Chapter 32 Train station Dealings

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John and Sherlock found an empty table, the two seemed to be the only ones not panicking. The tall dark haired Alpha managed to find a cashier to make two cups of warm coffee. Sherlock then took a seat across from the blond soldier in uniform.

"Isn't that sweet." Quin asked folding his arms across his chest, the other Omegas looked in the direction he had gestured to.

"He's a handsome one." One of the females replied, "Well not as hot and sexy as my George."

"Um, sorry no offense but no one by the name of George can be hot or sexy. It's a rule." Quin's smart ass comment was met with a smack to the back of his head.

"Hey, watch the hair."

And this had the two male Omegas laughing as well as the female.

"Finally a sense of humor. You know I think the army tends to beat it out of you. Everyone's so high strung and uptight. It's almost suffocating." Quin continued to watch the scene play out just across from where he was standing.

John was grinning, slowly his head bowed over the terrible cup of tea or coffee. Sherlock looked uncomfortable but his fingers were face down on the table. Quin could see his cousin was itching to reach out and take John's hands, or make some kind of skin to skin contact.

"Those two need to just find a closet and work it out." One of the Alpha males grunted over Quinton's shoulder. "Never understood how an Omega soldier could date out of uniform. Usually those types go for the strong, driven and well, more masculine types. I give it a year before he's charmed by the likes of one of us." The Alpha high fived his colleagues, and the group of Omegas all made as if they were coughing.

Quin didn't hide the rude nose he made nor the over exaggerated rolling of his eyes, "Yes, and with that attitude I see you all will be single for the rest of your lives. Now don't stand too close to me, I'm allergic to stupid."

The Alpha made to say something back but took note of Quin's rank and just stepped closer to his friends.

"Anyway," Quint continued to address the group of Omegas, " Johnny boy there is smart. He knows a catch when he sees one. He's not into knott heads so I wouldn't hold your breath."

"I didn't say I was interested. I bet they break it off. These things never last long distance." The Alpha grumbled to his friends.

Quin couldn't help but smile as he continued to spy on the couple, he like most in his family was blessed with a lip reading skill.


"We haven't done this before." John accepted the warm cup of coffee. Sherlock pursed his lips and John couldn't help but think of all the places those lips could kiss. His cheeks burned and he continued on hoping Sherlock wasn't reading the direction of his thoughts. "I mean, a date. We've never sat and had coffee outside of a crime scene or your flat."

Sherlock straightened in his chair, flashing his most promising grin, "Hello, I'm Sherlock Holmes consulting detective. I play the violin when I'm thinking. Sometimes I don't talk for days on end. Will that bother you? Potential bondmates should know about each other. "

John paled, Sherlock's long fingers were tapping the table and John focused down on them. Slowly they moved towards his own hands that cupped the horrible coffee.


"John. " Sherlock's cool hands cradled the Omega's warm ones.

"We don't even know each other. Your family-" John sputtered nervously.

"We have time to get to know each other. It's not too late. And my grandmere has promised no more family meddling."

"How do you know it's not too late." John asked honestly.

"Lestrade was very clear on this subject, he said absence makes the heart grow fonder or some sentimental rubbish. This would be the perfect time to experiment with the idea."

"Sherlock I'm leaving in a few hours. For a year."

"Six months." Sherlock corrected, then ducked his head as if he realized he said something he shouldn't have.

"Six months? My orders were clear." John frowned allowing the Alpha to continue to squeeze his hands.

"Yes, well. Technically-"


"John! I can't lose you. I'll go mad. I've been climbing the walls. And sobriety is boring without you around to distract me. I've never had this problem. My life was-was-"

"So I'm just a distraction?" The hurt look in the Omega's eyes was enough to make Sherlock flinch, his hands held tighter to the smaller ones trying to pull away. Coffee spilled out of the now crushed paper cup.

"No. I didn't mean to say distraction. John. Never just a distraction. You are an anchoring force. What I was going to say was, my life was in disarray. Then you walked in and organized not only my flat but me. I don't find Omegas attractive. I never have."

"You aren't helping your case."

Sherlock continued on. "Until you. John. You changed my views on many things. I'm not the easiest man and sober-"

"You can times that by 800 million I know." John relaxed. "Sherlock did you really have my orders changed? I don't want to be controlled and told what to do. It's not going to work if that's the case. It didn't work when my father tried, or my uncle and it wont work with a potential bondmate. I refuse to walk behind someone and keep my head down."

"John, that is what makes you interesting. And I find myself very aroused by the idea of you being behind me. As well as in front of me."

The Omega couldn't halt the catching of his breath and the rush of warmth to his nether regions. This Alpha practically purred when he spoke, his deep baritone washing over the young Omega with such a lewd undertone to this comment.

"John, I don't want a submissive. I never have. And if it makes you feel better I had nothing to do with your orders changing."

"Really?" John tried to find his voice, his heart was pounding and the coffee was starting to make his hands sticky.

"Yes, well my irritating cousin Arthur has managed to convince his grandmere, my aunt, that it would be better to keep Quin closer to home for years. He worries about that big idiot. " Sherlock rolled his eyes releasing John's hands, the Omega busied himself cleaning up the spilled coffee. "I am surprised she agreed to pull strings and have the orders changed. I don't know what would have changed her mind. She's been instrumental at keeping Quinton off of combat duty, to his chagrin."

John smiled, "Oh, I can make a few guesses as to what would change her mind. With all the hints of wanting grandchildren."

