Chapter 28 ALONE


Sherlock had been forcibly removed from John's side, Mycroft had several Beta's take his brother in hand. The dark haired Alpha would not be allowed to help John through his heat. The specialist at the hospital was pro-Omega rights and found it unsettling to allow an unbonded Alpha in the room with John, fiance or not.

After an hour in an isolation room Sherlock had calmed down enough and his brother came to see him with a doctor to update on the Omega's condition.

"He's hurt." Sherlock held his head in his hands after the doctor had left.

"Yes, but as the Doctor has said he will recover with just a minor scar on his chest. It's nothing that cosmetic surgery wont remove."

Sherlock visibly winced, the word MINE had been visciously carved into John. "I need your help Mycroft." Sherlock's voice was low and for a moment the elder Holmes thought he'd misheard his brother. "You were right." And Mycroft felt as if he was truly hearing things maybe even dreaming, because such words would never leave his younger brother's mouth ever.


"Where were you Mycrcoft? This was one of your men, and he was a murderer. You should have known. You always know." Despite the question itself, Sherlock's voice was far from accusing. He sounded, well he sounded defeated and empty. Mycroft found this even more unsettling than a request for help or a confession of wrongdoing.

"I apologize brother it seems those working for me have failed in their duty and I remedied the situation . This will not go unpunished." The elder Holmes did not like the taste of guilt, it was acrid and sour and remained behind long after his words of reassurance had left him.

He could not pretend that part of this was not his fault, it was he who had asked one of his lower level analysts to take on the job of discrediting the Omega. He wanted John to be distracted and causing Sherlock to become hyper possessive, ultimately leading to a break up. Not this, never was this mess on his agenda. He didnt want John broken or ruined just distracted.

"I've already killed the man. For what he tried to do." Mycroft didnt reply he allowed his brother to go on.

"You said I didnt know how to care for an Omega. You were right, I keep hurting him. I dont deserve John. I wont be our father, I will not be him. I have to let John go."

Mycroft remained speechless, he sensed the hurt in his younger brother, the anxiety was so unfamiliar. "We aren't capable of love. you and I. We can only cause pain. That is us, this is what sentiment does to us. I wont do this to John. I could go to him now and bond without any hesitation. I could do that, but John would never forgive me. It's not what he wants."

"This brother is just a small obstacle in your relationship." Mycroft felt it unnerving, the way his usually over confident younger brother wasn't even looking up from the floor.

"Relationship. What relationship? This wasnt even that. John was never mine." Sherlock snorted. "You were right, you were suspicious from the start. John was something I won in a card game I hold the rights to him. I won them from Sebastian Wilkes during a silly poker game. John's horrible sister had originally lost him during a diffrent game. I made a deal with John. Something to assuage my own guilty conscience maybe." Sherlock was on his feet now, standing away from the uncomfortable plastic chair he had been sitting in.

" I promised him his freedom, along with the protection of an Alpha. He would be able to get the promotion he much deserved and all the titles thereafter. We both would benefit from my trust and I would be free of you. You and your incessant meddling! Free to do what I wanted. To get as high as I needed and squander my money on whatever lab supplies my heart desired. So childish and selfish, thinking back." Sherlock ruffled his hair in frustration.

"At the end of the year I promised to break off our false engagement and give him a nice lump sum. He agreed, not that I gave him much choice. I blackmailed him practically forced him. What kind of man does that?" Sherlock growled his back to his brother he stared out through a window with half opened blinds.

" It gets worse brother, far worse. When I saw Quinton's interest I found that I didn't want to let John go. Not to Quinton or anyone. Then I almost-I handled him cruelly last night. Now this. I left him open for attack. John-he's good. He is truly good. He's smart, funny and patient. Mycroft he's not boring at all and I-I hurt him. I need your help. What I've done it's something our father would do."

"Sherlock this wasnt your mistake. This happened-" Mycroft gripped his brolly, he needed to stop this. Needed his brother to snap out of whatever this was.

"Don't try to make me change my mind. I'm leaving him. He doesnt need me around. So I can bond with him, like our father did our mother. So I can start treating him like he's less than human. Maybe force him into having our children. Only to ignore them or worse. And finally it would lead to you having to put me down. Like our father was put down. No. This isn't what I want. I need you to make sure John receives the money he is owed. And his freedom."


