Chapter 21 THE ALPHA

"Where is he Mycroft?" Sherlock squinted from the pain pounding through his head. He refused to leave his brother's study without John.

"Resting. The family doctor looked him over and found him to be "a worthy specimen for breeding" his words not mine of course." Mycroft didn't flinch at his brother's feral snarl he only continued on in the same disinterested voice. " However I did let the family doctor know that wasn't the purpose of his visit although we do appreciate his educated opinion."

Sherlock made a rude nose over that comment. Unable to sit still the younger Alpha began to pace despite his aching head and dry mouth.

"He will be fine, the sedative is doing only that, keeping him sedated. It was all unintentional but in hindsight perhaps I should have approached the situation differently. It would have saved time to just sedate your Omega first before trying to remove you from the flat. I forget how disgustingly distrustful Omegas can be of their betters."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Sherlock snapped.

"Don't you remember dear brother?" Mycroft poured himself some scotch not even attempting to offer his brother any, he took a look at Sherlock and shook his head. "Of course you don't you were already in your own little stupor. How disgraceful really, with Victor Trevor. " the elder Holmes tisked knowing it would only alienate his younger brother even more.

"You sedated my mate!?"

"He's not your mate yet little brother. Don't forget that. And if you were listening you would have heard me say it wasn't intentional. He refused to allow my men to take you in."

Sherlock made a face, "If you've injured him-"

"Oh, no. My men were extremely careful considering the position they were put in. Besides, the bruises he bares on his face and arms were not put there by my men. Any other damage that occurred to his person was a result of his unfortunate reaction to my stepping in to clean up the messy situation that is my addict brother. Really, where did you find this Omega? "

"What? Victor attacked John? Is John, did he-" Sherlock went completely white and halted his pacing. "Where is he? How bad-" the tall Alpha felt sick, he shouldn't have ever allowed John to meet Victor, the two would have never crossed paths if it hadn't been for him. John was hurt? What did Victor do? What did he do?

Mycroft shook his head, "You were out of it weren't you? Well if you would care to see I'll show you the footage." The elder Holmes found his brother's stressed reaction over John's mistreatment or imagined mistreatment very interesting.

Sherlock approached his brother's desk where a laptop was flipped open and Mycroft was careful to clear anything of importance from the screen. Sherlock wasn't fooled, his brother had saved this footage but for what purpose was Mycroft repeatedly watching this?

All questions left him spinning then the screen lit up, revealing 221B and there the door flew open but it wasn't John being thrown onto the cement and then kicked in the abdomen. John was beautiful and strong and so dammed furious. Sherlock could see it in his balled fists and the way he sent an angry well aimed foot into Victor Trevor's exposed left side.

"Unfortunately I was unable to capture the disaster that occurred later in your sitting room, I could say I would pay a decent pound or two to see the look on your face when John threw you into the cold shower. I'm sure it was equally as entertaining. However I have three men on injured leave because of your Omega. Thank god he's sedated-"

The sound of a crash down the hall had Sherlock smirking. "It wont last long, it's not the first time."

The door to the study opened an a rather breathless and disheveled red haired young agent looked around "Sir! Uh-"

"Move." Sherlock snapped leaving the room nearly pushing the man over.


John felt sluggish in his movements and his mouth full of cotton balls. The hands that had pushed him back into the soft mattress beneath him were enough to bring him partly out of his daze.

"Don't." The Omega had pushed the hands away, shoving the faceless Beta back hard enough he landed on the carpet with an oomph.

"Young man!" The Beta grunted trying to climb to his feet, John however was already rolling off the bed and searching madly for something to use as a weapon. "Don't touch me! Where am I?"

"Calm down. You are safe now. I'm a doctor, and if you would just let me do my bloody job-"

The near naked Omega swayed leaning against what was a small wardrobe.

"No-I don't need a doctor. I am a doctor. Where's Sherlock?" John tried to blink back his fuzzy vision, feeling unsteady on his feet. His shoeless feet, and where was his shirt? And jeans? "Where are my clothes?" John managed through clinched teeth, panic was threatening once more.

"You? A doctor? Really, my dear boy you need to rest and let these drugs move through your system. So be an obedient little Omega and get back in bed, before you injure yourself."

"I said, where the hell are my bloody clothes?" John shivered partly from the lack of clothes and partly from the fear of what the absence of clothes would mean in reference to his circumstances.

"It doesn't matter. I've told you I am a doctor. You will now be compliant like a good Omega and sit!" The Doctor shook his head, "He's a wild one, I might need you to help me get him back on the bed. Poor thing is going to hurt himself, he's still working off that sedative. Frankly I'm surprised he can even stand."

