Chapter 3:Big Brother is Always Watching

Chapter 3: Big Brother is Always Watching

John sat up his heart pounding in his chest, mouth dry and head aching. He glanced around, realizing he was back where he started.

Well this was an interesting situation; he winced holding his head in his hands. The blond took a deep breath; he was on the couch again, in the same small cluttered living room, from earlier. He checked himself over taking mental inventory, his clothes were on and he didn't seem to be sore anywhere else but his head and his side. He was sure his ribs weren't broken but they were bruised pretty bad.

He relaxed recalling the agreement, or was that a dream? Tasting the air the strange Alpha's underlying scent was strong and persistent. Tobacco and coffee, he could get used to that.

"Good you're awake. So shall we start again? Here drink this." A deep baritone tore through his already unorganized thoughts, and a pale hand thrust a tepid bottle of water at him.

Déjà vu.

"Thanks." John managed in a hoarse voice. The water was warm but it felt good against the sandpaper in his mouth.

Blue eyes tried to focus on the taller man standing near the old couch, the stranger plopped down in an old warn out chair.

The Alpha wasn't threatening he was just watching John as if John were an insect in a jar. It was uncomfortable and disquieting. How could this man want John to pretend to be intimate? He didn't even know John. This Alpha couldn't exactly be sane.

Sherlock sighed irritably,"You're a doctor just out of medical school. A sergeant in the army, although if you were bonded you would have climbed the ranks relatively faster. Your sister is an obsessive gambler and alcoholic neither of which you find yourself compelled to partake in. You want to return to the army, it's a bit of a disappointment that you were born an Omega and your sister for all her weaknesses and lack of will power was born the Alpha. So-"

Sherlock clapped his hands together, his eyes still narrowed on the startled young man. "This is where our deal comes in."

"That-was-"John paused for lack of better words "amazing. Did you read that somewhere?"

Sherlock frowned, it took him a minute to find his train of thought, he hadn't expected that "No. I do have your medical file but I hardly need to read it when it's easy to observe."

John finished the water bottle "Can I have another?" He held back a burp.

"May I. and yes. As long as you aren't planning to jump me. In fact you can get one yourself." Sherlock leaned back in his chair placing his hands under his chin in a praying position.

Sherlock had again expected hysterics or worse touching, but this Omega was relaxed and reasonable. Perhaps the drugs were still a factor; no matter he didn't have much time before his fat brother arrived.

"I'm not going to attack you. I was only trying to defend myself. Anyway where- " John rolled his eyes, the Alpha wasn't even looking at him now, John had started to stand, his balance steadier than before.

Sherlock motioned with his eyes to the table where several bottles were placed in the center of the mess of books and papers.

"Cheers." John shakily stood to grab one. "Now what were you saying about a deal. Because I don't know what kind of deal you have in mind but I'll tell you now I'm not anyone's property. "

"I have a bill of sale here. Your custody was transferred to me. It seems your sister had accumulated quite the debt while you were gone. "

"Dammit Harry." John cursed glaring at the pink paper the strange Alpha produced.

"All to one Sebastian Wilkes. In her defense his interest is ridiculously high. So, Sebastian owed me, and now I have you. Rather I played him at cards and he lost."

"Listen mate about earlier you mentioned money-" John tried to interrupt this was all just a bad dream.

"Don't worry. I have no interest in you physically or anything else. I am offering you the protection of my name and supposed bond. And in return I need you to pretend to be my Omega. I have no urge to bond with you or anyone for that matter. But my brother the fat git has my trust in his grip and will not release it unless I produce an Omega. The family solicitor is an idiot and only stipulated I be involved with an unbounded Omega and I have to have the intention to bond at some point. Which I don't but he won't need to know that. No one will. Please don't make me repeat myself, it's all so boring. "

"I got it, I got it. You just want me to pretend to be your Omega and then-"

"Well once I have my trust money you can go on your way. I'll grant you emancipation from me. You'll be free and ten thousand pounds richer. "

John was sitting looking at Sherlock with open shock. "And all I have to do is pretend, no-no sleeping together."

Sherlock made a face "Of course not. We may have to put on some theatrics but no I abhor physical contact especially with an Omega. And when the urge does hit me I promise I have other means of finding relief. Tedious." Sherlock again rolled his eyes.

John swallowed the last of his water not wishing to delve into that statement. Images of the dark haired Alpha pleasing himself or laying naked with another Alpha. John cleared his throat feeling his cheeks warming, he pushed these thoughts away and moved slowly towards the couch, glad the Alpha wasn't watching him anymore.

Good this man didn't want him, he could deal with that. If he were to go back to the army with a promise to bond it was as good as bonding to them. He would be granted promotions that he deserved as long as his Alpha didn't object and he obviously didn't. That was a relief although part of the Omega, the biological part that wished to please felt a pang of disappointment. John brushed that aside. "You still have a deal, but I want some kind of reassurance."

"You'll have to just trust me."

"Right. Because we know each other so well." John grumbled.

The dark haired Alpha was suddenly on his feet and moving quickly towards John. Before the Omega had a chance to object, the taller man was pushing him back on to the couch, straddling him. Shock set in before panic could take hold and John found himself on his back with warm lips pressing into his own, demanding entry.

The bruised Omega opened his mouth to protest, a cool tongue forcefully pushed past John's lips, the heady scent of tobacco and coffee overwhelming and delicious.

John rolled his hips upwards not in response, never in response. No, he only wanted to relieve himself of the unwanted weight. Right?

