Chapter 38 Family Bonds

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"Sir. It's a phone call for you." One of his nurses knocked and entered the exam room.

John frowned continuing to run clinical hands over the tall Alpha on the table. "Take a message Private, I'm with a patient."

"Sir, it's your brother-in-law and he says it's an emergency." The woman replied nervously avoiding looking at the glaring Alpha on the table.

"My brother-" John's mouth went dry thinking of Mycroft.

Moran caught the doctor's paling face, he was sitting up and reaching out to steady the man.

John jumped back nearly knocking over a small metal table near the exam cot.

"Uh, if you'll excuse me." John's mouth was dry and his distress apparent, was Sherlock injured. Mycroft would never contact him for anything less, what if Sherlock was badly hurt, oh god or bleeding.

The doctor didn't bother to shut the door to his office, instead he reached over the desk and answered the phone. "Yes, hello. Doctor Watson here."

"So, doctor Watson what are you wearing?"

What? "What?" John's brain was too slow to recognize the deep baritone on the line.

"I'm getting fat." The familiar voice continued nonchalantly.


"Mrs. Hudson and Tobias keep stopping in with food and they make themselves a nuisance when I don't eat it right away."

"Sherlock this a military line! How did-you know what I'm not even going to ask. I thought something had happened. They said Mycroft was on line."

"Yes well I may have fibbed a bit to get the point across."

"Sherlock!" John sank down into his chair with a growl.

"John, admit it. You've missed my voice. I can tell you right now yours is doing a few things to parts of me-"

"Sherlock." John warned. "Please tell me you didn't fake a family emergency and pretending to be Mycroft all in the name of you wanting to have phone sex."

"Fine, fine. I did want to hear your voice and also, to tell you I've been arrested."


"Yes I need you to come home."

"What? I mean, what have you done now? And I can't just drop everything, it's not like i'm at the surgery. I'm in bloody Afghanistan for christ sake."

"I don't think you have much choice." Sherlock sighed, "I've tried to have my brother pull a few strings but he can only do so much. Besides I think he's a bit distracted by Lestrade not talking to him."

"Sherlock you're not answering my question."

"John, I haven't done anything this time-well it wasn't really my fault. Have I told you how boring everything is without you?"

John took a deep breath and counted to ten, "William Sherlock Scott Holmes so help me if you don't tell me what you've done now-"

"I want to say right away John that she swung at me first."

"She?" John started to massage his temples, a Sherlock sized headache was approaching.

"Yes. Your sister packs a mean punch, and I'll have to say she caught me off guard."

"My sister? Harry punched you?"

"Yes, and then I maybe punched her back, and perhaps threw her through a glass window. Well technically speaking we both went through the glass window. It's all a blur really. Anyway her lawyer is seeking to press charges and would like to attach Omega imprisonment to the charges as well as Omega exploitation and trafficking. It's all very boring "

"Omega imprisonment? Who do they think you've imprisoned? It has to be some kind of mistake."

"Indeed John. Thus the reason behind this call. I need you to return so I can show the powers that be that you are well cared for and it was a mutual pairing. If not I go to jail, and Harry receives custody of you. Oh, looks like my times up."

"Sherlock!" John gripped the phone to his ear, he could hear his Alpha's voice snap in irritation as another muffled voice ordered him to end the call, it was time to return to his cell.

"Goodbye John. Don't worry I'll be fine. I understand if you have better things to do, but please be sure to write. I don't think they are big on allowing emails here."

"Sherlock dammit, I'm on my way back. I'll just have to-" the line went dead.

John was on his feet the sound of a helicopter echoing in the distance a rather stoic man in a suit entered John's office as he was hanging the phone up.

"Doctor John Hamish Watson?" John nodded his mouth dry, the dark haired man handed him a heavy white envelope. Well that was quick.

"I have orders to bring you home. Please collect your things. We've arranged an escort."

"The hell you have." Quinton growled marching in with two of his MP's standing outside. "I'll be escorting my cousin home." Quinton turned to John "Don't worry John, Arthur just called me, he arranged for leave so we can handle this. I won't have you left alone with these sort." Quinton leaned over with a nervous grin, "And I guess Toby went into early heat. Looks like I have leave."


Moran stood watched eyes narrowed as John and Quinton were being led to a helicopter, James wasn't going to like this.


Harry paced the small cell they stuck her in, she wasn't claustrophobic, she could handle this. Hell it was just another drunk tank to her, except she was sober. Clara wouldn't be happy about the little fight she was in though, that bastard deserved it. At least she got a few good punches in before the two of them went through that glass window.

