hours ago. Malfoy needs to finish." Harry Potter frowned at the two Slytherins while a blue-haired toddler grinned greatly at the scene.

"But I've got to be perfect!" Zabini complained, getting shoved out of the way by Teddy Lupin; the boy nudged him on the legs with his small hands.

Rolling his eyes behind his glasses, Harry came to stand behind the once-bouncing ferret. "Scared, Malfoy? You look terrified."

Fixing the emerald tie over his perfectly white shirt, Draco Malfoy moved his silver eyes towards the top of the mirror, checking to see if his blonde hair was still currently in place after struggling with his self-centered best mate. "I'm about to get married, Potter, what do you think? This is the biggest thing that I've done that didn't involve me getting a mad-man's symbol burned on to my skin," being past the terrible choices he'd committed in years past, Draco was keen to see the shutter that Potter gave him. "I've been through everything with Hermione that marriage seems so silly."

"That might be true, Malfoy, but think about it the way that I did," the Chosen One said calmly, taking the advantage to fix the Slytherin-green vest he had over his robes. (Curse Hermione for giving Narcissa Malfoy the permission to add a bit of their ancestral colors into the wedding scheme.) "Marriage might seem so foolish, meaningless after all you've gone through with that person, but the connection you have with them will intensify. And it will solidify your bond even more, making it unbreakable."

"…I…I've never had someone to call my own," Draco admitted in a murmur, swallowing his pride as he remembered that his two past arch-enemies were in the room. "I was always surrounded by witches that wanted the respect my surname had, or the wealth that I would inherit, but none of them were ever interested in me. And then Hermione came along, and she loathed me. She would've given me a go if she could have, but yet, she always tried to see the very best in me…And in the end, she brought it all out. She gave me a sense that there were better, wicked things to life."

Putting a hesitant palm on Malfoy's shoulder, Harry gave a nod. "When you love a person you pull them out from their miserable abyss if you can," he mumbled awkwardly at the Slytherin Prince. "Ginny held on forever to the hope that she could get rid of all the overwhelming things in my life. And when times were the most daunting, she was the only light I saw. And once it was all over, loving her was so simple that it didn't feel right…Once we got married and the Minister pronounced her as a Potter…well, I knew that I was getting the product of all of Ginny's hope. And that finally, I'd be happy."

"…It's just the step to your future, Malfoy," Ron chirped in from where he lay, his ears perked up at the interaction between his brother-in-law and the blonde wizard. "I almost hid under my mother's skirt when I started hearing that it was my cue to stand by the alter. Fear of committing to someone in such a level shook my insides, and George had to pull me out by the ear like a child and force me by wand-tip," the Weasel King shook his red hair, snickering at himself, "and that was with me loving Pansy with all I had."

"It's just typical for the bloke to be more frightened," Blaise said as he adjusted Teddy's robes on his little body. (After muttering a, 'No kid that's been dressed by Blaise Zabini will go into the ceremony looking like a savage troll.') "It's natural."

Chuckling to himself, despite the rapid heartbeat in his chest, Malfoy seemed calm. "It happens to you all the time, mate."

Blaise glared. "Does not!"

"Does too!" Teddy chortled, smirking like his second-cousin had showed him. (Oh, he had made Draco so proud that day.)

"Is this where you explain to us why you didn't think about telling us about your daft choice?" Ginny hissed towards the brunette. (Just because she was tired didn't mean that she'd forgotten that Hermione was going to do the stupidest thing imaginable and she wasn't even going to be given the chance to shout at her because her memory would've been wiped clean. No one tinkers with Ginny Potter's memory and gets away with it!) "I almost blew Harry up when he explained to me where he was after Ron's wedding."

"Forget her, why didn't you tell me?" Zabini interjected. "I thought we'd broken down those barriers of house rivalry. I'm offended."

Trying to remain neutral and not show much emotion over that touchy subject, Malfoy said, "it's not something we actually wanted to discuss with the public, Blaise. It just happened." A part of him still feeling hurt that the love of his life—that's right, he admits it, love of his life—was going to tear herself away from him.

Two years ago Draco would've graciously made sure she swallowed every drop of that potion, but things had changed since then. And the mere thought, the mere memory of thinking she was so close to disappearing was enough for him to recoil.

Blinking the sleep forcefully from her eyelids, Pansy snapped, "as someone who has her living headquarters filled to the bloody brim with people, can we just continue with this?" She narrowed her eyes at the Gryffindor and Slytherin. "I was in a current dream where I managed to get the members of the Weird Sisters to kidnap me for some spanking fun and you lot interrupted it. So, I'm warning you now, this better be worth it."

Looking a little disturbed with that too detailed remark, Harry said, "it's actually quite something, Pans."

