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Chapter 10: views

Sherlock didn't understand his actions at all, he found himself unable to leave John hunched over the toilet. Thankfully the heaving had stopped once the blond had emptied out the liquid and sparingly solid contents of his stomach.

"It was dumb of me to drink that much and not eat." John huffed into the bowl, his voice hoarse.

"Indeed. Although drinking doesn't seem to be a talent of yours. Perhaps-"

"Yeah, yeah. I'm not a drinker. I didn't mean to have that much." John placed his arms over the bowl and rested his throbbing head over them. "Sorry. If I embarrassed you then."

"Embarrassed me? I wasn't at the pub with you John. Therefore your stumbling and slurred speech in no way caused me embarrassment. Even if I had been there I would not have been affected by what others think. I simply don't care."

John laughed softly, "Of course not. But what I meant was your brother. He'll probably go running to your mother or Grand mere. I-"

"Mycroft is a fat snob. No, John, you did me a favor. It gave me an excuse to dismiss him and him an excuse to flee. As for your good manners being smeared I highly doubt Grand mere will be in the mood to hear anything Mycroft has to say against you." Sherlock smiled his hand moving on it's own to pet the back of the Omega's head. John's eyes were squeezed shut and Sherlock noted how this action caused the young doctor to relax, his eyelids fluttered briefly and John let out a soft sigh. "My mother is a bit of an over dramatic woman. I stopped trying to please her years ago. And my brother only does so out of a sense of guilt."

"Guilt?" John whispered.

"Yes, my father wasn't exactly the even tempered type. When we were young he would often discipline my mother. My brother and I were never treated as harshly as she but like I said father wasn't even tempered if he felt challenged or displeased he would lash out at the offending party. My mother often enough deflected my father's anger when it was fixed on Mycroft or me, in her direction. She was a foolish woman, and Mycroft being the eldest thought he could try and interfere with father only for it to end badly for everyone. "

"Sherlock, that's horrible. Your mother was only trying to keep you safe why do you call her foolish?" Sherlock didn't meet John's blue eyes.

"She was weak John. Instead of leaving the neanderthal she covered up the bruises and made the appropriate lies as to why she couldn't attend banquets or parties. She cared for us, true. But she cared for her wealth and social standing far more than our safety. She was foolish and weak. She made excuses for him, and treated him as if he were a king and it was his right to treat us like serfs. "

John's blue eyes were studying Sherlock's distant expression, the hand on his head had stilled and the Alpha was tense. John sighed sadly " She was stuck Sherlock. I'm sure she had her reasons."

Sherlock was frowning now, his gray green eyes meeting John's clear blue, a silence fell between them and Sherlock forgot they were in the small bathroom. He couldn't hear the slow drip of the faucet to John's right, or feel the cold of the porcelain through his trousers as he kneeled down next to the Omega.

All that mattered were those eyes, those clear blue eyes, wide and understanding. "Your brother just wants the best for you Sherlock. He is trying to protect you. Because now he can and back then he wasn't able to. You shouldn't be too hard on him. At least he didn't sell you in a poker game, or leave you with awful relatives because addiction mattered more than your safety." John closed his eyes and shivered at the memories starting to stir.

Sherlock caught how easily the younger man seemed to push these thoughts away and with a sigh John opened his eyes once more the clouds cleared and he was offering understanding.

John was anything but dull, John was intriguing and beautiful.

"Anyway, I'll drag myself out of here, probably should shower. I think I've gotten rid of everything and anything in my stomach. I'll be crawling into bed and regretting tomorrow. "

Sherlock frowned again not moving; John took a shaky hand and placed it over the one resting on his head. He squeezed lightly pulling it away, the Omega started to sit back on his heels. "Really. I can do this. I'm a big boy, a dumb one for giving in to peer pressure but a capable one."

Sherlock frowned again, standing slowly he glanced around the small bathroom as if unsure how he'd managed to be there. "Very well. Goodnight John." Sherlock cleared his throat and hurried out. He needed to clear his mind, organize his thoughts and find where the hell he stored his logic.

Why had he felt compelled to help the Omega, to offer comfort and why did he speak so openly of things he thought he deleted? It was the close proximity of an Omega doing this to him, just biology, cursed biology just chemicals no less. Sherlock straightened deciding he would get a better handle on this situation. No more slip ups, and John wouldn't be going out unescorted from now on.

