Chapter 15 Movement

John sighed deeply nuzzling into the cool hand cradling the left side of his face, the movement brought a sharp pain. Wincing his eyes flying open the Omega sat up startled. This caused him to pull on the healing skin of his sore arm, another hiss of pain, he grimaced holding his arm to his chest, blinking past the haze of sleep.

"John." Sherlock's scent was the first to register and this had a calming affect almost immediately. John never did like waking up in strange places, it reminded him of the times his uncle used to lock him in a dark closet or basement for days.

"John." It was Sherlock's deep honeyed baritone, and the Omega's blue eyes fell on the source. "Sit still, and hold this to your face. I was told it will control the swelling."

John took a deep steading breath, reminding himself he was safe, and in a very expensively decorated bedroom. So don't through up John. The cool of an ice pack was gently placed against his bruised skin.

"This is one of many guest rooms. And don't worry about being ill, the cleaning staff have seen worse."

John nodded holding the ice pack to his jaw, he stretched his jaw assessing the extent of any injury there. Knowing the feeling of a broken jaw, and to his relief it wasn't broken, just bruised.

This is going to be wonderful to explain to curious, slash nosy work colleagues.

"Well this was one way to end the party early." John attempted a smile, the pull on his lip caused him pain and he only grimaced once more. His tongue darted out not realizing he'd cut his lip as well. Yup, this was going to be fun to explain to his more chatty co workers.

"John, what you did-" Sherlock cleared his voice, his gray eyes narrowed on the blond sitting up against the antique oak headboard.

"I know, I know it was stupid." John sighed, "However fighting over some believed trespass is a bit higher on the stupid scale, I think. And it's definitely not worth the trouble or broken furniture. It's not like this is real Sherlock, and even if it were two Alphas fighting over an Omega is beyond foolish. It's almost insulting really. "

"What?" The Alpha stiffened from the chair near John's bed. "I thought all Omegas liked to be courted."

"Yeah, and fighting is just the way to show your prowess? That's a very narrow minded view of the world. No. Not good at all. You both are lucky I'm not strong enough to knock your heads together myself. First off, I'm not interested in your cousin. We had this conversation; I've been giving his gifts to my coworker, remember? And second we have a deal and even if I were interested I would at least have enough honor to wait the year out. As agreed." What was it about this man that was driving John mad, once more he had to stop himself from leaning into the Alpha.

John pushed the ice to his face, a drumming was starting in his head and he closed his eyes not wishing to meet Sherlock's irritation or anger at being told off.

It was true though, how could Sherlock believe John to be weak enough to totally disregard their deal, and over a few empty gifts and cheesy lines.

Sherlock stiffened again, examining the Omega's now flushed face, he found no deception, even with John's eyes being closed. No, he found irritation and disappointment. John was disappointed in his inaccurate assumptions. The last part, caught up to Sherlock's unusually slow brain.

"I would at least have enough honor to wait the year out. As agreed".

! Quinton was an idiot! John was too good for the sex crazed knothead! Thoughts of John wanting to be with Quinton (or any other Alpha) made Sherlock's stomach tighten, he growled in response.

"Besides he's not my type." The Omega mumbled ignoring Sherlock's outburst, also missing the quick grin on the Alpha's usually passive face.

John removed the ice from his face, pulling his legs up to his chest, his head was pounding and maybe he was a bit hungry. What a wasted day, and he thought he was getting on so perfectly. Well as perfectly as one from his background could get on with London's upper crust. Still he endured their back handed compliments and refusals to shake his offered hand.

A thought came to John, he'd met Sherlock's many cousins, second, third and twice removed ones, aunts and uncles and so on, but where was Sherlock's mother?

"My mother would not come of course she has no desire to affiliate herself with the supposed son stealing harlot that you are. "

John really hated how easy it was for Sherlock to read his mind, but he ignored it, after all this was what made the Alpha so unique and fascinating.

"Oh, I'm a harlot then?" this made the Omega giggle to himself "Been called worse, don't think I've ever been called a harlot though. Well that's one less person to lie to."

Sherlock observed John's pinched expression, "It shouldn't bother you lying. It's not like you'll ever see any of these people again after today. They only come in hopes that they are in Fatcroft's good graces, and of course grand mere's as well."