Sighing, Hermione nodded her head in defeat. (Let the record show that it wasn't because her best friend put her on the spot, but because in a couple of months she was going to have to explain the twenty pounds hanging from her womb.) "Okay. Well, erm…How do I—"

"Hermione's pregnant," Malfoy said clearly and smoothly.

Crash. Thump. Crash.

"—She's what?" Ron Weasley, who'd just entered his chamber carrying a tray with three bottles of Firewhiskey, gawked wildly at the two in front of him. He didn't hear the groan from his wife as the bottles and a body collided with the marbled floor of their chamber.

Ignoring the eyebrow raised high on his fiancée's face, Draco shrugged indifferently. "What? It's getting much easier to break the news. We an go inform Filch if you wanted." He paused for a second, snapping his fingers with some sarcasm and enthusiasm. "Oh, I know, I'll go break it to my dear Auntie Bella's grave. I bet I can say it with a giant sneer on my face."

"Hermione, you…you're pregnant?" Ginny asked in an incredulous whisper, her hazel eyes staring unbelievably at her friend. "Like…there's a b-baby—"

The brunette nodded simply. "Yes, there's a baby developing in my womb."

"Well," Dean snorted from his seat, smiling at the couple, "as the two top students in our year it's not surprise you two have already completed the assignments enlisted to us by the Ministry. Good job, Malfoy."

Hermione flushed and Draco smirked smugly.

"Merlin, you're pregnant!" Ginny squealed after a moment. "Oh, Hermione!"

Malfoy flinched and took a step towards the side as the redhead launched herself towards his fiancée. (Who then were quickly joined by Pansy, Luna, and Cho. All the girls squealing, awing, and bouncing on their feet.)

And letting the girls have their moment, the boys looked down at the body on the floor. "Zabini, would you get up?" Malfoy called, looking a little annoyed.

"No," Blaise whimpered from the floor. "Why, Malfoy, why?" He cried dramatically, his back still firmly on the marbled ground. "How could you do this to me?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, Zabini. I forgot that every time I'm about to have sex with Hermione I'm suppose to be thinking of you." Draco rolled his gray eyes. "Quit being a dunce, Zabini. I just told you I'm going to be a father, shouldn't you be happy for me?"

Blaise continued, shaking his head stubbornly. "But I'm too young to be a Godfather!"


"And now you've placed heavy pressure on me!" Blaise cut off his best friend once again. "What if Cho wants a little Ravenclaw around? Do you know the sleepless nights I'm going to endure now until my child goes to Hogwarts? You've doomed me!"

Draco glared. "Blaise—"

Zabini cried harder, "doomed me!"


Vivid humming birds chirped along the brilliant blue sky. Their humming increased with joy as the soft sunrays washed over their small bodies as they moved their wings along the sky in a beautiful rhythm. They flew at a constant rate over a grand lake, looking down as the ripples of water glowed alluringly as the light from the heavens and the intense greens from the forest surrounding it made the water glitter like crystal.

It was a beautiful summer day, and as all the passionate colors glowed breathtakingly from the grounds of Hogwarts the Humming Birds focused their beady eyes at a hilltop overlooking the Forbidden Forest. Being so amazed at how bright and rich everything seemed to look, the birds—and what seemed to be many people in decorated chairs—stared at three girls with bouquets of bright, yellow tulips in each of their hands. And as they registered the three girls in emerald dresses, all eyes managed to move from their beauty to an even more beautiful brunette walking down the grassy aisle with her white dress flowing behind her.

The birds chirped excitedly as the crowd staring after her sat a little straighter on their seats, their mouths twisting into smiles as the brunette joined a blonde in front of the alter. Both of them looking deeply into each others eyes; letting the profound brown and the shiny silver wash over each other.

"Beloved children of Merlin, we are gathered here in the sight of all that is magical and binding to join together this Wizard and this Witch to bond their souls for the rest of their lives," Hermione gazed at the Minister, Kingsley Shacklebolt himself as he pronounced the words that started her wedding ceremony to the man she loved.

She gave Draco's hand a small squeeze as she held on to the tears that were starting to form inside of her sockets; emotions running hectically inside of her.

It was total bliss, and it was getting hard for her to keep in the emotions as she could hear her mother in the background—a step that made history in the Wizarding World as the first muggle, alongside Mister Granger, to step foot in the grounds of Hogwarts. And through her mother's cries and her father's reassuring, supporting words, Hermione could also hear Mrs. Malfoy sniff a watery inhale as the Minister proceeded with the ceremony.

