Chapter 14 Suitable Loyalties

Chapter 14: Suitable Loyalties

John hadn't expected to be pulled into an empty room and slammed against the wall.

"So that's it? How much did my brother give you? Hmm? Does he hope you'll spy on me as well as breed with me? This doesn't seem like something he's clever enough to concoct on his own! I heard him promising you a rank. Is that the price you whore yourself out for? Were you playing uninterested until I contacted you again. Then what? Did he hope by inviting you here we could accidently meet? What an idiot! I'm not falling for it!" Quinn pushed his forearm hard into the shorter man's neck. His grip tight and biting into the Omega's shoulder, green eyes narrowed and furious.

"What the hell are you going on about?" John felt a bit dazed, he made to push back but Quinn had leverage and kept him pinned hard against the wall. The Omega tried to keep himself calm, the scent of whiskey was strong and obviously this man was confused.

"Shut it! You lying little bitch. It makes sense why I was ordered to this damn engagement party. Like I care who my cousin is going to marry. But my brother invited you, so tell me are you supposed to be related to one of the guests? Or just a work associate? Is this all supposed to be like one big coincidence?"

"Let go." John demanded. "You're drunk. And not making any bloody sense." John ground out trying to wiggle free.

"You smell delicious, if I would have known what kind of things could buy you then I would have skipped the courting."

"I'm not interested." John tried to kick out but Quinn was quick to block, his sneer growing wider.

"Fiesty. I liked that about you." He drew in closer causing John to go completely still, his mind going blank, fear starting to grip him. "You smell delicious-and" Quinn made a face thinking he was too drunk because this Omega had a familiar scent to him.

He leaned in and sniffing the top of the younger man's blond head, "Should have known you were in the army." He growled, "No one can guess like you did about knowing I was military."

John kept still, he was choking back fear, overwhelming fear, sure he could fight but being crowded like this always threw him off. The arm resting across his neck tightened and it was harder to breath, he turned his head away from the threat with a whine, a humiliating whine.

Suddenly the weight was lifted and he fell forward coughing holding a hand to his neck.

"What the fuck!" Quinn snarled jumping to his feet facing his very angry cousin. He hadn't seen Sherlock in a year and now he was standing teeth bared and eyes icy cold. The skinny bastard had actually flung the Alpha into the back of the small couch. That was almost sobering, the scent of anger and Alpha pheromones was radiating off the usually uninterested Holmes.

"Sherlock?" John was swaying climbing to his feet he loosened his collar, reaching out slowly to place a hand on the angry dark haired man's arm.

Sherlock only made to place John directly behind him, his body tense and ready to spring forward for attack.

"Mine!" Sherlock growled viciously.

Quinn frowned, his body stiff, and his drunken mind tried to sort out the situation, realization dawned on him slowly.

"Are you fucking kidding me right now? This-this is your fiancé? Doctor John Watson?"

Quinn started to laugh his green eyes focusing on the short blond clinging, no, John was restraining the younger Holmes. Odd, Sherlock never let anyone touch him, let alone an Omega.

"John?" Sherlock didn't turn around his chest was heaving as if he'd been running.

"I'm alright." John tried to keep his voice even, he knew his anxiety was affecting Sherlock and he wanted to draw it in but the situation was getting tense.

Quinn looked sadly from John and back to Sherlock, "I thought my-" he shook his head "Doctor Watson, I'm sorry I didn't-" he took a step forward and Sherlock growled again in warning.

"It's alright. Just a misunderstanding. No harm done, let's just go. Sherlock you're aunt is looking for you."

Sherlock glared coldly at his cousin but John's steady hands were anchoring him suppressing the anger and he felt the possessive rage ebbing slowly.

"Is this a joke! You mean to tell me I've been courting your fiancé for the past week!" Quinn groaned laughing to himself almost hysterically.

John winced feeling Sherlock's anger return, they'd almost made it out of the room, almost into the clear air of logical thinking. Then Quinn had to remind Sherlock just who had been trying to trespass on his territory.

"Sherlock!" John shouted but it was too late his Alpha hurled himself at the other. John thought it all rather ridiculous and if he hadn't a real fear Sherlock would permanently injure his cousin he wouldn't have stepped between the two.

The Omega managed to wedge himself between the two lean men, and he had to appreciate the fact that both bodies were rather solid. He also had to admire the fact that the fist that caught him hard on the jaw belonged to a very strong arm. He didn't get a chance to consider this more, seeing how all the lights had suddenly gone out and he felt himself falling into nothing.


"Oh, Hil how romantic. Remember how the Alpha's used to fight over us."

Hilda Holmes shook her head, "No, Hel, what I recall is you working them up into a frenzy until one of your suitors thought I was you so he attacked my suitor. You thought it all good fun. Not to mention the ones you had pummeling each other on the front lawn. Father was always very cross and mother fainted over the indecency of it all."

"I know it was exciting. Too bad this young man doesn't care for such games. He could really do better than your Sherlock. Look at my Quinn he is absolutely smitten. Look how he worries."

"He's also very intoxicated. And I just hope that little love tap hasn't done any permanent damage to the young Doctor."

"The boy should have swooned rather than get into the mix of that. Gone are the days of swooning. Oh, well, anyway it's out in the open now Hil. We shall see who is the better suitor. And look even Arthur's interest is sparked, this just might bring my boys together."

"I don't know sister, I think Mycroft out of family loyalty has been swayed."

Both older ladies stood back in the corner whispering their green eyes giving nothing away as Sherlock laid his intended on one of the guest room beds. Growling angrily in his cousins direction. Mycroft was ordering Arthur to get his brother out and Arthur was holding an apologetic Quinn back. Snapping at Mycroft that it couldn't have been his brother's fist that struck the young Omega.

"Please grandsons." Helen Hill stepped forward, her lips in a thin line, shoulders back, the simple red tea dress she wore clung to her thin figure, hands on her hips she glared sternly at her grand sons. "This is not the place. It seems Sherlock and Mycroft have this all under control. Hilda has called in a doctor to see to the younger man. Quinn go fetch some ice. And quickly, Arthur lets kick some people out. Time for the guests to go home. We wouldnt want to make a scene would we now?" The two Hill's regained their composure and nodded, Quinn hurried out the door to find some ice. Arthur shot a glaring look in his cousin Mycroft's direction before he turned to follow his grand mere out of the room he smiled coolly. "Well Mycroft old boy, it looks like I may be solving your problem after all."

"Hardly." Mycroft snapped back, not missing the quick look his cousin shot over to the unconscious Omega.

"Like I said, we Hills always welcome a military man into our folds."

Mycroft's eyes narrowed and growled low enough for his cousin to hear, but said nothing more on the subject. Maybe John wasnt the best choice for Sherlock but Mycroft would be damned before he saw a Hill get their claws into the Omega. Suitable or not, John was Sherlock's.

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