The younger Holmes ignored his brother's protests once more, continuing on, finally turning to meet his brother's gray eyes. "He shouldn't be penalised for my breaking of this contract so I will have him known as my fiance so he can continue his career and at any time he can alert his superiors of his no longer affianced. By then I only hope he's found someone worthy. What I need from you Mycroft is to draw up the papers. And give them to John. I can't do it. I know my weaknesses. I'll only decide to keep him no matter the risk, no matter how he feels. I know myself. So please, tell him he can stay at 221B until he goes off to training and then deployment. By then he'll find himself a nice bedsit or a flat, you can see to that I'm sure."

Mycroft nodded, "Sherlock. It's been a rough day. You should sleep on this. It's a big decision to make and perhaps discussing it with John might do you both some good."

"Just do it for me. If you really care as much as you proclaim. Just do this for me."

"Yes. It's good as done brother. However what will you tell Grandmere?"

Sherlock stood up to make his leave, "I've already spoken to her on the phone. She agrees this is best. She for once had little to say on the situation. Perhaps she relieved she wont be having to arrange my death like she did our father's."

"Where are you going?"

"I'm going to check myself into rehab. Because right now every molecule in me is screaming for the numb of cocaine or something harder. And I know I will be giving in soon if I'm not under supervision and isolation."

Mycroft didn't object he allowed his brother to leave, pinching the bridge of his nose. This was his fault, he had assigned the agent to employ this murderer. And this was the result. He couldnt even face the Omega himself. He was just as much a coward as his brother, even worse considering Sherlock had the fortitude to confess and then do what was right. The elder Holmes felt humbled and humiliated in the face of such honesty.

How could he fix this? The young Omega Doctor despite the situation was indeed infatuated with his brother, and the younger Holmes obviously shared these feelings. There had to be a way to fix this. He felt himself gripping his phone, he needed someone who he could speak to about this. Who?

As if on cue his phone flashed with a text message, Mycroft read the simple text from a certain gray haired Alpha.

The world is ending your brother has asked me to drop him off at rehab. He isn't looking so good. I'll call you after I've spoken to him.-GL


John awoke in the hospital room sore and confused, once more he was alone. The memories of the past couple of hours came flooding back to him.

"Breathe now, you're alright." The nurse was quickly at his side. "Just breathe John. You are safe."

"Where's my-where's Sherlock?" John hated how his voice cracked.

"Sherlock?" she checked the Omega's chart and frowned. "Right your fiance. Well let me check your vitals and I'll go see if we can't hunt down your family."

John laughed at that thought. Family. Yeah right, he doesnt have a family. Everyone in his life seemed to like to disappear on him. Where was Sherlock? Had he been hurt? Everything was haze after the knife was on his chest pushing in and burning.

He winced again when he moved his arm, the door opened and he expected to see the dark haired Alpha. Instead it was a woman with dark hair, she wore a nice skirt with a black jacket, her heels made a sharp noise as she approached his bed. He could see she was focused on the mobile in her hand.

"Doctor Watson. I am glad to see you are finally awake."

"Who are you?" John tensed realizing she was an Alpha.

"Anthea I work for Mycroft Holmes." John visibly tensed and swallowed. Was she here to warn him off. To finish what the other Alpha working for Mycroft hadnt managed to do?

"Doctor Watson please calm down." The dark haired woman took a step back, "I assure you I am only here to deliver a message."

"A message?" John clinched the blankets around him. Had something happened? Was Sherlock injured? Dead? "Is-is Sherlock alright?"

"Please, Doctor Watson remain calm. I assure you Sherlock is fine. I was given explicit orders to give you these papers. And to inform you that you can have 221B until your deployment. "

"Where's Sherlock?" John's voice sounded weak and his mouth was dry, he hated the near whine.

The dark haired Alpha ignored his question and continued on in her same disinterested voice. "He also instructs that you may still use his name as your fiance. So that all promotions earned will not be taken from you due to status. This is your right as the papers you hold state until you find another Alpha willing to bond with you or your service in the army is concluded. Whichever comes to pass first. He wishes you a good happy life, and this will then terminate any other contact you two have. This was all I was told to relay."

John searched the papers she'd given him. It was his rights signed over to him, and a check for the money owed.

"He doesnt want me anymore?" John swallowed his eyes tearing up.

"On behalf of the Holmes family we wish you a speedy recovery and will facilitate this in whatever way possible. However do not expect any further contact from anyone of the family. I hope you will understand these are the wishes of the family." And like that she was gone.

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