Chapter 16 On Call

Chapter 16: on call

"John? John?" Doctor Sawyer snapped her fingers impatiently under John's nose.

"Oh, sorry. Were you saying something?" The Omega doctor blinked snapping out of the day dream he was having. It was a rather good one, well it had started out marvelously only to end not so wonderfully. In fact it had all been such a disaster.

Why did life have to be so dammed complicated and messy? Sherlock had made it clear he didn't want an Omega, no relationship nothing of messy sentiment. So why couldn't John just tell himself the same?

They had made it into the shower, lots of petting and touching and god could the man kiss. Then John ruined it, he had ruined it all with his nervous reaction to what was only the obvious progression from petting to penetration.

John hadn't ever been with an Alpha and they had proper lubrication but he'd embarrassed himself with his fumbled excuse and quick retreat. Sherlock had just stood frozen in place panting holding John against the shower's tiled wall.

"I-I can't." Was all John could gasp, trying to calm his rapidly beating heart, and just like that Sherlock turned the water to cold and slowly released his hold on John's arms.

"John? You're doing it again." Sarah sighed waving hand in front of him. "Are you sure everything is alright? You've been quiet all day." Her eyes ran over the bruise on John's jaw.

"I told you Sarah it's nothing."

"I've told you if you don't feel safe at home I know a safe place you can go."

"Sarah, I promise you Sherlock is a perfect gentleman and he's in no way abusing me." John exhaled running a hand over his face, glad for his long sleeved jumper this morning, he did have an impressive amount of bruising on his wrists and upper arms. That, that was different, he'd left similar marks on his dark haired Alpha. John didn't mind the rough stuff, the eager touches and caresses, the sucking and biting. His cheeks flushed just remembering it and he was glad to be sitting behind a desk hiding a semi hard erection.

"John! Dammit you're doing it again." Sarah laughed this time a grin on her glossy lips. "Maybe it's time for you to get going. You've worked your eight plus today. It's slow you can go then. Get home and maybe work out or off some of whatever it is that puts that smile on your face, just now."

John blushed an even darker shade of red, "I, um-I'm fine. Really. Sorry if I've been a bit distracted."

"Right, well. Get your paperwork done and get going Doctor Watson. I mean it. All this day dreaming is making me jealous. And don't think I cant see those little love bites. Really John, you must have a possessive one. I almost care to meet him, although I think I could identify him on scent alone the way he's got you marked."

"Doctor Sawyer!" Lorna rushed into the small office. "There's a young man unconscious in the waiting room."

Sarah didn't reply she only hurried out the door with John at her heels, the clinic was nearly empty and they usually didn't get too many late night arrivals.

"Please help him!" A young Alpha male was leaning over the Omega now twitching on the floor. John could see the boy was wearing a tattered black hoodie, in fact both boys were. Something else bothered him, he neared cautiously grabbing Sarah's arm before she could kneel anywhere closer to the flailing boy.

"John?" Sarah tried to pull free, frowning confused.

"Ah! Smart one you are." The young teenage Alpha male frowned, tapping the Omega on the ground with his foot. "You can get up Freddie, they aint buying it."

"Really? I told yeah we should have added the fizzy candy for a better effect." The boy jumped to his feet moving directly behind the teenage Alpha now holding a gun.

"What the hell?" Sarah froze and Lorna tried to take a shaky step away from the two teens.

"So no one else is in huh? Slow night my guess. Best time. Now which one of you is a doctor?"

John stepped forward "If you're looking for drugs kid you're hitting the wrong place. We don't keep anything stronger than-"

"Shut it you! We ain't addicts!" The boy snapped irritably, he glared from Sarah to John.

"You lady! You're a doctor then give me your first aid kit and all the paracetamol you have! Now! In a bag! And some antibiotics if you got it and I know you do! And me and my friend here will keep these two occupied. Don't try to call old bill or I'll lose my temper on your two friends out here. Got it?"

Sarah nodded her hands up she hurried to the back, John however remained calm.

"What's happened then? Who's hurt?" The boy didn't reply he only motioned for Lorna to move closer towards John.

"Get on your stomach and keep your hands on your head." The boy growled. Sarah returned with a medical bag filled with the requested items.

"Good, that's good. Now I'm going to need you to-"

"No." John cut the boy off, taking the bag from Sarah. "She's still got a full shift to work, I'll go. I'm a doctor."

The boy narrowed his eyes looking John over from head to toe, those dark blue eyes fell briefly on the Omega's bruised jaw before making a decision.

"Fine. Come on then. Freddie go tell the others to get the van going."

"Yeah. Okay." The Omega in the black hoodie hurried out the front doors, "Come on Doc, nothing funny. I'll shot you and just come back for a different doc."

John looked at Sarah "It'll be fine. I'll be back."

"John!" Sarah started forward only to be halted by the young man with the gun.

"On your belly too Miss. And count to fifty before you get up. Don't want to have to shoot the good doctor here."

"No one is going to shoot anyone kid, let's just go." John started towards the door and the teenager almost had to hurry to keep up.

John climbed into the dark windowless van, "Come on get going!" The kid with the gun growled.

"You sure this is a good idea?" The driver shot a nervous look towards John then starting up the van.

"It's the only way. Besides this ones harmless." The boy held the gun on the Omega Doctor.

"Toby wont like this." Freddie pushed his hood back revealing a head of red hair.

"Toby isn't in any kind of way to object." The driver also wearing a black hoodie snapped back "Put your damn seatbelt on."


Such calls are normally not in Lestrade's division but he happened to overhear the call over the radio. Recognizing the address he shifted his car into reverse and switched his police light on.

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