Agent Beaman's eyes narrowed as the blond Omega slut leaned into the cousin of the Omega's mate. How disgusting, and right in the house of his Alpha's family. Beaman held back his growl and kept his distance, this wasn't the time, the two went their separate ways when the old Omega interrupted what looked like a very intimate moment.

Beaman wanted to pull the slutty Omega out of this house and toss him like trash into the gutter, or push him face down in the dirty alley. The whore was no better than the trash that littered the dark alleyways behind bars and abandoned warehouses.

Years of training kept him in check although every muscle in his body screamed to spring forward and dominate the little cock tease. He might have his Alpha and the Holmes family duped, but Beaman was far from a fool.

He waited for the Hill Alpha to take his leave; Beaman could easily drug the little Omega bitch, drug him good, and wait for him to sober up just enough to fuck him hard. After all Beaman had been practicing, the last victim he left sprawled out behind some dumpster. That little banker bitch had been fun, the drug kept her sedated but she was able to move a little more. Beaman didn't like a completely flaccid victim there was no fun in a hunt if the pray just laid there. He was perfecting his methods and soon this little Doctor would feel his Alpha cock and it would be the last thing he felt before his throat was cut.

Beaman stepped back into the shadows of the old corridors careful to snap pictures for the boss. Certainly not to beat off to later in private. The little Omega was chatting on his phone and that Hill Alpha was suddenly at the blond's side. Beaman wished he were closer to hear what the two were devising, but remained unnoticed mostly. Agent Beaman could feel the cool challenge in Quinton Hill as he caught sight of the pseudo Beta.

The Agent remained stoic and still as the two rushed past him, the Hill Alpha growling in warning. Beaman wasn't blind, he took note of Hill's hand possessively splayed at the small of the Omega's back.


"You don't have to come, it's nothing that concerns you." John huffed, trying to out stride the Alpha at his side. Quinton however continued to keep up and refused to remove his hand as John hurried down the corridor.

"Oh, come on Doc. Just think of how it looks if the two of us are seen hurrying off into the night. Besides I don't trust Mycroft's guys, as well trained as they are it's better to have another soldier at your side. Right? Anyway if I go back into the bridge room, I'll have to sit through polite conversation and more tea and biscuits. BUSCUITS JOHN! I cant do it, I think I've gained at least a stone! And Mr. Garner keeps patting my cheeks. Crazy old Mrs. O'Connor grabbed my bum once or twice. I've been completely harassed. So. As much as I feel for the others, except the boring ginger, I say it's every Alpha for himself. Now, you're not going off on some house call adventure without me."

"Fine, but you stand back and try not to intimidate anyone. Toby and his brother have been through enough."

"Doc, I'll be your mute assistant. I swear." Quinn crossed his heart with his right finger, the innocent look on his face didn't fool John but he couldn't help but smile.

"Alright you. I'll need to grab my medical bag from the flat. I don't know what kind of hurt the boy is in. All his brother said was that he was pretty badly banged up and refused to go to the hospital."

Quinn nodded "So do you often find yourself making dark alley house calls?" Quinn asked after John quickly filled him in on the situation. The Omega didn't reply, only hurrying from the cab, taking the steps to his flat two at a time. Quinn followed, after instructing the cabbie to stay put.

One look around and Quinnthought Mycroft's clean up crew had been there, the room was a lot nicer than he'd ever seen it. That and the furniture looked new, even the Omega mumbled something about meddling Alphas. Yes, good old Mycroft still playing tyrannical dictator. Quinn's brother Arthur had annoyingly similar qualities.

"All set? Need any help?" Quin asked wandering into the bedroom that John was searching. "Yeah, just a minute. I need to find some more antiseptic, I hope that bastard didn't use it all in his last experiment." John replied absentmindedly as he tossed his bag on the floor and searched the closet. Quinn plopped down on the bed and waited patiently. The Omega was mumbling something about petri dishes and Tabaco ash. Quinn just shrugged and laid back on the comfortable bed, wrinkling his nose he realized it stunk of his cousin and one more sniff he identified John's scent as well.