John tried to make out who this Beta doctor was talking to, it wasn't until another pair of hands took him firmly by the forearm and another gripped the back of his neck that he realized he wasn't alone in this room with the doctor.

The drug in his system was affecting his sense of smell, John tried to scent the air but all he managed to do was cause himself more stress. The hands gripping his arm and steering him towards the bed by the back of his neck made his skin crawl.

"I said get off." John growled trying to pull away, the room started to spin, the air thickening with the stink of unfamiliar Alphas. The blond Omega wished he could reflip the switch that had blocked the scents earlier, because the flood of pheromones was nauseating.

Fear and instinct took over, and like a cornered animal the young Omega lashed out against his attackers.

He'd blindly pulled out of the Alpha's tight grip on his arm, and ducked out of the grip on his neck. Backing blindly into a small chair just behind him, John took the opportunity and threw it at the Alphas trying to reestablish dominance.

It was then he heard Sherlock's deep voice through the haze and the spinning of the room. Sherlock's honeyed baritone breaking through the fog of his drugged mind.

"John, although I would love to join you in destroying my families guest room I do beg you to reconsider heaving another antique chair at my brother's men. I fear the aftereffects of whatever sedative my brother stuck me with is making me sluggish and less agile when avoiding flying furniture, your near accurate aim sent hurling at my head."

"Sherlock?" John panted feeling his legs buckle, and those familiar arms were around him and that deliciously warming scent clung to the Omega's skin as he hungrily inhaled.

"I'm here." Sherlock whispered into the soft blond hair, unaware of the fact he was releasing buckets of Alpha pheromones in reaction to his Omega's distress. "John you can stop beating up my brother's men. He's really going to be shorthanded at this rate." Sherlock said this with a dark look over his shoulder towards his brother who stood irritably off to the side.

"He really should rest perhaps if I gave him a shot of-"

"No!" John's whimper set Sherlock on edge.

"You heard him, he's had enough. Besides you are an idiot and your mere prescence is distressing me, let alone my mate. Get out!"

"Excuse me?" The old doctor turned from Sherlock to Mycroft, the gray haired Beta loosened his black tie, avoiding the cold glare of the younger Holmes.

"Please Doctor Phillips and everyone else, it's best to give the couple their privacy."

"That Omega is unruly in all the time I've been called in to consult on a possible mate-"

"Get out." Sherlock growled.

Mycroft rolled his eyes and only held the door open, the gray haired doctor straightened his navy blue jumper and took his leave head held high. "The proof of his disobedience is written all over his back and legs. He obviously had discipline issues. This match shan't carry my stamp of approval. You only see such scars in the lower classes, the Alphas from higher social standing would never damage the stock in such a way. Depreciates the value."

It was Mycroft's turn to sneer, causing the doctor to quicken his pace.

"Sherlock.." The elder Holmes watched his brother gently lead the blond Omega to the large four post bed. "You have an hour before the car arrives to take you to rehab. I suggest you spend it calming your Omega down."

"I'm not going brother. I've already told you. So piss off."

"Sherlock?" John pulled his arms tight to the thin dark haired Alpha's waist.

"It's non-negotiable little brother. If you don't go then I will have reason enough to cut you off completely. You'll lose everything, your flat, your credit cards and your trust. "

Sherlock held John close, if he didn't have his trust then how would he be able to keep John. Sure there was the contract but what reason would he have to give the Omega for keeping it. John would leave and John was his.

"My head hurts." The Omega murmured.

"Mycroft's voice does that to me as well." Sherlock frowned rubbing his chin over the top of his mate's blond head. Sherlock had pulled John onto the bed arranging the two of them so the Omega's head was resting in his lap and Sherlock's back was against the large antique head board.

"Sherlock." The elder Holmes warned.

"Then I suggest you leave me so I can spend my much needed time with John. " Sherlock glared at his brother even after the door was shut softly but firmly behind him.

"Why did you do it?" John sighed curling closer into his Alpha.

"John?" Sherlock ran his hands over John's back, his thin fingers running over the scars from the Omega's youth. Scars caused by belts and various objects of discipline.

"I wont be gone long."

"You knew I would be going away to training in a week. And after that I'm deployed in less than a month. I wont see you before I go. I thought we were-"

"What?" Sherlock pulled away, his head still pounding but somehow the Omega's nearness was making it better. Until he read disappointment in the blond soldier's eyes. Why should he, Sherlock Holmes, care what this fake bond mate would think?

"becoming friends."

Lovers. John finished his sentence.

"I don't have friends John." Sherlock snapped keeping his hold on the Omega, hating the anxiety that besieged the air around him.