A fist to the face and a few broken ribs was a lucky fucking day for the asshole. If the coppers hadn't shown so quickly he would be worse off.

"Harriet Watson." An officer unlocked her door, "Your lawyer is here."

He motioned for her to follow him, snapping handcuffs on her wrists.

"Lead the way." She growled.

The constable escorted her to a room she guessed to be another interrogation room. She waited patiently for Clara, her hands on the metal table tapping away glaring at her own image in the two way mirror. She flipped off the people no doubt observing her.

The door opened behind her and instead of her dear Clara there was a female Alpha entering carrying a blackberry the woman hardly glanced up.

"Miss. Watson." The Alpha stated rather than asked and in an annoying disintrested voice none the less. Thes tranger took a seat across from the blond Alpha.

"Where's Clara? Who the hell are you?"

"Your lawyer is on her way, but I thought it best we talk first. My employer is willing to offer you twenty thousand pounds to drop your case."

"Twenty thousand-" Harry swallowed, that was a large sum of money but wait why would they offer that? Just another price for her brother, she wouldn't do that again to him. God knows what kind of ordeal that Holmes put Johnny through.

"The stipulations being you drop your case, and sign over whatever rights you believe you have of John Watson. Then of course you never attempt contact again." The dark haired woman in the black skirt suit was confident that Harry would accept the money, the bitch was pulling out the check in anticipation.

Sure Twenty thousand was a lot of money, but Harry wasn't here for that. She had to make this right, she'd made an anonymous call to the police to have Wilkes busted. She was trying to make amends, her brother's life wasn't worth the money. She had heard rumors about the Alpha that now had her brother, he was well known on the streets his reputation wasn't exactly that of a saint.

God, how could she do this to John? She needed to make amends, needed his forgiveness.

"Piss off! I want my brother back. I will get him back. Clara thinks we have a case and we're willing to drag the Holmes name through the mud until John is released to his family."

"Very well." Anthea smiled politely and the sound of a voice came on over a speaker.

"Where is he? I've been waiting over an hour!"

"John! Johnny?" Despite her own injuries Harry jumped up knocking the chair back in her haste, her blond head snapping from left to right. Nothing but the four glass walls.

"Doctor Watson if you would just calm down, he'll be in here shortly."

"I am bloody calm! Now, I don't know who you think you are but I will have you know that there isn't a place on this planet you can hide if he's been harmed! Or denied proper medical attention."

Harry licked her dry lips, the cut still throbbing, her bandaged head and the other scraps had been taken care of. Was Sherlock in worse condition? Good.

Then the light came on behind one of the glass walls, Harry half limped over, her legs and shoulders sore, the Alpha female behind her forgotten.

"Sir, if you would please calm down, how about something for your nerves. Some tea-"

"My nerves?" Harry heard her brother's warning growl, he was healthy she could see that. His skin tanned from the desert sun, he was wearing his fatigues. Another soldier stood at his side resting a hand on his shoulder.

"John, I'll go and see what the hold up is. Just please don't punch the advocate. They are just doing their job."

Harry gave a low territorial growl seeing the young Alpha touching her brother in such a familiar way.

"A little late to act possessive." The female murmured her eyes still on the mobile in her hand.

"Now, Mr. Watson, your nerves. Poor thing." The condescending Alpha huffed, "There there, perhaps you need a rest. We can commence this meeting at later date."

"It's Doctor Watson to you asshole." The young dark haired Alpha next to John hissed. "And if you come any closer I'll let the Good doctor here put you on your back. Keep your scent to yourself it's enough to make anyone sick. He doesn't need rest or your reassurance. We've been on a plane for twentyfour-hours and have been here waiting another six. An hour ago we were promised that my cousin would be brought directly to us. We haven't received and updates on his condition. So if you are through speaking down to John I suggest you get the hell out!"

"Mr. Hill-" The Alpha in the suit took a step back, and Harry noted how John had an amused expression before turning away he came to rest his head against the mirror that Harry was nearly nose to nose with. She reached up to touch his hair, her fingers only touching glass.

"Quin, leave it. Please will you just give Mycroft another call. He's Sherlock's brother and has a bit more pull with this lot. I know Lestrade was coming up against some red tape himself. You should get going, I'm sure Toby will be needing you soon."

"I've spoken to him he's alright. The doctor says it's just a false heat due to coming off of his suppressants. Another wave will hit before the real thing. He wants me to clear this up before I go, or he wont allow me into the room. " Quinton smiled. "That's my Toby family first."

