Chapter 30 MEETINGS



John returned home exhausted a little more weary of Alphas, although he held his own during the training.

A few Alphas hadn't been to happy being shown up by what they perceived to be a weak Omega. He had been jumped just after the field training ended on his way back onto the bus. The blond shivered recalling the angry words and cruel hands. They hadn't gotten far, John had put two on their backs and broken one's nose and another's wrist. One of the aggressors had managed to rip John's shirt to reveal the still healing scar. MINE.

That had halted the attack, "Shit your Alpha is sick. No hard feelings Watson. Tell your man that. " And the leader had picked up his companions and backed away leaving a glaring Omega behind. John had sunk against the wall of one of the brick buildings. He hadn't shown it but he was terrified and he had managed to keep the scent of his anxiety neutral. Now that they had left he was able to release it. His hands shaking and chest growing tight.

Quin had found him before the bus had taken off, and John without any encouragement broke down and cried in the other Alpha's arms.

Quin was angry and he was his father's son and grandmother's grandson. He would not tolerate such disrespect towards someone he deemed to be his family.

John didn't want him to do anything, and Quin didn't promise he wouldn't. He just let John assume he would keep quiet. But Quinton Hill went straight to the C.O., only to be reminded of his rank and the fact that he was only allowed to stay in the army because of who his brother was. The older Alpha a low ranking General smirked as he told Hill that John was lucky the Alpha's that the Omega had assaulted hadn't pressed chargers. Then he dismissed the young man, like one would a child.

So Quinton made a quick phone call, knowing damn well it would reach the right people and those idiots that dared attack John would pay dearly.


News of John's assault reached Mycroft by way of Arthur Hill, the Holmes Alpha overheard his cousin's quick conversation with Quinton. The two cousin's had been discussing the Moriarty problem and another shipment of arms gone missing in the middle east. Only to reappear on the black market, the price of such weapons low enough for the more corrupt of terrorist cells to make a purchase.

Mycroft listened to his cousin Arthur promise Quinton all would be taken care of. He rather like John Watson, the Omega wasn't bad to look at and by the report he received just moments later, the young man could fight.

"This is a matter I should take care of cousin. After all the Omega is still engaged to my brother. I'll make a formal complaint and ask for proper compensation."

"This is the army cousin." Arthur sipped his brandy standing near his warm fire place. His cousin sitting in an old leather chair to his right, Mycroft t finished his scotch absentmindedly. With an expression just as distant as his cousin's.


"Meaning you have no pull here. Besides you'll make it worse. Allow me to -"

"Ah, yes you may be a high ranking official but do not forget dear cousin just exactly who pulls the strings on those above you. I am for lack of a better word The British Government. "

"Always so dramatic." General Hill rolled his eyes. "Fine have your way. However tell me, because everyone has been hush hush, has your brother receded his claim? because if John- I mean Lutientet Watson has gone unprotected I would like to offer my own claim."

"You cousin?"

"Yes why not. He would be nice enough to breed with. Despite any disfigurement. I hear its all just cosmetic the wounds received from his attack. I've visited my brother's ridiculously small flat and found no evidence of his having bonded or offered a shared heat with the young Doctor. I've also heard your brother has been out of touch with the young soldier. So if he's no longer interested I would offer my hand. "

"You are ridiculous. I was under the impression Quinton was quite attached. He moved John into your mother's building. "

"Well there was that, I agree. He has some ragamuffin staying there as well as John. Grandmere has forbidden me from interfering in that business. I heard it's a friend of John's some bartender or god help us a waiter. Common, uneducated, and well boring. Quinton obviously puts up with the poor Omega because of John. The Doctor does have such a bleeding heart. I can see him making a wonderfully caring mother, and how beautiful our children would be. "

"Children?" Mycroft frowned unsure he was actually hearing his cousin correctly.

"Yes, pups. Of course they would be strong like John. He's shown so much inner strength and mental fortitude. If my idiot brother doesn't make a move soon I shall be forced to take action before someone less worthy takes such a prize."

"You're mad. As well as an idiot. You are too old for him and I don't see the young Omega taking to your type." Mycroft coughed.

"My type? Please enlighten me Holmes?"

Mycroft stood rolling his eyes, he sent a text to his assistant requesting a file pulled and left his cousin standing and glaring.

"Brother-" Mycroft cleared his throat. "Wait, wait before you hang up so rudely. I am in need of your physical presence and nothing more."

"Go on." The voice on the other line huffed with a tinge of curiosity. "If this is one of your boring cases you can just-"

"It's about John." Mycroft took advantage of the silence at the other end of the phone. "A complaint has been made and the idiot in charge of John's field training ignored the validity of the claim. Choosing to place the good doctor in a less than agreeable light. I understand your feelings of disinterest at this point however I do not like our name to be challenged in such a way. He is still attached to the Holmes name and I will not have others trouncing into our territory. No matter the awareness of such boundaries. As his Alpha albeit on paper only, I need your presence to ensure justice and proper compensation is sought and received. "

"Tell me what's happened." Sherlock demanded with a snarl.


