Chapter 13 Misinterpret

Chapter 13: misinterpret

Sherlock tried to hold back his flooding want, but John's sweet scent and blue eyes so open and questioning.

"Sherlock?" A half whisper, and half plea. It was enough to push the Alpha hard over the edge, never having felt this type of desire before, well not in direct correlation with another person. Even his craving for cocaine hadn't felt so intense. There was something about John, John, god, his body warm and his lips, damn those soft parted lips.

The Alpha accessed all he wanted when the younger man gasped allowing Sherlock's skilled tongue quick entry. That scent was overriding the sharp acrid burn of the peppered powder from earlier.

John tasted like tea and honey, he smelled of fresh detergent and generic soap. Why was it all so intoxicating? John was nothing like any Omega's Sherlock had ever met. All clingy and fragile, ready to give in and submit at the raise of a voice. No, John was strength and intelligence; he'd demonstrated it twice today. Sherlock couldn't hold back any longer, he needed to scent John, to reaffirm that the Omega was his.

Everyone had watched John with open lust, how dare they! The officers of Scotland Yard, and that woman, that simplistic Beta paramedic with a night school degree. She'd touched the Omega, petted him as if John wasn't already owned.

But he's not really yours. The cold logical part of Sherlock's brain tried to override the animalistic half. It was too late the Alpha refused to listen; he needed to vent the adrenaline still running through him, keeping him aroused. John was an experiment worth delving into, well worth losing himself in and well worth the mess he was about to make in his trousers.

Even now in his surprise, the blond Omega was trying to pull away, his arousal just as apparent as Sherlock's. The Alpha could feel it pressed hard against his thigh. Still, Sherlock could feel the stocky body against him trying to ease away without offering a direct challenge.

The doctor, this soldier and Omega, this puzzling creature was trying to put a stop to the confusion and heated need, and subtly. Just more data to add to the mental file Sherlock was keeping marked John Watson.

"Sherlock?" John took a step back pulling out of the Alpha's strong hold.

Gray eyes focused on the panting creature before him, blue eyes were wide and his trembling fingers touched swollen lips.

Sherlock didn't have an answer for the Omega, for all Sherlock's genius he was at a loss for words.

"I uh, " John's voice was rough "I think, I think I'll just head to bed."

Sherlock didn't try to stop the blond, instead the Alpha remained ridged his eyes unblinking.


John laid in bed eyes wide, his brain screaming "What the hell was that about?" and his heart pounding in his throat, not to mention the fact that he was sporting a rather painful erection. John willed the blood to go down but the only thoughts coming to mind were of how Sherlock's mouth sealed so perfectly over his own.

He groaned a hand snaking down past his cotton sleep shirt and under his flannel pajama bottoms.

"Fuck." John groaned softly turning his head into the pillow next to him. He took a deep breath allowing the Alpha scent to fill his lungs. He imagined what it would feel like to have those violinist fingers to curl firmly around his hard cock, a soft groan escaped him once more and he worked his hand harder.

It didn't take long for the Omega to bring himself off, the coil in his belly finally released and he cupped the sticky mess in his hand.

Moving quietly towards the bathroom he grabbed a change of pajama bottoms, his adrenaline finally completely spent he washed his hands and changed. Catching a glimpse of himself in the mirror he winced there was a small visible bruise just under his jaw, a mark no broken skin just a very indiscreet love bite. When the hell had the Alpha managed that?

Most likely during their little mind blowing make out session, that mark was a reminder, this was all for show. Sherlock clearly wanted everyone to see who John belonged to. Did he have to be so damn dramatic about it? John felt his already flushed cheeks grow even warmer, he was an idiot for believing that was something more. For a minute there, just a blink John had considered that Sherlock had been aroused by his show of strength. When obviously this little demonstration was just to show John exactly where he stood and that was behind the Alpha or underneath.

"Stupid John, it's all for show. Just a show." The blond finished cleaning up and headed for bed wishing he'd made that tea after all.


Mycroft sent his brother another chastising text, really what was his brother thinking? An Omega following Sherlock around on dangerous cases, the younger Holmes could barely take care of himself let alone his fiancé.

Lestrade must be exaggerating in his description of tonight's events, and then again, John did seem to be a bit unusual as Omega's go. He hadn't submitted to Mycroft's cold glares or groveled in the taller Alpha's presence when Mycroft made his displeasure very much known.

Now this. John had saved Sherlock from being stabbed and at the endangerment of his own life. Was this Omega unstable? Just where did Sherlock find the man? What made John so different from other Omegas? Sure he had a somewhat pleasant face, although he smiled too much, he was intelligent but that was just another sign of his rebelliousness. Really not many Omegas made it through school unbounded, somehow John Watson had. Omegas were known to find a mate immediately after breeding age and it was rare that one would make it to his twenties without having been claimed.

