Chapter 22 HOME

A/N:eeek! because you've all been sooo patient here's another chapter! thanks for the comments! CHAPTER 22. HOME

Sherlock paced the small room they had locked him in, the mattress had been thrown against the wall and stomped on several times, he'd already broken the small desk and chair. The room only had the mattress at this point due to his ongoing destruction of anything not nailed down in the small cage they'd stuck him in for the past three days. His detox had been predictably uncomfortable the first couple of days and now, now he was just agitated. And these fools tried to have him cooperate in their "group" discussions.

Sherlock had only managed to nearly get one group member and fellow addict to kill himself because he pointed out that the man would never change his habit due to the fact his partner wasn't as committed to him as he thought.

Then one woman he managed to reduce to tears reminding her she was just like her own mother and would therefore die alone without an Omega. The councilor leading the group had him escorted out. Which that hopeless fool needn't have, Sherlock was more than happy to leave after throwing another chair at a barred window.

"Thatcher!" one of the orderlies knocked on the door and opened it slowly. Sherlock hated this humorless alias his brother had given him. Sheffield Thatcher, really Mycroft?

"What!" Sherlock snapped at the Alpha in white scrubs. "You've a phone call."

"If it's my brother tell him to fuck off!" Sherlock hated the clinical reek of this place, everything stunk of disinfectant and neutral soap. Sherlock missed the scent of home, the smell of tea and honey. John.

"No, it's your dammed doctor. He's very instant that he speaks with you. He claims it to be a family emergency."

This caused Sherlock to pause, the fight leaving him he followed the short red haired orderly down the hall towards a small office that the one on one counseling sessions usually occurred in.

"Here, please don't destroy anything I'll be outside to escort you back to your room once you've finished. Don't make me sedate you, there are no windows here the only way out is through the door."

"Yes, yes, leave." Sherlock waved him off grabbing the waiting phone, he itched to have his mobile. Did something happen to John did he overdose or did he have an allergic reaction to the Mycroft's dammed sedative? Had something happened to Grand mere or hopefully Mycroft?

"Hol-I mean Thatcher." Sherlock glared at the closed door.

"So, Mr. Holmes, what are you wearing?" An amused voice caught Sherlock off guard.

Sherlock stiffened, "Excuse me?" What the hell?

"I'm getting fat." The very familiar voice on the other end of the line sighed heavily.

"John?" Sherlock clutched the phone the tension leaving him.

"Yes! Who else would call?"

"They said it was my doctor-" Sherlock stuttered still reeling from the connection, it was John. John was alright he wasn't married to Quinn, he hadn't run off and started a life.

Where the hell did those thoughts come from?

"I am your doctor, at least till the end of the year right?"

My John.

"How did you know where to call?"

Clever John.

"Please it wasn't a stretch, for a genius your brother isn't exactly creative with his aliases. I used my super secret doctor knowledge and-oh whatever I basically picked the most posh lock down facility within a ten mile radius and then worked my way out. So, at least you're in London, I guessed correctly on the first try. It wasn't hard to figure your name either, and here we are. "

"That's-that's" Sherlock didn't understand why his heart was pounding in his chest, nor could he comprehend the warm feeling in his stomach.

"Genius, brilliant sneaky I know. Please flattery will not deter me from the problem at hand."


"Yes, as I said I'm getting fat."

"John?" Sherlock's brain wasn't moving fast enough to keep up. John had found him, was calling him, air wasn't coming fast enough for the tall Alpha.

"Due to the fact that I was drugged someone rescheduled my military field training for another week. So I've spent the last couple days being entertained by your grand mere. Lovely woman her. "

"You are with grand mere?"

"Oui!" John snapped. "I know you're not drugged up yet, they said you refused the meds. Good on you by the way. Makes the detox hell but in the long run you'll feel better for it. Anyway. So I woke up that night you left, thanks by the way for abandoning me to the sharks. I was given no choice to join your dear old mum for dinner. I'll have to say she is a raving donkey witch. A beautiful woman but such sharp tongue and braying mouth, my god. I couldn't believe how many different versions of slut and whore she could come up with, I counted twenty six. Painted whore being my favorite. And the ye old classic, hussy being another one to add to the favorites list. "

"I don't-"

"No you don't talk you listen! You left before I could properly yell at you. So there I was at dinner having to listen to her point fingers and say this was all my fault. "

"It wasn't I swear-"

"I said shut it and listen. I know well enough this isn't my fault. You forget the addicts and alcoholic I was raised with. So after suffering quietly through a pounding head, a dry mouth and your mother's sweet conversation. I received an invitation that stated quite clearly that I wasn't to return to the flat especially in my condition.

