Chapter 37 CAUTION


"Oi! Colonel! " Quinton approached the blond his movements stiff.

"That's Colonel Sir to you. Now what do you need Captain Hill? I am busy." The tall Royal Marine snapped his fingers.

"Sir, permission to speak freely." Quinton replied glancing around, they were standing near the entrance to the field hospital, the desert sun beating down on both Alphas.

"Fine, go. Hurry up. I have an appointment to keep before I'm cleared for duty."

"It's about that sir. Just wanted you to know that Doctor Watson is good as bonded. He's a good friend of mine and I won't see him harassed."

"Oh?" Moran laughed, "You going to report me?"

"You're a long way from home Colonel Moran, must be lonely being the only Royal Marine out in the desert, well in this particular area. In fact I've looked into your assignment, before your injuries. And I'm a little concerned how you managed it get so far from your unit."

"I have my orders Hill. " The Colonel growled. "I don't know who you think you are you little pest but get this clear my personal business as well as professional is none of yours. I've seen more battle and assignments then you. I'm the best sniper your people have. You are just a lowly MP. and unless I've gone off and started a bar fight or stolen military supplies you've got no business with me. Now Doctor Watson hasn't complained. As far as I can see the Omega isn't bonded he's only promised to. Not my fault his Alpha can't seal the deal."

Quinton growled his whole body ready to pounce when a sharp command from his right snapped him to attention.

"Captain Hill! You're due for duty in ten minutes, best not to be late."

"Yes, General sir." Quinton stood at attention but whispered low. "I'm watching you Colonel."

The other Alpha only smiled smugly his eyes never leaving the retreating back of the young Captain.


Three months had gone by and Sherlock was happily counting down the days. Toby stopped by several times to bring him left overs as he put it from his restaurant. However the Alpha had a feeling that the young Omega was under orders by a certain blond Omega soldier. Everyone was trying to keep him fed, irritating, but oh, Toby did bring him chips, and what was that cake? Better protect that from Mycroft.

Sherlock was about to email John and ask his advice about how to deal with a brooding Lestrade. He had a feeling Mycroft had finally done something that Lestrade found distasteful.

How to bring up the subject? John often said matters such as these need to be handled delicately.

Speak of the devil, Sherlock sniffed the air.

"Brother? You've been silent these days, I had hoped you had died in your sleep due to clogged arteries from high cholesterol a noble death."

"Brother mine it's nice to see you as well." Mycroft entered the room and took a seat in Sherlock's usual spot. Well at least he wasn't stinking John's chair up with his stench.

"Well what do you want? Please tell me it's not romantic advice. I assure you Lestrade is too good for a lecherous type such as yourself."

His brother winced briefly, anyone else would have missed it, however Sherlock wasn't anyone.

"What goes on in my private life brother is again, none of your business. And as it stands I still remain unattached."

"That's the problem isn't it?" Sherlock made a face glaring down at his food, damn Mycroft for ruining his appetite. "So did Lestrade want more and you being your heartless self tossed him aside."

"I don't need attachments in my life." Mycroft replied dismissively.

"Ah, and how did you go about this tossing aside?"

"We aren't here to speak about my personal life-"

"You bastard!" Sherlock growled. "You cheated on him didn't you?"

"We never said we were exclusive." Mycroft snapped back, "And it wasn't-I"

"With who? WHO?" Sherlock demanded, not understanding his anger. "Who would you think to be a poor replacement? Which one of your escorts did you decide-"

"It doesn't matter Sherlock. None of it. It was going to end one way or another I however broke it off a lot sooner. Preemptive-"

Sherlock kicked over a stack of books close to the unlit fireplace.

"A bit cruel even for you. I see now, I warned Lestrade about you. I told him you were a heartless bastard. You have no soul Mycroft, and where your heart should be is nothing but empty space. Lestrade is too good a man to be seen with the likes of you. Now get out."

"And you have suddenly become a relationship expert!?" Mycroft hissed standing up he turned his back on his brother. "This doesn't matter. I need you to relay a message to him, he wont listen to me or answer my calls."

"I wont play messenger for you."

"It's life or death! Sherlock! I need you both to listen. This investigation you are currently on you must stop. "


"I know you think you are close but you have no idea how far this goes. Who it leads to. You are putting yourselves and others in danger."

"Piss off Mycroft. Are you angry because we have managed to do what your pathetic agents haven't. Just me a ex addict and a simple Detective Inspector?"

"Sherlock, you're not listening. Lives are in danger you both are drawing the wrong attention."

"I am not a coward. What is this crime lord going to do? Kill me?"

