Chapter 17 Handled

John was led towards a dark alley in a shady part of town, he didn't recognize this place but he knew the type of dilapidated buildings.

"Come on you." The kid with the gun pointed at a small group of homes, each looked abandoned but John could see the curtain's movements and knew he was being watched. Instead of going into one of the homes he was lead to a side alley where it narrowed and turned until they came to a door at the side of an abandoned building.

Well perhaps not completely abandoned. "Keep going Doc."

"Sure, but first do you want to tell me what this is about? Who's hurt? And just how bad is it to make you go through all this?"

"You'll see soon enough." The kid didn't push John he only gestured forward.

"You can put the gun away kid, we both know it's a fake."

This had the Alpha tense up, "How?" The boy paled glancing down at the fake weapon.

"Oh, come on, really? I know a spray on job when I see one. It doesn't matter. Just tell me where we are going and what happened. I know you have to be desperate to have your little lackey's steal a van and fake a seizure. Obviously it's someone you care about."

"My-it's my brother." The teen stammered. "He was attacked."

"Then why don't you take him to the A&E." John knew the answer but he still needed to hear it.

"Can't trust them. They'll take him away. Blame him or worse hurt him more."

John frowned "What? Why?"

The kid didn't meet John's eyes, he instead pushed his black hood away from his brown head.

"Why did you come if you know it's a fake?" The young boy's eyes narrowed on the Omega doctor.

"I'm a doctor. I'll help where I can." A shrug.

"Did your Alpha do that to you?" the boy nodded his head once in the direction of John's bruised jaw.

"No. Not my Alpha." He replied easily, the boy's eyes narrowed. "Did your Alpha beat the shit out of the one who did it at least?"

John sighed "Why are you asking?"

"Alphas shouldn't put hands on their Omegas or any Omega theirs or not." John noted how the boy's fists balled at his side and he didn't meet John's eyes.

"I agree. Is that what's happened? Did someone hurt your brother?"

The boy didn't reply he only continued to frown "Fine, kid, do you have a name? My name is John. Doctor Watson if you want. "

"J.P." the teen replied hiding the gun in his pocket.

"Alright, then give us the fake gun."


"You heard me." John held his hand out, the young teen made a face and his comrades only giggled.

"This ones a lot like Toby mate, better do as he says." The van's driver suggested holding the door open for the two.

The Alpha teen glared down at John's open palm.

"Come one now. I'm not going to let you keep it. Some one might think it's real and you'll get yourself shot. So come on now, give it here then lead the way."

John used his military voice and the boy complied slowly handing over the toy gun painted to look real. John continued to follow J.P. down a dimly lit corridor, where several rooms had dirty mattresses and several eyes watched the two suspiciously from the shadows.

They reached a door at the end where another teen stood guard, John could see this teen was another Omega male in a black hoodie.

"This the doctor? He reeks, I thought you were supposed to bring back an unbounded Omega." The freckled boy at the door put the back of his dirty hand to his nose.

"He's not bonded. Just smells that way." The Alpha replied waving the other boy aside.

John rolled his eyes. "I'm engaged. Thanks. Not that it matters. I'm a doctor. So where's the patient?"

"Move Lars. He's harmless. " the street kid reluctantly moved away from the door and J.P. gave it a knock before entering.

"Toby?" he called out softly.

"Joshua? " Came a soft groan and John caught the scent immediately. There was an Omega in this dimly lit room, an Omega just coming out of heat.

"Toby. It's me. How you feeling?" J.P. was kneeling near a nest of blankets and an old mattress. The young Alpha ran his hands through the Omega's dirty blond hair.

"Like I had the shit kicked out of me. Who's with you?" Came a soft whimper, and John stepped closer to the make shift nest of dirty blankets and old pillows. A candle was sitting on an overturned crate acting like a nightstand. The one light bulb over head flickered occasionally but John didn't let this hinder him.

He kneeled near the patient; the face that turned towards him was bruised and swollen.

"Hello. My name is John and I'm a Doctor. Joshua here asked if I could make a house call."

The Omega winced as John neared gently cupping the young man's bruised face. "I'll need clean water." He spoke quickly "I have sterile gauze to clean this but he looks dehydrated and water is good to have on hand."

The young teen nodded "Alright. I'll be right back."

He hurried towards the door and John dug through the medical bag wishing for better lighting.

"Alright Doctor, what did he do to get you here?" Toby winced as John used his mobile for lighting, he checked the young man's heart, lungs and blood pressure.

"What did you take?" John sighed "Rather what did they give you?"

"That obvious?" Toby coughed, wincing from the movement.

"I've seen it enough." John replied sadly, taking the necessary gauze from his bag and putting on a pair of gloves. "You might need some stiches there. I'm glad we have antibiotics. But you should be seen at a hospital."

"Cant. He'll find me there." The Omega replied sadly.

"Bastard! It was him wasn't it! You told me you didn't know-" J.P. returned with several water bottles. "I'll kill him!" The boy growled.

