Chapter 26 Deception

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John pulled himself out of bed and headed to the attached bathroom, he was sticky and sore. Flashes of last night or rather early this morning were lingering barely above the murky surface of his memory. Avoiding the mirror, John went straight for the hot shower, the hung over feeling kept his movements unsteady and slow.

The spray of scalding water felt good against his suddenly cooled skin, and aching muscles. The Omega whimpered feeling the tender flesh around his shoulders and just under his scent gland. So not a forced bond, he sighed heavily and at the same time felt his eyes prickle with unshed tears.

Snap out of it Watson. It's a good thing, you still belong to yourself. Until he does it again. You provoked him, you know you shouldn't challenge an already feral Alpha. You wanted this.

After a lengthy shower were John punished himself by scrubbing his skin nearly raw, finding himself undeserving in the rich scent of his Alpha, he entered the room a towel wrapped around his bruised hips.

Too late the Omega realized he wasn't alone, his body was very much aware and instinctively he froze, eyes wide and heart pounding.

"John-"the familiar baritone sounded just as surprised, grey eyes just as wide and body mirroring a similar posture.

The Alpha cleared his throat, grey eyes surveying the damaged skin where fingers had pressed cruelly into a bicep, and into John's hips to hold him still. Then the purpled flesh broken and unbandaged on John's shoulder. Cool grey eyes, narrowed on the paling face of the Omega, taking note of any other damages caused by last night's outburst.

"I've brought you breakfast. And a first aid kit." Sherlock kept his distance placing the small tray of toast and tea at the foot of the bed pushing the tray towards John nervously. The Omega didn't speak, not even when the Alpha took a step back, "I-" he averted his eyes from the silent Omega, "I have a call from Lestrade. I'll be on a case. I suggest you pack so that we may return to 221B. " The Omega remained quiet and the silence was annoying it was aggravating and painful. In response the tall detective snapped.

"John you are still mine. I suggest you stop provoking me. You are mine until the end of the year. I regret last night's unfortunate reaction, you understand the detox process. I however did not force bond with you, you are still-"Still no reply from the Omega, no reprimands no yelling or shouting. Sherlock had thought there would be shouting, why wasn't John shouting?

Irritably he took a step forward causing the Omega to flinch, this angered him. "John." Sherlock growled. "I will not have you spending time with my cousin. We still have a deal until I decide to break it. I suggest you stop provoking me. Now get dressed and go back to the flat. I have work to do."

Sherlock didn't wait for a reply instead he turned on his heels and retreated. No, not a retreat, never a retreat. He was indeed called away on a case, Lestrade had approved it through Fatcroft as long as Sherlock agreed to attend his required meetings this week and he would need to find a damned idiot sponsor.


Lestrade stood back observing his very observant twat of a consulting detective. Something was off, the young man had shown up to the scene without the Omega Doctor at his side. Right away DI Lestrade knew something was up, then the scent of anxiety. The way the younger Alpha snapped and barked at Lestrades team.

This was another body fitting the same MO as the last couple of dead Omegas they'd uncovered. Another dirty alley behind a bar, this time the young Omega had been stabbed and mutilated, several bite marks ripped into the victims skin.

"He's getting sloppy." Sherlock growled holding his breath, the scent of fear still lingered. This male Omega was blond, and sightless blue eyes stared up at the dark haired Alpha. Sherlock avoided those eyes, they were too similar to John's, the blond hair, same weight and height even the way this Omega dressed was like John's. Sentiment was definitely fogging Sherlock's observations.

Why did he keep thinking of John, the way he had begged for Sherlock's knot had offered his neck, and god his scent!

Then afterwards, Sherlock had held the Omega, held him close in his arms breathing in deeply their mixed scents. John slept curled into Sherlock's lean side, almost purring in satisfaction. He had felt perfect there, like he was meant to fit and Sherlock was loathed to let the Omega go.

However he could see the angry bite marks he'd left in the heat of his aggression, why did John have to push him? No, it wasn't John's fault, Sherlock should have been able to control himself.

John wasn't his, but why had he kissed Quinn and willingly at that? Why had Quinton's scent been in their flat? On their bed?

"Sherlock?" Lestrade cleared his voice his eye brow raised he had an impatient look as if he'd been standing long waiting for an answer.

"What?" The younger Alpha barked.

"Anything? Or are you going to just glare at the crime scene tape for the rest of the day?"

"Don't be an idiot Lestrade."