Sherlock didn't need such an influence in his life, the younger man was unstable as it was. Mycroft had said so in his last chastising text. Perhaps tomorrow at the engagement party he would pull his brother aside and have another talk. Surely gran mere couldn't object to that. She said not to interfere with John but nothing was said about talking sense into his little brother.


John felt stiff wearing his dress uniform, but Sherlock had informed him that grand mere expected this. There was a bit of a tension between the two since last night but John refused to bring it up. It was best to just let some things go, he filed it under Sherlock eccentricities in his own mind and decided to just get through today.

The engagement party was supposed to start at noon and John only hoped it wasn't some extravagant event, although by the way he was made to present himself his hopes were falling fast.

"I feel like a Christmas turkey all trussed up and ready for show."

"Oh John, no one is going to eat you." Sherlock replied pulling his black suit jacket on. "And I believe you are more like a prized horse. Grand mere will no doubt pull you about the room so my obnoxious relatives can all have a look and ooh and awe, then ask questions over your head as if you aren't there. Like 'How many children do you think he'll turn out?' and my personal favorite 'What's his blood line look like? Watson is an ordinary name. It's not familiar to me is it Scottish?' And where you will be forced to stand politely and endure the poking and prodding. "

"Oh, and where will you be while this degradation is going on?" John turned to look at the bored Alpha.

"John I'm not one for parties. I shall be around enduring my own type of hell."

"Oh, so you'll be hiding?"

"John, I am no coward. And our cab is here let us be off. It's best to be on time or early when attending a party grand mere is throwing."

John took another deep breath, and following the tall expensively dressed Alpha out.

"Don't look so discouraged John. It's all for show. Just smile and soldier on. Who knows perhaps you will find yourself enjoying the party."

"Hardly. Not like I'll know anyone there. And I really don't feel comfortable being paraded around like some prize won at the fair."

Sherlock didn't reply instead he started to text someone on his mobile. John didn't mind the silence he had too much on his mind, the kiss from last night and the mark on his neck being the two most pressing. No matter how hard he pushed these thoughts away. What a mess his life had become, and on top of all this he had this nagging feeling he might be falling in love with a mad man with a proclivity to find trouble in the most ordinary of places.

His deployment wasn't close enough, if he could just make it these next couple of months it wouldn't be difficult. This confusion may just clear up and who knows, the time just might fly by and without further humiliating incident.


Quinn avoided these types of parties but when grand mere said jump one asked how high. Didn't she know he wasn't on speaking terms with his pompous git of a brother? Of course she did, grand mere knew everything, it was damned frustrating being apart of this family.

That's exactly what he loathed, being a Hill in the army. It was all superficial and easy promotions. Quinn was his own man and hated being given the career, he'd rather have earned. How was he supposed to gain respect from subordinates if his fat brother was going to continue on giving him desk jobs or assignments that were far from the battle field. Far from actual decision making? What good was a rank if you couldn't put it to use!

How many times had he tried to get himself kicked out of the army only to have that insufferable bastard to fix the matter or clear up the misunderstanding. Well fuck Arthur the wanker, Quinn just might be here but dammed if he would be sober. He loosened the collar of his dress uniform, again all for show, and searched out the bar.


"Mycroft I know what you're about to ask but I will tell you now it's no use. Best let it go." General Arthur Hill looked over at his cousin with an expression of remorse. "Believe me I can relate to your situation. In fact a few years back you did help me get rid of that rather nasty bit of trash that my brother swore he was going to bond with." Arthur sipped his scotch offering a glass to Mycroft who frowned accepting it both men sat down in a high backed antique chairs facing once another.

"I know you're hoping I pull the young man's papers and maybe reassign him to some base in the middle of no where for the following of his career but," The bulkier man shook his dishwater blond head, green eyes narrowing on his crystal tumbler. "But, grand mere forbids me to get involved. As I'm sure your grand mere has said the same. Besides I looked over the young man's dossier, he's not a bad match. These army Omegas make the best spouses, they are compliant and submissive in every manner. That's how the army likes them. And it's a good thing, because he'll need patience with that brother of yours. This Watson is not a trouble maker of any kind. Hell if your brother hadn't already claimed him I would have introduced him to my degenerate of a brother. God knows he could use the dammed conscience. Why Mycroft are we cursed with such insufferable little-" another deep breath and a pull from his glass the General shook his head and sighed.