"Her hopes at you becoming Quin's is-"

"No, not me you berk. No, he's got his eye on another blond."


John told Sherlock about Quinton saving Toby and JP. It was pleasing to have those gray eyes so intent on watching John's every move. To have that beautiful mind focused solely on him, the Omega blushed again.

"John about the way I reacted, I never apologized."

John tensed, wiping the table with the last napkins from the dispenser at their table.

"It's fine." John winced.

"It was abominable. I should have never treated you so harshly."

"No, you shouldn't have jumped to conclusions with that big brain of yours and legendary observation skills you came to THAT conclusion. I've told you Alphas like Quinton Hill do not impress me. I've been saying no them for years. It's funny how your aunt is going out of her way to suddenly step in. As nosey as your Grandmere and Aunt are, I have the feeling they never directly interfered with your lives."

"Yes, well. Grandmere has always observed. I was told that it was Grandfather that had the knack for being overbearing. However I think you've changed her ideas on this. She's been surprisingly meddlesome of late. According to my mother, Grandmere hasn't been this present in our lives since before my father died. She's always firmly believed we are the masters of our own destinies."

"Even if it puts you on the path of self destruction? Sherlock? " John shook his head, thinking of Sherlock's drug addiction and past behavior.

"It may be difficult to understand but she means well. If one doesn't fall how does one learn to pick themselves up?" John nodded it made sense to him in a twisted way.

"So she let you make your mistakes? And I see Mycroft doesn't buy into this philosophy." John was unable to hide his sharper tone.

"He takes after my grandfather, I heard he was rather practical in how he manipulated situations. For the better. "

"Did you just give your brother a compliment?"

"No." Sherlock made a face.

"Oh, admit it. Your brother is an ass but he only wants the best for you. He's pushy and irritating and all powerful. How did that come about?" John shivered again thinking of Mycroft's disapproval. The haunting words from that murderer, What length would Mycroft go to this time?

"He's been groomed since birth to take that position. There has always been a Holmes in government office."

"He's bound to be a busy man, and then there's the job of keeping you away from inconvenient bond mates." John tried to rein in his panic, the words of that Agent still bouncing around in his head.

"Yes, well he is an expert chess player. However there is always someone above him. The Holmes have a place in government we have cousins in offices obscured from view but just as significant. Mycroft has superiors to answer to." Sherlock noted how John's color changed when mentioning his brother. What had Mycroft done now?

"Grandmere being one of them?"

"She is retired but-" John cut Sherlock off, he wanted to explore this sudden apprehension. What was it that Mycroft did?

"After the tea I was forced to endure I'm sure that she's officially retired but unofficially she's an adviser?"

Sherlock nodded. "Yes for lack of better word. Her opinion is held in high regard."

"And your aunt?"

"She has connections with the army, she's never been one to serve but my uncle was well known. Arthur is finding out that his grandmere has made very powerful connections over the years, she is a social powerhouse."

"I see. So she has cut my time back."

"She was very adamant that you receive your deserving rank. My grandmother and aunt are very attuned to Omega rights. My brother is under the impression that Omegas are weak and needing protection, his one example being my mother. He was much like me and has no taste for the Omega submissive.I'm only just learning that they have played a pseudo submissive role in government. They understand there is a need for Omega Law reform, however one can not change if those around are unwilling to change with the times. Unfortunately Mycroft as well as myself are learning the hard way about change. I however don't see him changing his mind about Omegas, he hoped it would be me to produce an heir so he wouldn't have to sully his hands with such acts."

"You mean your brother is into Alphas? Makes sense. With his need to control and-"

Sherlock made another face. "Let's not talk about him. We have little time."

John heard another announcement over the loudspeaker. "We have been delayed a day." Sherlock couldn't hide his grin.

John narrowed his eyes in suspiciously, "So we have."

"Come back to the flat with me." Sherlock was standing his hand squeezing Johns. "please."

"So forward and on our first date." John ran his thumb over the back of Sherlock's nuckles.

The blond soldier glanced across from where he was sitting towards a grinning Quin Hill who waved him on,

"Fine alright." John stood and Sherlock grabbed his bag before he could lift it up. "And then you're not stopping me from getting onto that train. I have a commitment. I've worked for this rank since my sister sold me into military contract at sixteen."

"Yes, John. Something that was most certainly not your choice. However it did get you through medical school. Something very useful to my line of work. So I can't complain too much."

John watched the sniffer dogs being pulled back and the police as well as the anti terrorism squad moving towards the main entrance.

"Well that took them long "Sherlock murmured. "Move aside, Scotland Yard, move aside!" Sherlock pushed through a group of people holding up what looked to be a warrant card.


Lestrade was laying with his hands pulled behind his back the air robbed from his lungs by the sharp knee in the middle of his back.

"Just let me reach into my pocket, I swear that gun isn't mine. I've never seen it. And I'm a police officer with Scotland Yard. Just let me get my credentials. This is all some mistake." Greg growled irritably. The officer pinning him down decided to check the DI's pockets for him, finding nothing but lint.

"Bloody hell! That bastard nicked my warrant card again! I swear-" Greg was then yanked to his feet, handcuffed and lead away. Over his shoulder he caught a dark haired bastard in a thick belstaff coat heading for an exit, a green canvas bag slung over his shoulder. A smiling blond shyly grinning up over at the smug bastard.

"Sherlock!" Greg yelled but the noisy crowd was too much and Greg was being led in the opposite direction.

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