Chapter 39 Hesitation and Calculation

Moriarty watched the hacked CCTV feed, his green eyes narrowing. This wasn't how he wanted things to go. Moran was showing hesitation, why?

The skinny Omega had done his research on the entire whole Holmes family. As much as one could without arousing suspicion or attracting any unwanted attention. James thought of his own father once more, the only thing he had of the man was a photograph. One that he had stolen from his file before running away with Sebby from reform school.

He carried a burning hate for the lot of them. At first James wished to find a way to hurt the Holmes family like they had him. It was fun to start with Mycroft and General Hill's prized agents. Stealing arms from under Hill's nose was like taking candy from a baby. The arrogant Alpha was losing face and James loved it.

Mr. British Government was a bit more difficult his only weakness, family. Sherlock's sudden lifestyle change was making that option a bit more challenging.

Perhaps that delicious silver fox could be useful, the adorable Detective Inspector hot pants.

The Iceman could pretend whatever he had going on with the beautiful Gregory Adam Lestrade was just a fling, and nothing more. However James wasn't blind. It would be fun to take Lestrade and make a pet out of him, go for a ride. Some Alpha's just wanted to be dominated and James could play the part.

Oh how fun would it be to record it all and send a nice little audio visual display of just what he could do for the Detective Inspector. Oh, the look on Mycroft's face! How lovely! Alphas, so disgustingly weak with their pride and territorial instincts. It kept them from really thinking clearly, even the soundest mind (i. Holmes), was prone to think with his cock.

These Alphas were such pack animals, disgusting! He would never be controlled by an Alpha, or discarded. None of this mattered, what mattered was the business and business was slowing. That wouldn't be allowed, before it was fun toying with the Alpha Mycroft Holmes, Mr. Iceman. Moriarty had planned on enticing the younger Holmes towards the dark side of the drug industry, all just to distract the British Government.

However things had changed, and the younger Holmes had cleaned up and was now becoming annoying. And this insignificant little blond was the cause, the little slut had the nerve to distract Moriarty's dear Sebastian as well. Annoying!

Well John Hamish What's his face could go ahead and knot tease but he would not do that to Sebby. The Alpha needed to be focused and James needed him keep his eye on the prize already several deals hadn't gone as planned. Moriarty had been sure to show his displeasure at the buyers who dared double cross him. Sebastian almost lost a leg in that deal, and it was this Doctor who saved him.Interesting.

Maybe it was time to meet the dear thing, perhaps a deal could be struck. Seeing how John had been traded several times by Alphas and his own family had sold him, abused him, how could he not harbor hatred for the knotheads.

According to a report he had obtained Holmes had branded the blond Omega with the word MINE.

Both Holmes brothers had the soldier closely watched as well. And the whole family was in on it. Sebastian complained about Quinton Hill cousin to Mycroft and little brother to Arthur Hill, always sniffing around. Stupid. A little digging and it wouldn't surprise James if the nosy little knothead was a fucking spy for the government.

General Hill didn't hide his displeasure with his brother's antics but this could all be a ploy as well. Oh, James did love a challenge, and a puzzle. Time to sort through this tangled web and find the center.

Moriarty was very interested in a meeting, if the Omega was just another boring submissive then he would put the bitch down. If not, then perhaps there was a place for him here, and Moran would be less distracted.

Time for some games, oh yeay. It would keep him busy while Sebby handled the idiots in the middle east. Some Alphas were so picky about the gender of those they bought stolen arms and illegal drugs from. It was annoying.


John returned to Baker Street with Sherlock fuming, he marched up the steps without acknowledging a very surprised Mrs. Hudson. Sherlock however was floating on air, John had said LOVE. He had said it out loud.

Should Sherlock say it back? Was it too soon? How could he make it believable? Did John mean it or was he just flinging it at Harry?

God, John looked delicious with his tan and the Sherlock had rubbed up against a more toned Omega. It would be nice to explore this idea of belonging with and to someone.

John's scent was different and Sherlock didn't like it. Several Alpha's had tried to scent his Omega. He could smell the competing scents, but Quin's was the strongest. At least that was a kinscent, Sherlock was safe in the knowledge that Quinton Hill was by now mated and bonded to Toby.