"Sherlock, it's Mycroft, not Fatcroft. Anyway your brother isn't even that much bigger than you. And yes, this lying bothers me. I'm sure you wouldn't understand. Sentiment and all not being your strong point. I actually like your grandmother and your brother is a pompous ass but he's genuinely worried that our match is a bad one. It's almost cruel to carry on, especially since your dear grandmother is expecting grand children sometime in our future. I can barely look her in the eye. "

"John you're an idiot. And entirely too soft, for one who is going to be a career soldier you must learn to harden your defenses. Selfish is the way to go John, selfish will protect you and keep you safe."

"Oh? Because it works so well for you?" John shook his head, smiling sadly on the Alpha now sitting on the bed next to him. When did he get so close without John noticing, and how long had Sherlock's arm rested around John's shoulders?

Whatever Sherlock was about to say in response was lost when a soft knock came to the door and a very smug looking grand mere entered.

"John my dear I am so glad to see my Sherlock is taking care of you. Dreadful business these Alphas fighting. I hope you have chosen to forgive him, and don't think so poorly of Quinn he's always been a compulsive boy. It runs in the Hill genes. They just cant help being so hormone driven. Helena my sister would say it's passion but I see it as pigheaded nonsense and lack of wit."

"John is fine grand mere no harm done. He is exhausted from today and we do think it's time to be going." Sherlock smiled politely.

"Oh, yes of course my dear boys. Shame on me for keeping you longer. Oh, and Mycroft wanted to let you know your mother sent her regards. Apparently she wasn't feeling well again. " Grand mere kept her smile firmly placed though, John noted, it never reached her eyes.

"I apologize for all the trouble." John tried to pull out of Sherlock's hold but the Alpha only tightened his grip and the Omega felt his cheeks burn red.

"No trouble John. It wasn't you my dear. I promise we are much more civilized than this. I'll have one of Mycroft's drivers get the car ready. When you're ready of course. No rush dear."

"Sherlock she's gone you can let go now." John patted the Alpha's hand now snaking around his waist.

"John?" Sherlock frowned not looking over at the Omega he sat so close to. "You know my cousin Quinn is an idiot right?"

Another heavy sigh, "Yes, Sherlock and he's not my type. I seem to be attracted to a different kind of idiot all together." John meant for the last part to be to himself and definitely not out loud.

Sherlock's head snapped up and he turned to face the Omega, having caught every word.

John was attracted to someone? Who? This is what Sherlock had meant to voice but instead something entirely different escaped him. His tone he had assumed would be steady and bored but instead it came out harsh and angry.

"I trust you'll keep your baser instincts at bay until this arrangement is completed? It would not due to explain an unplanned pregnancy to my family out of wedlock as well as the fact that it would not be mine."

John didn't mean to allow that slip, he thought it would cause awkwardness and maybe instant rejection. John even expected some remark about Alphas being the only gender the genius felt able to connect with on some physical and intellectual level.

Not the reaction he received, it was almost humorous. Almost.

Sherlock assumed John was speaking of someone else, this was a relief but there was also a small sting. He sighed again, climbing off the bed, pulling out of the Alphas tight hold, "You are an idiot. You don't have to worry about me. Can we go now? "

"I meant what I said John." Sherlock had jumped to his feet and crowded the shorter Omega. Again he noted the flush creeping up the young army doctor's neck. John kept his eyes averted submissively and this angered Sherlock even more.

"Sherlock can we just go?"

"Who is it?" Sherlock demanded. "This, this Alpha you feel attracted to? Does he know about our deal? I wont have you making me look like a fool, this deal only works if-"

"Shut up. Just stop. Move out of my way, so we can go home and finally end this disastrous day." John's blue eyes narrowed and he tilted his chin trying to gain some height advantage. It was almost comical but it was a challenge, one that sent a rush of blood to the Alpha's hardening cock.

"Who is he John? Does he know about us?" the Alpha demanded his impossibly low baritone dropping even more.

"Us?" John tried to take a step back, the back of his knees were pressed into the side of the large bed behind him. No escape but forward, and Sherlock's scent became as his possessive instinct pumped out Alpha pheromones that made John's mouth water.

Sherlock didn't give the Omega an answer, instead he acted without thought, something that normally would frighten the controlled genius.

John firmly placed his hands against Sherlock's thin but solid chest to defend against attack, maybe even push him away. However he wasn't quick enough and the action only seemed to antagonize the Alpha even more.

John gasped as the air left his lungs, his mouth opened in response to the heavy weight pinning his body down. This opportunity was seized upon immediately by Sherlock's masterful tongue.

