Chapter 23 Gambling

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John prayed that Sherlock was actually listening to his demands, because in all seriousness he wasn't sure how much more he could take of this. Quinn showed up for breakfast, lunch and dinner these last two nights. The annoying Alpha made sure to sit beside his grandmother at the table and John had a sinking suspicion the woman purposefully sat to his left so Quinn could sit at John's side and hers.

This was so when the card games started, except tonight it seemed that the other elderly Omega's had brought a guest. John entered the room escorted by a miffed but polite grand mere. She mumbled under her breath in what John could have sworn would make a French sailor blush.

"And such handsome faces I see here." Grandmere Hill entered behind them and there was an unmistakable growl emanating from the dark haired Alpha at her side. John for once was actually happy to step back and let the now four battle it out. Maybe he could slip out and feign exhaustion.

"Now, grandson." The old woman with the ruby red lipstick and mischievous green eyes placed a consoling hand on the younger man's bare arm. It seemed Quinton was dressed casually today in jeans and a regular t-shirt. John was glad he finally stopped trying to dress like Sherlock, really a suit wasn't Quinn's style. The man looked miserable these last couple of nights and now he looked comfortable...well as comfortable as one could be while snarling.

"Let's be polite, it seems the group has been graced with more young faces. How wonderful. " The older woman smiled brightly "None of that rude growling my dear boy. These young Alphas are merely visiting and they are to be considered guests in our territory. Isnt that right Hilda dear?" The Hill Omega had a smile, but John read no welcome in her sharp green eyes. Quinn appeared to be thrown by this speech, however he did relax as she instructed, the Alpha's annoying signature devil may care grin returning to his clean shaven face.

John noted that Grand-mere Hill was wearing her hair pinned back allowing it to fall over her left shoulder in long gray and white strands. She must have been quite the beauty as a young girl. The simple blue swing dress and red heels she wore would make any WW2 soldier drool.

Glancing at the woman's black clad twin, John could guess that of the two, Helen Hill was the more carefree and free spirited. He wondered what kind of Alpha Quinn's grandfather had been, not many in those times would allow such traits to flourish in their Omega.

"Sister, I wasn't aware we would have such company. Perhaps we should have another table in place so the um children can play their own game and leave us to our geezer talk. Hmm?"

John wanted to object, what fresh hell was this? Seriously he's going to give Sherlock an ear full after this. Perhaps he'd be sure to find the meanest most annoying sponsor he could for his Alpha. After all he promised Grand mere Holmes that he would be sure his Alpha went to his meetings and found someone to rely on if he felt tempted to relapse.

One of the many house staff was setting a round table up and placing the necessary chairs around the small table. John wished he could fake a headache, would that be too transparent. He was a doctor, surely he could think of any illnesses that would keep him in his room for the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately if he were to do this Grand mere would worry, and he hated to lie to her. Not after everything she had done for him, making sure he had a comfortable place to sleep and the doctor that had checked him over was more to his liking. The female Beta Doctor hadn't been condescending and listened to John's self diagnoses.

Dammit he would just need to ride this out besides if he was lucky maybe a fight would break out and he could slip away. He stiffened when three Alphas at the small round table all stood up to greet Grandmere and then politely offered a hand to him once they were introduced. He hated touching unknown Alphas, but he didn't want to be rude. He smiled tightly and accepted their extended hands.

"This is my Grandson Fredrick." One of the elderly Omega's was proudly introducing the young man with fire red hair. John smiled again, dear old Mr. Garner was an Omega that lost his mate during WW2, he was a friend of Helen Hill's, their husband's had died fighting alongside each other in that great war.

Mr. Garner also wore black, and John felt so unworthy among these widowers. They all had survived the loss of a mate and John in comparison was unworthy to sit with them. This was his punishment for being such a liar, so he decided to grin and bare it.

"Oh, Fredrick. What do you do my boy?" Helen Hill asked civilly.

