Chapter 36 HOME



Dear John….How (DELETE)


Dearest (DELETE)

Hello John how are you, I'm-(DELETE)

"Stupid! DULL!" Sherlock hissed slamming his laptop shut. John had only been gone a week and he still couldn't bring himself to email the-his Omega.

What could he say? How was it so difficult to find something interesting to write. Mycroft's unasked for but appreciated(although he would never tell his brother that) updates on John's current status gave Sherlock the reassurance that John was safe and sound.

"You could tell him you miss him. Or how about;Hello John, today has been endlessly boring. Lestrade is being his annoyingly intrusive self, yet has managed to remain handsome as ever. He sends his regards. The lemmings that follow him around at the poor excuse of a police force miss you as well. I am completely unmanageable without you. Please come home soon safe and sound. I pine for the months we are apart to end. blah blah blah sincerely your lover boy Sherrly locks aka hot cheeks."

Lestrade bit into an apple he had in his hand, smiling smugly as he plopped down in John's chair.

"Lestrade why the hell are you here?"

"Just checking on you. I was in the neighborhood." The Alpha smiled around a mouth full of apple.

"I am not a child Lestrade!" Sherlock hissed standing up thrusting his hands in his bathrobe pockets. "In the neighborhood surely you do not think me so thick. You were obviously conversing with my brother. You reek of chocolate pastries, the scent is what he uses for cologne. Disgusting. He obviously has sent you to spy on me."

"Is that a hint of jealousy I hear?" Lestrade mumbled as he sniffed his clothes frowning, he should have showered before coming over. Did, he really smell like Mycroft?

As delicious as that sounded, he didn't need people picking up on his activities outside of work. Especially Sherlock, the kid would likely object to any kind of alliance he thought Mycroft and the DI would form. Paranoid lad would only think Mycroft would try and use the DI to keep Sherlock on a tighter chain.

Lestrade would never allow someone to cloud his vision like that. Well okay, Mycroft had convinced him to arrest John, sight unseen. That was different, he was more concerned with a newly sober Sherlock at the time.

Anyway he and Mycroft hadn't done anything, really, well today they only rutted against each other in Mycroft's office. Both Alpha's had found the challenge of not making a mess of their clothes or office and the threat of getting caught a turn on.

Lestrade had really worked up an appetite, he'd taken an apple from the fruit bowl in Mycroft's lavish office on his way out. The man was just insatiable, the British Government had been very demanding of his time this week.

"Why are you smiling. Stop it, it's throwing me off." Sherlock snapped.

"I'm not smiling. I'm just-" Lestrade had to pull himself together, this could end at any moment it was best to stop thinking so much into it. Why couldn't he just stop smiling? And what was Mycroft getting at asking him out to dinner. It caught the gray haired Alpha off guard when he was working the zipper on his trousers and arranged his clothes. The posh bastard probably timed it like that.

More like demanded, he straightened his clothes giving Lestrade that signature disinterested stare and said; Be ready by six thirty, and don't worry over attire. I'll have my assistant drop something suitable off at your home.

Lestrade began to tell the other Alpha he didn't always get off on time but the smug bastard only assured him he would see him at six thirty.

"You're doing it again. Why are you smiling? And your stink is giving me a headache." Sherlock coughed holding his breath and waving the air around him with his hand.

"Hey, you're lucky that's all I'm doing is smiling. I owe you a particularly nasty beat down for what you did to me back at that train station, don't think I've forgiven you and don't you dare think I've forgotten."

Sherlock rolled his eyes, "It's not like Mycroft didn't bail you out."

"That's not the point. It doesn't matter. " Lestrade sighed, "Sherlock. Lad, listen. It's been a week. John is probably waiting for you to email first. Omegas like John don't want to come off as clingy. Especially when starting out on a new relationship. Right. So, Just a quick email. I know that when I was away at the academy just hearing my mum on the phone telling me about everyday stuff made me feel less homesick. So, tell John about your day. Or if you blew something up, a book you read, I don't know, how you irritated Anderson again. Something. Even the weather, bloody hell you young Alphas make it so difficult."

Lestrade got up then tossing his apple core into the bin, "He just wants to hear from you. Don't make this so hard. Stop thinking with that big brain and let your heart guide you, yeah. Well that was my good deed for the day, I've got paperwork waiting for me if I hope to be off at a decent time today."

Sherlock narrowed his eyes at the departing Alpha before returning to the laptop screen.

John, it's raining. I may need a new E string for my violin. How committed to that gray jumper were you? Lestrade is having intercourse with my brother. I may vomit from the idea. Life is utterly boring.

-Sherlock Holmes

John checked his email and grinned, his heart beating faster and a flush colored his cheeks.


I know it's only been a week but I do miss the rain, it's hot here. Not a summer kind of hot either, more like a suffocating heat that steals your very breath and dries your skin. You will find a package of strings just on the shelf near my medical journals, I moved them after finding the package thrown so half hazardously on the biohazard of a kitchen table.

