Chapter 19 Off Guard

A/N:thanks for all the wonderful encouragement and well wishing! I was so touched by all the congratulations on the birth of my daughter. Thanks EVERYONE! seriously! I have another chapter ready to be beta'd by the lovely LithiumReaper! she's working so hard on this for me and I appreciate her patience with my many grammar errors ;) sorry for the lack of action but the next chapter i promise will be more exciting! lots of Lov to you all!

Sherlock raked his long fingers through the soft down of John's blond hair. The Omega responded by curling closer to Sherlock, wrapping shorter legs around the Alpha's longer ones. Eyes still closed, Sherlock knew the blond was locked in a dead sleep, however, it was restful. The tension in John's toned body had relaxed and the anxiety lifted.

Sherlock wondered at how he managed to be so tangled up in legs and arms, it was confusing but not unwelcome. John had been distressed and Sherlock had eased the Omega's tension and the reward was this. Cuddling. Something Sherlock wasn't at all used to, but he found he didn't mind it quite so much.

In fact holding John like this made it easier to scent along his hairline and take in the Omega's delicious scent. This was far better. Sherlock wondered why he hadn't come to sleep in his own bed earlier. It was far more comfortable than the couch, and his mind was finding it easier to focus on the more important things. All the outside noises and distracting static of unimportant data was silenced, and Sherlock could catalogue all that was John. Intriguing.

Then John let out a content little sigh, maneuvering himself closer, (if that was possible). The dark haired Alpha allowed his hands to rub down John's back, finding the tone muscle covered by John's night shirt easily accessible. John's skin was warm, perhaps he would feel much more comfortable out of his shirt. It wouldn't do for the Omega to be itchy or sweaty. Sherlock could effortlessly fix this before it was a problem.


John couldn't remember ever feeling so completely comfortable. He moved closer to the source of delicious warmth and that scent. A deep breath and it was intoxicating, reminding him of a small coffee shop he used to frequent as a teen. The scent of dark chocolate and the rich aroma of coffee beans blended together, always making his head swim and his mouth water. It was a welcoming scent and John wanted to drink from the source.

Lazily he blinked away the dreams that barely held him down, sighing once before his blue eyes focused on the pale naked landscape spread out before him. His hand he recognized was laying so possessively across the naked flesh of a smooth chest.

It occurred to John suddenly that he was warm due to the fact that his own naked chest was pressed skin to skin to the body nearly under him. His chin tilted suddenly, this brought John's nose close to the source of such a mouth watering scent. He nosed the scent gland just under the Alpha's jaw, the strong arms around him tightened. When had those gotten there?

John couldn't say when it happened or who initiated it, but he would say it was the best way one could ever be woken up.

A heated mouth and urgent hands all over, and when did his clothes come off?

None of it mattered, all that he allowed himself to focus on was this, the touching and nearness. Normally he would fight to be on top but being under the lean body pressing into him, left the Omega completely aroused.

"Sherlock?" John moaned nipping at the Alpha's clean shaved chin.

"John, god you're so beautiful. Just let me do this nothing more-" the deep honeyed voice whispered urgently, and before the Omega could ask what it was the man wanted a hand skillfully took his awakened flesh.

A whine escaped the Omega, and he rolled his hips upwards in response to the supplied friction.

Yes, this was the best way to wake up and afterwards quite possibly the best way to fall asleep.


"John?" Sarah sighed once more "Is this going to be an ongoing thing?" she snapped her fingers under the Omega doctor's nose.

"Hmm, what? Sorry?" John blinked out of the daze he was caught in.

"Right that answers that. You know it's disgusting how you flaunt your ridiculous happiness around. The rest of us poor hopelessly single wretches shouldn't have to endure it." Sarah teasingly stated placing a warm mug of coffee on the doctor's desk. She sank down in the chair across from him.

"I cant say I'm not jealous. The way your mate to be burst into the clinic demanding to see the video footage from the kidnaping. All superior and condescending. Even that DI fellow shrank back from the amount of Alpha pheromones being emitted. It was kind of hot. I almost felt sorry for the poor bastards you were with. Good thing it wasn't a real kidnapping, huh."

"Sorry about that mess Sarah. I should have mentioned right away that the gun was a fake. But the kid was-"

"No, I get it. After what you told me I totally get it. I can understand that kind of desperation, I don't agree with it but I can understand it. Alphas are quite irrational when it comes to their Omegas. "

"Hello Doctor Watson?" nurse Lorna knocked on the open door before entering she was carrying a bouquet of red roses. "This um, came to you."

The nurse smiled brightly, bringing the flowers over to the blond doctor's desk.

"This isn't fair really. I bet those are from your admirer. I guess what they say is true, everyone loves a man in uniform. Perhaps I should join the corps. If only to find a suitable mate." Sarah pulled the card off of the plastic stuck between the flowers, which she snatched up from the nurse.

"Please accept my deepest apologies. I am an ass and would like to make it up to you. Drinks? –Quinton Hill"

"Some men just don't give up!" John pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Well, you know what John. If you wont have these I think I will, seeing how Doctor Hunter is out for the day. Maybe I can pretend my life is fine without several Alphas pushing down my door vying for my attention."