Which lead to another nagging question, what the hell had Mycroft been going on about? Flowers?


John didn't leave the room until well after noon, his head pounding he took some paracetamol, and started to make tea. Sherlock was in his usual wear, a blue silk robe and his pajamas, the dark haired genius had his hands under his chin in steepled postion.

"Mind palace then." John murmured to himself with a soft smile. He placed a mug of tea within reach of the Alpha and took up the newspaper. Today was his day off he would enjoy it and wish for the hangover to leave him.

This part of going out wasn't any fun but it had been relaxing to spend time around his two friends. Which reminded him he needed to head in and report his change in status. It might move his deployment up, this for some reason caused a sadness stir. His time with the mad Alpha would be cut short if he was to deploy early. He wondered then what would become of the flat?

Why was that making him sad? John tried to shake the thoughts away, he needed to focus. Sherlock was far from his, and nothing could change the fact this was a business deal. Sherlock was just being kind last night, and all that about his family?

John took sighed staring blankly at the paper in front of him. It wasn't anything more than Sherlock stating facts. The blank expression on the other man's face hadn't been an illusion. His, as a matter of fact tone, all of it was so impersonal.

Still John winced thinking of two young Alphas watching their mother fall under the hard fists of a domineering father. How often had John's father struck him? Mycroft and Sherlock's mother seemed to have tried to keep Sherlock safe. Harry had only mouthed off or run away. It was worse for John when he was placed with his uncle.

John thought of Mycroft Holmes once more, it was easy to maybe see where he was coming from. Still did he have to be such a complete prick about it?


Sherlock's voice broke through his troubling thoughts, "Hmm?"

"I'm bored."

Oh the dread those words dredged up, John glanced over at the Alpha on the couch, gray eyes were fixed to a spot on the ceiling. John glanced up and thought it looked like a spit wad? Oh what had the Alpha been up to while John slept?

"Well perhaps you should call that detective fellow accept his apology and see if he has any work for you."


"Read a book." John offered.


John sipped his tea, why was it up to him to think of something?

"John." Sherlock sat up now taking the tea on the neatly organized table in front of him.


"Who is sending you flowers? And chocolates?"

The Alpha's tone was even and held no accusation just curiosity, John shrugged.

"I suppose your brother said something." John sighed, "Well. It's a patient I saw at the beginning of our engagement. That day that everything went to shit. He was forward but I was pretty firm. Still he's a bit too thick to accept no as an answer. Besides he's harmless, just flowers, wine and chocolate. I've been giving them to Doctor Hunter. "

"Did you show this idiot your bonding bracelet?" Sherlock growled.

"More than once, you know I'm starting to find out that it seems to attract more trouble than dispel it. Some of my Alpha patients during the day have become a bit more forward. Anyway like I said he's harmless some flirtatious pretty boy that hasn't been turned down before, my guess. Not like I'll see him again. He hasn't tried to approach me at work and I've ignored his little gifts and notes. Doctor Hunter has enjoyed them immensely."

"I thought your co workers were predominately Omega and Betas?" Sherlock's deep voice was cool and John looked up from his paper immediately sensing something was off.

"They are. Doctor Hunter is an Omega and she's been taking the gifts home, and in response to them her Alpha has become more uh," John coughed "possessive in his behavior."

Sherlock made a face, John rolled his eyes "It's harmless goading. He hasn't been so interested since they have three kids and this has spiced up her love life a little."

"It's cold manipulation. Something your gender is good at."

John bristled at this, "You aren't telling me you buy into that shite? Being the intelligent man that you are." John narrowed his eyes.

"It's simple a play on biology. This is why Omegas cant be trusted and this one is even married to her Alpha. Disgusting. I would expect such behavior out of unbounded couple. "

"Now hold on a bloody minute!" John tossed the paper on the coffee table. "You misogynistic prat. You forget the lot of you circle around an unbounded Omega practically beating your chest and showing dominance unable to keep your trousers on even when said Omega makes it clear they aren't interested. It's some kind of cat and mouse game with you Alphas. I've noticed it's worse when the bastards see a bonding bracelet but no mark, even the scenting seems to stir them up in a frenzy. How is that my problem? The mere fact that unbounded Omegas can't be promoted to higher ranks in the army has nothing to do with capabilities or skill.