John giggled to himself pinching the bridge of his nose "Yes, I know. I know. Three months and I think I've got it. Just go."

Quinton nodded then paused glaring at the Alpha in the suit "Touch him and I'll make you wish you were never born."

Harry watched the man take his leave and John turned back to the other Alpha in the room.

"Please Doctor Watson take a seat and we'll start the interview before your accused-"

"My accused? I don't know what the hell you're going on about! Sherlock is my fiance."

"Yes, well our reports show he purchased you as well as illegally keeping you imprisoned in his home."

"Sherlock? Imprison someone? Laughable. He saved me and offered me a place to stay. I didn't have anywhere else to go."

"What of your sister?"

"I don't have a sister." John replied coolly, unaware of his sister flinching behind the glass window. "Oh, you're referring to the woman who drugged me and handed over guardianship to a pimp loan shark-"

"John!" Sherlock entered and Harry watched her brother's features soften, even his voice changed. She knew that look, he had been concerned and now he was relieved and there was love there.

Her brother genuinely loved this Alpha, even now he was running his hands over the man's face and pulling up his torn purple shirt.


"You're a mess!" John worriedly tilted his Alpha's head to the side, someone had used a few plasters but John thought perhaps his mate would need stitches.

"Someone did a shoddy job." He growled, "stop moving and let me see." Sherlock tried to step back and shake John's hands off.

"It's nothing just a few scratches." Sherlock winced when the Omega doctor ran hands over his sore ribs.

"That settles it you need a scan." John turned to the constables standing guard near the door. "Why hasn't he had proper medical attention?" Sherlock grinned faintly seeing the other Alphas in the room stiffen in response. That was John's commanding voice and Sherlock shivered in response. His John was really so domineering when need be, so beautiful when he was in this mindset.

Perhaps if Sherlock played up his injuries it could be a rewarding experience.

"Sir, uh, Doctor Watson we did have a medic look over both Alphas involved."

"A medic? But has he been scanned, look at him he's dead on his feet." Sherlock on cue leaned into the doctor groaning slightly.

"No John, I'm fine. It's just transport." The Alpha nuzzled his mate weakly enjoying the scent of his John, John had put on some muscle and a nice tan.

He was a welcome sight, so beautiful and the Alpha couldn't wait till this show of theatrics was over so he could explore his Omegas new muscle tone in the privacy of their flat.

"He can leave but you Doctor Watson we need you to answer some questions."

Sherlock rolled his eyes in response but neither man were able to reply when the door was pushed open and a rather fragile looking older woman followed by three well dressed solicitors in black suits, and of course Mycroft Holmes wouldn't be far behind. The joiners crowded into the small room, but John felt comfortable and secure. The familiar scent of family saturating the air that and Grandmere looked very impatient.

"My dear Jacques I apologize for having to pull you away from your important work in Afghanistan. Being such a wonderful doctor. Now why Mycroft waited so long to alert me to this situation, I have no idea."

"He is rather unintelligent and overbearing Grandmere I did tell him that-" Sherlock sighed shaking his head sadly, however the older woman was not fooled.

"Petit-fils! Fermez votre bouche! Je ne suis pas d'humeur!" (Grandson! Shut your mouth. I am not in the mood.)

Sherlock actually winced taking a step back. John noted how his Alpha suddenly could stand on his own, albeit his head was down and he looked liked a school boy chastised by the headmistress.

"Grand-mère, je suis désolé." (Grandmother, I'm sorry.) Sherlock cleared his throat again looking a lot younger than his twenty three years.

"Je t'aime mais, je vais te botter les fesses si tu dis un mot de plus. " (I love you but I swear I'll paddle your bum if you say one more word.)

John thought maybe he heard Sherlock give a squeak and the woman showed the younger man the door. "Now, Jacques will you kindly escort my grandson home. I believe his injuries are not as bad as he pretends."

John smiled "Grandmere." The older woman embraced the young Omega, signaling him to kiss her cheeks.

"Now, I apologize my dear Jacques I was tied up with a family issue that I believe for now has been somewhat resolved. I did recive your lovely emails. I hope the cookies and tea I sent were received?"

"Yes Grandmere, it was very much appreciated."

"Bon, I did have to sit and listen to Helena go on about what items one should ship to a soldier. Then how to properly pack said items and address it. It was all so very taxing, but well worth the effort. Now, I have already spoken to my nephew Quinton. Really the boy wandering around here when he's needed at home. I leave my dear sister to deal with him. It's a wonder why we have yet to see any grandchildren. These young men and their priorities are so-" she took a deep breath when the condescending Alpha in the room interrupted her.