This made Quinton more tolerable, though not by much.

John was talking and Sherlock only could focus on the way his OMega's lips moved and curved. The Alpha in him roared to life, but it wasn't Sherlock to make the first move.

It was John pushing him hard against a wall. That perfect heated mouth was on him, demanding and forceful. Oh god, this was all the invitation Sherlock needed. His body was ready and the tension was building in his loins.

Who was Sherlock to deny John this, this bit of rushed handling. Three months felt like an eternity, and Sherlock would keep it to himself that he used John's jumper for something other than an experiment. He shamelessly used it while he wanked, rolling around in John's sheets growling.

Now he had the real thing, he would tell John he loved him but right now he had a demanding Omega to service. A sweet demanding Omega, with hungry lips, and a delicious scent.

He could tell John later he thought he was brilliant, brilliant and beautiful! John was going to be his and Sherlock suddenly felt so unworthy. The Alpha pulled the Omega's white t shirt from over his head, having discarded the uniformed fatigues working on the trousers.

The scar, was still there angry and red, Sherlock brought his mouth to the angry red skin. His Omega moaned and hissed, but Sherlock had to lick the puckered flesh, desperately wanting to erase the memory.

Hands were in his dark curls pulling him from his crouched position, mouths sealed, and the two became a tangle of arms and legs. Clumsily the two made it to the couch.

"Please fuck me!" John moaned "I missed you, your scent! God!" John hissed as Sherlock took John's aroused cock and started milking it with the confidence of a musician.

"John." Sherlock met the bluest eyes, with his gray. "I-" love you. "I've missed you." STUPID! Coward!

He couldn't say it. Why did he hesitate? Words were a way of manipulation, his mother used those words on others to get her way. He witnessed Victor playing countless victims, unashamed of his money scheming ways.

That's why the two had fit together so well. Both Alphas knew how to play the game. He wanted to show John that this wasn't true now. John meant so much more he was worth more than his Trust, more than all the money in the world.

The hesitation brought something to John's blue eyes, a sad smile to his swollen lips. "It's alright Sherlock you don't have to say it." The Omega kissed the Alpha's neck. "I know you don't feel that way about me, just tell me you want me. I can handle want. Don't talk just-"

Sherlock grunted when his Omega took the opportunity to push his own hand into Sherlock's uncomfortably tight pants.

He could tell John later, after this, he would tell the Omega that he was wrong. For now the two would make use of the couch, and he would spend the next couple of hours worshiping his Omega's perfect body.


Lestrade rubbed his temples it was a long day indeed, all he wanted to was to get thoughts of Mycroft Holmes out of his head, why did he care if the Alpha looked over worked? It wasn't his business, he shouldn't be toying with the idea of just calling. How sad was he sitting in the pub thinking of his ex lover? Boyfriend? What exactly did they have? It wasn't love. Well if it was it was just one sided, the way Mycroft had looked at him when he walked in on the two-.

Lestrade's wife had left him for an Omega and Mycroft had done the same-why did it hurt?

"Another drink mate?" The bartender offered with a polite smile.

"No I better get home. " Lestrade slapped his money down threw back the rest of his pint and headed out the door. The cool night air felt good on his flushed face, one quick instinctive glance and noted the streets were empty.

"I said no! I'm not interested. Piss off."A male voice cut through the buzz of the street lamp and the sudden warm breeze. The cop in him on alert, he heard the upset male voice again. "I said don't touch me."

"Come on dear, pretty thing like you shouldn't be out alone. I just want to take you home."

"I'm sure I can find my way on my own."

Lestrade approached the tall stranger in a white button up, the man looked like a banker. This brunette Alpha was crowding a smaller figure keeping him pinned against the side of the pub.

"Dammit it's too late for this shit." Lestrade sighed he couldn't let this go on. The Omega was shielded by the taller body but his scent screamed unease. "Oi! Cut that shit out! You heard the man, have some fucking manners. No means no." Lestrade growled and the disrespectful brunette didn't even turn to face him.