Nimble fingers roamed under John's brown jumper the skin on skin contact was electrifying. For a moment the soldier forgot about the strangeness of the situation, forgot about his sister and his aching head. His mind focused now on the mouth moving over his, demanding and the hands so wonderfully cool against his heated skin.

He winced into the soft lips when those needy hands brushed against his bruised ribs. The pain shattered the spell this Alpha had somehow managed to weave over John. God those lips, so soft and the smell, John just wanted to be closer. This was wrong. What was going on? Sherlock promised no touching, what the hell was this?

Alarm bells started to go off, and John moaned against the skilled mouth robbing him of much needed air. Making the confused Omega dizzy and finally he was permitted to breathe again.

"Really brother don't you knock." Sherlock had meant for the statement to come out as cool and annoyed instead of the angry bark. He kept his gray eyes on the shirtless form beneath him. He wondered why his own heart was pounding in his chest and he felt as if he'd run a marathon.

He squeezed his knees together enjoying the feel of John's hips beneath him, this was for show. Yes. Definitely nothing more to it than that. Still, the scent of his brother invading his territory made the Alpha curled his lip in an aggressive response forcing another deep growl.

John flinched, making Sherlock bare his teeth at the intruder in warning for daring upset his Omega.

Wait, what? Not his Omega, no. This was for show, and Mycroft needed to leave before Sherlock lowered himself to physically tossing the bastard out on his arse.

The younger Holmes locked eyes with the blond. John just laid there eyes wide and dazed. Sherlock wanted to fuse their mouths once more, wanting this time to breathe in more of John's scent. Grey eyes focused like pins on the young man's exposed neck.

"I hadn't expected company." Mycroft cleared his throat " Not that it matters. We need to talk Sherlock please pay your friend or I can. Seeing how you lack the funds and he can be on his way." The tall Alpha with dark brown almost ginger hair entered, wiping some imagined dust from his expensive gray suit's arm.

John's heart was pounding in his ears and chest, he tried to look over at the stranger but panic was starting to form and he felt the man straddling him squeeze his naked shoulder in response.

Wait. When did his jumper come off? He closed his eyes against the feel of cool hands against his bare skin, the same hands had been roaming over his chest and abdomen moments ago, a shiver ran over the panting Omega.

God the man smelled delicious, John wanted more, wanted to be closer and feel his skin against the stranger's. What was wrong with him? He didn't even know this Alpha. He tried to keep the blood rushing from his head to his groin, hopefully the man didn't stay straddled to him much longer.

"John stays and you can go." Sherlock huffed not moving off of the now panicking Omega. Sherlock hoped his brother would take John's sudden fear as an Omega's response to a strange Alpha invading their territory.

"Sssh, John." Sherlock cooed, petting the blonds head with one hand and cupping John's face with his other hand. "He's not here to hurt you. I wouldn't let him." Sherlock said the words but he felt an odd twinge in his belly, he might actually believe these nonsensical things he was spouting. Odd. John's anxiety was pushing Sherlock to stay and comfort.

"Sherlock." Mycroft snapped irritably. "We need to have a chat and I'd rather it be a private discussion."

"Brother if this is about the dead arms dealer than I'm not interested." Sherlock glared over his shoulder at the older Holmes. " Besides I don't keep anything from John. He's just agreed to bond with me. We were celebrating before you interrupted so if you would see yourself out."

Sherlock wished he could have taken a picture of his brother's face, it was a rare thing to catch Mycroft off guard. His brother quickly shut his gaping mouth and his cold mask of indifference slid back into place.

"Another time brother. But soon. John it was a pleasure to meet you." Almost a sneer. Mycroft took the opportunity to quickly take in the shirtless young man under his brother. What a vulgar scene, another homeless drug addict no doubt.

Mycroft sniffed the air, making a face when all he caught was the whiff of arousal. The bruises on the Omega's abdomen were noticeable even from where Mycroft stood. Interesting there was a story here and he would be finding it out soon. Not from Sherlock, Mycroft easily deduced this by the sudden surge of Alpha pheromones in the air. His brother was on the brink of aggression, fascinating. At least he was sober, that was something. "I don't think this is the last I'll be seeing of you. If you'll excuse my intrusion. Oh and brother mine, be sure to visit Mummy you know how you make her worry."

Mycroft swung the black brolly he'd been clutching the whole time and left just as quickly as he'd appeared.

When the door closed behind him Sherlock turned back to the young man still frozen underneath him. He couldn't help but trace a quick eye over the toned chest and muscular abdomen. Marred by bruises but still beautiful. Not that he was interested in such trivial things as aesthetic beauty.

"Uh, can you get off now?" John nearly squeaked.

Sherlock snapped out of whatever day dream he'd been caught up in and stood straightening his dark suit. He felt breathless that was new and peculiar. What was this rather uncomfortable feeling in his suddenly tight trousers? Surely he wasn't aroused by simple play acting. Right?

"A little warning next time maybe?" John huffed sitting up, his head still pounding and that little dramatic make out session didn't help. "So that was your brother I take it?"

"Yes. Mycroft. And you are to never get into a car with him or go anywhere alone with him. Are we clear?" Sherlock's voice was firm and possessive?The Omega nodded in agreement.

"Good. Now. Get dressed you need a scan to be sure nothing is broken."


Mycroft fired three of his men and turned to his new PA. "I want you to get me everything you can on this Omega my brother is now currently involved with. We need to head this off. " The elder Holmes knew it wasn't playing fair however when it came to Sherlock, fair play was out the window. He needed to keep the young idiot safe. And if that meant saving him from himself and some gold digging drug dealer or opportunist then so be it. Mummy was definitely not going to like this.

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