"No!" Mycroft hissed. "No, he wont kill you. He'll just burn out that heart you suddenly grew. Look for yourself! He already knows about you. About your weaknesses. He's a spider and we know nothing about him."

Sherlock snatched the large manila envelope from his brother, idiot still used files instead of a computer. He pulled the papers out, rather photographs. Photographs of John? Someone had written in red ink warnings.




There were pictures of Lestrade, sitting at a coffee shop, or in a pub watching a game. Another of Lestrade in his living room stretched out on his couch watching a game. More warnings, more pictures of Quinton and of Toby another of young JP.

"You have to dissuade the Detective Inspector." Mycroft sighed.

Sherlock glanced back up at his brother, "You broke it off because of this? I never took you for a coward Mycroft."

"I-this organization has a reach that I've been chasing for years."

"I'll take the case." Sherlock glared down at the photos.

"Sherlock did you not-"

"I'll take it. Do you really think you can do this alone? And with the idiots you employ? First thing is first, we must protect Quinton and John. I'll leave the details to you, if we act now it will look suspicious. It's best they are kept from this. How safe are they there-"

Mycroft didn't reply right away causing Sherlock's head to snap upwards looking away from the photographs.

"Mycroft? How safe are they?"

"Sherlock. Like I said, his reach is-"

"Bring them home now!" Sherlock growled. "I don't care what you have to do, but I know you have the power to do it."

"I'm working on it Sherlock. Don't you think I haven't thought of all eventualities. There are plans in play and you and Gregory are putting yourselves in the crossfire!"

Sherlock heard a car pull up two police officers were getting out, then another with two women. Sherlock ignored his brother quickly deducing the scene.

"Sit down brother, your blood pressure."

"Sherlock dammit!" Mycroft growled, then took a deep breath sitting in the chair irritated at his little brother. The younger man turned and poured his brother some tea.

"I have them under watchful protection, they have no idea they are being guarded. "

Sherlock frowned once more seeing another familiar car pulling up, and the DI getting out.

"This is going to be interesting." He grabbed his violin and leaned against his desk.

"Sherlock what have you done now?" Moments later Mrs. Hudson entered tisking as she escorted two Alpha constables and two women, one blond Alpha and a dark haired Omega. The Omega looked around holding a folded bit of paper in her hand.

"It's alright Mrs. Hudson. Thank you." He waved her off "And let the DI come right up thanks."

"DI?" Mycroft sat up straighter.

"Shut up Mycroft."

"Sherlock Holmes?" The woman a rather determined looking Omega took a step forward, her shoulder length black hair bobbing around her heart shaped face.

"That's me." Sherlock nodded.

"My name is Clara Smith. I am an advocate for abused Omegas as well as a solicitor for RIGHTNOW. It's a nonprofit organization that deals with Omega rights. Rights now."

"Yes, I caught that in the name thanks." Sherlock accepted the legal documents being handed to him.

Mycroft was sitting up now. "So you brought your dogs with you in case I put up a fight."

"Where's my brother you bastard?" The blond finally spoke.

Sherlock glared at her, "You don't have a brother anymore Harriet Watson."

"If you've hurt him!"

"No, he's actually quite well. I didn't sell him to pay my debts, I've never left him with an abusive uncle or father. I didn't indenture him to the army at a young age just to claim his wages."

"It was for school, they were paying his schooling off." Harriette growled stepping forward.

"Please Harry." The Omega reached out and put a hand on the blonde's shoulder.

"Where is John Watson." Clara asked sternly.

"Get out." Sherlock continued to ignore the Omega, and glare at the officer's and the tall blond. The officers received a nod from the dark haired girl.

"Don't touch-" Sherlock snapped. "You can all get the bloody hell out of my flat!"

"Do not try to stop us Mr. Holmes the law is on our side. The Omega you have custody of has been illegally purchased in an illegal exchange. Not to mention Sebastian Wilkes is a known drug dealer among other things. Due to the nature of such activities you will be brought up on charges and the Omega's custody reverts back to the original gaurdian-"

"So she could what? Sell him again? Oh, she's sober but for how long? Did she tell you she drugged her own brother?Let thugs come into her home and beat him badly enough it took a month for those bruises to fade? Her, he trusted her and she left him there with that pimp. Knowing full well what Wilkes had in store for the young doctor. If anyone should be arrested it should be her!" Sherlock lunged at the blond the two police officers were quick to grab him.

This brought Mycroft to his feet, Sherlock smiled to himself knowing exactly that Lestrade would be up the stairs and through the doors as soon as he heard the commotion and he did. Sherlock ducked the blow meant for him, and Harriet instead connected with a surprised and less agile Mycroft Holmes.