"Right. Silly me. You choose Alphas over Omegas. Stupid, smug drug addicted Alphas. Yes, makes perfect sense." John tried to pull away from the Alpha holding him, but Sherlock let out a warning growl causing the Omega to halt any thoughts of escape.

"It doesn't mean you are any less mine. I still have your papers John." A threat.

You are mine.

The Omega was starting to nod off, "You're a colossal ass." John mumbled.

You are mine, John Watson.

Sherlock scented the top of the Omega's head, pulling the side of the light blue duvet over the shivering body.

Sherlock thought of John leaving for deployment and the idea made his head hurt and stomach clench. He held the sleeping Omega in his arms until the soft knock at the door alerted him it was time to go. Reluctantly he left the bed, kissing the Omega's clammy forehead. For show, it was all for show.

"Don't worry brother, he will be well cared for."

"Piss off Mycroft!" Sherlock grumbled "My advice to you is to ask before you have some idiot doctor to look over John. "

"You were hardly available for council dear brother."

"Not me you fat idiot. Him. You wait to ask John. He doesn't like doctors, especially not self-righteous prehistoric gray haired midwives. John is a real doctor, he can see to his own health. Make his clothes available. He wont be kept."

"Well isn't this a funny little turn around. Are you really going to stand there and dictate to me how to care for an Omega? You?An addict that can't even care for himself? You would be lucky if that man in there decides to continue whatever this is. Oh, don't think for a moment I'm so dense. Do you really think I haven't figured out what little scheme you've cooked up? I just can't figure out what hold you have over this doctor Watson. He won't accept money and as far as I can tell he won't accept the security of another Alpha. So what is it that Sherlock Holmes holds over this young man's head? Or what is it that you offer, I'm not so dense to believe that you two are truly as involved as you pretend. Oh, but good show dear brother, good show. You have nearly everyone fooled, even grand mere, but I'm on to you."

"John is mine. I will not give him up." The younger Holmes faced his brother with an open challenge.

"Oh, hello there cousins." A familiar voice halted the two brothers in the corridor. Sherlock growled and Mycroft frowned.

"What the hell is he doing here?" the younger Holmes turned to his brother who looked equally surprised by their guest.

"I heard Aunt Violet was in, my grand mere wanted me to stop in and bring her an invitation to tea. It's been too long. I heard about the relapse cousin. It's a shame really. Poor John, he must be disappointed, well maybe not so much.I mean he did know who he was involved with. I'm sure after a few days he'll be over that upset and be ready to move on. " Quinn held the bouquet of roses in his hand.

"Mummy detests roses." Sherlock snapped trying to remain unaffected by this testing of his temper.

"Yes, well I knew that. These are for John. I thought it would be a nice gesture." Sherlock lunged forward and Mycroft caught him by the waist. Their cousin stood in his faded blue jeans and a purple button up shirt untucked. Mycroft loathed such informal wear; really, Quinton Hill had no sense of propriety. And his story wasn't even convincing.

"And Sherlock, no worries. While you're gone I'm sure John and I will find more entertaining things to do then run around gruesome crime scenes and dirty alleys. Even if he isn't up to my company, we'll have plenty of time to get to know each other during training and deployment. It seems my brother has finally decided to cut the leash he's kept me on. And I'll be deployed and what a coincidence it looks as if John and I will be stationed for six months at the same base! Small world indeed." Quinn's grin widened hearing his cousins roar of outrage.

Mycroft had to put his weight completely on his brother to keep him from succeeding in tackling their Alpha cousin. It took three members of the house staff to get Sherlock into the car and safely on his way to rehab.

Quinn Hill whistled happily as he continued down the corridor, he did have a letter to deliver and wouldn't it be something if he happened to bump into the good doctor?

"It's so nice of you to get rid of my competition. I mean really you save me such a great deal of time just by removing yourself from the Omega's presence. I'll be sure to invite you to our wedding." Quinn couldn't help but laugh hearing the sound of breaking glass and splintering wood from behind him. The unscrupulous Alpha didn't even chance a look behind him knowing it was an even greater challenge to not consider his cousin a threat. It was fun to poke the hypothetical bear, for once Quinton Hill was one up on the great Sherlock Holmes. It was true, he was the better choice, at least, his vice was less deadly. Gambling and drinking was harmless compared to drugs and criminal chasing.

Indeed John had to see he, Quinton Hill, was a better match and the best Alpha for the good doctor. Their children would have beautiful blue eyes and blond hair, they could have one to start out and maybe he'd wait a year to bring more into the world. Twins did run in the Hill family, yes. Doctor John Watson-Hill. It has a lovely ring to it, grand mere Hill would be thrilled.

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