"—Which is an honorable commitment granted by our great ancestors, established by Merlin to join and create a whole couple from his descendants. Signifying to the world that the mystical union between two very different souls is not easy, but it's a beautiful thing once it is accomplished. Giving them the responsibility and the joy of extending the legacy that runs in our very veins." Kingsley raised his left palm to the bride and groom, smiling gently at them.

They smiled at him in return.

"Draco Malfoy," the Minister continued in the next second, "under the sacred testament that is the Ministry, do you accept this Witch to be your wife, to bond and join your soul, to share and strengthen the magical essence that lives within you, to live together after the blessing of Merlin's ordinance in this holiest of ceremonies? Will you love her, comfort her, honor, and keep her in sickness and in health; forsaking all others as long as your heart beats?"

Taking a deep breath, feeling the air of the hilltop, where he shared many of first intimate moments with the Gryffindor, settle inside of his chest, where his heart was beating with such happiness he forgot to exhale, Draco Malfoy gave the dazzling brunette next to him a intense look. Letting all the beauty that she was cover all he could see. "Yes. I do."

Allowing one tear to trace down to her cheek, Hermione turned back to face Kingsley as he directed his deep voice to her. "Hermione Jean Granger, under the sacred testament that is the Ministry, do you accept this Wizard to be your husband, to bond and join your soul, to share and strengthen the magical essence that lives within you, to live together after the blessing of Merlin's ordinance in this holiest of ceremonies? To take this wizard to be eternally yours, to accept his soul, to magically bind you two through his accomplishments, his failures, his health, his sickness, his joy, his anger, his everything for the rest of your days?"

Taking the exact deep inhale that Malfoy had, Hermione closed her eyes gently. Granting herself the feel of the sunrays to wash over her bare shoulders; taking the time to feel everything. To remind herself that it was all real, that she was there, and that Draco Malfoy was standing next to her. And, most unbelieving of all, that inside of her womb there was a child who was developing a beating heart. A child that belonged to both of them. A child who was to be a Malfoy; just like she was.

"Hermione?" Draco's voice was heard ringing softly inside of the her ear. "….Hermione?"

"Hmmm?" The witch humphed, trying not to twitch in her sleep as the wizard laying next to her continued to whisper in her ear.

"Are you awake?"

"No," Hermione mumbled, making a note to roll her eyes at that statement once she was functioning completely.

"I…I can't sleep," Malfoy continued to whisper, shaking her by the shoulder. Almost as if that were to snap all the sleep from her system. (Bloody insensitive witch. He was trying to talk.)"…I've been thinking about everything, and it's a rather hard thing to adjust to the fact that yesterday night I was without you and now we're lying in our chamber once again. Together. Like if everything that occurred hadn't."

Opening her eyes slowly, Hermione turned to her fiancée; squinting until she adjusted to the light the moon was throwing into their chamber. "No one is saying we have to forget it, Draco, but to simply put it behind us. We can't change what happened. It should make us into stronger, better people learning from those mistakes."

Nodding, Malfoy pulled Hermione on to his bare chest, sighing in a very un-Slytherin manner as he felt her warm breath grace his skin as she closed her eyes once more. "Granger, I just want you to know that, well, I'm not going anywhere. That I will always be by your side, with the lies long forgotten. I need you with me, and I just can't picture you not being there. And I love you…both of you." He snaked a firm palm around her waist and onto her flat abdomen. Barely registering the fact that there was a small lump— his child forming itself inside there to be the great magical being it will be.

"…I love you too, Draco," Hermione whispered in reply, forgetting about her sleep as she heard Draco's heart beat and she melted into his warm embrace.

He was finally human, and that was all she had ever asked for.

Kingsley blinked his eyes, the guests in the background silent. "Hermione?"

And shaking away that beautiful memory, Hermione opened her brown eyes and fluttered them back to life. "Yes, I do."

With both dark palms now, Kingsley Shacklebolt raised them high with a grand smile on his face. "I declare you two bonded for life, blessed in this sacred union, man and wife!"

A loud roar erupted from the guests, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and even the birds in the air.

"I give you Draco and Hermione Malfoy!"

And the noise was left in the background as Draco pulled his wife into a tight embrace and he got lost in her lips. Feeling his heart explode against her thumping one; even sensing a strong electrical current run from him to her, a connection.

"That's how she got pregnant the first time!"



"Ow, Cho! "

"That's disgusting! Stop!" Pansy added to Blaise's taunts as Ron and Harry wrinkled their noses at the sight of the Slytherin Ferret kissing their best friend without even taking a moment to catch his breath. "Someone call McGonagall! Fifty points from Gryffindor!"

"Slytherin! Slytherin—What, now?" Zabini grunted as his wife smacked him once more. "I'm encouraging it, woman, what do you want from me?"

Oh, all was right with the world.

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