"Oh, Sarah whatever you must tell yourself." Lorna giggled. "I call dibs on the next bouquet to come in. "

"I don't know how to make it clear to the man that I am simply not interested. Nor am I available. Ever." John massaged his temples.

"Ah, John. I normally would say keep your options open. But after meeting your Alpha I can see why you would wish not to provoke the man. He doesn't seem like the sharing type.

"I'll say." John muttered. Another smile teased the edge of his lips as he remembered how Sherlock reacted to him not wishing to be marked in such visible areas. They had spent the night rutting against each other and making a mess of the sheets, and Sherlock had pressed the issue of going further. He just let John fall asleep curled into him and sticky from their shared explorations.

Then their shared shower this morning-

"You're doing it again. John. That's it. I refuse to be around you, I banish you to the Omega 're going to be busy today. Go." Sarah huffed, cradling the flowers to her. "And if any more Alphas come around sniffing for you, just send them my way!"

John saluted, "Will do." He paused before leaving the room. "Speaking of the clinic, did Toby ever call?"

Sarah shook her head sadly, the smile faltering. "I can't say I'm surprised. Just give it time John. It takes hitting bottom before an Omega will seek help."

John didn't reply, but his mind wondered how much lower Toby could get before he asked for help or pressed charges. Maybe John could go back in another day, under the guise of 'checking up' on the patient.

He put this all behind him and hurried to the Omega clinic side, promising himself he wouldn't daydream anymore. However, he should pick up dinner on the way home, knowing the impossible git of an Alpha he wouldn't make himself any breakfast or lunch while John wasn't there to push the issue.

Yes, perhaps Thai take away would be good.


Sherlock pushed another slide of tobacco ash under the microscope, his thoughts were far from the smudges and his notes. Instead he could only think of John's grateful smile this morning.

It wasn't exactly unpleasant waking up sticky from the nights lustful occurrences. Normally the Alpha was unsatisfied with anything but penetration but sensing John was unwilling he made due with the heaviest of groping and rutting. John's mouth on his aroused cock had been enough to satisfy the Alpha this morning and last night.

Perhaps he should rethink their sleeping arrangements, technically Sherlock was still on a case but no new bodies had shown up and nothing else was coming in. He could relinquish the couch and perhaps collect more data on John's sleeping patterns by spending his nights sharing a bed with the Omega. It was for science, nothing more.

After all John was an intriguing specimen, he was nothing like the Omegas Sherlock had known or ever had the displeasure of meeting. John was strong and independent. Although going off with unknown Alphas holding a weapon or not was not ideal. John shouldn't be allowed to be out of sight, even Mycroft had had trouble locating the direction the teen Alpha had taken John.

That feeling of helplessness was completely foreign to consulting detective, and it was a heavy sensation that made Sherlock even now feel rattled. So much so he shot a quick text to Omega under the guise of wanting milk, he only wanted to check John's response time.

Out of milk.-SH

I'll pick some up after work. Thai?-JW

Yes fine.-SH

Sherlock went to the fridge and emptied out the bottle of milk they had into the sink. Now it wasn't exactly a lie and that aside John's response time had been acceptable.

"Nice to see some things don't change. It's mid afternoon and you're still in your robe and pajamas."

Sherlock turned surprised he hadn't heard the other Alpha entering or even registered the familiar scent. How was it that John managed to occupy his thoughts even when he was out of sight?

"Victor." Sherlock growled.

"Oh, come now Lockie don't be angry with me. Come give me a proper hello." When Sherlock didn't move towards the dark haired Alpha dressed in an expensive dark suit with a dark blue tie the offended Alpha sniffed the air.

"It's true then." Victor's green eyes narrowed, and he tossed a news paper with disgust onto the neatly organized coffee table near the couch. Victor loosened his tie and removed his jacket flinging himself backwards onto the couch. "I thought the announcement in the paper was just a misprint. Surely they weren't talking about The Sherlock Holmes, drug addict, non conformist all around unfeeling bastard. Oh and not to mention the fact that I know from experience that you only go for Alphas. However this place reeks of Omega. Ugh, I can smell him on you from here. You should consider showering."

"Why are you here?" Sherlock growled.

"Ouch, that's how you greet me. Really? I thought we were closer than that. At least you could have given me a quick heads up rather then letting me find out you are BLOODY ENGAGED! And I found out in the paper of all things!"

"Leave." Sherlock snapped.

"No." Victor snapped back. "I think you owe me an explanation. First your fat arse of a brother had me detained and my father was given information about my recreational uses of coke. And I bet that was Fatcroft as well. Well I'm out of rehab and –"

"And what Victor? You want an apology? You know my brother. And it was you who chose to take the pay off and rehab over me. Oh didn't think I would find out about that?"

"What was I supposed to do, my own father cut me off! Here Mycroft was offering me money and what was I supposed to do?"

"How about not take it. How about tell him to fuck off."

Victor rolled his eyes, "Right. Like you would have done the same?"