You owe me a new jumper. As for Lestrade and Mycroft? Really? I mean really? How do you know? Things are falling into a routine here. Quinton has been busy and we work opposite sides of the base. Although he does make a habit of dropping in just to annoy me, I'm sure. The nurses are all swooning over him, insert eye roll here.

Of course he's absolutely oblivious to the effect he has on my staff, he's too busy telling me word for word what Toby said about something.

If I have to hear about Toby's eyes, or something Toby said one more time I'll scream. Sorry it has taken me so long to reply, the WIFI was down for a few days some idiot drove a truck into one of the communication panels.

I miss you. Please remember to eat, and do stay busy. Are you working any new cases?



Sherlock stretched out on the couch after a long day of chasing an idiot that Lestrade could have caught on his own. Why was the man in such a hurry to get back to the office?

That was three days in a row now. At least he didn't have a blank screen to stare at. Mycroft had told him that everything was fine, the base John was stationed at was having communication issues. Something about wiring, Sherlock didn't care just as long as his John was safe.

They had chased down another dealer today, so Sherlock was given a topic to discuss with John.

John, I have indeed been busy with a tedious case that Lestrade won't be bothered to solve on his own. I suspect he is preoccupied with the servicing of my brother and his disgusting carnal needs. The very idea is enough to permanently put me in the hospital with stomach issues.

When you ask how I know, believe me when I say I'm saving you the sordid details that my genius mind easily deduced. Somethings can never be deleted no matter how hard I try.

I never liked that gray jumper. It's stopped raining. You would have been useful today. We came upon a dealer who was an abuse Alpha to his two Omega children. I myself was unaffected by their dreadful scent of fear, I am above all emotion, being a superior mind set than most of my gender. Lestrade struggled with their anxiety and it did not help the already strained situation.

All was resolved, knowing you, you're concerned with their well being as we speak. No harm came to them, an ambulance was called and they are now in custody. Their father was easy to track down, I myself after a small chase apprehended him single handedly. Really if Lestrade's activities as my brother's mouth slave is going to effect his work in such a way then I'll have speak to my brother personally. He will answer for his crimes.

Please tell my cousin to feel free to wander into the desert on a hot day and get lost. I once told him I would play hide and seek with him, and I would count. It took him twelve hours to realize I wasn't coming to find him.

I must answer the door, Mrs. Hudson has taken upon herself to keep me fed up.

Yours, Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock motioned for Mrs. Hudson to enter, she carried in a tray of food. He thanked her because John would want him to be civil, ugh manners were so trivial and tedious.

He left out the part where he held his breath as did Lestrade when handling the children. They were really just children, two males no older than eight and nine. One of the young boys had the same coloring as John and Sherlock didn't understand the compulsion to beat their father into a bloody pulp. In fact he didn't remember chasing the fleeing coward ten blocks in the fog, only to tackle the man in the middle of a busy street. He was happy to omit the unimportant details where he had then pummeled the man unconscious and was pulled from the limp criminal by three officers and a concerned Lestrade.

They were just children, is that how John's father had treated him? It seemed the drug ring went deeper, Sherlock vowed to find the root of such an evil empire and bring it down.


"Doctor! We have incoming!" John was on his way to check his emails when one of his nurses came running up to meet him.

"Status." he was in doctor mode immediately turning to head back to the surgery center.

The head nurse Sergeant Bryant read off a list of injuries from severe to minor. He pulled on his doctor's coat, it was odd having a white coat here in the middle of a desert. It reminded him of home and he moved towards the first patient. The sounds of helicopters and yelling all drowned out by what was needed from him.

The first man to come in had severe burns running down the left side of his body, John would be pulling shrapnel from the kid for hours.

The next man to come in on a stretcher was barely conscious, John leaned down. "Soldier what's your name?" He checked the man's dilated pupils, his leg was bleeding and his blond head was bleeding just around the hairline.

"Fuck! This hurts." The Alpha grunted ignoring John's question trying to push his hands out of his face.

"Colonel Moran." The nurse read the chart, and John redirected another patient before moving to exam the tightly wrapped injury.

"Colonel?" John tried to get the man to sit still.

"I said get off!"

"He's lost a lot of blood sir. He pulled the shrapnel out of his thigh, and the medics had to pack it before he bled out in the sand.

"My truck!" the Colonel pushed John's hands away, "I need-"

"You need to sit still and let me do my bloody job." John signaled for a sedative. "There you go, nice and easy. Lets get you stitched up."

The Colonel had a grin on his face, his strong hands reached up and grabbed John's wrist. "You are a pretty one aren't you. Like an angel. Are you going to save me Omega? I think you're a bit late."

"You just relax Colonel we've got you." John soothed the struggling delirious.

The blond thankfully lost consciousness after another dose was administered.

His night went quickly with a blur of blood, amputated limbs and burns. Finally when he made his way to his room he checked his email and the nights hardships were nearly forgotten.

The Omega temporarily forgot about the young bruised faces that he had closed the eyes of, he forgot the arm he took from a young private, and the leg from another.

Instead he found himself laughing, the tightness of his shoulders temporarily forgotten.

Oh Sherlock at home safe, pestering Lestrade and being pestered his heart was safe in London.

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