General Hull sat at his desk reviewing the new recruits and possible promotable officers, sipping from his flask. There was a knock on his door and he yelled. "Not now!" it was late and he didn't care to hear whatever they had to say.

The door opened and newly (undeservingly) promoted Captain Quinton Hill entered, the young man didn't salute he shut the door behind him.

"Hello, sir."

"What the hell is this?"

"You know why I'm here sir?"

"I haven't a bloody clue Hill, and you better make it quick because not even your brother can remove a reprimand from your file or the disciplinary actions that will follow."

Quinton ignored the old fool, taking a seat in the chair in front of the man's desk, ignoring the affronted sound from the Alpha.

"It's funny that you know my name." Quinn sighed "And you know who I am."

"Of course I do Private Hill." Quinn ignored the threat in losing his rank, he knew better.

"I think you know that won't happen. I'm here just to give you a heads up." Quin could hear the nearing of heavy boots. "You know my family. My father was in the army, as was his and his before. We Hill's go all the way back. "

"What the hell are you prattling on about? And you will address me as sir!"

"Will I? No, no I don't think I will. "

There was a warning growl the man stood up so quickly he knocked his own chair back. "You insolent little-" Only now the General could hear the nearing footsteps, the strong scent that only MP's carried.

"My family is military sure. However my cousin's family, you might have heard of the Holmes Alphas. Rude, sort, harsh and a bit over dramatic if you ask me." The CO's eyebrow twitched, the name was familiar somehow so he glared at Quin who remained seated.

"It's hard to place a face to the name I know. You've most likely heard just whispers of the Iceman. I don't know what everyone's so terrified of. He's a pointy nosed berk if you ask me, but nonetheless, he is a powerful pointy nosed berk. As much as my own brother hates to admit he has more power than Arty. Or rather Arthur to you or maybe it's sir. Yes. I think you would call him sir.

Anyway. Mycroft has a brother, annoying little git. Oh, nothing as wonderfully respectable like myself. Well it doesn't matter. Mycroft Holmes or the Iceman loves nothing but his family. No, not me or my brother. He has no love for anyone but those inside his pack, or perhaps it's not love but possessiveness. I confuse the two sometimes. Just learning now what it means. Sorry, I keep getting off track."

Quin put his feet up on the Alpha General's desk, smiling like a man that just won the lottery.

"Love is a hard one to figure out. But, yes, I do think I love Toby. Hmm, Tobias Anthony Hill. I like it. Sorry off track again." Quinton turned as the door opened; several tall Alpha MPs entered the room.

"Oh, good! Arrest this man!" Hull demanded.

"They aren't here for me. As I was explaining, before you rudely interrupted me. You see, the Iceman has a brother. Sherlock Holmes. His name you won't recognize, but he has a mate, a fiancé. One he is very much possessive of. John Watson, or Lieutenant Watson, John H. He really should have made a Captain's rank. And a doctor to boot! Looks and brains, I guess some can have it all. Remarkable, so of course you wouldn't be surprised to know he belongs to the Holmes pack."

The words hit home and the MPs crossed the room to take the General into custody. "They're only here to escort you. I think Mr. Holmes and maybe my brother would like a word. I'll say goodbye General Hull, don't think I'll be seeing you again. I wonder if that goes for everyone else you know. I don't know. You see, if the Holmes pack is willing to disappear one of their own, my dear Uncle may he rest in pieces, I'm pretty sure they aren't above disappearing a no account alcoholic as yourself. But we'll see. "

Quin stood up as the General was lead away; he glanced at the half filled glass on the General's desk, before turning on his heels and heading off.

The young soldier knew now why Sherlock and Mycroft loved the dramatics, it was just so fun. Anyway, John wouldn't need to know about this. Mycroft and Arthur would have stricter laws implemented to protect the Omegas against illegal hazing and harassment in the military.

The young Captain wanted more than ever to see Toby, he would share his day's events. Tell him how excited Sherlock had been to demand a few minutes alone with John's aggressors. Would Toby be proud of him for doing something good with his family name? Would it even earn him a date? It was worth finding out. Love was an interesting feeling that sat so perfectly in one's chest, taking root and building a permanent home.


John knew he needed a drink today had been one of revelations! First Quinton had to throw his own brother out . The General had actually arrived with flowers and asked John to dinner. OUT TO DINNER?

What the hell was going on?

John would have felt overwhelmed by the taller older Alpha, had JP not made himself very much a well known presence in the large sitting room.

He growled at the older Alph, the young man's arm still in a cast. The elder Hill ignored the boy and continued to press John for an answer. JP hissed in irritation.

"John has the bonding bracelets for Godsake! Piss off old man." The raising of voices had of course drawn Toby and Quin into the room. An argument ensued between the two Hills.

John slipped away with Toby on his heels, "Ridiculous men." Toby giggled but John didn't feel like laughing. He missed the scent of his Alpha, well Sherlock was never his Alpha but John wished his heart knew that.

