Chapter 27 ATTACKED

John's mind started to race in sync with his rapidly beating heart, if only his limbs would cooperate. He had enough strength to move his arms weakly, pathetically slapping at the hands pinning him down, ripping his jumper from him.

"All of you Omega's are the same. Bitches in heat, just needing the right knot to remind you of your place. The other's tried to fight but they gave in at the end. You'll do the same, and I'm going to enjoy hearing you scream."

"Piss off!" John tried to bring his knee up but the other man only laughed blocking the feeble attempt at contact with his crotch. Instead the tall Alpha laughed rubbing his arousal against John's now spread thighs.

"The first Omegas I killed cried, and gave in too soon. The drug made them instantly docile, I like a little life in my fuck toys. I bet you're getting nice and wet for me."

Beaman leaned down and licked just behind John's ear, nipping at the lob and chuckling darkly. "You think you're above me don't you? That you're some how better than me? My mate thought he could do better, that he somehow could go off and get a job and find someone else. He broke our bond, so I'm going to do to you what I did to him. You aren't good enough to be with your Alpha. Tell me Johnny boy did he find out that you've been fucking his cousin? Is that why he left the bite marks, he was so disgusted with you he didnt even bond. I can tell he forced a heat. It just proves my point. You're only good for a fuck. I intend to take advantage of that fact. I'll have you sucking me off, first we need to get rid of these damn clothes."

"You're fucking deranged! You murdered your ex because he left you? No wonder he left you, you're a maniac." John panted. "And my Alpha didn't bond with me because he has some fucking honor."

"Yeah, that why he punished you? I can see the bruises, I bet you liked it. You like it rough don't you Johnny?" The scent of this Alpha's pheromones made John feel physically ill, his lungs restricted, his stomach threaten to revolt. The places the stranger gripped John burned, his skin felt as if the stench of this man was burning his already heated skin.

John tried to pull his hands free, the Alpha held his wrists above his head in one iron grip.

"Yeah, you do. I can tell." The man started lick John's exposed neck, holding a knife just under the Omega's chin. "I'm going to carve into you Johnny maybe I'll leave you alive that way you can carry my mark and be reminded of this lesson."

John wanted to scream, but he knew that the deranged Alpha would only find pleasure in John fighting back. So the Omega fought his instincts as a cornered Omega and soldier. If only the cramps would ease up instead of intensifying. God it hurt, and after yesterday's little forced heat incident this seemed ten times worse. He whimpered as the man gripping his wrists, released his hands only to roughly flip him onto his belly.

The aroused Alpha forced John's face into the carpet running a hand down into the waist of John's jeans.

He could barely hear the murmured promises from the Alpha straddling his hips and rutting against the small of his naked back. He moaned as another wave of pain overwhelmed him, his stomach was turning and his skin burned.

If he didn't act quickly he would soon be moaning and begging for the Alpha to knot him.

"I'm going to carve my name into you Liam that way you'll always know who you belong to." Agent Beaman panted pressing his erection against John's backside.

That was all John needed, the Alpha was leaning close to him, and a quick thrust back with his head caught his attacker off guard. The heavy crack of what sounded like a nose breaking was music to John's ears.

He felt the weight lifted from him and took the opportunity to get to his feet, except he hadn't anticipated how uncooperative his body was going to be. The drug in the tea wasn't just to bring on a pseudo heat but to also keep him somewhat docile.

"I'm going to enjoy hearing you scream then beg!" The dark haired man was wiping the blood from his definitely broken nose.

John was on his knees trying to stand but the world was spinning everything was wrong. He felt sluggish but his mind was running a million kilometers a minute. The stink in the air belonged to the aroused stranger, his pheromones were attempting to lull John's Omega senses into submission.

The knife flashed red against his naked chest, he wasn't fast enough to avoid it, falling back into the upturned coffee table.

John felt the rush of warmth to his lower half, the drug was taking affect. He had to fight back, this was his nightmare come true. The soldier refused to play victim he couldn't wait to be saved, Sherlock wasn't going to be home in time. He was on a case and nothing interrupted cases.

"Oh, Johnny I wish Mycroft would have left the cameras in the flat, this is something I wouldn't mind watching after I'm done. "

"Sherlock will kill you, his brother is a powerful man he comes from a powerful family. It's not too late to stop this-"

"Who do you think put me onto your scent?"

