Chapter 12 Instinct

Well Sherlock hadn't expected that at all, he stood glaring down at the unconscious Alpha at his feet. John was checking the man's pulse then stood up with a shrug.

"Sorry, I know you were going for more information but he did try to stab you. I didn't mean to hit him so hard but you have to admit it was a dirty trick for him to throw that chili powder in your face. Bastard. I hope he wakes up with a damn murderous headache. Now let me see." John tilted Sherlock's head back standing on the tips of his toes, he inspected the Alpha's red rimmed eyes. "Here pour some more water into them." He offered the water bottle to the dark haired detective.

Sherlock squinted at the blurry plastic bottle in his hands, wondering where the doctor had produced it from. "Go on, it will help with the burning and irritation."

The Omega then went to secure the thugs hands with a bit of rope he'd found in the corner somewhere in the dimly lit pub basement.

"Well do you think he's the killer?" John asked glancing up at the unusually silent dark haired Alpha.

"John he had a knife." Sherlock chocked back a cough, his throat rough from the dammed burning due to the remaining pepper residue he'd inhaled.

John made a face not expecting that obvious observation, "Well yes he did. And he tried to stab you with it after tossing that damn chili powder into your eyes. I figured he was up to something when two of you came down here. Really did you think he would just say 'Why yes complete stranger let me show you my stash of illegal heat inducers. You look like a complete trustworthy bloke.'" John shook his head not wishing to sound condescending, however adrenaline was still pulsing through John's veins.

"You knocked him out." Another gruff statement, John had to stand up and move towards his Alpha. He checked the dark haired man over once more, thinking somehow Sherlock had hit his head. There had to be a reason for the man's suddenly stating the obvious.

"Sherlock? Perhaps we should go stand outside I've already phoned your friend the DI. Who by the way didn't sound too happy with you. I'm going to have to side with him on this one. Meeting with a suspected dealer in an old closed pub isn't exactly the smartest way to go without back up." John shook his head leading the taller man back up the stairs.

Sherlock blinked and squinted at the blond Omega, he knew John had some fighting skills, after all John had nearly knocked him out when they first met, but this, this was something else.

The taller man tried to replay the scene, how he'd had John wait outside not wishing to draw attention. He'd set up the meet via phone through a few less than savory connections, said connections were made in his addiction days. He left that part out, allowing John to believe that he wasn't on somewhat familiar grounds with the dealer. Sherlock had bought cocaine from the idiot's underlings in the past.

John had insisted that he not go in alone, where as Sherlock had hit him with a stern glare and told the Omega to "Stay put." Using his best authoritative Alpha voice, he thought when John lowered his head and said nothing that the Omega had listened.

When Sherlock entered the basement he sensed no other persons, and the dealer was offering him cocaine as well as heat inducers.

"You see." The big greasy haired man with a pointy nose (now it would definitely be crooked), had smiled holding out a white baggie then another one of pills. "You like to party Siggy? I heard about you. I'll sell you both the pills and coke cheap. You just bring your business here. The pills dissolve quick once in your intendeds drink, but be sure you have the Omega in an enclosed area. Some of these kids are getting smarter and smarter. Once they feel the warmth coming they tend to panic, that's why I had a bit of a sedative in the mix. An Omega will look drunk and nothing else to any witnesses.

Guaranteed to make your Omega weak and sedate but not completely unconscious. You still want to have a bit of fun, not so fun when the body is limp beneath you. You'll get a fight out of them but not too much. Should be pleasing. I haven't had any complaints as of yet from costumers. And the substance will leave a system after 24 hours. So if when they wake if the little bitch wants to go crying to old bill, well they wont have much proof."

Sherlock had looked hungrily at the coke, it was the greasy man's little speech that broke him from his trance, causing him to glare at the pills.

"Come on Siggy, how about you do a line, test the product?"

"How often do you have a buyer for the pills?" Sherlock frowned.

"Yeah, s'what I thought. You aren't really here for the drugs. I heard a nasty little rumor that you was working wif the cops."

Sherlock didn't have time to react, the thick necked Alpha wearing the sweat stained t-shirt and baggy jeans had acted quickly. Suddenly the other man was producing another baggy and hurling the suffocating contents in Sherlock's direction.