"Never mind it. Just know. That I've been warned off. Grand mere was very clear. And let's not forget what happened to the last Alpha that went up against your grand mere. Your father didn't live very long. And I wont lie to you old boy, but I've always heard rumors that my grand mere had a hand in that as well. She's got enough connection from father's army days. And yours practically luncheons every Sunday with the retired members of MI6 and we both know MI6 never fully retires, there's a reason those ones make it to a ripe old age. And sitting around having tea and cake isn't it. I hate the secret agent types, you boys do everything behind closed doors, I'd rather see the targets for what they are and meet them head on. None of this cloak and dagger shite. All too complicated for me. Any way lets get down to the real business put this family issue aside. Have you decided how we are going to handle this weapons smuggling. Several shipments have gone missing once more and I'm no closer to finding out who it is that's working on the inside. Surely your legion of minions and secret agents have figured something out. All I could come up with was the same name. Whomever this Moriarty fellow is he's dammed impossible to hold down. Our databanks show no military record on any such fellow and there is no corporation or groups political, religious or other wise with that name."

"It's a man. Just one man, a spider really." Mycroft growled. "I had one agent get close enough to reveal that much before he disappeared, only to be returned in pieces over the course of a month."

"Mycroft maybe you should concentrate on this rather than your brother's love life. Let it run it's course cousin. Sherlock has his way of running people off, I'm sure this Omega wont last too long. And don't you have a scheme up your sleeve?"

"No. I had to call it off. And Sherlock seems different with this one-"

"Omegas are all the same. That's why I haven't settled down my self. Cant stand the clingy natures, so needy and weak willed. Sherlock has always fancied an Alpha for a reason. And your grand mere was so thrilled to introduce the young doctor as a sergeant. Let her have her fun, it's been so long since a military man with rank belonged to the Holmes family. "

Mycroft rolled his eyes standing up to take his leave "Well I should go congratulate my little brother. And if I'm not mistaken yours is proboby halfway through your great grandfathers favorite bottle of whiskey by now."

"Yes, well as always it's nice to have these chats cousin." Arthur stood straightening his uniform he turned to follow his sharp eyed cousin out, nearly colliding into him when the subject of their conference had come around the corner causing Mycroft to halt in his place.

Arthur took in the young man's appearance, his uniform spot on and hair well kept. What a shame he was going to be a Holmes, such a prize was rare and could make a better Hill. After all Hill was a name well known in the army hierarchy. Even an Omega would find themselves in good company given a decent rank and treated like a royalty.

Then when the children came the Omega would be expected to retire and raise the pups, and what beautiful pups they would be. This Omega had the bluest eyes and a strong back.

"Oh, excuse me. I was looking for-"

"My brother? He's most likely taken up residence in the library which one I can not say." Mycroft growled irritably. "Shouldn't you be greeting our guests? This after all is your party."

John smiled politely, "Yes, well I was directed by I believe she called herself aunt Helen to find the miscreant and bring him before her. She wishes a " John coughed wincing at the older woman's stern directions "She wishes a cuddle, and a kiss."

Arthur couldn't help but laugh at the younger man's discomfort; this drew the attention of those blue eyes.

"Excuse my cousin, Mycroft can be uptight about these things. Better Sherlock than I. Grand mere can often give a tight squeeze to one's hind end. I'm still smarting from last Christmas."

Arthur flashed a bright smile and John thought the man looked familiar but when he noticed the uniform he went instantly stiff, and at attention.

"Oh, none of that Sargent we're going to be family!" He took John's hand, "It's nice to meet you. I'll have you know once grand mere found out that you were going to join the family she had me process your paper work. Your rank will be waiting for you once you finish your obligatory field exercises and supplementary training. Takes about a week, basically you go rough in the woods with a map and five man team."

"Thank you sir, I appreciate that."

"Yes, yes. It was good to meet you Srgt. Watson. Now if you excuse me I too have a brother to find."

John's hand was taken in a firm grip and he was pulled into a one armed hug, when he was released Mycroft had already left and the General with the familiar green eyes smiled brightly. "Now don't worry about him. He's got a lot on his plate. You my boy should meet my brother he's around here somewhere. Well once again welcome to the family." John was released with another hard pat to the back and a nod the taller bulk of a man was disappearing down the corridor.


Quinn had heard his brother's raised voice he'd peeked out of the small sitting room he'd hidden himself in with a bottle of great grandfather's best whiskey. That's when he saw it, his brother welcoming a familiar Omega into the family. Was this a fucking trick?

So that's it then? His brother had somehow tricked him into meeting John? Was this whole hard to get just a game? Scheming bastard!

With a growl Quinn sprung into action when the unsuspecting young man started to pass the small tea room.

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