"I'm a financial advisor for-" the young Alpha in the expensive suit was suddenly cut off by the old Omega.

"That's nice. I'm sure it keeps you so busy. And a young man like you should be well on the way to marriage. I should think. I just don't understand young people these days, gambling with other people's money can be a bit dull. There is no risk in it is there? I mean you make money whether or not your client's shares and stocks pan out."

"Um well-" John bit the inside of his cheek, the young red haired man didn't look too pleased with his job being minimalized and disregarded. His grand father rolled his eyes in response.

"Fredrick does well enough. He has a house in the country as well as in London." The old man offered looking to catch John's blue eyes and interest.

"Don't we all." Helen smiled sweetly.

"This is Marshall, he's visiting from-"

"American? I doubt John would like to relocate to the colonies."

"Grandmere, they don't call them the colonies anymore." Quinn smirked meeting the blond American with a cool glare.

"Oh, don't they? Well his clothes say banker and bankers are boring. I thought I established that with the ginger there. Or maybe not." John desperately had to cough to hide the laugh that was bubbling up. The blond Alpha was doing his best to not look affronted; his great uncle Mr. Piers was patting his arm.

"Helena Mercedes Sophia Vernet Hill!" Hilda went to take her sister aside, however Helen side stepped her with a well practiced move perfected through the years.

"That is my name dear sister. I'm glad you remember, I fear in our old age it's easy to misplace the order in which the middle names go. I do confess sometimes I think I get it wrong myself." Helena continued to observe the blond Alpha her eyes narrowed.

Again John coughed receiving a reproachful look from Grand mere Holmes and a sly wink from Grand mere Hill.

"Let me introduce my grand daughter Elisa she is-" Mrs. O'connor cut in only to be interrupted again.

"Not interested in Omegas." Helen grinned easily. "She should get on well with John. He's not interested either."

"Helena!" Hilda Holmes scolded, messaging her temples.

"Oh, sorry dear, I figured everyone caught that. I mean the way she's sizing up poor Frederick there. Although I think the American would be a better bet. We both know his Uncle says banker but I wasn't aware CIA was in need of accountants that carried guns."

The brunette with her hair falling just over her shoulder wasn't at all offended instead the Alpha woman laughed and nodded her head. "Yes, well. Grand father did say we would meet some eligible bachelors. I thought It was going to be a boring experience. I see I was wrong."

"Elisa, please. It's just a phase."

"Oh, gramps." She patted his arm. Taking John's arm, "Come on Johnny boy lets go find a seat and maybe you can show me how to play bridge. And hello handsome." The brunette took Quinn's arm as well. "You can sit next to me then. Come along Freddy?Marshall?"

"She's lovely. I like her Paul." Hilda smiled brightly.

"She works for MI6 like her father, the girl needs to settle down. I was hoping for great grand children."

"Join the club." Helena huffed the they all took a seat watching the other table from over their cards.

"He's handsome indeed. He'll make a good husband." Bethany O'Connor sighed.

"Yes, Sherlock is very lucky to have found him."

"Oh, I don't know if he's Alpha enough to keep the boy. I mean look how he smiles at my dear Marshall." Five sets of Omega eye's flew across to where the young Alphas all sat with one smiling Omega.

"Nonesense. He's laughing at something my Quinn has said." Helena snapped discarding her hand.

"He is not going to be moved by a roguish smile and a few pretty words." Hilda slapped down three cards turning them over.

"Your grandson shouldn't have taken the Omega for granted. I mean I know in our day having a career was laughable. But nowadays an Omega that is educated let alone a Doctor and a soldier? My god, Sherlock really was high if he let that go. And for a Trevor."

"In his defense the Trevor's make them pretty." Helena flipped over another hand.

Raymond Garner snorted "That's for sure. In school I thought Jeffery Trevor would definitely be a late blooming Omega. Turns out the man was an Alpha."