"Well, sorry if I'm a bit impatient this is the fourth body I need answers. It looks like the bastards getting more and more aggressive."

The dark haired young man glanced back at the body, "Have the teeth marks bonded Alpha's are put in a data base. I highly doubt the fingerprints will give you any hits. He's too meticulous almost military in precision. I would say he works for the government or was at the least ex military. The way he handles the knife isn't like a doctor or medical professional but more like a skilled killer. Too clean to be a butcher but not precise enough to be a doctor or surgeon. Besides he seems to be perfecting his drug, the mixture this time proved affective to a point. The Omega was in heat but fought back, there are defensive wounds and skin under the victims nails. I would do a rape kit, the last three he was unable to get it up but the violence in this proves different. This time his victim fought back, and that's what he wants. You're right, he's escalating."

"I wonder what set him off?" Lestrade ran a hand through his silver hair, his fingers itching for a cigarette.

Sherlock turned away from those haunting blue eyes and blood soaked blond hair. He wanted to get back to John suddenly and with a vengeance.

"Everything alright?" Lestrade caught Sherlock's arm before he could turn on his heel.

Sherlock pulled his elbow free and didn't reply but Lestrade gave a sad half smile. "Omega troubles?" Sherlock's silence proved the detective inspector correct.

"Donovan this crime scene's clear. Let the boys get the body to the morgue. You know the procedure. I'll meet you back at the office."

The frizzy haired Alpha rolled her eyes and yelled out "You heard him boys lets clear it!"

"Come on you lets talk." Lestrade offered the Alpha a cigarette. "Don't let your brother know." Sherlock gratefully accepted the peace offering.

"Now spill it. What's happened?"

"What do you mean?" Sherlock took a long drag from the filtered menthol.

"You can ride with me to the morgue. Molly will have another tox report for us. And we can talk about the situation you've managed to put yourself in."

"There is no situation."

Sherlock snapped however he followed the silver haired DI towards the squad car.

"Sherlock what have you done now?"

"Me? Why do you assume I've done something?"

"Because you big idiot it's your nature. So like I said spill it. I promise I wont judge you."

"I place no merit to your opinion and I care not what you think of me-"

"Right, right. So. Come on. I'm tired of asking. Besides I know you. I've dated a few Omegas in my time before marrying my Alpha wife, I know the stink of anxiety. That particular scent is always in response to aggression on an Alpha's part. Now why did you go feral? Did John bat an eye at another-"

"You've gone feral before?"

"Oh, yes. We all do..- well when I was young I was the worst. It's usually something you learn to control. And something your Alpha father or mother should be teaching you how to control. However I have a feeling your parents were like mine, where my Alpha high tailed it as soon as he got my mom knocked up."

Sherlock made a face thinking of his Alpha father, the man had nothing Sherlock wanted to learn.

"So I had to stumble through life trying to figure it out. Let me tell you it's easier for me to just date Alphas. Not that that worked out with my wife. Our fights were epic until she found some Omega gym teacher. " Lestrade frowned "The woman refused to adopt, just like most Alphas she refused to raise a pup that wasn't hers. Selfish bitch. Now she's on pup number three with that Omega she-anyway. I'm getting off track."

"I'm glad you noticed."

"What I was about to say was, it doesn't help if your mate or Omega is just as inexperienced as you. Older Omegas know how to handle their Alpha going into possessive mode. I remember Robert my first real boyfriend a cute red headed Omega from Colchester. I was twenty and still wet behind the ears, I had shared a heat with him and managed to not bond. He wasn't ready and we both were in school still. He had the cutest-" Lestrade pulled away from his memory hearing Sherlock's disgusted snort.

"Anyway, the guy was sweet and funny. One of my mates Henry walked him home when I was working late. Henry was good like that, always worrying about Omegas being attacked. Well anyway, one night his scent was all over Robert and I blew up, our small flat reeked of Henry. I could have sworn my Omega was cheating. I didn't stop to ask before I made an ass of myself."

"What did you do?" Sherlock focused on something on the floor of the squad car.

"We had a row, I'm not proud of it but I grabbed his shoulders demanded he bond with me. He wasn't close to his heat, but even if he was I know this wasn't what Robert wanted. We weren't really in love, looking back. Robert of course pulled away and looked me in the eye. Called me a twat. I was young and took it as a challenge."

Sherlock held his breath, listening to the painful details. "It's not an excuse Sherlock, it never is but I swear I didn't know what I was doing. It was a response to the scent of another Alpha that invaded my territory, that dared leave a scent on my Omega. The more Robert struggled and argued the more my hackles rose, the next thing I know I had him pinned and my teeth were at the back of his neck, he was on his belly."