"Ready!" John called out and Quinn jumped up grabbing the medical bag that was left near the door, accidently kicking some discarded clothes over to the corner of the room. "Will you grab-"

"I got it!" Quinn smiled proud of himself that he was helping; John would definitely appreciate his helping.


Quinn had to admire the way the Omega-no, not just an Omega, Doctor John Watson, handled himself in tough situations. After making their way to a rather harsh part of town and into a crowded building that held over twenty tiny little bedsets, John and Quinn were standing in front of a door 36c.

"Remember what I said."

"Yes, sir." Quinn saluted, John pushed the Alpha to stand just to the right of the door before he knocked.

"Toby it's me, Doctor Watson."

There was a muffled sound from behind the door, John wondered if he should repeat what he just had said but louder. The door opened slowly and he recognized the young man staring out from behind the chain keeping the door locked.

"Doctor John!" The thin Omega had a rather large bruise knotting his left cheek and his lip was split.

"Freddie? What happened?" The young teen unlocked the door, his hands shaking and John could see that his gray zip up hoodie was badly stained with mud as well as blood. The collar was stretched out and stepping into the light of the bedset the doctor's observant eyes picked up on the bruises around the boy's neck as well as his wrists.

"I was hoping you were Toby and J.P." The red haired Omega nervously ran a shaking hand through his hair.

John was inside "I hope you don't mind but my cousin was insisting on following me. " Quinn couldn't help but move into the small room instinctively wanting to keep John close the scent of distressed Omega causing him to growl.

The young teenage boy took a quick step back, whimpering as panic threatened.

"Sssh, now." John was quick to glare at Quinn then put his hands on the young boy's shoulders moving to sit him on the cot in the corner. The room had one cot and a futon that was rolled up as a couch in the corner, the small fire place was going and a single light lit up the room.

John could see a small kitchen just to his left, he was sure their was just a closet with a toilet off to the side. The place wasn't made for more than one person, but John could tell that several persons all Omega except for one Alpha, lived here. Despite the crowded home, pictures lined the walls and even on the mantle sat a few tattered photos in cheap picture frames of a smiling Toby and a what looked like a toddler version of JP. John could see one picture in particular of the blond Omega no more than maybe thirteen or fourteen holding a three year old Joshua in his lap with another Omega that John guessed was Joshua's brother by the fact he could be the boy's twin now.

"He went looking for him." The young Omega Freddie sniffed, allowing John to use clean gauze soaked in antiseptic on his chin. Freddie nervously glanced at Quinn who stood with his back against the door trying not to crowd. "Is-is he your uh-"

"He's my Alpha's cousin. He's playing bodyguard I guess, while my Alpha is unavailable. He's not as tough as he looks."

Quinn tried to ease the situation by smiling. "It's true kid, better watch this one. The last time I was a patient of his he had me on my back and his boot to my throat."

The young kid smiled brightly "I heard you took out some Alphas in the alley. I thought JP was kidding me."

"No." John smiled placing a plaster over the boy's cheek. "Those assholes had it coming. However,it wasn't me to break an arm. That was all my Alpha." John stated proudly. "He has a temper when he thinks I've been kidnapped."

Quinn frowned, he would definitely be asking to hear that story.

"Now, Freddie, tell me what's happened? Toby called me and said that Joshua had been hurt. Where are they?"

Freddie nodded, his eyes straying over to the intimidating Alpha at the door. "He's a friend Freddie." The distressed boy nodded biting his swollen lip he let out another nervous whine. John was going to order Quinn out when the man was instead kneeling next the Omega doctor, holding out an ice pack he'd confiscated from the doctor's bag.

"Come one kid, we're here to help. No ones going to hurt you. Especially not me. Doctor John here would have me out on my ass faster than you could blink. Besides he's my little cousin. Now why don't you put this to your cheek there and tell us what's going on."

The younger kid nodded, accepting the ice pack, John found Quinn's steady tone to be comforting as did the young teen.

The room reeked of anxiety and John could only wonder what was going on.