"Keep that around for another recipe I make. Keeps the drug dogs from finding my stash. Suppose it's fitting for a sniffer dog like you!" The dealer growled angrily. Sherlock had jumped back as through the haze of his tearful and burning eyes he caught the gleam of a blade.

That's when a blur of blond streaked past the chocking Alpha, John put himself between the bigger Alpha and Sherlock.

It was over immediately; John took the larger man down and was barely breathing hard from it. It was, it was beautiful. Seeing the army doctor fight a man three times his size and an Alpha, it was amazing.

John, the Omega had disarmed the big man, then he'd used his elbow to break the Alpha's nose. Sherlock couldn't recall much after, his eyes were burning badly at the time and he was trying to catch his breath.

And Sherlock cursed himself for missing most of it due to the dammed blinding and burning powder.

John then poured water into Sherlock's red rimmed eyes and wiped at them with the sleeve of his soft brown jumper.

That's when Sherlock was able to make out the now unconscious dealer, and then John's look of concern.

Sherlock shifted uncomfortably under John's worry and the scent of the doctor's anxiety broke through the suffocating smell of chili powder.

"Lestrade will be on his way." John directed the Alpha towards the steps, "This one is not going anywhere lets get into the fresh air outside. " Sherlock didn't protest they met Lestrade outside and two officers descended the stairs into the cellar of the pub to take the pub owner into custody.

"He's selling illegal heat inducers but he's not the murder." Sherlock took a deep breath, finally clearing the sharp taste of chili from his lungs.

John remained at his side trying to appear unaffected by the situation, but Sherlock could smell his anxiety stronger now in he crisp night air. It was clear, John was worried for Sherlock, he kept glancing up at the detective inspecting his face for any hidden injury. This made the tall Alpha uncomfortable and at the same time a warm feeling started to spread in his chest.

"What the hell have I said about going off on your own Sherlock?" Lestrade growled.

John sensed this was an on going theme best head it off, Sherlock really should get home and shower, the chili powder still clung to his clothes it could continue to irritate his skin or eyes. That had been a close one, the Omega tried not to think of how the knife had arched up slashing madly at the blinded Alpha's chest.

John's instincts had him stepping into that attack blocking the man's arm just barely, had he taken a second longer it would be a different story all together.

"Please, Detective Inspector, Sherlock really needs to get that powder off his clothes and skin. Can he perhaps give his statement tomorrow? I promise-"

Lestrade shook his head tiredly, "I guess I should thank you for at least having the sense to call me."

"Sherlock would have, had he been capable of dialing-" John tried to defend his Alpha.

"Pull the other one." Lestrade rolled his eyes. "Now get him home." Lestrade sniffed the air, his eyes narrowing on John, "You okay?"

John rolled his eyes, "I'm fine. He's the one that was nearly stabbed."

"You sure there mate?" Lestrade looked over the blond doctor worriedly, he could smell blood. It wasn't Sherlock's, damn if that chili powder wasn't overpowering. Still he could make out the faint scent coppery scent and it was coming from the unassuming young man at the taller Alpha's side.

"John?" Sherlock caught the scent as well; he turned towards his mate, "John you're bleeding."

"No." The omega doctor replied in a huff, glancing down at himself, "It's not me."

Sherlock caught John's forearm right above his injury in a tight grip causing the shorter man to wince.

"Ambulance! Now." Sherlock chocked out, seeing the blood drenching the Omega's forearm.

"Wait-" John tried to protest but Lestrade and Sherlock were both directing him towards the nearest ambulance. "Seriously, I'm a doctor. Let me have a look." The blond protested, trying to pull out of the Alpha's firm grip.

John's arm did sting a little but it wasn't anything serious. Glancing between Lestrade and Sherlock the doctor thought perhaps the two males were ready to be sick.

"It's a scratch." He announced but Lestrade was ordering a paramedic over and Sherlock was pushing John to sit in the back of the ambulance.

John hated being touched by strangers and the paramedic cut John's sleeve back examining the gash running from just above his wrist to the back of his elbow.

"It's not deep enough for stitches." The Beta woman announced cleaning the wound quickly.

"John, you should have said something." Sherlock's voice was gruff.