"Joshua Pierce!" The older Omega growled. "You will do no such thing. And what did you do to get the doctor here to come?"

The boy didn't reply, "Joshua?" Toby pressed suspiciously.

"You were hurting." The teen mumbled his eyes downcast. "I couldn't let you go on in pain. I know you are hurt else where, I can smell- "

"He was very concerned." John cut in switching his mobile on once more lighting up the room he quickly cleaned the young Omega's face and plastered what he could. Glancing at the screen briefly John realized he had no signal. "Joshua come hold my phone so I can suture this. It wont take too many stiches. I don't have anything for pain."

"I can take it." Toby replied with a sad half smile. "I've had worse." He closed his eyes as the Omega doctor started to thread the first suture through the split just at Toby's hairline.


Sherlock raced down the alley way, he'd activated the gps on John's phone and it led him here. Lestrade and his men too slow to keep up, he hadn't even texted them the direction he ran. All that mattered was John was in danger, he'd been brought here for some nefarious reason, and if he was hurt someone would pay. And pay very dearly! He just hoped he wasn't too late.

The consulting detective was known by the homeless even in these parts. He had lost John's signal most likely due to the buildings surrounding the area. He had asked around and the majority of the Omega homeless in this area remained skittish not wanting to come closer.

"Siggy?" a young familiar voice called. "Is that you? What you doing around here?"

The dark haired genius turned towards the voice a young kid approached holding a skateboard and a spray can.

"Raz?" Sherlock called out.

"You lost something Siggy?" the boy asked.

"I'm looking for an Omega."

This caused the boy to smirk, "Well there are quite a few in these parts but I doubt any willing to sell what you might be buying. Besides I thought you and Trevor had a thing. Alphas only. Since when do you like Omegas?"

Sherlock growled irritably grabbing the boy by his hooded collar.

"My Omega! He was brought here by force. And I want him back!"

Raz's eyes widened, he dropped his bored and his spray paint.

"Alright Siggy, alright calm down. Didn't know you had a mate. What's he look like and I'll ask around. If someone's got him and they're here wont take long to find him."


John glanced down at his dying mobile, the flashing battery, and still no signal. He really should call Sarah and explain things. He hadn't realized how late it truly was, after talking with the injured young Omega John easily lost track of time.

Toby refused to go to a hospital, he however did confess that it was an ex-boyfriend that caused the majority of his injuries. John had felt his stomach turn over the details, and he urged the younger man to press charges.

It seemed he was lured into a situation that ended with him being drugged and then raped by Toby's still unnamed Alpha ex and then the ex's associates joined in.

John's greatest fear his secret fear really was being helpless and over powered like that. To be outnumbered and unable to find an escape and forced to submit and be brutalized.

John gave Toby a number to call it was a help line that Sarah ran; Toby would be able to find a safe place a home for abused Omegas. The young Omega needed counseling, he was under the impression this had been his fault. Another sickening byproduct of Omega abuse, and John hoped Sarah could help the young man.

John then moved on seeing to the various injuries or ailments of the homeless in the abandoned building. The group of young Omegas warmed easily to the army doctor and the Alpha teen J.P. stayed close at John's side.

On their way out of the twisted alley, two Alpha males had turned up and neared John curiously only to be warned off by a deep growl from the young teen.

"Best get you home Doc, it's getting late." J.P. glared at the other two Alpha's that had wondered into his territory.

"Yeah, my phone's got shit reception out here. I should call the clinic before they really start to worry."

"Hey J.P. mate. Who's the new face?" One of the two older men snickered giving John a quick appraising look. "And what's your hurry now?"

The two started to circle and J.P. clinched his fists growling again in warning. "Piss off! "

John rolled his eyes, "Doctor Watson. Boys? Are you in need of a doctor? If not I suggest you move aside it is growing quite late and I really should be-"

"Oh, he's a pretty one." The Alpha with the crooked teeth and shaved head smiled positioning himself behind John and J.P. while the other stayed blocking the way out of the narrow alley.

"I'm really not in the mood." John growled. " Step aside."

"Oh,? Well I bet I could get you in the mood. And real quick." The male with the sweat stained t-shirt and red hair grinned hungrily in John's direction. That's all it took for J.P. to lunge and the Alpha behind John pull him hard against the wall.

The crooked toothed man that attacked John did so thinking the Omega was weak. For his trouble he didn't get a second chance to taunt or even blink before the Omega brought a hard fist to the brute's soft abdomen. Just as quickly John used the element of surprise bringing the taller Alpha's head crashing into the hard brick of the alley wall.

"Like I said, I'm not in the mood." John huffed picking up his bag and moving out of the alley into the open.

J.P. was rolling around with the other nameless Alpha and John thought about jumping in to separate the two, but his jaw reminded him of the logic in that.

Besides it looked like they had an audience, not exactly one John found too helpful.

J.P. wasn't as big as his opponent, an opponent now kicking him while he was down.