"Come on Sherlock you missed me. Whomever this Omega is he can't be as good as me. So what's the deal? You must be up to something. I don't see you as the settling type. You and I both know you find the idea of an Omega in heat as a messy disgusting biological disaster. So I ask you again, what's the catch? Is he rich? Does he have a big fat trust-" Victor narrowed his eyes."No, he doesn't. You've made a deal with him havent you?"

"It's my business." Sherlock snapped plopping down in the chair near Victor.

"That's it. And your ever so nosy brother hasn't figured it out yet has he? No he's probably more focused on the inadequacy of the mate you've chosen. Ha, he was always so predictable."

"Indeed." Sherlock smirked.

"Come sit next to me. Let me show you how much I've missed you."

Sherlock remained seated he rolled his eyes "Sentiment Victor? Rehab has made you soft."

The dark haired Alpha shrugged pulling something out of his pocket "No, it has made me something else." He grinned holding out a vile of a clear liquid, and a an unused syringe. "Careful."

Sherlock's eyes focused on the vile, and he felt his mouth water.

"What say you? We can have a hit, sit around and wait for the high to take affect. It will be beautiful. This stuff I got in rehab from a dealer who smuggled it in, its pure liquid heaven. Come on, for old times sake?"


John entered the flat carrying the milk and a bag of take away, he'd remembered to order Sherlock's mildly spicy after the chili powder incident he wasn't so inclined to eating overly peppery food.

"Sherlock? Sorry I'm late. You never answered my-" John pulled up short entering the living room finding a stranger sitting on the couch lounging back smiling. And to John's surprise Sherlock was sitting with his head back over the side of the warn down couch and his legs on the other man.

"Oh, loookie lookie Lockie, the old ball and chain is ho-ome. Oh dear." The Alpha laughed drunkenly, but he didn't move off the couch or push Sherlock's long legs off of his lap.

John could sense something was off, Sherlock didn't even move his head to acknowledge him. The Omega scanned the area, Sherlock didn't seem like a drinker and it didn't smell of alcohol in the flat. Not that John had a chance to sniff it out, all he could scent was the acrid of smell of this strange Alpha.

That and the bastard was lighting up a cigarette in the flat.

John understood it then, the dilated pupils the slurred speech. "You must be Doctor John H. Watson, Omega soon to be wedded to my Sherlock. Tell me soldier boy does he let you play doctor before ramming it home? Whisper sweet nothings? Tell you you're the only one who understands him?"

John dropped the bag of take away as well as the Milk, his eyes were on the table and then to Sherlock's rolled up sleeve. "Oh no worries doc we didn't share the needle. He doesn't trust me. However poor Lockie. He's been on the wagon so long he didn't expect it to kick so hard. Did you love?" The dark haired Alpha smiled patting Sherlock's pale cheek softly, he then blew smoke in John's direction.


Mycroft glanced at the video footage, he'd been advised that Victor Trevor the slithering snake had made contact with Sherlock. Mycroft glanced over the footage noting the time stamp, Victor had been there for number of hours and while John was at work.

"Oh, Sherlock you do have a way of mucking things up for yourself." The older Holmes sighed, calling for his car. He would need to take care of this. He warned Victor and now he would have to handle his brother's relapse. And he would need to deal with this quickly before the good doctor returned, not wishing a scene and having to deal with the distress of an Omega. Really they could be such fragile creatures.

Too late he flipped over to the live feed, it seemed Sherlock had already dismantled all the cameras in the flat three days ago. So Mycroft had no way of knowing what was happening inside and not knowing wasn't something he enjoyed. However, outside the flat the cctvs caught the return of his brother's Omega.

Mycroft quickly grabbed his umbrella and linked his phone to the feed, he needed to get to baker street and quickly. Well the upside to all this would be the fact that Sherlock would be back in rehab, his trust securely locked away and John well, the Omega would no doubt agree to break off the engagement. Mycroft would give him a reasonable settlement. For his pain and suffering and that would be the last of Doctor Watson. Such a shame he really wasn't that bad of a choice.

Mycroft was comfortably in the back of the black government car when it happened. The door to 221B was flung open and Victor Trevor was thrown out onto the street. At first Mycroft thought it was Sherlock's doing but no, there was no mistaking the short blond doctor with balled fists at his side. He sent a swift kick to the Alpha's side causing the man to roll onto his side and Mycroft wished so powerfully for audio. He however could read lips and understood what was being said, at least by the short Omega.

"And don't come back!"

Mycroft would not have believed it without seeing it, he would be replaying the scene later in the comfort of his own home but for now he would try to close his gaping mouth and gather his senses.

In no way was he attracted to such a vulgar display, Omegas were supposed to be docile and well less, less combative.

Nevertheless Mycroft couldn't help but smile upon seeing the Alpha Victor being handled rather roughly by someone he would no doubt see as beneath him. Perhaps John was far too good for his brother. His talents were wasted as a doctor at such a small clinic. Feasibly Mycroft could find John more suitable work, possibly within his own ranks. He could always use a man on his team with such skills.

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