John paled, his mouth went dry and his struggles ceased. "No."

"Yes." The Alpha grinned excitedly, pulling John's belt open, then with one quick tug John's jeans were around his knees. He whimpered helplessly, his skin flushing and stomach tight.

"Yes, big brother was looking for a way to break the two of you up. Apparently he is wiser than the little brother. He sees you for what you are. A money grubbing whore, and so there wont be any retaliation for what I'm about to take. In fact I'll most likely receive a bonus check for my troubles."

John bit back the helpless tears of frustration and anger. This couldn't be true, sure Sherlock's family hated him. Mrs. Holmes had made that very apparent at the dinner table and the Alpha's relatives had all made snooty comments at the engagement party. But this? Did they hope Sherlock would think he was unfaithful? They obviously knew the dark haired young Alpha had a jealous streak. God this was a nightmare, this wasn't happening. How could they hate him so much they want to ruin him like this?

"After I'm done with you, if I decide to leave you alive, he wont ever want to touch you again. I'm going to leave my mark as a reminder. So if he does decide to keep you around it will be as his favorite broken toy. He'll see my mark every time he mounts you. Now please feel free to scream, it will make this that much better." The agent took the knife and ran the cool tip teasingly across John's flushed chest, halting just above his left pectoral.


Martha Hudson was just returning home when she heard the ruckus upstairs, it wasn't uncommon for her renter to be loud and disorderly. She would normally ignore it, but after her long trip on the train she wasn't in the best of moods. Her sister was ill and though she showed marked improvement while the old Omega visited, Mrs. Hudson knew it wouldn't be long before her sister passed.

She had barely put her bags down when she heard the heavy crash and the loud thumps from the upstairs flat. She opened her door meaning to climb the stairs and demand the young Alpha be quiet or vacate. Really she was old and her nerves!

Martha Hudson knew the smell of fear, she was familiar with it, it haunted her waking dreams. She remembered her Alpha husband's cruel words, his foul scent, the man's pheromones had kept her cowering for days in the corner. Well until Sherlock had barged into her life and had the evil man arrested and tried. She had been freed and swore to never get involved with an Alpha again. Pushy bastards the lot of them, bloody big cats, always strutting like they owned the world.

Disgusting it was, and she would have no part in it. However the scent escaping from the upstairs flat wasn't that of her lodger, the scent of coffee and tobacco was normal for Sherlock. This scent was unfamiliar and angry, and she caught an Omega's anxiety and fear mingling with the awful scent.

Instantly on alert the old woman hurried back to her kitchen grabbing an old heavy frying pan and moved towards the stairs. She held her house phone in her hands, starting to dial 999 but the line was dead. Things were definitely off, Sherlock never let anyone into his flat unless he was home. She had received a quick call from her lodger alerting her to his becoming engaged to an Omega, promising her an extra bit of rent for the extra renter. She'd been so excited to know her dear boy had finally found someone to settle down with.

Reaching the top step the small elderly Omega paused hearing the fearful whine and whimpers within. She could smell blood, and it turned her stomach, the familiar sound of knuckles meeting flesh vibrated through her very soul. Anger fueled her forward, anger and outrage.


Sherlock could feel his heart threatening to push through his chest, he had sprinted home managing to take every short cut he knew.

Apparently Mycroft was in some great big important meeting and couldn't be bothered, the lackey screening his calls promised to alert him to his brother's distress after the conference but no sooner. The frantic Alpha had nearly flung his phone out of desperation and frustration.

He reached 221B his lungs filling with the air tainted with anxiety and terror. Taking the steps two at a time he burst through the door to his flat. The living room was a mess, several chairs turned over as well as the coffee table broken. He heard his landlady's shrill voice.

"I'll hit you again young man you need to back off!"

Sherlock panted cringing at the saturated air, acrid and tainted with a coppery scent. John 's blood. And Sherlock Holmes saw red, his vision narrowing and focus on the tall figure looming over the small elderly landlady swinging a frying pan in front of her, John was curled in a ball naked and bleeding. He whimpered and panted, the Alpha growled in rage.

John was hurt and vulnerable, his John was bleeding. This Alpha was trespassing, this Alpha would die and by Sherlock's hands.


Lestrade arrived just in time for his men to find a trembling elderly Omega, a whimpering naked John Watson and a very dead Alpha. The DI winced taking note of a knife buried in the crotch of the unknown Alpha.