Lestrade shook his head slowing to a stop at the red light, "As I said before I'm not proud of it. I cant say I would have stopped and not have gone further, if it weren't for the fact Henry stopped by he'd left his wallet. The two of us fought like idiots. Robert left with Henry. Turns out, I hadn't stopped to think or ask questions. Henry was in the flat because he'd hurt himself after rugby practice and Robert insisted he sit until his bloody nose stopped. It was innocent and I ruined it. I told him I was sorry but it was too late for me. I crossed a line that too many young Alphas tend to. I allowed my instincts to get the better of me. It wasn't until my next boyfriend I realized that Omegas can calm you in situations or make it worse. Ryan was another Omega I dated a little later in my youth. Ryan was older than me by five years and he managed to keep me calm, he didn't challenge he stood and waited for the storm to pass."

"John isn't like that." Sherlock replied with a heavy sigh. "John isn't placid and submissive. I detest submissive." The young consulting detective made a face, he hated the way John had shrunk back from him.

"Well, if that's the case then you as the Alpha need to figure out how to control your emotions. John's young and if you want to keep him and eventually bond with him you need to fix this. Whatever you've done, talk it out and for god sake just say you're sorry."

"I bit him." Sherlock confessed to the Detective Inspector, the older Alpha was true to his word he kept his face devoid of any judgment or emotion. "How far did you go?"

"I nearly forced him into sex and-I activated his heat."

"Fuck." Lestrade pulled into the parking garage of the Hospital.

"But I only scented him after, I didn't have sex with him or-"

"Well that's a relief. You know it's incredibly painful for an Omega to be force-bonded and sex during a forced heat is even worse. At least that's what Ryan once told me. "

"I caused a false heat but I didn't take his scent gland in my mouth. I didn't take advantage of him, too much." Sherlock refused to meet the gray haired Alpha's brown eyes.

"Good. Well. I hope you had the bites treated."

"This morning. Yes, well I gave him the first aid kit-"

"Sherlock? You mean you didn't clean it yourself?"

"No." Sherlock pushed his hands into his dark coat.

"Did you take care of him at all?"

"I brought him breakfast and a first aid kit. " Said in his usual dismissive tone.


"Then nothing I came here you had a case."

"Bloody hell! You young pups!" Lestrade hissed. "I bet you got all demanding and ordered him to stay home."

Lestrade received his answer in the form of no answer. "Did you hurt him anywhere else?"

"No. Not that I can recall." Sherlock entered the morgue; Molly was looking over another corpse when the duo entered.

"Oh, detective inspector I didn't expect-well." She hurried to grab a folder off of her desk. "Here is a comparative report, I took the blood samples your officers brought over, the body should be arriving soon. Just like with the last one there wasn't an ID or keys. The victims wallet was missing as well just like the others. So I've had all that was in their pockets categorized. "

Sherlock frowned, "What did you say?"

Molly frowned nervously taking a step back, the Alpha consulting detective always seemed so intimidating.

Sherlock scanned the tox reports, then the pictures, pulling out pictures of each of the four bodies. There had been two more since he had gone back to rehab. Nothing connected the dead Omegas, they were female and male, they all were blond and held professional jobs. All four were bonded, friends and families of the victims swore up and down that they weren't the stepping out types.

"I'm missing something." Sherlock growled flipping through the pictures, all blond haired, blue eyed Omegas. One was an accountant in a successful private firm, another was a solicitor in a small firm, a nurse, and real estate agent.

He thought about John again, how drunk he had been stumbling home a week ago, two weeks, what had he said?

Sherlock went back to his mind palace only to be interrupted.

"No hit on the bite marks, the boys hit a wall it seems they were flagged by MI5. Maybe you can talk to your brother? See if he'll give you clearance. Seems you were right again. He's either a terrorist or a government employee." Greg read over a text he was sent by Donvan. "I guess I could try and ask Mycroft, he does owe me after that little incident with John."

"What?" Sherlock paled then completely, fumbling for his phone.

"Oh, don't be dumb, the one where your brother managed to trick me into arresting your mate on trumped up charges. I'm still a bit peeved about that. John seems to be a good kid. I mean it's rare for an Omega to hold a job and an army rank down. It cant be easy for the boy, I mean oridnary Alpha's would find that a challenge, lucky him he's got you. Well maybe not so lucky-"

Sherlock tried to ignore Greg's words but something was nagging at him, something so obvious. What was it?!