"Alright, well me and JP were walking home from the Tesco. Toby isn't feeling well and his boss fired him for not coming in those couple days. Even though he was all beat up. That guy's such a prick anyway." Freddie winced pushing the ice onto his bruised flesh. "Oh, anyway. We were halfway home when a car pulled up and some guys got out." The boy tensed and Quinn felt his stomach clench in response to the sudden distress.

"Go on." John urged cleaning the kid's free hand, Quinn frowned at the bruised and scraped knuckles, the kid put up one hell of a fight.

"I didn't know who they were but JP did. He told me to run but I couldn't leave him. These guys were big there were three of them all Alphas. They were dressed in gray suits and the one Alpha in the black suit had a red tie. He knew JP cause he asked where Toby was. JP lied and said he hadn't seen him in weeks. He called JP a liar and before I knew it two of em rushed JP. I tried to help but one of the big ones grabbed me good. Even though I hit him a couple times I must have hit my head hard because I blacked out a little, when I woke up JP was trying to help me up but he didn't look any better."

"Did you catch a name?" Quinn growled and instantly regretting this, the young teen recoiled and scooted back from him.

"It's alright Freddie. You're alright. What happened next where is Toby and JP?"

"We made it back here I had to practically drag JP, he looked bad, his face-" The boy's voice hitched. "Toby was upset, he tried to clean JP up and me, but JP was worse off. I told Toby what happened because JP wasn't wanting to say. Toby got angry. He got onto his mobile and called you first. He said he was going to Tesco to get some supplies for you and that we should stay put. But I don't think he was really going and after a couple of minutes JP decided it was lie as well. He said that he wasn't going to let the Dealer win this time. I don't know what he meant. I've tried his mobile-I think that was Toby's ex. Before I blacked out he said he wasn't going to let Toby go. You don't think he has him do you? I mean Toby's still hurting real bad."

"The Dealer? He said the Dealer?" Quinn demanded and the boy nodded keeping his eyes downcast. John hissed at the Alpha in reprimand but Quinn was already heading out the door grabbing a photo from the mantle.

"Shit! Freddie stay here, I'll be back. Don't let anyone in that doesn't live here. I'll be back."

"Doctor John are you going to bring them home?"

John was already closing the door without an answer, Quinn was halfway down the urine scented staircase, both men had to step over a passed out drunk Beta on the landing.

"Quinton! Quinn!" John caught up to the Alpha. "Where are you going?"

"This is the kid and this Toby right? " John nodded seeing the most recent photo, Toby was wearing a black vest with a white long sleeve dress shirt underneath, there was an apron around his waist John guessed the man was a waiter or bartender somewhere, and JP was wearing his usual black hoodie frowning. Probably because Toby had an arm around the boy's neck and was ruffling the teens hair.


"I know where they are, and you aren't coming. You should probably go back and take care of that kid."

John jumped into the cab that pulled up at Quinn's raised hand. "Not a chance."

The Alpha wasn't happy, but didn't say anything he gave the direction to the cab driver and when they arrived Quinn handed the cabby an extra wad of bills to keep the meter running.

"Wait, how do-"

Quinn didn't reply he only marched past a long line just outside a seedy dance club. He threw a possessive arm around John's waist and flashed an easy smile at the big Alpha guarding the door. "Jack!" Quinn greeted the big beefy man wearing a black suit and blood red tie.

John was amazed at the fact that Quinn could speak flawless Russian and then they were being allowed in ahead of the long line of people dressed to party. John felt over dressed but the way these Alpha's inside the dimly lit club with it's smoky atmosphere he was glad to be wearing his usual boring beige jumper and blue jeans. He wasn't complaining anymore about Quinn's hold, instead he found himself leaning in, better to play the part.

Quinn cut through the crowd, waving off the scantly clad Beta waitress with bouncy blond hair and other barely covered flesh. "I'll be here if you want the usual Quinny sweetie." She called out with a huff. John glanced back at her and shook his head, so Quinn was a regular here, of course he was.