Tests and research has proven though we aren't physically superior in some ways, we are still just as intelligent and cool headed under fire. Actually in most instances we have proven we are far more superior in keeping calm under stress. So we might not be able to lift the same amount of weights, Omegas have been known to carry injured Alphas long distances without a problem. So why can't we be promoted?

Oh that's right, because some testosterone driven bastard can't keep their hands to themselves and refuse to be ordered around by an Omega. Not because said Omega is incapable or inferior but because an Omega lacks the same length of equipment between the legs. How do you like that generalization?" John snapped standing up glaring down at the Alpha sitting on the couch.

Sherlock studied the flush to John's cheeks the scent of challenge in the air, his Alpha mind responded in less than a heartbeat. He had John pushed back onto the couch flipping the startled man onto his back Sherlock loomed over him. Eye's dark and teeth flashing.

"Mine!" Sherlock snapped pressing himself into the stiff figure beneath him. The Omega's blue eyes were wide and mouth slightly parted.

"No-" John started to form the words but soft lips came down hard on his, crushing and punishing. The Omega's response was to give in to submit but John fought against the urge to listen to his biology. Although the lips were warm, and tasted of tea and tobacco, he refused to be treated again as if his feelings didn't matter. He started to struggle, a mistake he should know better. Any kind of struggling would be perceived as a challenge to dominance.

The Alpha's pupils dilated further, blow wide with the instinct of a predator that felt as if his prey was getting away.

John felt those sharp hips press into him, startled by the fact that he was starting to become aroused and that the Alpha smothering him was already hard.

"Sherlock?" John managed to squeak, moving his head to the side. "Stop please." He hated how it came as a plea but he hadn't a choice, he was on the brink of giving in. Then what? That would confirm Sherlock's statements and already prejudiced views on Omegas. John wasn't weak he was a soldier and he wouldn't give in.

He tried to work out a way to gain leverage over the taller man, but already the Alpha was pulling away, practically scrambling to put distance between the two.

He had a look of complete disgust gray eyes back to normal narrowed on the panting Omega.

"John-" Sherlock's voice was shaky but whatever was about to be said was thankfully interrupted by the rumble of a mobile. John sat up diving across the table landing were the sound emanated he scooped the nearly dead device up in his hands and answered.

"Hi-hello? Yes. This is his phone. Detective Inspector Lestrade? Alright! I mean yes. Just-he's here right now. Please tell me where you need him to meet you and we'll be there!" John couldn't hide the desperation in his voice.

The DI sounded confused and relieved all at once he gave John the address and the Omega vowed to get the Consulting Detective there immediately.

"John. That was my phone." Sherlock remained standing a frown on his face.

"Get dressed Sherlock and I suggest you shower quickly. " John tried to calm his racing heart. The Alpha was bored and John wasn't going to goad the man, he would instead redirect all that pent up energy and aggression. What happened was just that. Biology, it didn't mean anything. No matter how much it caused his stomach to twist over the thought, John swore to himself that IT DIDN'T MEAN ANYTHING.

"But John. Maybe you didn't understand-"

"I said dressed now. We'll get milk on our way back."

"Back from where? What-"

"Shower! There's been another murder. You and I will be going to the scene as per the DI's request. Now! Go! Shower!" John pushed Sherlock towards the bathroom. "I'll get you something to wear."

"But I'm mad at him-" Sherlock was thrown by the sudden change in the room, John wasn't anxious or frightened he was something else.

"No. No. You are bored. And besides if you don't get unbored. I fear there will be a homicide at 221B up for investigation. Especially if we have another debate on politics. Let's agree to disagree and claim a truce."


"Shower now." John used his commanding military voice and to his surprise the Alpha responded. (Thankfully.)


Lestrade nearly choked on his coffee when a cab showed up thirty minutes later, exiting said cab was a blond haired Omega looking exasperated but determined. He then tugged on the long arm of a rather stiff looking Alpha, who Lestrade immediately was relived to identify as Sherlock Holmes.