The Omega's brain seemed to short circuit; normally he would somewhat hastily put up a fight and toss the bastard trying to take without permission, on his ass. However, John felt himself arch up against the weight and a soft moan escaped him from under those sinful lips.

"Mine." Sherlock grunted pulling his mouth from John's, "Mine." He growled into John's neck, just at the spot where the Omega's scent was the strongest. A whimper escaped the blond as sharp teeth took hold of the sensitive flesh. "Mine." The Alpha started to suck and any thoughts were lost to the whirlwind sensation.

Hands, the Omega registered hands moving over him, the sound of a zip should have set off alarms in his head but instead it caused him to roll his hips instinctively craving the touch of his Alpha.

"That's right John. My hands can make you come. I won't share you."

"Sherlock, oh god!" John gasped as the violinist's long fingers wrapped around the Omega's aching dick.

John groaned his hands needing to touch skin, he pushed himself up, his own teeth capturing the swollen bottom lip of his Alpha.

This is what he had thought about the night before when he touched himself, he had imagined something similar but his mind hadn't been anywhere close to the reality.

The Omega ran his hands under the Alpha's now untucked silk shirt.

John couldn't think while the masterful hand worked the Omega's dick roughly, the Alpha's stiff member strained against the thin layer of expensive trousers, pushing into John's thigh.

The young army doctor took the exposed flesh of Sherlock's neck between his teeth and began to suck greedily, hoping and wanting to leave his mark. Something that said; MINE! TAKEN! BACK OFF!

"John!" Sherlock ground out his eyes wide feeling the Omega palming him hard.

"Let me." John whimpered clumsily fumbling with the Alpha's zip.

"Yes! God! Yes!" the Alpha released his hold on John's swollen flesh removing his shirt and undoing his slacks. A whine of disappointment escaped the Omega, and he pushed his body into Sherlock's.

"Sssh, I need to feel you. Touch me." Aggressively the Alpha took the Omega's smaller hand pushing his way past the layer of clothing and cotton pants.

It was John's turn to take the advantage, he ignored the pain in his arm, and the ache of his jaw, instead he rolled the Alpha under him, switching positions. Gray eyes were dilated blown wide with want and only accented by the Omega's surprise strength.

John leaned into the feel of the man's thick cock in his hands, twitching and pulsating. It wouldn't take much to make the Alpha come, and John smiled wickedly taking the Cupid's bow mouth with his own hungry lips. Nipping, licking and sucking he took his dick in hand laying it next to the Alpha's bigger one.

The contact was delicious and warm, he bit down on the tongue entering his mouth to keep from coming.

The two rutted against each other, nothing intelligible was said. Pure gasps, moans and whimpers.

It didn't take long for both men to come in unison to John's ministrations, the Omega slumped forward panting heavily into his Alpha's rapid pulse. John sucked in a breath enjoying the warm stickiness that covered his hand and possibly his naked belly.

Once again he had no idea how his shirt had been removed without his notice.


John had cleaned up the mess on his hand and belly the best he could using the in suite bathroom. He was also very aware of Sherlock's strong scent, surrounding the two of them advertising just what they had been up too. Thankfully nothing had been said after, Sherlock had gently pushed John from him and stood adjusting his pants and trousers.

"The bathroom is just through there John." The Alpha cleared his voice pointing, as he took some tissue from the nightstand near the bed to clean up.

Once the two had themselves somewhat situated and clothes in salvaged state the two made their way out to the waiting car.

Once home the Alpha removed his wrinkled jacket glaring at his mobile, he tossed the both away, moving towards the silent Omega.

"John, I do believe a shower is in order."

John's thoughts had been reeling, and this statement said so as a matter of fact, confused him even more.

A strong hand captured his forearm, (the none injured one) and pulled him towards the washroom.


The hot shower was going and John found himself once more pinned against a hard wall. Sherlock's mouth was sucking the air from him, but it would be a glorious way to die.

"John." The Alpha panted pulling at the buttons on the Omega's wrinkled uniform. "This doesn't mean anything. I don't want an Omega."

John tried to focus on the words being said, it was so damn hard when the mouth was pushing on his, the scent was mingling with the humid air of the cramped bathroom.

"I-I don't want an Alpha." John groaned when his pants hit the floor.

"Good. So good. We have determined this means nothing. It's merely a release."

John nodded in reply unable to form words as strong hands gripped at his naked hips pulling him hard against equally naked flesh.

Sherlock smiled wickedly into the other man's mouth, only to pull away and move towards the small shower.

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