Instead the git growled over his shoulder, "Mind your own grandad!"

"Grandad? Disrespectful pups these days." Lestrade hissed grabbing for the younger Alpha by the back of his neck.

"Time for bed junior! Maybe a nice little stint in time out will do you some good."

The younger man tried to swung, baring his teeth, Lestrade rolled his eyes. "Calm down son, you really don't want to challenge me."

"I'll kill you-"

"Hardly. Now listen!" Lestrade easily caught the hard elbow that intended to catch him hard in the stomach.

"No, you listen! I was in the middle of something-"

"Yeah, like assault. I don't usually write tickets ASBOs. Not my department you see." Lestrade flashed his warrant card, keeping a strong hold to the brunette's neck.

He felt the idiot go stiff, "Yeah, you know what that is. And what it means when I say to fuck right off!"

"Sssorry, officer-"

"Detective Inspector you stupid git. Now, that we are clearing the air a bit. You need to apologize."

"I already said I was sorry-"

"Not to me you bastard."

"It's alright." The Omega stepped out from the shadow of the building, straightening his ruffled white button up, the young man adjusted his red tie, and ran a shaky hand through his ruffled dark hair. Green eyes nervously averted, "I just-"

"You alright lad?" Lestrade gripped the Alpha's neck in response to young man. There was a slight Irish accent to his speech, and he looked so vulnerable there with his head down.

"I'm fine Detective Inspector. Thank you. It was just some drunk idiot."

"I bought you a drink you led me on!" The Alpha turned to the DI pleadingly, "I bought him a drink."

"That doesn't give you the right to expect something."

"About that ASBO-" Lestrade growled reaching for his cuffs.

"No, please." The Omega huffed, "It's fine. Please. He's obviously had too much to drink. No harm done. "

"Yeah, no harm done." The drunk Alpha held his hands up, "I'm sorry. There I said it."

The green eyed Omega was searching for something he turned away from the two Alphas. Lestrade watched the anxious young UNI student? He was too young to be out of University, he couldn't be more than twenty. Just a kid really. All the more reason to beat the hell out of this leecher.

"I just need my bag. Here it is. No harm done." The Omega crouched down and pushed a book and several things into brown satchel.

"Get the hell out of here!" Lestrade hissed pushing the Alpha from him, his instincts kicking in he went to help the kid collect his scattered papers.

"It was a bad idea. I don't know what I was thinking. I just thought I could get out of the office grade a few papers in the quiet of the pub. It's my fault for accepting the drink."

"A drink is not an invitation for sex. Here, let me get you a ride home."

The young Omega smiled shyly, "Thank you Detective Inspector but I promise you I'm fine. I'm just a little shaken up."

"All the more reason to just take a breather. Now are you sure you don't want to press charges. "

The Omega smiled warmly, emerald green eyes meeting brown. "No, I'm fine. It's late and I have a class to teach in the morning. If you'll-"

"Teach?" Lestrade waved down a taxi.

"Yes, my name's Jim. I am a Maths professor at the university."

"But you can't be out of school yourself." Lestrade held open the cab door.

"I assure you I am old enough." The Omega smiled brightly. "Thank you Detective Inspector, you are too kind. Here I was under the impression that chivalry was dead." The detective Inspector closed the door, he stepped back.

"Goodbye lad."

"Goodbye Detective Inspector I do hope we meet again. Perhaps for a drink. I promise not to be too forward and I'll keep my hands to myself." The shy teasing response caught Lestrade off guard.

Was this kid flirting with him? He could be the boy's father for god sake.

"Goodnight James." Lestrade thumped the taxi's roof as a signal for the driver to move on. Still got it Lestrade you old dog.

The Detective Inspector smiled to himself, but it was a fleeting one. "Bugger, what am I thinking? He was just a pup." It was flattering but Lestrade wasn't attracted to Omegas, no he was instead very much addicted to the scent and presence of a cold hearted auburn haired bastard. One that would never give him the time of day, one that had cheated on him and had the nerve to be angry at him. Apparently Mycroft was in it for fun and Lestrade somehow had crossed a line when he wanted to be exclusive.

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