Chapter 31 Confessions of Love

CHAPTER 31. Confessions of Love

John stood near a bench glancing at his watch, Quin kept nudging his shoulder. "So do you want to tell me where you went off to last night? Hmmm? Mr. freshly showered and are those love bites I see just under that collar there Lieutenant? "

"Piss off." John grumbled turning his back to the grinning Captain Quinton Hill.

"That's no way to talk to your superior."

John made a rude noise before sitting on the long bench next to two other Omegas. The Omegas watched Quin wearily, whereas the Alphas standing together just to left of the Omega soldiers watched the exchange with open curiosity.

"Come on John. Just some details you can trust me. Was that a walk of shame or-"

John refused to look up at the bruised face, Arthur Hill might be an old war horse but he could pack a punch when challenged. Quin sniffed the air around John, causing the Omeg's to move off the bench scandalized.

"I think I hate you Quinton Hill." John growled sliding over to the end of the bench so Quinton could plop down next to him.

"Well ask me about my night at least!"

"Um, pass." John replied.

"Okay, since you want to know so badly." Quin leaned back with his hands behind his head. "I'm in love John. I finally told him. "

"What?" John's eyes were wide. "You did?"

"Yup. "

"And his response was?"

"A slap to the face. Literally he slapped me hard too. He thought I was just trying to make you jealous somehow. I was confused at first I thought he was pulling my leg. Can you believe it. He thought there was something between you and me." Quin lowered his voice not wishing the others to hear him. "I see now, I'm way out of your league. Don't get me wrong John, I still think you're a stand up guy."

John rubbed his temples, his head was aching and maybe he shouldn't drink so much. He knew it was best to just let Quin get on with his story, the Alpha was always so talkative and wouldn't shut up even if John waved a gun in his face.

"So I asked him out on a date, like you said. Just like you said. We went out for Thai at some hole in the wall. It's a place near Baker Street. Just the two of us. Then a walk in the park. Oh, John! I told him I would give him time to consider my offer of courtship. That I already okayed it with JP, the little bastard was so smug about everything. John! I'm in love. And I feel like I can walk on water or just just explode. At the same time, this deployment it's going to be painful. I'll be so far away from Toby. Look I have a picture of us from one of those cheesy photo booths."

John smiled at the small strip that Quinton so proudly produced from his chest pocket. The first picture was one that caught Toby off guard his face was turned away and he was blinking. The second Quinton was making a face and Toby was had joined in. The third on the strip had a surprised Quin being kissed on the cheek. The last one had the pair smiling happily into the camera.

"Well good. I'm glad you aren't rushing into things." John handed the glossy strip back. "He's a good man, if you hurt him I'll break your leg!" John promised.

"If I do I give you permission to shoot me in the leg." Quinton patted his chest. "John this is an amazing feeling. I can see why wars are started and lives are ended for such a thing. It's addictive and scary."

"You are such a hopeless romantic." John laughed.

"How about you? Did my cousin profess his love?"

John frowned, "It's never been like that between us. I mean um-"

"He's such a fuck up!" Quinton hissed slapping his knee in irritation. "Seriously maybe you should consider Arthur's hand. At least he would appreciate you more. Sure you would be the epitome of a trophy husband, still better than being unappreciated."

" Please shut up. Anyway not that it's your business I really didn't give him a chance to talk." It was true, John used his new found liquid courage to practically rape the Alpha.

Words, words would have just confused how he felt. He wanted Sherlock's arms his touch and his lips. So John took it. Sherlock didn't exactly say no, and there was a few times after the frenzied coupling that the Alpha had gone slow. John knew he reeked of his Alpha, even after showering this morning, he could still smell Sherlock. The young Omega wanted and needed this scent to get him through these next long months.

John wished he could have had the courage for a conversation, some kind of closure. However the idea of this had him running for the hills. He did however leave the bonding bracelets behind. He had to, it was just wrong to keep them, especially after all of this. His stomach twisted, realizing how awful it was to leave the Alpha to wake up alone. From experience John knew the feeling of inadequacy.

"You are a confusing one John Watson. How hard is it to say what's on your min? I mean you tell everyone else how you feel, everyone but the one person who matters."

"He doesnt care. He doesn't want me like that. Besides-"

John's words stuck in his throat just near the platform was a familiar dark coat and messy head of curls. An announcement came on over the loudspeaker, all trains were being hadn't noticed him yet, and John ignored the muttered questions around him as to why they were being delayed. John didn't see the bomb sniffing dogs, nor the extra security moving through the crowd searching backpacks and any suspicious luggage.

Instead John focused on those gray eyes, the way they were scanning the crowds until they found John's wide blue eyes.

"Speak of the devil." Quin stood up and was sure to put some distance between him and the blond Omega. "Excuse me John, I'll be over there if you need me. Which I doubt."


Waking up alone was something Sherlock had grown accustomed to these last few years. He had always been the first to kick a bedmate out of bed and send him packing. However waking up alone and being the one left behind wasn't something he was used to.

He expected John to be naked pressed up against him, a tangle of limbs and warm morning breath. There was that tightening in his chest when he called out to an empty flat. The scent of John was still on his pillows, soaking into his sheets. John was all over his skin and he couldn't bring himself to wash it away. Then the dark haired Alpha caught the glimmer of two bracelets on his nightstand.

Lestrade had barged in just as Sherlock was dressing quickly, he needed to find John. He still had time, John's train wouldn't leave for another hour. He could maybe beat traffic if he was smart.

"Sherlock! Dammit I've been trying your phone-" Lestrade could smell the hint of Omega in the flat. "Oh, sorry. If you have company I can-"

"He left. Did you bring your car?"

