Chapter 11 The Couple

Chapter 11: the couple

John held his breath automatically disliking the stink emanating from the snooty Alpha glaring in his direction. He reeked of cheap perfume and female alpha pheromones, John tried not to make a face.

"I've already had a look at the body." Anderson glared down at the short blond. "In my expert opinion the Omega went into heat. Really these Omegas should be more careful. She must have thrown herself at the first available cock and one thing led to another. Perhaps she said no, or changed her mind. It could have been a kinky sex game I don't care what the motive is. She was stabbed and chocked. My guess her Alpha must have found out she was cheating going by the fact she has bonding bracelets and-"

John wanted to punch the man in the face, his hands curled into balls at his sides, but no one noticed. Who would notice an Omega like him trying to hold back the urge to silence the prejudiced idiot in front of him?

John frowned "Oh, here I was being silly. I of course went to medical school and then was trained by the army but nothing quiet as prestigious as whatever online course you took to get your degree. " John couldn't help it, he really should know better then to goad an Alpha.

Except he'd had enough of these Alphas pushing him around and making outrageous statements based off of what evidence? Prejudice and idiotic assumptions? It was disgusting, he knew it would lead to some show of aggression from the smug bastard he was insulting. However John thought as he always had it would be well worth the punishment.

So in the same breath he went on pointing at the body, he owed it to the young woman to try and clear this up.

"The discoloration around her lips and eyes show she was obviously drugged, I bet if you checked the discoloration of her tongue it would be pink or blue, obviously she was drinking after work. Someone could have taken the opportunity to put something in her drink. The bruises on her wrists and forearms show she did try to put up a fight, she's missing her shoes for godsake. It takes about a half an hour for a heat inducer to kick in. It burns through the body quickly, so sure it can make an Omega compliant but if one has any hint of a nearing heat especially a bonded Omega, the first instinct is to find somewhere safe. Not go willingly into a dark alley. I think if you do a blood test you'll find she was also drugged with something to make her more sedate. It's a shame but it happens, I've worked enough free clinics to see this sort of thing in the University crowds.

So she struggled, just not as hard as a sober person would maybe. From the stink of anxiety still clinging to her clothes she didn't know the stranger and in no way was she willing. " John frowned "The bruising around her neck implies a fractured hyoid. I'm sure x-rays would prove to be more reliable then an Omega doctor's observation. I assume she was strangled first because there are no cuts on her arms or hands indicating she put up a fight when he was stabbing her. And the depth of these wounds would be painful had she been conscious or alive she would have put up a fight. "

John had crouched down to point out his observations, "She has bruises on her thighs but I doubt he was able to get to the point of raping her. This Alpha obviously likes his victims somewhat alive. I guess her being dead was a mood killer. Again, who am I to point all this out when you so clearly have been trained to spot these details yourself. "

John stood now facing the taller man, no one spoke, and the Omega expected any moment now to be thrown off the crime scene and onto the street non to gently. He braced himself but an attack never came instead Sherlock's deep baritone cut the silence.

"I couldn't have said it better John. Beautifully done!" The Alpha clapped his hands together. "But you missed something. Well we can't expect you to be on the same level of observation as myself but you are a damn second. " Sherlock was beaming with pride, and this caused everyone within earshot to turn and look absolutely dumbstruck .

John looked away from the speechless forensics officer standing in front of him who looked rather unattractive with his mouth open, "What did I miss?"

"Oh, the fact that this wasn't the attackers first time, nor was rape a motive. This is about revenge. Silly things, you got all the medical evidence correct of course."

He put himself in front of John and Anderson and glared coolly, "Perhaps you should ask for a refund on that online degree you've obtained in forensics Anderson. And if you put yourself that close to my mate again I can't be held responsible for what my biology drives me to do to your face." With that low growl Sherlock turned to place an arm around the smaller Doctor, "Come along John! The game is on! Oh, I do like a good homicide."

Lestrade didn't have a chance to find his train of thought let alone object, everyone else watched with open curiosity as the two men made their way down the alley.

"Sherlock. You cant be happy about a homicide." John shook his head pinching the bridge of his nose. It wasn't lost on the Detective Inspector nor any of the officers of Scotland yard, that John hadn't brushed the taller man's arm off his shoulder.

"Not good?" Sherlock asked confused.

"Yeah, a bit." John replied "And where exactly are we going again, and why?"

"Keep up John. We are going to see Molly at the lab. She'll have the blood work done by then."

"Right. And Molly is?"

" Oh, you've met her before. She's a pathologist and anyway we are going to find out more about the heat inducer John."

"Yes but-"

Lestrade caught how Sherlock held the cab door open for the blond Doctor and continued to explain energetically.

"Am I hallucinating or did that just happen?" Sally Donovan stood next to DI Lestrade. The silver haired man couldn't help but allow a smile take over his startled expression.

"I think we both might be hallucinating. He actually complimented that Omega." Lestrade shook his head "He's working the case with him."

"I don't trust it boss." Sally replied with a frown. "Anderson had a point about this maybe-"

"Anderson is an idiot." Lestrade waved her off "And it would be best if the two of you tried to keep your pheromones under control. I think the whole department knows by now. No way his wife isn't privy to the scent of another."

"Boss?" Sally tried to keep a straight face. "Don't tell me you're giving in to idle gossip?"

"I have a nose Sally. Just don't let it affect your job. You have to admit Sherlock Holmes has never been wrong before."

"Right. And this Doctor? Obviously not stable if he's willing to be involved with the freak." Donovan growled.

"No. I think he's a good match. He might just make the man more bearable. "

Sally snorted and rolled her eyes. "I don't trust it." She mumbled moving to finish with releasing the crime scene, the body needed to be photographed and moved. "I give it two weeks before the arrogant prick drives the Omega off. " Sally grumbled glaring once more at the now disappearing cab carrying the odd couple.


Molly had not expected to see the blond Omega again, she figured Sherlock would keep him locked away in the flat. After all isn't that what Alpha's did with their mates and possessions? Instead here he was, awake and smiling politely as Sherlock introduced the two.

Molly held the warm hand a little longer than Sherlock had approved from the way he quickly cleared his voice and redirected the conversations towards the blood work she had completed.

Molly handed over the extra copy she'd made just for the Alpha, expecting to see him a lot sooner.

"These are for today's victim, and these three are for the last three victims."

Sherlock snatched the yellow envelopes eagerly from her without another word.

"Sherlock." John hissed, and to Molly's surprise the Alpha turned back around with a confused look on his usually passive face.


"Were you raised in a barn? The least you can do is thank Doctor Hooper for her attention to detail and foresight." John held a polite smile for Molly who blushed.

"Oh, no it's fine. I don't-"

Sherlock frowned again, glancing from Molly to John, "Uh, yes. Well. Thank you Molly for um-for this." Sherlock fumbled with the right words and Molly tried to keep a startled look from her face.

He thanked her, actually said the words and though he had difficulty finding the words he still said it. Noticeably trying to please his Omega, the way he turned to John for approval, it was all so bewildering?

Before she could reply he was pulling the blond doctor out the door, "John! We might have a lead."

"Nice meeting you Doctor Hooper!" John called out over his shoulder his wrist being pulled forward.

"Please call me Molly." She yelled back as the metal doors to the morgue swung shut. A smile lighting up her face, perhaps there was somebody for everyone, even the most difficult of people.

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