Extending the Family Line

The sun was shining brightly, mixing with the aroma of the trees and the decaying flowers. And as the air roamed around the grounds of Hogwarts, the leaves crackled as they fell carelessly to the ground. Signaling that Fall was just over the horizon, bringing the reminder that soon after it would hit the snow will start covering all that was green.

And as the air and sun rays mixed together, a tiny owl with beautiful silky feathers soared into a window. Onto a chamber from one of the tallest towers in Hogwarts School, carrying a letter attached to its right leg.

He landed carefully and silently on a trunk that sat at the foot of the bed. His circled-eyes looked curiously at the two figures sleeping on the bed as the sun washed over their faces. The girl with the brown hair had a peaceful expression, her left cheek snuggled closely into the chest of the male. His pointed chin on top of her head, an arm wrapped around her waist softly.

Both slept comfortably wrapped around each other.

Brown eyes popped open suddenly, erasing the peacefulness. "What in Merlin—" She slapped her hand on the hard chest, trying to pull herself out. "Malfoy! Malfoy, let go!"

Okay, maybe not.

"Huh - what? I have a wand!" The blonde boy opened his eyes rapidly, shoving his hand underneath his pillow. "What's going on?" His eyes landed quickly onto the girl's face, "oh, it's you," he hissed, pushing her off him.

"Were you trying to suffocate me in my sleep?" She snapped, grimacing as she smelled Malfoy's scent on her white tank-top. "Couldn't you wait until I was up before you tried to murder me?"

Draco glared, his gray eyes hardening. "You were on top of me, Granger."

"Your arm was clutching me!"

The dark owl narrowed his small eyes at the couple, getting annoyed at them the more they opened their mouths. So he flew up a few inches, zooming towards them. Squeaking loudly, it tied to get them to focus on him.

Hermione, surprised by the sudden noise, jumped towards Malfoy, pressing her back to the board-frame, her arm touching his.

"And you're suppose to be a vital part of the Golden Trio?" Malfoy scoffed, pointing at the owl. "It's got a message, Princess."

The brunette frowned. "Obviously, Malfoy. Why else would an owl be here? I doubt It wants to become the family pet," she retorted, outstretching her hand out towards the bird. "Thanks for the message," she told the owl, untying the parchment from his leg.

"Read it out loud, Granger." Draco rubbed his eyes, trying to get rid of all the sleep from them. For a moment he forgot that the Gryffindor Princess was sitting beside him and he placed his chin on top of her head, finding it easy as the girl was much smaller than him.

Hermione's brown brows forward together, feeling uncomfortable as Malfoy leaned on her. She sighed internally and decided to ignore it at the moment. It was too early to begin a fight, and the owl was staring at her in a scowling manner. "…Of course," she cleared her throat and began to read.

"To the Future Mister and Mrs. Malfoy—" At the same time, both Slytherin and Gryffindor stuck out their tongues in disgust; cringing at the sound of the Slytherin's surname meant for both of them.

I hope that the first night of the new sleeping arrangement wasn't too much of a problem. As you learned earlier yesterday night, the Ministry has decided that all of you that are affected by the Marriage Law should experience the act of living together before you can actually proceed to the marriage. It's a way to get you to be comfortable around your new Spouse and get to see what they will be like.

We encourage all of you to maintain patience and practice caution around each other. The person who you're to be married with will be a part of you forever, hence they should not be treated as the enemy. And any acts of hatred towards another will not be permitted and punished severely by a method the Ministry sees fit.

This letter, besides hoping you well, is to inform you that there are a few deadlines that will be revealed along the course of two months. These deadlines will need to be fulfilled in order to respect the bylaws of the Marriage Law. And as a decree of this new law, you are to choose a Marriage Date in two weeks from now. The date for the wedding should be within the school year and not after. This is to ensure that the law is processed and respected.

No exceptions.

Have a lovely day,

Headmistress McGonagall.

"She cant be serious," Hermione spoke to the owl, ignoring Malfoy's gritting teeth. "How can they expect us to choose a wedding day so soon? We've only been engaged for a week. That woman is losing it." She watched the bird nod its thick neck, and then fly out the open window.

Draco cleared his throat. "Do you, erm, want to choose the date already?" He asked uneasily at the girl.

Hermione exhaled noisily. "What I want is a bath, Malfoy." She shook her head, shooing off his chin and began to jump out of the mattress. "I'll be out in a few minutes." She stopped, her fingers wrapped around the top of her trunk. "Did you…Did you repair the sheets?" She asked, raising her eyebrow at the metallic-colored blankets—both halves sewn back together. "Never mind." She rolled her eyes, pulling her trunk towards the restroom.

Malfoy shook his body as he stood from the bed also; trying to shake off all the germs the Gryffindor must've contaminated him with when she sprawled herself on top of his chest. He gagged and opened the door from the room.