"Really, it's not even worth a plaster." John rolled his eyes the Beta paramedic wrapped his arm gently in gauze ignoring the Omega all together. She was condescending in her remarks. "Stupid me, oh well better me having a tiny paper cut then you ending up with a knife in your chest."

"There now sweetheart almost through. Nothing to worry too much about. Wont even leave a scar on that pretty skin of yours." John cringed forcing himself to remain still and not pull his arm away irritably.

Lestrade ignored the paramedic his eyes wide and unbelieving, "You mean the dealer attacked you? Where was he?"

John flinched from the sudden hand gesture from the DI, then righted himself he glanced over at Sherlock who wasn't paying attention to the question, instead he was glaring at the Beta. John rolled his eyes realizing that paramedic was rubbing his back in what she might think was a supportive manner. Adrenaline falling, John didnt have the energy to protest or cut off any tantrums.

"He had chili powder in his eyes, and no the man didn't attack me. Well not at first. I was only trying to keep this one from being killed. Like I said it's not even worth a plaster." John's voice was unsteady under the sudden scrutiny of Sherlock's intense gray eyes.

"Lestrade I must get John home. After subduing the rather large oaf he must be exhausted. I'll be in tomorrow for the statement." Sherlock growled nearly pushing the Beta paramedic out of his way and taking up the space next to John. His arm came around the blond doctor who only sighed heavily once in resignation. Reminding himself it was all for show. Sherlock was doing this just for show.

"Wait, wait. Hold on." Lestrade growled. "Are you saying that John took out the dealer?"

"I-well." John started to explain when the a muffled voice pierced the night air.

"That fucking little bitch broke my nose! Oi! Siggerson! This aint over! Your Omega isn't gonna get away wif this! "

Lestrade glanced from the big man being led away and struggling with three of his larger officers, then back at the small Omega.

"It was a lucky hit." John offered with a sigh.

"Yeah, fine. I'm going to want a better explanation tomorrow." Lestrade narrowed his eyes on the couple in front of him. He shook his head, he thought he'd seen it all.

Sherlock gave no reply he was lead John away from the scene towards the open street his arm securely around the Omega's waist as if John would faint or fall at any moment.

"Sherlock, I'm fine. You don't have to be so close." John tried not to lean into the taller man. Damn if his scent was wreaking havoc on his senses, he could feel Sherlock's anxiety and instinctively wanted to ease his worry.

Sherlock's silence the whole way to the flat was distressing and John felt himself shift uncomfortably in the cab. Sherlock kept glaring at is phone and John wondered who was texting him, he decided against asking the tension was suffocating him at this point and he felt the urge to jump out of the cab as it turned the corner.

He held himself still, and Sherlock grumbled stuffing his vibrating mobile into his coat pocket. John tried not to glance over at the obviously peeved Alpha, instead he studied the man from the corner of his eye wearily.

John just didn't understand what he was expected to say or do at this point.

Most Alpha's would be angered over the idea that they had to be protected by an Omega. Maybe Sherlock was embarrassed?

This would be less confusing to John if Sherlock was an easier Alpha to read. Thankfully the cab pulled up to their street and Sherlock was jumping out before the wheels had even come to a stop, he reached in and firmly pulled on John's uninjured forearm. Once more John tried not to flinch or make any move that would appear as if he were challenging the tall thin detective.

He allowed himself to be steered into the house and nearly dragged up the stairs into the flat, still no words form the brooding genius leading him.

Once the door to the flat was closed and locked, Sherlock discarded his coat and suit jacket, tossing it carelessly onto the couch. John turned slowly and headed for the kitchen, hoping some tea would alleviate the situation.

The shorter Omega however didn't make it that far when a pair of strong arms came around his waist, pulling him hard against the tall but solid body behind him.

Sherlock was rubbing his chin over the top of John's head, then his warm breath moved down to the nape of John's vulnerable neck.

When the Alpha ran his lips over John's nape, hot breath skimming the shell of the Omega's ear caused the doctor's legs to weaken. Steadied by the strong arm around his waist he was turned around none to gently so that he now faced the taller man.

"Sherlock?" The breathless whisper was enough to push the Alpha over the edge. His lips came down demanding and hard on the upturned mouth of his Omega.

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