"Miss, this is an investigation-"

Sherlock kissed his grandmother's forehead and made his way out without hesitation pulling John behind him. "Come along Jacques." He grinned glad that the negative attention was now focused on someone else.

The two heard a very cutting string of french following them out and passed a rather castigated Mycroft Holmes standing patiently outside the door.

"Mycroft! Venez ici!" (Come here) Grandmere called and the British Government shot a glare at his brother before entering the room.


"Now any questions you have Mister whatever it is your name is, my solicitors will answer them. I understand your organization is an outreach for exploited and abused Omegas. So I will be kind to you. John Watson is engaged to my grandson Sherlock Holmes. They will not be further harassed, I promise you if you or your organization so much as whispers my soon to be Grandson's name to the press I'll have you and your organization defunded and bankrupt. Charges will be brought up on misappropriation of funds and maybe something unforgivable will be found on your computers. I am not one to be crossed and we do not take kindly to family being threatened. Now I leave you with my eldest grandson to iron out the details. "

Harry caught how the woman walked up to the glass and adjusted her hair, a smile on her glossy lips. This Grandmere, was looking right at her and spoke in a very as a matter of fact tone. "John is apart of our family now. We will go to great extents to keep it that way. For as long as he wishes."

It hurt to hear these words, but the blond Alpha understood what was being said. This little show was for her benefit no doubt, they wanted her to see just how well guarded and loved John was. He had a family she could never give him and the protection he deserved. There was no place for her in his life. This was all so true but it didn't make it easier to give up trying.

The blond Alpha didn't take the money, she just wanted to leave to get out and curl up somewhere to lick her wounds. By chance she happened to be exiting the room as her brother and his fiance were leaving.

She watched unnoticed at first as John had an arm around this strange Alpha's waist, then allowed the dark haired man to nuzzle his hairline.

Clara was holding her forearm trying to keep her attention. Too late Harry let out a growl and Sherlock turned quickly pulling John behind him. Yeah, he really was playing up his injuries, he didn't seem too beat up.

"Sherlock." John placed a hand on his fiance's arm, "Sherlock. Lets go. No need to stick around."

"Stay away from John." Sherlock hissed.

"John!" Harry tried to find her brother's eyes but the tall Alpha kept him concealed from view. "John, I'm sorry."

"I know." John replied "Just stay away."

"But we're family. I know I messed up this time. I really really messed up, but-"

"You sold me to pay off your debts. Did you even ask if I wanted to be in the army?" John narrowed his eyes on his sister. "I was fourteen, did you ask?"

"We needed the money and it was going to pay for school. You were always so smart. We couldn't have afforded University. It's not like they were going to put you on the front lines."

"No, instead I had to deal with cat calls and unwanted advances, and the older Alphas didn't care that I was only fourteen. And when I would get home you would be passed out drunk and there would be nothing to eat. So much for US needing the money." Sherlock stiffened, he didn't know that. He put his arm around John instinctively.

"I know you're angry and I've messed up. But John, I've changed-"

"Goodbye Harry. Good luck. Just stay away from us. "

"John we are family. This is not how this is supposed to play out! I say I'm sorry and you say you forgive me. Now stop this. This is a dangerous game you're playing you don't know this man, what kind of person he is."

"What kind of person?" John growled through clenched teeth.

"Harry." Clara tried to calm her client down.

"He's been brainwashed Clara. The whole family is dangerous." Then to John. "I wont let you go!"

"It's not up to you!" John snapped. "It's my choice and I let you go! He is mine and I am his. At least he cares where I end up. "

"He's a drug addict Johnny! For christ-"

"Says the Alcoholic!" John hissed. "Just stop this Harry. I don't want anything to do with you. Stay away from my family."

"I love you Johnny. I'm sorry." Harry felt an ache in her chest start to grow, some kind of bond was breaking, like a string pulled tight around her heart, and now the strands were unraveling.

"I love him. If you truly loved me you would respect my wishes." John turned on his heels and started to march away pulling Sherlock behind him.

His Alpha was in shock, John had saidloveand the Omega wasn't even aware he had declared himself.

Sherlock was proud of his John, his beautiful emotional John. He could feel the pain these words caused the young man but it was fine, they would be fine. Sherlock had family to fill the void that his own had left.

Sherlock didn't have to look over at the now silent Harriet Watson, she wasn't their problem anymore. And John loved him, he had admitted it, he said he loved him!

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