Lestrade snarled pulling his credentials and tackling the blond without a question or restraint. Harry Watson hit the ground with a thud and surprised gasp. The two cops moved in but halted seeing the warrant card, as the silver haired Alpha placed handcuffs on Harry's wrists.

"This isn't usually my division but I'll take extra pleasure in seeing you behind bars for assault."

"Fuck off old man!" Harry tried to struggle against her cuffs, she was yanked to her feet.

"Detective Inspector Lestrade." Gregory glared at the two stunned constables.

"This man consults for the yard. Do you want to explain what you're doing here? And what has he done now?"

Mycroft had a hand to his jaw, and Sherlock pulled his brother over to a chair, the small Omega in the room was standing with her hands on her hips. The consulting detective did catch how the Detective Inspector quickly glanced over at Mycroft when he thought nobody was looking.Interesting.

"We've served the Alpha, one William Sherlock Scott Holmes. He is being investigated for Omega abuse. And for the purchase of an Omega-"

"What Omega are you talking about?" Lestrade growled, "John? Are you talking about John? He has a bloody name and it's not Omega. It's John Watson. Or Doctor John Watson, or maybe Lt. Watson of the RAMC. Have some fucking respect for the man. "

"I appreciate what you are attempting to do." Mycroft winced, rotating his jaw, cupping his chin gingerly. "However the Omega John Watson is emancipated, as well as engaged to my brother here."

"Emancipated how? When! You're a liar! Nobody notified me. I know my rights!" Harry panted, standing straighter. "And who the hell are you?"

Mycroft retrieved his mobile and made a quick text. "I am John's soon to be brother in law. Mycroft Holmes." He looked down at the blond Alpha dressed in black slacks and a gray cashmere short sleeved jumper.

"You have proof?" Clara stepped forward.

"As I said Mrs?"

"Miss. Smith." The Omega corrected coolly.

"Yes, of course. Excuse me." Mycroft replied in a none too apologetic tone.

"I'll have one of my twenty solicitors bring a more detailed copy to your office. And I'm sure I can find a Barrister on my team that isn't too busy to challenge you in court. For now, you'll have to accept this document."

Perfectly timed Mycroft's assistant arrived to deliver the legal document to the irritated young Omega.

"Lestrade, have you met John's biological sister?" Sherlock motioned to the blond. "She's come to take John back home. She no doubt misses his income. I don't know how John put up with her temper for so long?" Sherlock continued to glare at the blond Alpha that had John's eyes and a faint kinscent. It made him sick knowing she was related to his Omega, his gentle kind hearted Omega.

"I'm demanding a restraining order to be placed on my soon to be mate for his protection. More psychological than physical. I won't have him upset." Sherlock smiled smugly.

"I'll see it is started. Before John returns." Lestrade held tighter to the blond's handcuffs.

"I won't have you coming around here Harriet Watson. You will never talk to my John. You might share a faint kinscent but it will remain just that barely traceable. Already he has been absorbed into my pack. And I have the money and resources that you do not. "

"Where is he!" She hissed her body tensed as if ready to spring forward.

"He is in Afghanistan. "

"Afghanistan?" Clara asked in confusion.

"He's a soldier serving his country. Now as I said get out of my flat! Any questions you will have you can contact us through our solicitors. If you are thinking of challenging us Miss. Smith, I hope you have the money and the patience. Because I assure you, we Holmes have more money then the Queen and the ability to keep you tied up in court until your tiny little do gooder firm is bankrupt. Get out!" Sherlock hissed.

Agent A focused on her blackberry as she handed a card to the fuming Omega.

" I am arresting you for assault. You don't have to say anything but it may harm your defense if you do not mention, when questioned, something you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be taken down and given in evidence." Lestrade recited the caution, then signaled the constables to take the prisoner and escort the short Omega out.

"Don't worry Harry this isn't over." Then turning back to Sherlock and his equally posh condescending brother. "This isn't over. Your threats will not shake RIGHTNOW. You'll be seeing me again."

She followed the struggling Alpha out the door, Lestrade had his hands on his hips. "Any other relatives going to come out of the woodwork I should know about?"

"John does have a drunkard father somewhere out there."

Lestrade shook his head, his eyes focusing on Mycroft. "I'll get you some ice. Sit down." Mycroft tried to protest but Agent A was already pushing him back into the black leather chair.

"Sir, I'll get the emancipation paperwork drawn up. Our friend the PM will gladly see that it's stamped with the correct date."

She didn't wait for a reply before slipping out again, a small grin on her ruby red lips as the DI carried a flannel that wrapped itself around a few ice cubes.

"Don't be a baby and sit still." The DI chided and the British Government turned red.

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