"We're here. He's here Detective Inspector." John called out pulling on the taller Alpha's arm. Lestrade held back a grin; the sight of the two was humorous indeed. The gray haired older man could see that Sherlock didn't want to be there but had been forced? Threatened? These two ideas were impossible no one ever told Sherlock Holmes what to do. His brother Mycroft had learned this the hard way, although it didn't keep him from trying.

"Lestrade." Sherlock glared irritably at older Alpha, stuffing his fists into the pockets of his long Bellstaff.

"Sherlock-I didn't think-"

"Yes we know you don't in fact think. This is exactly why I refuse to be in your presence." Sherlock snapped and John took a deep breath feeling the tension.

"Sherlock." John rubbed his temples. "Lets just put this aside long enough to get the job done. You said yourself all that matters is the work. Well there's work here to be done. You can do some good. And besides the DI was only doing what he did out of concern. You should feel thankful that you have such a good friend willing to go to such lengths. Yeah? " Sherlock rolled his eyes refusing to look over at the DI.

Lestrade was still speechless, who the hell was this little guy?

"And DI." John's blue eyes were taking him in "I'm sure you agree now what you did was a bit drastic. And perhaps another course of action would have been more suitable. You naturally had the best of intentions in mind. Albeit misguided and a bit over the top, and a misplaced. However I'm sure you agree an apology is in order."

Lestrade and Sherlock both were turned towards the smaller man, mouths gaping in shock. John didn't seem to notice, instead he tilted his head and raised his eyebrows at the inspector. A signal for the man to do just as he suggested.

"Yes, uh, um. I apologize Sherlock. It was a bit over the top and I should have first gathered more information. I hope you can forgive me."

The DI offered his hand when the young dark haired Alpha only sneered at the gestured the Omega spoke up once more "Sherlock. " John's voice was urging as if speaking to a child. "The DI said he was sorry. "

"Don't apologize to me." Sherlock snapped. "You owe John the apology. Your manhandling and accusations could have been damaging to my mates career as an army doctor as well as a civilian doctor."

John flinched when Sherlock placed an arm around his waist pulling him close so that the two stood side by side facing Lestrade.

The Omega repeated to himself; ' It's all for show. He's only doing this for show.'

"Uh-"Lestrade was really lost for words but managed to recover quickly "You're right. I apologize Doctor Watson, I hope you will forgive me."

John smiled uncomfortably "Yes. Well it's all water under the bridge."

"Good! Now that's over with. Where's the body?" Sherlock released John and was already making his way towards the yellow police tape.

John made to stay behind and wait but the DI motioned him forward "Better come along Doctor Watson. It seems you may be the only one to keep him under control."

"Well-I-" John didn't get a chance to protest or think of an excuse. He really didn't like the idea of being in such close proximity to so many Alphas. Right, this just like training. He could do this, after all when he returned to the service he wouldn't have a choice. He could already sense the interested eyes on him, he wouldn't let the leering get to him, and he could do this. After all in the eyes of the society and the law he was good as bonded. He had the bracelet, no, he wore two bracelets and the strong scent of Sherlock to prove it.

With that anchoring thought John moved past the police tape and into the unknown territory.

He found Sherlock crouched near the motionless body of a blond woman. The alley was cramped and several Alpha policemen glared in his direction.

John ignored them and tried not to outwardly cringe at the gruesome sight, he reminded himself again he was a doctor and a professional.

Sherlock was looking down on the body careful not to step in the pools of blood around the woman's still figure.

John could see the bruising around the dead Omega's neck and the broken blood vessels in the sightless blue eyes.

"Why would the killer break her neck and then stab her? It doesn't make sense." John mumbled to himself causing Sherlock's head to snap up.

"John?" he turned back to the body his grey eyes quick. "You're right! Absolutely right!"

Sherlock beamed "What else do you notice?"

John shook his head "Sorry I was just-"

"I could use an expert's opinion." Sherlock urged.

"What the hell is he doing here? Isn't it bad enough we have one amateur!" A nasally voice interrupted John's answer. "Besides if you need an expert I would be the best choice. Seeing how I actually am a forensics officer and educated." The pointy nosed Alpha glared down at John, who kept his shoulder's straight.

"This isn't a side show DI? Why is he here?" Anderson sneered pointing in John's direction.

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