Sherlock was snapping at the constables entering the flat, the younger Alpha had pulled his coat off and laid it over the now moaning Omega.

"Fuck." Lestrade took a deep breath regretting it immediately, John was in heat and several of his men were unbonded Alphas.

"OUT!" he shouted to his men, barely catching their attention. The three yarders had their shoulders stiff and bodies turned towards the unbonded Omega moaning from under the heavy bellstaff coat. The scent of delicious Omega mingled with fear and anxiety, Lestrade wanted to ease the Omega. Offer security, he could offer security and warmth as well as a hard knott.

Before he could take a step in the Omega's direction he was hit with a burst of cold water. As were his men, the elderly landlady waved her frying pan at them. "Get out now! This youngman needs medical attention not the likes of you brutes! He's been manhandled enough! Let Sherlock take care of him and out with you!"

Lestrade ran a shaky hand over his face. "You heard her out! Only Omegas! Get me some damn Omegas and have the medics come up! Go!" Lestrade growled backing away from the now snarling consulting detective.

Sherlock was cradling the injured Omega in his lap, his gray eyes dark with a fierce possessive challenge.



Sherlock held tight to the panting Omega in his lap, his growl was deep and vicious, his Omega his John, whimpered in response.

"We've got a feral one. " The red haired Omega medic sighed, feral Alpha's were such a damn pain in the ass.

They neared hands up and heads down, allowing the Alpha the scent the air, surely this one wasn't so far gone he couldn't identify they were Omegas.

"Sherlock!" The old landlady frowned, " They are here to help. Let them see John. He's hurt and bleeding. They are Omegas and no ones going to hurt John he's safe now. You've done right by taking care of that murderous bastard. Now let the medics do their job so you can get on with taking care of the boy's heat."

Sherlock whimpered but the elderly woman put a gentle hand on the dark haired boy's shoulder. "Let them have a look now."

Sherlock needed to be there, John should go to a hospital. He would allow it, he had to. His Omega was injured it was best to just do what was best. It was for John, but he wouldn't let anyone touch John no one would go near the whimpering Omega.

"We can give him something to help with the forced heat." One of the paramedics offered.

"No!" Sherlock hissed. "No, you dont know what chemical reaction it would take. Don't touch!" Sherlock hissed again.

"Sherlock my dear you have to let them do their job." Mrs. Hudson put a soothing hand on the Alpha's tense shoulders.


The red haired Omega kneeled down, cataloging the bruises marring the naked Omega's flushed flesh.

The Alpha kept John in his lap, allowing the coat to be opened revealing the damaged within.

John cried out at the strange hands touching him, he nuzzled closer to the Alpha holding him.

"Sssh, safe, safe. Omega. Mine. Safe."

The landlady sighed, "he wasn't able to go further than beating and cutting the poor boy. I arrived in time to stop anything else. "

The Omega paramedics reluctantly agreed, another two Omegas came up to photograph the dead Alpha and remove the body. They knew better to get a statement from the Alpha who was following his mate now strapped to a stretcher on his way to the hospital. A special room had been ordered for times like these. The room would be completely cleared of any Alphas and the traumatized Omega would be allowed time alone with his Alpha or sedated until the pseudo heat passed.


Lestrade waited outside, he had tried to call Mycroft knowing that this was one of his men, he only received the damn voicemail once more. His men carried the dead body out, the Alpha detective inspector needed answers, this was one of Mycroft's men. How the hell did he get past the British Government's defenses?

Of course no charges would come up against the younger Holmes, he after all was protected by law. The Omega John belonged to Sherlock and this dead bastard had trespassed on the young Alpha's territory. Not to mention the sick bastard had drugged, raped and killed several innocent Omegas in the past couple of weeks.

"What a fucking mess." Lestrade glanced up at the open window of 221B, his men had cleaned as best as they could making quick work of the blood stained carpet.

"Mycroft you better call me as soon as you are available. Your brother has murdered one of your deranged agents and John was nearly raped and killed. I think a little help cleaning up is in order. And then I want to know how exactly something like this happens right under your pointy nose! Call me back!" Lestrade snarled into his phone, jabbing a finger at the end call button.

Sherlock kept close to his Omega, and Greg held his breath as John was carried past him.

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