"No need for that." John snapped irritably.

The Alpha smiled over at John like a starving man would for a cheeseburger, now forgetting about the groaning teen.

John met the Alpha's dark glare with his own, an open challenge, however the attack never came.

Instead a very familiar and welcoming scent flooded the air, it was hot and angry and very very territorial. John knew it well, and it caused his own heart to speed up.

The other's in the crowd seemed to withdraw into the shadows of the old run down buildings.

"Siggy?" The red haired Alpha was slammed against the brick of the wall with a hard thud, a deep snarl from a very tall young man in a dark coat. "Shit Siggy-let go mate-"

"Mine!" Was all the dark haired Alpha could manage through clenched teeth, his hold on the man's neck tightened.

John went to help Joshua up, "Best stay back, he get's a bit moody over these things."

The teen's eyes were wide, and whatever color left in his face drained completely, instantly recognizing the dark haired Alpha. Those eyes moved back to the Doctor who looked more irritated then afraid, one sniff and J.P. knew his life was over.

"That's-I mean. Siggy is your uh-Alpha?" J.P. didn't need a response he already knew, "Fuck!" He held a hand to his aching ribs, watching as Siggy made quick work of that idiot Ray, with a stomach turning crunch J.P. heard the man's wrist snap or possibly the guy's arm. "Shit, shit!" J.P. leaned against the wall, the air saturated now with territorial pheromones.

"Sherlock?" John frowned putting himself between the young kid behind him and his growling man. "That was a bit over excessive. A simple slap to the face or a kick to the groin would have done fine. Really, now you've got blood on your coat. Perhaps if you bought stock in a dry cleaning company you'd make some of your money back."

J.P. thought he was hearing things; who the hell was this Omega?

"John?" Sherlock moved quickly taking the smaller man into a tight hold, running his nose and chin over the Omega's blond hair.

"What are you even doing here? I told you I was working late tonight."

"Sarah said you were kidnapped, taken at gun point? Are you hurt?" Sherlock ran his hands over John's arms, then waist, sniffing for any sign of injury or abrasions.

"Oh, yeah, probably should have called but my-" John was pushed behind the Alpha with a snarl and the young teen J.P. gulped taking a quick step back.

"You!" Siggy's gray eyes narrowed to slits, his nostrils flared.

"He was kind enough to show me out of this maze of alley's and buildings. Would have been out sooner if Tweedle Dumb and Dumber hadn't accosted us." John put a hand gently on his Alpha's arm. His light squeeze brought the dark haired man's attention back to the Omega's scent, Sherlock found this simple touch anchoring.

Sherlock's eyes flicked to a groaning Alpha just behind the boy, then back at John. "I saw the footage, he had a-"

"Oh, no. It was a silly prank. A misunderstanding." John was trying his best to calm the situation. "Joshua there was needing some help he asked so I came. See no gun. It's my fault for not calling Sarah and letting her know I was alright-"

"Why are you protecting the little miscreant?" Sherlock took a threatening step towards the young boy, his anger still very much tangible although less illogical.

"Sherlock Holmes!" John snapped causing his Alpha to flinch, turning his bowed head like a dog being disciplined. "This young man is not a villain. A bit misguided but he did what he did to protect someone. Besides there's a bigger case here. It seems there's another buyer on the market for heat inducers. Maybe it will lead you closer to the killer." John's voice was gentler now and Sherlock frowned mulling over the logic behind John's statements. His gray eyes caught the blue of John's and he read concern for the young teen, and Sherlock caught the scent of several Omegas, it all was unsettling. John was safe, and unharmed and so damn beautiful when he took charge. The Alpha couldnt bring himself to feel challenged by the smaller man, no John was right so very correct and Sherlock felt himself stir in response.

"John! Sherlock! " Lestrade panted bursting from around a corner. "Dammit Sherlock! You know better than to run off!" The older man panted, sliding to a halt near the two.

"Lestrade arrest those two idiots! They tried to assault my mate. John come along, if you're through here I would like to return home."

"Wait a bloody minute!" Lestrade still winded tried to catch his breath.

"John will fill out a report later Lestrade. I however wish to press charges. "

"But Doctor Sawyer said it was a teen-" Lestrade frowned glancing at the two downed Alpha's.

"Yeah, that was a bit of a prank." John tried to ease the DI's confusion. "I'll explain later." John smiled tightly, "I should get this one home and fed before he goes on hunger fueled rage fest over any other believed threats." John didn't wait for a reply he waved goodbye to the Alpha teen who stood frozen watching the tall consulting detective wearily.

"Come on Sherlock. I'm hungry." John passed a skip and tossed the fake gun inside without a care. The DI was too busy radioing his position and readying his handcuffs to pay any heed to Joshua watching the couple take their leave.

"I had the situation handled." John could be heard in the distance.

"John your sense of handled is well beyond the current definition. Perhaps you should become reacquainted with-"

"Shut up." John snapped not waiting for the Alpha to catch up to him.

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