Chapter 25 HEY JEALOUSY!

A/N:This was hard to write. There is a lot of dub/con but I guess that's normal with the Omegaverse. Poor John. Thanks to the beautiful LithiumReaper! here goes...beware of violence and the rating i think says it all

Summary: The stress from detox and being away from John proves to be too much for the usually cool and collected Alpha.

Chapter 25: HEY JEALOUSY

John winced, feeling his breath leave his lungs. The only light in the room was a lamp near the bed. The heavy scent of angry Alpha saturated the air, it was instant, thick and suffocating. John instinctively whimpered in response, he could smell his Alpha and his Alpha was displeased.

The Omega in him wanted to drop to his knees and expose his neck, but the soldier side of John fought against the solid forearm crushing his windpipe. The skinny bastard was crowding him, using his enraged pheromones as a weapon, as well as the element of surprise, keeping John trapped against the door.

"I wasn't even gone more than a few days John." The Alpha hissed, his breath warm against the shell of John's ear. A tingle ran up the Omega's spine and a rush of blood shamefully flooded his groin.

"You stink like him, he's all over you. Do you think he can give you more than me?" John tried to wiggle free, unwittingly enraging his Alpha more. The hand griping his shoulder dug in, and the forearm across his neck only pushed in further. "You are mine John!" the voice hissed. "I wont let you go. Not to him!"

John tried to collect his senses, a cold bristling chill nearly overwhelming him when teeth snapped so close to his neck. His head was wrenched to the side roughly by fingers twisting cruelly in his hair. Again the warm breath was near his vulnerable neck.

"Sherlock? How-" John wanted to keep from submitting, from falling to his knees and begging to be held, to be owned. It was difficult, the Alpha's anger was strong and it demanded compliance.

"It's nearly three o'clock John, you've been gone all night. I know you were at the flat."

"Sherlock wait. I-" John shakily tried to reclaim his footing, but the Alpha pushed away from the small Omega in disgust, releasing the painful hold on his hair.

"What? What lies do you have for me?"

"Lies? I don't know what you want me to say." John rubbed his neck hurting physically and mentally by these accusations. How could Sherlock think that he would step out, after the talk they had. He had spent these last couple of days waiting for his Alpha's return. John did everything he could to gain Sherlock's pardon and his freedom. And now, Sherlock was accusing him of-of being with another? Couldn't he smell their was no difference in John's scent?

"I've never lied to you." John's voice was barely a whisper, his eyes prickling with tears.

"Tell me then why do you stink of him? Did you decide it was unwise to fuck him here under my Grand mere's watchful eye? So you took him back to our flat, to my bed?"

John froze, "What? How dare you!" The Omega knew he shouldn't be riling the already near feral Alpha, but the Omega had a temper as well and in this moment he unleashed it. "Anyway what do you care? Huh? You can have your fun with that smug cocksucker Victor in the flat of all places! That drug addict was all over you. We aren't together Sherlock. It's just a fake deal. You don't own me! I can go out and fuck who I please." This was the wrong choice of words, John should have just kept his head down. "At least this Alpha doesn't have a drug addiction and is actually attracted to Omegas. Like normal Alphas should be and he-"

His childhood had taught him there was never any reasoning with an angry Alpha. His wasn't going to be an exception, John knew this was going to hurt and he didn't have the chance to brace himself before he was pulled roughly towards the bed.

His words were knocked away by the sheer force in which he'd been grabbed and tossed onto the large bed. Instinct kicked in he turned onto his stomach scrambling off, the air was heavier if that was possible. The anger it was invading John's senses, making it impossible to think rationally. This was hard because of the care he felt for the Alpha causing this, not just care but John knew he loved Sherlock, as doomed as that would be.

"You think he can have you? He won't, He hasn't marked you, my Omega." Sherlock halted his fleeing pray pulling him by his hips back onto the bed before he managed to crawl away.

John gasped as he was aggressively pulled back into the center of the bed flipped over onto his back. The taste of copper flooded his mouth and he realized he bit his tongue.

"I can still mark you. Make you mine. I will make you mine." The small amount of light allowed the breathless Omega to see the Alpha's pupils blown wide with predatory want. The words finally dawned on John and his heart started to thunder in his chest.

Alphas could force a heat. Forced heatswere painful for any Omega. John had seen some of the worst cases working at the Omega clinic. Terror consumed all logical thought and the Omega struggled harder. This only triggering the Alpha's predatory instinct to capture to pin and bite.

"Stop." John hated the breathless plea.

"Don't act like you don't want it. You'll love my knot. You'll smell like me. And everyone will know you're mine." He did, god help him he did, but not like this. Sherlock would accuse him later of purposely provoking him, he would blame John for his taking advantage of his feral side, he would hate John.

It hurt that this Alpha thought John nothing more than something to breed, something to hold down and walk all over. Anger bubbled to the surface and John rallied his strength, even with biology sapping his energy, nature's way of forcing an Omega to submit. His body's chemistry was working against him, the Omega's biology had decided this Alpha was his Alpha and John's body ached to submit.

The smaller man swung wildly, after he managed to free one arm from under the Alpha's bony knee.