"It didn't stop him from carrying on with other Alphas even after he mated to Gertrude. Poor Gerdy." Bethany shook her head passing her turn.

"No. Getrude was an ambitious bitch who got what she deserved. An idiot husband with a drinking habit, and three Alpha pups that treated her like she's a doormat. She fought to be that idiot's Omega. Acting as if I wanted him. Humph, not when I had my eye on a handsome young man in uniform." Helena smiled sadly to herself.

"And he was such a looker." Raymond patted his friend's wrist. "Not as fine a cut in his uniform as my Michael but a close second." The old woman laughed wiping at her eyes.

"I do think my Quinn looks a lot like his great grandfather. Unfortunately he doesn't have the same temperament."

"Yes, well that is entirely your sons fault. That awful woman, the way she treated the boy after his father died. I heard she's remarried some Frenchmen and moved out to the countryside in Tuscany." Bethany huffed. "Disgraceful for an Omega to abandon her pup at such a young age. She didn't even wear black to the funeral."

Helena nodded watching Quinn stand, as did the three other Alphas, a smile on the boy's face as he led John out of the room. The other two watching with an irritated expression.


"Well boys and girl." Quinn started to deal the cards like an expert poker player that he was. "Here's how this is going to go. John here is promised to my cousin. As much as I hate the bastard I hate all this posturing more. Everyone smile. "

John frowned accepting his cards, he wanted to mention that they were supposed to have more cards to play bridge, but Quinn wasn't paying attention to him.

"Come one red, big smile for the grandparents over there wouldn't want to upset yours right. Good that's better. You see this is how it's going. My cousin Sherlock he's a great guy, He's a right prick. Anyway he messed up, had a relapse. But he loves this man here. And I have to respect that even if the two aren't mated yet. I respect that. Everyone nod."

John glared at Quinn wondering where this was going, "Now, Freddy, let's just say you're not John's type. One you're boring and well..he's not. Elisa my dear, it's safe to say your bids out."

"Yup, I'm a solid player on the other team." She winked "Why you looking-"

"No. But thanks. I'm flattered." Quinn ignored her pouty face as she folded placing her hand on the table face down. "Marshall. That leaves you and me. Now, I know my dear grans right, you have a gun under your coat and you want to seem like a helpless banker but look at red here, he's the banker. You aren't is good looking. You could have beautiful blond babies. "

"Hey, I'm right here you ass. Can we not talk like I'm not here?"

"Shush John, the Alphas are talking."

This had John grinding his teeth, "Hey now." Elisa rolled her eyes leaning back in her chair.

"As I was saying. Marshall you might think you want John. And he might seem like he's up for grabs. However this is not the fact. Oh, no I'm not your challenger. You see the bonding bracelets, if you look closely-" Quinn took John's wrist causing the Omega to growl in response. The Alpha winked but held firm to John's arm.

"You see that bottom one is from my cousin. Not much thought put into it really, just going through the motions. Just like Sherlock, he isn't one for flashy shows of affection, in fact I don't think he's capable of showing affection openly. Anyway, he did make an effort, but the top one there, that's a family bonding bracelet. An heirloom, my own grand mere has a similar one. If you were to remove it you would see the Holmes coat of arms. As well as the promise my dear great aunt's husband had engraved into the gold. "There's a logic in family." It's simple and to the point. Great uncle Holmes was a man of few words. He believed in family and above all respecting that union. "

"So you are his Alpha's champion? You aren't much of a challenge." The ginger snorted.

John winced, his wrist was dropped and he put a hand on Quinn's arm as a way to keep it civil.

"Oh, no red. I think this old boy would beat you to a bloody pulp. Maybe even with your own arm. No, he's dropping a much more blatant threat. You are to dumb to know it." Marshall sat back glancing at his hand of cards.

"You said your Grand daddy's name was Holmes."