"Yeah, I brought my car and who left?"

"John. Come on, I need a ride to the train station. And put the light on with the siren."

"Fine, but explain in the car." Lestrade had growled hurrying down the stairs after the tall young Alpha.

Sherlock explained what had happened and Lestrade only grinned. "What is it?" Sherlock demanded, directing the Detective Inspector on another quick shortcut.

"I knew he wouldn't give up so easily."

"What do you mean Lestrade? John obviously is still angry and he must feel disgusted with me for taking advantage of his inebriated state. I have to explain to him-"

"Shut it. Listen you idiot, John is confused and maybe he's a little hurt. Omegas tend to be a bit sensitive about abandonment."

"Well he doesn't seem to have issue with leaving me to wake up alone."

"Of course not. Because you've never done this to him I'm sure."

"It's not the point. Why does this have to be so bloody confusing."

"Because you make it so. Listen, you need to find John, don't allow him to speak or back up. Just walk right up to him and hand him those damn bracelets and take him into your arms and you be the dominate male for once. Just show him you think of him as valuable and worthy."

"How?" Sherlock sounded so helpless that Lestrade nearly rammed into the back of a large truck because he'd chanced a look at his passenger.

"Do you really need me to instruct you on how to properly scent and kiss your Omega?" Lestrade honked his horn, gesturing to his running lights, "POLICE! YOU IDIOT!" he growled ignoring several aggressive hand gestures as he cut through busy traffic.

"We aren't going to make me your mobile." Sherlock snapped "Just give it to me. Please." The Alpha sighed heavily taking the phone from the suspicious DI. "Yes hello, is this the British Transport Police?" Sherlock altered his accent, sounding more nasally and possibly america. "I've decided to end my life, and I've planted a bomb in the train station at-"

"Sherlock!" Lestrade nearly crashed into another slow moving taxi.

The dark haired Alpha only turned the phone off, removed the battery and tossed it out of the window.

"Did you just use my phone to call in a bomb threat!?"

"Why do you ask questions you already know the answers to? Now turn left and take another right. Less construction." Sherlock kept his voice even and casual.

"My phone!"

"Well I couldn't use mine. There's a chance they'll trace it."


"Left Lestrade!"

After nicking Lestrade's warrant badge the consulting detective used it to bypass the BTP and Railroad police without question or delay. Lestrade was lost in the crowd and confusion, seething and swearing.

Sherlock knew John would be departing from here and at what time, he had seen the deployment paperwork on Arthur Hill's desk. That had been too easy to brake into his cousin's home and computer. He hoped the missing files and changed passwords would teach the man to stay away from things that didn't belong to him.

In truth Sherlock had planned to watch John from a distance but that was before the Omega had slept with him. It was a deal they made, and John was his. He would wear the bracelets and he would allow Sherlock to scent him.

John would be in a camp surrounded by Neanderthals and their over eager hormones. Why John wanted to be in such an environment was beyond the consulting detective but he would allow it. No, not allow, he would endure it. Because this is what John wanted and according to Lestrade a true Alpha supported his Omega. And Sherlock wanted John to be his.

He just needed to maybe tell the Omega something, he needed the right words. Lestrade refused to give him these exact words, he only said Sherlock would know what to say when the time came. That was rubbish but the dark haired Alpha didn't have a choice but to think of something on his own.

They needed to talk, and timing be damned.

Sherlock held his breath, those sky blue eyes were just as he would always remember them.

"Sherlock?" John stood up ignoring the curious looks from his comrades. The Omega couldn't hear anything, nothing else existed. Just his Alpha and a few steps between them.

The dark haired detective moved gracefully towards his fiance, "John. I'm glad I caught you before you left. You forgot something."

Sherlock held out the bracelets and without another word he moved towards the frozen Omega and took the shorter man in his arms. "I couldn't let you leave without a proper goodbye." Sherlock muffled whatever protest John might have used by sealing their lips together.

The warmth was delicious and Sherlock's scent strong, John felt his knees tremble and he was forced to hold onto the tall Alpha's coat to keep his balance.

When both men came up for air, blue eyes locked with gray. "Sherlock-" John gasped.

"John, I don't know how to fix this. I keep messing it all up. The words are lost to me. I don't know the right things to say. However I do know I wish to fix this. I'm not a good man. I'm just a man, and I know I want to be a better one when you are around. We don't know each other and I've used blackmail to keep you close. I-I just want to know you better. I can start over, I can't guarantee I am the most patient of men. I- I can wait for you to come to a decision, I just ask that you consider all possibilities. Last night I-"

"Stop talking." John pulled the Alpha closer, ignoring the world around them once more. "You have the worst timing. I'm leaving for a very long time. I'm sorry for how I left this morning, but I couldn't be late and I was scared. I didn't know what to say and if there was anything I could say."

"John, I'm no good at this."

"No, you are shit at this relationship thing. However you do have cute ass and nice enough scent." John blushed at his own sad attempt at lightening the mood.

"As for time, John. We have at least a few hours, how about some poor excuse for coffee?"

"Sherlock, my train." John gestured towards the platform now crowded by extra security and a bomb or drug sniffing dog.

"It's alright John. You'll leave today but like I said not for another few hours. I called in a bomb threat."

"You what? Do you know how much trouble you can get into when they trace that call to your mobile?"

"That's why I used Lestrade's." Sherlock took John's wrist and placed the bracelets on over his hands.


"Yes, he drove me. Come let's go find something warm to drink."

John allowed himself to be dragged away, unaware of the questioning looks from his comrades, and the easy grin of one Captain Quinton Hill.

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