Chapter 29 Separation


i truly apologize to all of you on the long waits! it seems my Beta and myself have hectic schedules and lives lol. However I decided to just go ahead and post this chapter without being proof read by the lovely beta. I've received many emails to get on the ball. well here you go here is one chapter and the second is next. I havent abandoned this fic! promise! thanks to all of you for hanging in there! xxxoox!-Mary


Quinton had been outside when the Alpha that worked for that idiot cousin of his had made her stupid speech. Toby leaned on a set of crutches, his blue eyes narrowing, he flinched as the dark haired Alpha passed. Quinn stepped closer to Toby without a conscience thought.

If Anthea noticed or cared she didn't respond her eyes locked on the blackberry screen in her hands. Quinton wanted to rip it from her hands, wanted to smash it like she had so cruelly done to John's heart. How dare Sherlock take an easy way out! And Mycroft should know better!

"My cousin the coward." Quinn grumbled.

"How about I go in and have a talk with him. I owe him as you know. If, you-if it's ok with you. That's if you don't want a minute alone with him." Toby didn't meet Quinton's confused look and the Alpha couldn't help but find the blush coloring the blond's cheeks adorable.

"I think I'll be the last person John will want to see. Besides I'm uh, no good at the tears thing. If he breaks down, I'll be rubbish as a shoulder to cry on. "

Toby smiled his eyes glancing over the handsome face of the soldier, "I think you are better than you think."

The Omega entered through the open door, and Quinton retreated, he had a cousin to find and possibly pummel.


"Lestrade where are we going? The rehab is in the opposite direction."

"I never thought i'd say this but I'm not taking you to rehab Sherlock Holmes. I'm taking you back to the hospital where your Omega needs you. "

"John isn't my Omega anymore." Sherlock kept his focus outside his window. He nearly cracked his head on the dashboard of the police car when the car came to a sudden halt.


"I broke it off with John."

"Sherlock I thought you two were well on the way of working things out. This wasnt your fault. And he'll need you now more than ever. Something like this will be impossible to bounce back from."

"He was never mine in the first place Lestrade. Just stay out of it and take me to rehab. Lest you wish me to walk and then my resolve will not be so strong."

"We are going to talk about this and you're going to explain whatever it is you need to come clean about." Lestrade knew guilt when he saw it and there was more than self blame there was something else and the seasoned detective inspector didn't like it.


"You are a bastard Mycroft Holmes. Where is Sherlock?" Quinton demanded barging into his cousins diogenes office. The elder Alpha continued to sipp his expensive scotch without a glance in the younger Alpha's direction.

"Why are you here Quinton Hill. One would think that you would have stayed at the hospital to take what is now easily yours to-"

"You're an ass! A pompous ass! Even more so than my fatheaded berk of a brother! John loves Sherlock and you know it."

"Love is a sentiment of the weak." Mycroft sighed, "It is a luxury a Holmes will not burden himself with. Sherlock is in the right to distance himself from the Omega-"

"His name is John! John Watson."

"Yes, well. congratulations cousin, to the victor goes the spoils."

"You are like your father aren't you. The two of you, I heard he was a cruel, cold blooded heartless bastard."

"Yes, well yours was an alcoholic so the apple indeed never falls far from the tree. Now kindly leave before I have you thrown out. I do not wish to continue this conversation."

"Coward." Quinton balled his fists.

"Don't pretend you're not happy cousin. John is free now for you to take."

"He doesn't want anyone but Sherlock! God knows why! He's too good for the idiot. Too good for any of us." Quinton frowned lowering his voice.

"Well that won't stop you cousin. You will after all deploy with the young Omega you'll have ample time to charm and convince the young Omega of your worth and my brothers deficiency."

"You just don't get it Mycroft. You poor bastard. Well hopefully someday soon you will."

"Unlikely. Now as I said before leave my brother alone, he doesn't need you or the Omega confusing his sobriety. "

"You are going to regret this. John is a man of worth. Your brother needs him-"

"Goodbye cousin." Mycroft waved in his men to show his cousin out none too gently.


John packed up what was his from 221B slowly, his muscles sore and his body aching. He tried to focus on the matter at hand. His breaking heart ached in his chest and his skin felt so raw.

He hated the scents that reminded him of his abandonment, not wishing to be around any of Sherlock's scents, and the flat belonged to the Alpha. It was only fair to leave things as they were before he came around. Sherlock could go on his way and continue with his life, that's what the dark haired man so obviously wanted.

Although the blood had been scrubbed from the carpet and John had nearly been murdered here. He had fond memories of his stay with the madman.

The young Omega was sure to leave the check and his bonding bracelets as he headed out. Keeping these things would make him feel dirty and cheap, and he still had his dignity.

Toby had come to see him in the hospital and he offered John a place to stay in the new flat he was renting. So at least John wasn't homeless although it was an interesting fact that Toby suddenly had a nice place to stay. John tried to ignore the sharp pain twisting in his chest, this is what heartache felt like.


"It's the strangest thing, the rent is so affordable and Joshua will be able to attend a nice school. It's so perfect. It was your Alpha friend, the one with beautiful green eyes that actually pointed me to it. He said he knew a friend of a friend that owed him a favour. I was suspicious at first but it all checked out. So there are three bedrooms, more than enough for us to share. Besides it's the least I can do."

John accepted gratefully and moved his things into the rather nice flat located in a private part of town. The neighbours were all posh and kept to themselves. John wondered how Quin had swung such a thing.

Toby had a job opportunity at a high-priced restaurant, leaving bartending behind. Waiting tables for the very rich and very richer, could prove to be quite the career move. The tips were double what Toby made in wages at the bar and he didn't have to worry about his ass being grabbed.