"No, mine was Hill. His motto on Grand mere's bracelet was less um articulate." He glanced at John winked. " it all though. But Holmes is my cousin's name. You might have heard of his brother. The thing about older brother's, they will go out of their way to ensure their little brother's happiness and safety."

"I fold." The American chuckled. "I've never met the iceman and I don't think I'd care to. Even for a cute ass and handsome face. Better learn to fold em Freddy."

The ginger rolled his eyes tossing the cards down irritably, "I prefer my mates to be more refined anyway."

"Hey now. No need to be a dick." Marshall chuckled patting the red haired investment banker hard on the back. The American turned to Elisa, "So how about a drink?"

"Come on John. Let's leave these love birds and the third wheel. How about some fresh air?"

John couldn't help but laugh despite the situation, he still didn't trust Quinn, but it was a clever trick to drop Mycroft's name to get the others to back off.

"All the cute ones are straight. Or taken." Elisa sighed.

"Well, not all of them." Marshall grinned.

Once John and Quinn were out in the hall the Omega pushed the Apha up against the wall pressing his forearm into the man's neck. "I don't know what game you're playing at, but I'm telling you now I'm not interested. Get it through your head."

Quinn gasped for air, "Alright I get it." He held his hands up in surrender, trying to keep the arousal and intrest from John's discovery. His cousin was an idiot.

"I'm not stupid. I know what you're trying to do. I thought this would be an excellent little push. Besides the sooner you decide Sherlock is a berk and a colossal berk at that, the faster you may consider I'm not so bad after all."

"Not a chance."

"Wanna bet."

"You'll lose."

"Yeah, well I'm a compulsive gambler Doctor John H. Watson." Quinn winced when the Omega pulled his arm away, stepping back. The Alpha rubbed a hand over his sore windpipe. "Just trust me on this. And let me help you."


"Because I'm not a bad guy." Quin didn't wait for an answer instead he switched places with John, pressing him into the wall. The Omega didn't have a chance to protest, he was being crowded by the taller Alpha.

"Quinton!" Grand mere Holmes snapped. "You are being exceedingly rude by going off without letting us know where you are off to."

Quinn kept her view of John's face blocked; he smiled at the furious little Omega. "Je suisdésolé'tante. John wasn't feeling well I thought I'd take him for a bit of fresh air. He agreed. Would you let Grand mere know?" he didn't wait for a reply instead he took John's arm leading him away from the bridge room.

"What the hell are you playing at? I should go back before she thinks-"

"I wouldn't. It'll be faster this way."

"What will?" John asked pulling his arm free.

"You'll see."

"See what?"

"I'll accept a thank you in the form of a kiss."

"Piss off."

"Oh, come now. Your sweet Alpha will be home by tonight. And all because of me.""What how?"

"Oh, Johnny boy. Don't you see. She's been dropping hints where my dumb cousin could be and what alias he was under these last few meals. I bet you've already figured out where he is and you've already called him, because you're clever. She's probably making it seem like she's considering letting him out. However I know the old woman just wants to let him stew a few days, she has no intention of keeping him locked away. Mycroft, like my brother, is a pushy asshole. She knows this. So he'll be out by Friday. However I think this little stunt will send her into a tizzy and she'll be pulling him out sooner. She's probably terrified you'll give into my boyish charms. And my certain Je ne sais quoi."

"You're mad."

"You'll see. And I'll be expecting that kiss." The infuriating Alpha left the blond Omega doctor standing in the empty corridor swearing under his breath.


Hilda needed to speak to her great grandson. Things were getting out of hand. The idiot boy was losing his fiancé. She didn't blame John, the Hill charms were hard to turn down once they were roaring in full force. She'd almost married into the family. Except the Hill she'd been promised to, died when his plane went down over the Atlantic and by then the older brother had an eye for her sister, those Hills were natural born charmers. She would have her grandson home and by tonight. He needed to reestablish his territory and claim.

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