"She better leave a lot of hot water," he crossed the room, slamming the door behind him, "or else none of this will come off." He wiped his arm roughly. "What in the bloody hell!" He exclaimed, registering the fact that he was feeling his bare arm. He looked down to himself and noticed that his school robes were gone and instead he was dressed in emerald pajama pants and a white muscle-shirt. "I was violated!"

A loud scoff invaded the vacant living room. "Don't consider yourself so lucky, mate." Blaise Zabini waved a hand from the small couch, a blanket wrapped around his dark figure and his school robes scattered on the floor beside him.

"What are you doing here?" Draco raised his pale brow.

"Coming up with a master plan to get into the shower with Granger, of course," Blaise said in a casual tone, making Draco let out a hissing sound. Not really stirred by his friend's furious gaze, the dark-skinned Slytherin rolled his eyes and said, "sleeping, Drake, what else does it look like?" He threw a pillow at his friend.

"Why are you sleeping here?" Draco caught the pillow. "Why aren't you in your own chamber?"

Blaise shrugged. "Chang threw me out. She was screaming about me not cooperating with her and refusing to decorate the chamber with her."

"And, what else?" Malfoy pressed, n ot believing that was the only reason.

Sitting himself up, Zabini let out a rough sigh. "I told her if she would like to break-in the bed. And when she told me I was a ruddy troll, I told her she didn't need to get her knickers in a twist I was sure Diggory wouldn't mind wherever he was."

"I'm surprised she didn't curse you." Malfoy scoffed as he walked over to an armchair and sat himself down, his bare feet touching the cold, marbled floor.

"Fortunate for me, I remembered that I had my good mate Draco living a few chambers away."

"Our chambers are separated by a tower, Blaise." Draco commented.

Zabini shrugged. "Alohamora works anywhere, okay?" He glared. "Besides, I had to see how peacefully you and Granger slept. It was quite beautiful. Except for the fact the fact that the blankets were torn and you were still in your school robes, of course."

"It was you?"

"Neat, isn't it? No need to thank me." He grinned, his white teeth gleaming brightly. "Anything to see that smile on your face when Granger snuggled herself onto you."

"Out!" Malfoy growled. "If Chang didn't murder you, I will!"

"I'm so terrified." Blaise stuck his middle finger out to the Slytherin Prince and threw himself back on to the couch, throwing the sheets over his head. "Wake me up when Granger's out of the shower."


"Good morning, 'Mione." Harry Potter smiled at his best friend, watching her and her soon-to-be husband unlink their arms, frown at each other, and parted ways willingly. "How did it go with Malfoy?" He asked, looking at Malfoy stomp his way to the Slytherin table.

"This is how it went." Hermione flipped her brown curls away from her face, showing Harry the bruise she had found on her right cheek in the morning from the previous night.

"That bloody Ferret!"

"Control yourself, Harry," Hermione spoke at once, grabbing a plate of eggs as she proceeded to explain. "Malfoy didn't touch me, if that's what you're thinking. We just had a row over the sleeping arrangements and I fell to the floor."

Harry steadied himself, putting his wand back on the tabletop. "What was the problem?"

"I wanted him to sleep on the floor," Hermione huffed, waving as Ginny approached the table with her angry-faced brother. "I made him a decent bed on the floor, but he refused, so we ended in a tug-a-war. And obviously, I lost." She pointed to her bruise cheek.

Ginny rolled her brown eyes at Hermione. "So what happened in the end?"

"We slept together," Hermione said roughly.

Ginny laughed loudly. "Was it magical?"

The Golden Trio glared at the redhead Sixth Year at the same time. The three of them appalled that Ginny would think Hermione was actually enjoying her time with the Slytherin ferret. "It's a bloody nightmare," Hermione hissed, ignoring Ginny's comment. "I've already had Blaise Zabini try and claim our living room and strut around the place like it was the Slytherin Common Room. He even stormed into the bathroom as soon as I made it out of the tub."

"So the snakes have began to descend." Ginny laughed again, taking Harry's plate from him and spooning his cereal. "I'll expect Goyle to roam your kitchen by tomorrow."

"If he comes back, I'm sending him to your chamber for mocking me, Ginny. This is serious." Hermione frowned disapprovingly at the redhead.

"How was your night, mate?" Harry asked Ron before Ginny and Hermione could get into an argument over the Slytherins. Merlin knew they would have a lifetime to row about that subject. "Parkinson made you sleep on the floor too?"

"No," Ron said, chewing his eggs. "She agreed to let me sleep on the bed on as long as I don't snore at night and stay on my side."

Interested in the conversation suddenly—since it had been a while that she'd heard Ron speak without snapping for something or looking furious—Hermione asked, "so, I take it you two are getting along? She seems to be behaving herself this year."