Then like a light being switched on he remembered something from a few weeks past something a drunken John had slurred "Oh thank god the doors un'locked. I may have mmmisplaced my keysss and um wallet."


John didn't feel like talking or moving, he made his way up the stairs to the empty flat. The blond Omega had slipped out without having to see Grandmere, which was a good thing. He didn't feel like pretending everything was fine. It wasn't fine, as much as John tried to convince himself, he couldn't calm the rising tides of disgust. He was disgusted at himself and angry at Sherlock.

Why did the Alpha just assume the worst? John thought they were becoming more. Why hadn't John hit him or subdued the tall bastard before he was being marked?

Because you're weak in the presence of your Alpha. Because you love him and you want to please him.

John swore angrily at himself, his shoulder ached where he'd been bitten but he deserved no less. He should have just put his head down and wait for the Alpha to calm. No instead he kept challenging and pushing. Sherlock could have marked him, could have forced a bond. The Omega in John was sad and feeling rejected over this fact.

I cant even force him into taking me. What's wrong with me? Ugh! I should be glad!

John started to make tea in the kitchen, contemplating his circumstances, it took everything in him not to hurl a mug at the wall. The sound of a key in the door had him tense. Sherlock was back relatively early. Would he want to continue the conversation or just to rant and yell at John for being a manipulative wanton.

Taking a deep breath John asked "Should I make you a cup-" except the scent was off. It wasn't his Alpha, no the scent was familiar but not welcome.

"I'll pass." The man in the dark suit replied.


"I apologize for the intrusion, but I am on strict orders."

John frowned facing the tall Alpha, the man was still wearing his dark glasses and John hated how he was unable to read the stoic face.

"From who? I thought Mycroft was going to bugger off. I don't need you or any one of the others loitering about. This is going to far coming in here like you own the place. My mate wont be happy." John wished he wasn't in the kitchen where there was no way to retreat. The bedroom was to his right he could run in there and lock himself in.

"Oh, I'm sure he's had his patience tried several times with you. If last nights discipline session was anything."

"I'll ask you to leave now." The Omega balled his fists at his side.

"Please Doctor Watson." The Alpha sighed heavily hands up in surrender. "I'm just doing my job. Why don't I make us both a cup of tea or you can. I'll pretend that I looked around the flat for drugs or any paraphernalia and then be on my way."

John didn't relax completely but he could see the truth in the statement, Mycroft would send someone to check the flat over. "This isn't what I thought I'd be doing when I joined the service." The Alpha grumbled plopping down in Sherlock's chair.

John wanted to yell for him to get out of his mate's chair but thought better of it. "I'll make some tea."

"So Doctor Watson, it must make your family proud having a son that is a doctor and in the army. All that and you've managed to be an unbonded Omega."

John placed the mug near the Agent's elbow.

John didn't reply he only took a spot on the couch. The Alpha frowned no doubt taking this as open disrespect, still the agent didn't comment on John's open rudeness.

"This is good tea. Just like my mate used to make. Could use a bit of honey." John rolled his eyes getting up he took the mug from the Alpha.

"I'll get that shall I?" The Omega knew he was being unreasonable, after all the other man was trying to be polite but he just didn't trust the man. That and he made John uneasy.

"Ah, thanks Doc." The Alpha smiled sipping the warm liquid. "That hits the spot. "

John took up his own mug and continued to sip, it gave him a reason to not talk.

"Anyway I should get going, it was nice to have a cuppa with you." The other man grinned. "Almost done there would you like more?" John shook his head, suddenly feeling warm, had he turned the heat on?

"No, I've got a few things to do. So if you're through here-" John suddenly felt breathless. The smell of the other man was making him feel ill, or maybe it was the tea. Had the milk gone off? God help Sherlock if the some weird body fluid from the arms had managed to contaminate the milk.

"Doctor you're looking a bit peaked there. That jumper looks a little scratchy, maybe you should take it off."

John stiffened, the Alpha was faster than he would give the taller man credit for, he was on the couch nearly in John's lap.

"I think it's time for you to leave." John felt a stir of cramps in his lower abdomen. Something on the table caught his eye, his wallet and keys, but he'd lost those a few weeks back at the bar.

Wide blue eyes turned over to the predator leaning over him. "And the penny drops." The Alpha hissed grabbing for the Omega before the smaller man could leap off the couch.

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