Quinton frequented the flat to speak to Toby most days and hassle Joshua, whose arm was healing well.



"John your deployment is soon. I bet you'll be relieved to return to what you love most." Toby sat happily on the comfortable dark blue suede couch. He placed a cup of warm coffee down within his friend's reach.

"I don't know. I have to go through the field training. And I just feel like I'm not ready to be around so many Alphas. Especially with my unbonded status."

"They won't know that John. You have your bonding bracelets still."

"Only because Sherlock refused to take them back, I left them at the flat but that Alpha with the blackberry informed me after nearly throwing them at me that it was part of my military contract to appear engaged. That and I wanted to return Grandmere's, it's an heirloom but she's become suddenly unavailable. That same female Alpha claims Grandmere, just like Mycroft have taken a sudden holiday. Maybe Quinton will know how I can return the bracelet."

Toby smiled sipping his tea, the bruises that had marred his face already starting to fade. John caught the change in his friend and couldn't help but grin himself. Quinton was coming around a lot on the pretense to check up on John but the blond Omega knew it was really to see Toby.

" How's school going for JP now?"

"Oh, he fights me on going but every morning he wears his smart blazer and freshly pressed trousers. His brother would have been proud to see Joshua attending such a nice school."

"Yes, it was good of Quinton to enroll him, I mean having a Hill as an emergency contact is quite the feather in one's hat."

Toby shrugged "Oh, John, Quinton Hill is just a soldier in the army. Why would the school bend over backwards? Anyway, I think they have a lovely scholarship program. Quinton knew another bloke that owed him a favor and that's how JP was enrolled. He's just been so nice. I don't know why you don't give him a chance. Clearly he's interested." Toby turned away hoping John hadn't heard the slight bit of jealousy in his voice or caught the sudden flush to his cheeks.

"Yes, thats right. He has no other reason to help an ungrateful little bastard like JP out. And I think Quin has an interest alright, but not in me." John didn't add anymore to this, he only felt a little warmth seeing Toby's face turn beat red at the mention of Quinton's generosity.

"Well I better pack I'll be leaving in the morning for field training."


When John waited to get on the bus for field training, Quin hurried to stand next to him grinning roguishly. "Go on, ask me."

"Ask you what?"

"What you've been dying to ask since I started coming around to see my Toby."

"I have no idea what you are saying." John grumbled. "And Toby has told you several times, he's not yours. You big idiot."

"Alright. Well if you want to know about his majesty just ask and I'll see what I can dig up. As for Toby he's just shy. He doesn't know it yet but-"

"What do you mean dig up? Haven't you seen him?" John narrowed his eyes on the green eyed Alpha. "And really Quin, you are a stubborn ass if you think by bringing a few gifts and flowers around it will woo someone like has no real idea that you're courting him. He thinks you are just naturally so kind." John shook his head in pity.

"If you haven't noticed we aren't friends exactly. What is wrong with Omegas these days? Doesn't anyone go for gifts? I was trying to show him I have money to support him and his pup."

"Oh." John sighed, not knowing if that was for the Sherlock conversation or the Toby one.

"You can just try and ask him out on a simple date. Like a walk and some cheap takeaway. You flaunting your money only makes him feel devalued and unworthy of you. He likes books, from what I can tell he hardly has any. Or hell, take him and his brother to the amusement park. Maybe a ride on the London Eye? Simple things."

"I hadn't thought about that. I don't want him to feel anything but worthy. It's me that's unworthy! Do you think he's interested? I mean it's been a few weeks since well, since everything." John smiled reading the hesitation in his friend.

"I cannot confirm or deny the mention of your name in the positive."

This perked up the Alpha at his side, the man let out a whoop of joy punching the ceiling of the bus they just climbed onto. Other Alphas had segregated themselves on the opposite side of the Omegas. All the Omegas had taken the front, ignoring, the glares from the obviously disgusted men and women of the opposite gender. Both sides shot hateful glares towards Quin who naturally ignored it all.

"I really hope so. I like him. He's beautiful, funny, smart and he isn't afraid to call me on my shit. You can see he'll be a good mother. Did you know he's raising a boy that's not even his brother? JP that little brat is the brother to his deceased friend. He had this friend that died from a drug overdose, leaving the poor little pup alone. Instead of delivering him back to an abusive family, he just kept him. He's been working these shit jobs ever since. It's not easy raising an Alpha, especially one as headstrong as JP. He's a good kid though, just needs to trust a bit more. It didn't help that Toby got himself mixed up with a monster. I took care of that good though. He won't ever be bothered and his ex-boss was an ass grabbing asshole. I may have put in a word with the health department dropped my last name and may have exaggerated the fact that the building the bar was in should be condemned. I have a cousin, you know, works for the office-"

John started to laugh, despite his heavy heart, he couldn't stop laughing. It was good to see Quin using his powers for good. Toby had his work cut out for him; it wouldn't be easy loving a military man, the deployments and long distance relationships. Seeing Quin light up every time he spoke of the blond Omega made John somehow less bitter towards the world. If that made sense. Someone should be happy, should be allowed a bit of happiness. Why not Quin and Toby?

"Anyway, Grams seems disappointed in he who shall not be named and my aunt isn't too happy either. She's even less impressed with Mycroft. She was so furious with something he'd done, she sent him over the pond to act as an adviser to the Americans. Imagine, old better than thou art playing messenger for our colonial cousins. Hahahahaha. God, I'd pay to see that."

John didn't respond, his mind far away.

"You're supposed to laugh." Quin grinned when no reply was received. There was hope perhaps for his cousin, if only the berk would get off his ass and do something.

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