Ron shrugged his shoulders, more interested in his breakfast than breaking down whatever it was that was going on with Parkinson and her happy mood. "Dunno really," he said anyway, "we don't really talk. I reckon that's a good sign. We're not both trying to kill one another."


"Dean." Ginny frowned at her ex-boyfriend as he slammed his text books on the tabletop; making her cereal bowl jump up and splatter milk across. "What's your problem?"

"Luna," Dean Thomas said acidly, fisting his dark palms.

"I thought you were in paradise with her?" Ginny raised her eyebrow. "What happened?"

Dropping his furious scowl and replacing it with sad eyes, miserable looking ones, Dean slumped himself down on a place next to Hermione. "I intercepted that bloody owl in the morning," he began, "and I knew that I wanted to ask Luna right away. Do it properly and all that. So, of course, my idiotic self got down on one knee and asked her to be my wife...And she said no."

Choking on her own share of toast, Hermione tried to cover her incredulous gasp with a few coughs. "...She said no?"

That was the oddest thing that Luna Lovegood could've done, and Hermione knew that that was stretching it. The girl was known for her strangeness, but if there was one thing that made Luna normal, it was her love for Dean. It was no secret or mystery to the world that they were meant to be together—they just fit. No one really noticed it before, since neither were friends, but things changed between them due to the war.

It was love.

Hermione could see it in the way Dean's entire being would light up when Luna entered a room, when she spoke, when she blinked her whimsical blue eyes at him. His smile was the grandest thing when she laughed, and it was like he was addicted to it. Luna, for that matter, would decrease her oddness when she was around Dean; her entire focus on him; sounding out the rest of the world when he talked.

They only had eyes for one another, and that was truer than true.

Clearing her throat, still looking baffled, Hermione added, "are you sure?"

Dean frowned at his fellow Gryffindor, clearly not amused. "I'm sure, Hermione, I was there."

"What happened after?" Harry asked, equally bewildered.

"She ran off," Dean replied depressingly. "She just stormed out of the room without a word."

Ron breathed in through his teeth, clucking his tongue and shaking his head. "I'm sorry, mate." And for the first time in a long time, Ronald Weasley looked sympathetic and like a true friend. "She'll be back. She can't avoid you forever. I'm sure Luna has a good explanation for it all."

Dean looked at Ron apprehensively. "Erm, yeah. Thanks, mate."

"Well, "Ginny coughed, feeling the need to get everyone's attention of Luna's rejection. "Harry and I've chosen a date for the wedding."

"You have?" Hermione asked.

"…Congratulations," Dean breathed.

Ron just rose a brow, looking curious.

"Yes. We chose the date in bed last night, before that damn owl was sent." Ginny smiled brightly. "We decided to do it on New Year's." She intertwined her fingers with Harry's.

"Wait. Wait, wait." Ron waved his left palm out to his younger sister, something crossing his face. "I just remembered something here. If there's one bed per chamber, and Harry was in that bed and you were in that bed too—what the bloody hell was going on in said bed?" He glowered at the future Potter couple.

"Erm...Well..." Harry cleared his throat, turning a slight red.

"Ugh!" Hermione gasped loudly, an aghast expression on her face as she recognized that look on Harry's face. She knew that blush way too well, and so did Ron. And even if they didn't, Ginny's widened eyes revealed it all. "Harry! Ginny! Is that even allowed?"

"Kingsley never said it wasn't permitted!" Ginny interjected, turning as red as her hair.

"That's my sister!" Ron hissed at Harry. "You…You - You groped my sister!"

"I wouldn't say grope, exactly, mate," Harry muttered awkwardly.

Looking embarrassed and ashamed by the second, Ginny flashed a murderous gaze at her brother. "Ronald, sit! You're making a scene!"

"Explain yourself, Harry!" Ron snapped, ignoring his sister.

"Think about it this way, mate," Harry gripped his wand with his right hand, eyeing Ron's twitching fingers ready to whip out his, "if anything goes unexpectedly, then I'm extending the Potter family-line."

And in the next second, as Harry jumped out of his seat and sprinted towards the doors of the Great Hall, Ron bellowed, "Come back here, git!"

"Ron!" Ginny shouted after her brother. "Ron, don't!"

"Relax, Gin." Hermione chortled loudly with an amused Dean beside her. "Ron has to know that everyone reproduces."

Ginny sighed, shaking her fiery hair. "Harry makes a point, though. He is the last Potter. I was just trying to assist." The redhead notice Hermione's extremely amused expression and the redness of her cheeks from all the laughter. "I don't know what you're on about, Hermione." Ginny frowned. "You'll be popping out little Malfoy heirs in no time."

Hermione fell into an abrupt silence.

Dean laughed even harder, slamming his fist on the table with every chuckled.

"Hell," Hermione felt sick, "I never thought of that."

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