Humph like I haven't suffered worse. The invitation was from your dear gran. She wanted me to rest and recover at her house. Which after the loving surroundings of your mother oh and of course the undivided attention of your cousin Quinton, I decided it would be a nice break. Mycroft your brother was no where to be found, I can see why he avoided dinner the conversation set me off of soup for ever. It's all I could do to keep from saying rude things to your mother and throw silverware at your smug cousin. I sat and sipped the soup like a good little Omega."

"John you-"

"Shut it! So that brings me to your grans. I'm here and she is on a mission to feed me up. It's tea, biscuits and bridge with her friends! Every afternoon and night! If my cheeks or ass are pinched once more by these elderly Omegas I'll scream. The upside is I can at least hide from Quinton here, gran seems to think his courting is inappropriate. His grand mother however finds it all so harmless she said. A little healthy competition and it's good that I keep my options open. Lovely thing like me shouldn't settle for the first Alpha that flashes his uh-knot in my direction. That woman is hilarious and insane. I smell of elderly Omega and biscuits! Biscuits! And to keep from saying anything rude or god forbid inappropriate I've been stuffing my face with biscuits! BISCUITS! I love tea but I'm starting to feel if I see another cup I'll toss it at the wall. So, when I hear that you've refused to participate in group therapy and have thrown a chair at the counselor and destroyed your room. That says to me you like being in there, and all the work I've put into getting you out. "

"Getting me out?"

"Is there an echo? Yes. I've spoken to your dear gran every opportunity that I can get, and believe me the older woman does a lot of entertaining so I'm forced to join her and her uh friends. Anyway, I played up the fact that Mycroft is over reactive and controlling. I also explained that it's healthy to relapse within the first thirty days of being released from rehab, that's why it's important to get a sponsor and attend meetings at least once a week. Some even attend twenty a month."

Sherlock didn't like the direction this was going, he hated meetings just as much as group therapy. Listening to others complain about their lives and set backs making excuses for their poor behavior was all so boring.

"She agreed that your brother is a control freak and he probably was lead to the decision of exiling you by your bat shit crazy mother. Excuse my language. So I've endured two days of ass pinching and cheek squeezing, boring talk about "In my day we nevers" and advice about the proper breeding positions to ensure not one drop of seed is spilled and wasted. And of course how to insure it's an Alpha pup you conceive on your first try. YOUR FIRST TRY!

Sherlock! You listen and you listen good. If you don't get your shit straight and continue to be a massive pain in the ass there I swear to god! I will clean the flat. No I mean really clean it. As in dust, and disinfect. Don't you think I haven't noticed the petri dishes growing god knows what in the back of your closet. And I will smash ever piece of your expensive lab equipment after I spill bleach over the small experiment you have growing in the sink. And don't get me started on the frozen body parts in the fridge. Oh I'll have a special place for those to defrost and that's on your bed! The smell will be horrid and you wont get that out with washing or disinfectant you'll have to buy an all new flat! So are you going to be a good boy?"


"This is where you say yes!"


"Good. I expect to see you home by the end of the week. I leave for training after the weekend. Sherlock if you pull this kind of shit again, I really will consider the deal broken and I'll figure out a way to get those papers back. Your brother has been nosing around asking in his own way if I'm being held by some kind of contract or black mail. He's on to us, so my dear Alpha when you are out you will be the most disgustingly affectionate fiancé and we'll put on a show to shake him. Because I know if he found out, well he's clever enough to find a way to break it off. He's got this creepy agent following me around he says it's for security but I think it's just to dig up more dirt. I don't like it. " John's voice did sound nervous, "The way he watches me it's just unsettling. Like I wronged him personally and I've never met the guy."

"Has he touched you?" Sherlock hissed.

"No, no nothing like that. It's just-oh nothing I'm just paranoid. He's probably sore about me beating up his coworkers. Serves them right. Just figure your shit out because I'm going to be arrested for murder."


"Your damn cousin. I'm going to strangle him with my own hands! He's so persistent and he keeps buying me flowers I HATE FLOWERS! "

"Of course you do." Sherlock couldn't help but laugh, this was unexpected all of it. John was beyond ordinary and boring.

"It's true I much rather have something sensible like, tea or a warm jumper. Anyway, think of the look on Mycroft's face when you are released early. It would be well worth whatever tedious emotional sharing you would have to do in group. "

Sherlock felt the tension and worry leave him and his head stopped throbbing.

"Shit, I better go, your gran is calling. Remember what I said or so help me-"

"Alright John. I'll do it. You will find me a very repentant man, and I will see you before the weeks end."

"Goodbye you idiot."

"Goodbye John." Sherlock waited for the Omega to hang up first before placing the phone back on it's cradle. He was unaware of the smile lighting up his face as he left the small office, however, when he returned to his room he made quick work of fixing the destruction and chaos, he would start here and tomorrow would be a new day.

He would return to John, his John and soon.

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