"Go to hell." He growled. "I don't belong to anyone-"

John rolled off the bed, panting, his ribs were still sore from his first encounter with Sherlock. Why did that feel like a life time ago? Why did his heart feel as if it were shattering into a million pieces? His senses reeling he knew he must flee get out or things would be bad.

He needed to clear his lungs, the scent of anger reminded him of childhood and painful memories surfaced nearly paralyzing him. He couldn't give in. He was a soldier; this was a misunderstanding the Alpha wasn't thinking straight.

Sherlock would hate him more for this when he came to his senses, John would hate him as well. He wanted the Alpha but not like this, he wanted it to be real and not because of some biological response to another Alpha's challenge.

"You're just as my mother says. You are a whore." John winced that stung, those words rocked John to his very soul. He'd never been with an Alpha, sure he'd fooled around with Beta's and even other Omegas but he'd never gone further, never allowed someone to penetrate.

"You bastard." John's scathing reply was cut short by the panting Alpha once more, he tackled the Omega knocking the soldier onto his back. John thought he saw stars, his head hit the hard floor and he wished for soft carpet. Dazed, he wasn't aware of his jumper being ripped from him, or his trousers and pants being forced down. The hot breath on his neck snapped him back to reality but too late sharp teeth bit down hard into the soft fleshy curve where his neck met his shoulder. He cried out in pain and the heated mouth did it again but further back on his shoulder, John felt warm despite the pain. Terrified, he knew what the Alpha was doing. He was trying to force a pseudo heat.

"No." John pushed at the Alpha's chest, hands were holding his hips in place something brushed his leg.


John whined flaying against the hold keeping him on the floor. The Alpha growled "MINE."

The Omega could feel the hated wetness, the response to being bitten, and to the pheromones of a fertile Alpha ready to mount, wanting to breed.

John had wondered what it would be like to be with Sherlock, but not like this never like this. He allowed his body to relax and blue eyes looked away, exposing his bruised neck. He stopped fighting, fighting always made it worse. "Please stop." John sobbed.

He hated how his own anxiety clouded the already unbreathable air, the man straddling him, kissing and biting down his naked chest halted. Pupils constricted and like a coil sprung back to normal. John felt the first wave of cramps hit, it was too late his heat had been triggered. It was all too late, and he knew couldn't stop what would happen next.

"John, oh God. John?" Sherlock's voice was growing distant and the Omega sadly cursed himself for wanting to remember his first heat spent with an Alpha that didn't love him. He should be angry, but instead he was just angry at himself for not finding a way to head this off. He had to keep pushing and pushing, maybe his father and Sherlock's mother were right. He was defective.


John's anxiety was like a bucket of freezing water dumped over Sherlock's head, it was sour and caused his stomach to turn. He could smell it everywhere all over him and the naked skin beneath him was flushed. "John?" Sherlock wiped away the tears he had caused, but the Omega was panting and his eyes glassy and distant. The anxiety was quickly being dissolved by something else, Sherlock licked his lips tasting what he knew to be blood, John's blood.

"What have I done?" Sherlock climbed off of his Omega. Backing away quickly, the blond was going into heat, a forced heat. Sherlock placed a hand to his nose trying to hold back the alluring scent his mouth was watering. God he wanted to plundge his hardening cock into the wet hole.

He couldn't, oh god, but it would feel delicious and John was so beautiful. The Alpha growled angrily, causing the still form to whimper and flinch.

It was enough to force Sherlock away, he grabbed the duvet from John's bed and carefully wrapped his Omega in it, placing him gently upon the bed. Scooping up what was left of his own scattered clothes the Alpha fled the room, ignoring the whimpers from the spasming young man. Forced heats never lasted more than a few hours. It was a trick of biology and solely for the benefit of an Alpha's pleasure. Sherlock locked the door behind him, and sunk down hugging his knees to his chest he had to guard John's door. He couldn't leave John, couldn't leave his Omega.

Snap out of it! John isn't mine!

The scent was alluring it called to him, his hands shook he clutched his knees. It would pass, John wasn't going anywhere no one would get to him.

"Please." The muffled whimper tugged at him then a moan, as if on their own accord his legs were standing him up and his hands were opening the door.

John had thrown the blanket from him and was moaning into the cool white sheets.

Sherlock took a deep breath, the air was inebriating and he struggled with the Alpha in him wanting to take, need to knot,and to breed.

The dark haired young man held his breath approaching the bed, his Omega sensed his nearness and whined, hands reaching.

Sherlock hushed him, removing his own clothes once more, he could be gentle he could find his restraint. He would scent John, he could ease the distress he caused. Just scent John.

"Forgive me John." The Alpha groaned taking the blond into his now naked arms. "Ssssh, easy." The Alpha whispered, running his hands down the back of the keening Omega. Sherlock could feel the heated skin beneath his fingers, he could make this better, turning to pull the Omega hard against him he worked his fingers down towards the slick hole of his Omega.

He could do this, taking a deep breath he allowed his free hand to travel to his own hardened cock. The Omega was nipping at his shoulders, moaning and pushing against his hand, one finger, then two finally three.

"You're mine John. Mine. Come with me."

The Alpha chanted working his fist hard over his own cock, encouraged by the sounds of the panting Omega.

Just scenting he was just going to scent his Omega, restraint he needed to practice restraint.

For John, for John.

John woke up the next morning sticky naked and alone.

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