Sherlock burst through the door of the flat only to find it empty. He could smell the scent of his cousin and followed it into his bedroom. This was Sherlock's territory and it had been invaded. The scent of his cousin was all over the rumpled duvet of the bed, several of John's things had been thrown out of the closet and clothes were kicked off into the corner. Anger boiled in the Alpha's veins, Grandmere had made him swear to stick to a program and Sherlock was willing to do anything to get back to John, but from the look of things Quinn had beat him to the punch. The flat reeked of Quinn, and that security crony of Mycroft's had pictures of Quinn and John together in the corridor whispering, laughing being close. Quinn was seen with John by CCTV headed towards the clubbing district.

Sherlock roared in anger, how dare Quinn, how dare he! John belonged to Sherlock! The Alpha tried his Omega's mobile, the mobile Sherlock had bought for him only for it to go straight to voicemail.

Where was he? Quinn was good, he managed to stay out of range of Mycroft's CCTV, Sherlock would make him pay and John would be his! Not Quinn's! John would never be Quinn's!


Toby winced when the big Alpha lifted him up, the stranger apologized and carried him towards the waiting cab, JP was stumbling but able to follow with Doctor Watson's support.

"We are going to the hospital, no objections." John growled and Toby weakly agreed, his little brother needed looking after. The injured Omega gladly leaned into the offered comfort that this strange Alpha was giving.

"You'll be alright." The deep baritone promised and a gentle hand petted Toby's head.

JP growled at the stranger, "Woah there kid. I'm only here to help." Quinn couldn't help but chuckle, the boy was a fighter for someone so small.

"Don't touch-" JP snapped weakly, baring his teeth. John only pushed the boy back into the seat fastening his seatbelt.

"You are alright kid. The Dealer has a heavy fist."

"Well no one touches my brother and gets away with it." The young boy stated, trying to keep his one good eye on the stranger.

"JP, don't be rude, Quinn is Sherlock's cousin. He's here to help and you're lucky he knew just where to find you. Toby is going to be fine. You, however,may have a broken arm."

"It was worth it. That smug bastard thought he could threaten Toby-" JP winced as the cab went over a bump.

Quinn leaned back into the seat, watching the steady rise and fall of the Omega in his lap. He'd caught that bastard loan shark known as the "Dealer" off guard, and made quick work of him and the thug's friends knew better than to jump in.

Quinn simply walked in, interrupting the beating JP was receiving. Toby was curled barely conscious in the corner of the back room begging the Alpha to stop punching his brother. Quinn had snapped and tackled the Dealer and John had pulled Quinn off of the other Alpha before the soldier killed the abusive bastard.

At the hospital a police officer was called in to take the teenage Alpha's statement as his arm was tightly wrapped in a soft cast. John noticed how Quinn stayed close to Toby's bedside speaking in a low voice, the Doctor caught the shy smile from the injured Omega. Stranger things could happen, John laughed to himself. The two finally left to return to grand mere's around two am.

Once they returned to Grandmere's John felt exhausted and relieved, "What are you grinning about Doctor?" Quinn opened the front door and John followed him inside.

"You are a big softie Quinton Hill."

"Naw, just don't like to see that kind of stuff, I wasn't raised that way. And my grandmother would have seen that bastard buried alive for less."

John smiled again, "You're a good man Quinn."

"Yes, I've heard this line. Am I to assume I'm officially friend zoned?"

John nodded, "Yes. However," He stopped just outside his room, opening the door slightly "after your show today, I think it appropriate to reward you."

"Oh?" Quinn looked down on the Omega in confusion.

"Yes, you had those men scared and talked that Omega into pressing charges." John stepped onto the tips of his tones and rewarded the Alpha with a peck to the cheek.

Quinn sighed with a sad smile "No chance you'll change your mind huh?" John shook his head no, "Goodnight." He whispered and stepped into his room shutting the door firmly behind him.

"You are mine!" came the deep baritone snarl.

"Sherlock?" John stepped forward only to be slammed back into the door hard enough to knock the wind out of him.

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