"I can't believe the nerve of that man. After what Sherlock did for you. He tries to sneak in here and-" Toby continued to shake his head, glancing at the closed doors of the sitting room.

"What?" John was caught off guard by the mention of Sherlock's name.

"Well you know. Quin told me what happened. About the hazing incident. I know you didnt want him to say anything or report it. But try telling the over protective ass that. Besides, those bastards would only continue to do that or worse to other Omegas. He only wanted to prevent that. Please don't be angry at him."

"Well if you would spit it out, I could tell you whether or not I'm angry. Now what's that got to do with Sherlock?"

"Oh right. I guess you didn't know."


"Sorry." Toby flinched hearing John's raised voice then again when a crash sounded in the next room. He turned to the closed doors at the end of the corridor, "Oh dear."

"Leave it, Quin can take care of himself. Just spill it!" John hissed, grinding his teeth when another loud crash echoed their way.

"Right. Wait shouldn't we break it up-"

"Not unless you want to step into a mean right hook!" John replied.

"Oh. Well-I think-" Toby was ringing his hands together worriedly.

"Seriously Toby mate-"

"Okay so testy. Well Quin called his brother because that awful General Alpha, guy at the training base basically told him to fuck off and that those Alphas were just having a bit of fun. So Quinton called his brother, who said something to Sherlock's brother and well of course it would get back to your Alpha. He wasn't happy naturally. So he-" Toby heard another crash he worriedly turned back to the closed door of the sitting room.

"It's fine. Just tell me!"

"Alright. Alright. Sherlock brought to the military board a complaint of disputed territory. Basically he felt his territory had been infringed upon and demanded retribution instead of compensation. I heard he attacked the instigators there at the hearing. The training base now has a new director and those involved have been discharged well once they are out of the hospital. Now can we break up those two. I rather liked the the vases in that room"

John frowned "Why would he care?"

"John, dont be so dim. He cares, he loves you. Can't you feel it. That strengthening of a bond."

"We never bonded." The blond Omega relplied his heart pounding in his ears.

"There might not have been that exchange but there's something there between you two. And you need to stop being so silly and just come out and admit it. Too much time is wasted-" Another crash. "Oh, god I better go in."

"I need a drink. I think I'll head to the pub. I'm supposed to meet Bill and another friend. "

"I'll meet up with you there. John, but I can't let those two continue on they'll bring down the walls. Oh god the neighbors!"

John didn't notice JP moving quietly towards the front door slipping out, the young Alpha was on a mission.


The young Doctor sat listening to his mates prattle on, he swallowed down another pint, trying to sort through the mess of his thoughts. When a tall figure slipped into the booth seat across the table from him.

"John?" The blond moved his eyes up to the gray ones, hating and loving how such words washed over him and caused a rush of warmth to his cheeks and groin.

A waitress brought over a drink and a tray of shots, before John could decide on flight or fight his mates crowded into the booth, ignoring the tension.

"Awe this must be your mysterious Alpha! Heard great things about you Mr. Holmes! Here, shots for everyone! Cheers!"

Bill placed the shots in front of his friends and the joiner, he could see why John blushed whenever asked about his soon to be.

"Too Omega equality!" Bill smiled tossing his head back, swallowing the bitter fluid.

John gladly accepted the shot and was amazed to see Sherlock accept one then another. The group moved away from the two, but by then John was feeling a strong buzz.

"I better go. Then. I-" he almost fell out of the booth but strong hands caught his arm to steady him. The warmth was delicious and those eyes, that smell. It was like coming home and John leaned into the Alpha. Sherlock was so beautiful with his dark suit and wildly unruly curls.

"You shouldn't be smoking." John inhaled fondly "Those things will kill you."

"There's worse ways to go." Sherlock replied rubbing his chin over the soft blond hairline.

John swallowed and forced himself to pull away. "I-I better-" he felt hot tears choke him and he fled.

Sherlock cursed himself but followed, JP had informed him of Hill's ridiculous courting attempt. It had set him into a rage and he marched to the pub that the younger Alpha was happy to give him the name of. Apparently JP didn't care for another Alpha attempting to edge in on another's territory. He respected Sherlock and for that the dark haired detective was grateful.

Sherlock pushed through the crowded pub finding his Omega leaning against the brick of the building just out of sight.

"John, please. Let me escort you home. I'll call a taxi."

He took the Omega's silence as agreement, and hailed a taxi. Once inside he gave the driver instructions as to where to go.

Shortly after, the Omega was straddling him, his soft lips inviting and warm. The taste of whiskey and something sweet. A better man would have called a stop to this, would not have given his own address instead to the voyeuristic driver.

A good man would have definitely not gone to 221B with a semi sober Omega and enjoyed a night of hasty love making. Followed by a slower session where he was allowed to memorize and taste every inch of the shorter man. His hand and lips stopping briefly over the shoulder forever marred by a monster.

Sherlock Holmes had been accused of many things, and being a good man wasn't one of them. So he was happy to fall asleep naked with his Omega nestled firmly in his arms. It wasn't till the next morning that he awoke alone confused and the scent of John on his sheets.

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