Chapter 4: Assumptions

Having an Alpha couldn't be too bad right? Especially one like Sherlock, the man was selfish and uninterested in anything beyond himself. John didn't even know what he did for a living, but something told John it had to be interesting. If it wasn't then Sherlock wouldn't be bothered, maybe the man didn't do anything and that was why he seemed so damn bored with everything around him.

John hesitated to ask the posh young man some things. Like how old he was, and why he didn't just get a job and write his trust off? What did the older Holmes mean when he said he would see John later? Why did that sound like a threat?

John slowly pulled his even more tattered brown jumper up from the corner of the room, he wondered if he could just wear his white t-shirt. He held back a hiss of pain reaching for the blood stained garment. Dammit, he must have managed to get blood on it during the struggle. Once more he tried to remember the events leading to him arriving here at Baker Street.

"I'm a doctor Mr. Holmes, I really don't need a scan." John could feel his bruises; he wasn't a stranger to broken bones as a patient and a doctor.

The other man seemed to be ignoring him and instead disappeared into a bedroom just off to the left of the messy kitchen.

"Oh, Harry." John sighed sadly "This time you've really mucked it up."

"Put this on, it may be a little big but it's better than your ripped clothes."

"Thanks." John replied taking the faded gray University T-shirt. It smelled of Sherlock, well having been in the man's closet that wasn't surprising. John decided it wasn't all that bad, the scent of this Alpha. "Listen. I really think it's a waste of time to go to the hospital for a scan. I assure you nothing is broken just bruised. A couple days of rest and some paracetamol, I'll be fi-"

Sherlock's eyes narrowed on the younger man causing him to falter.

"Very well what do you need?"

John was taken back, that wasn't what he was expecting.

"Well?" the dark haired Alpha huffed impatiently.

"Like I said some paracetamol. That's-"

"Yes. That I can retrieve but you'll need clothes I suspect. We could retrieve them from your old domicile, I don't suppose you have a key?"

John instinctively patted the pockets of his jeans, "No. It seems I left my wallet behind as well."

"Most likely it was seized. I can get that back for you. As for your clothes I suspect you already kept them in a ruck sack somewhere out of the way. Yes most likely in a cupboard so your drunk of a sister was less likely to go through it searching for cash or something to pawn. Unlikely you would have anything of value. A mobile will be necessary so I can be in contact with you. It would look suspicious if I didn't have your number programed into my phone. So rest you said. Fine. My room was just there to the left of the kitchen, you can rest in there. I'll need the living room to think in. I play the violin at odd hours, sometimes I don't talk for days. A pretend mate should know about these things."

John was trying to catch up, "Uh, right." He managed wincing at how much of an idiot he sounded like. "I uh-wait sorry. Your room?"

Sherlock sighed heavily, his hands behind his back, and eyes rolling he murmured to himself. Perhaps asking a higher power for patience. John took a cautious step back expecting reprimand. This didn't go unnoticed by the Alpha but the taller man didn't comment.

"Yes. My room. Since we are now potential bondmates it would look odd if you slept in a different room. There is a room upstairs but it is cluttered with storage and there is no bed. I spend my time working and when I return to the flat I tend to sprawl out on the couch to think. I hardly sleep in my room unless the case has finished. At that point I promise to stay to my side of the bed if you do the same. You don't have many possessions so I will make room in my closet and space in my dresser. I wont touch your things if you don't touch mine. Understood?"

"Yes." John held back the instinctive Sir.

"John I want this year to go as smoothly as possible, I wont be trapped into a bond. So if you are entertaining any thoughts of-"

"Oh, god no." John cut the Alpha off without a thought to self preservation. "No. the arrangements are fine. Just so we are on the same level. I do not want an Alpha. I completely fine being single. The army gives us mandatory suppressant shots and birth control. I'm good for another six months. At which time I'll receive another injection. There is no tampering or error involved, it works and it has worked for me these last few years. I love my freedom as much as you. I can sleep on my side of the bed, I have few items and in a few months I will be redeployed. At which time you'll have the flat to yourself once more. This wont be too difficult for us. I understand the arrangement clearly and what you do in your free time or whatever is entirely your business. And I assure you I will keep out of the way. I normally work for extra cash during my leave at a small clinic."

Sherlock realized the Omega was asking him something without asking again he rolled his eyes. "It's fine to continue as you were. We'll need a somewhat believable back story. If my brother finds out I won you in a poker game he'll start legal movements to withhold my trust."

John shrugged "I guess keeping it simple will make it believable. I was on leave ran into you at a pub, started talking was completely thrown by your charm and couldn't help but agree to bond as soon as my career has settled of course. No sense in rushing these things, besides you have your job. Which is-"

"Yes! Brilliant it's sentimental enough to throw my idiot brother off and make my mother believe I've fallen victim to my baser instincts. Ground rules are set then. I only have one stipulation and that is you cut connections with those you are intimate with it wont be convincing if you continue to see others."

John burned red "Of course." He replied quickly not wishing to admit there wasn't anyone. He had shagged a beta now and then but nothing constant and nothing long term. He wasn't lying when he said he didn't want an Alpha.

"Good that's settled there wont be any miscommunications. Now you should rest."

"Right, I'll do that." John turned towards their bedroom, the scent of his pretend Alpha was stronger and surprisingly enough this relaxed John.


"This is unacceptable Mycroft! Oh, my poor Sherlock! He's been trapped by some poor Omega hussy!"

"Now, mummy-" Mycroft tried to sooth the small auburn haired woman. Her blue eyes watery, she clutched Watson's file in her hands. He had hoped to keep this from her longer but the woman had her own eyes and ears. And how the house staff loved to talk.

Mycroft stood up from his chair next to his mother and quickly retrieved her a small glass of brandy from the bar. He had found his mother in her sitting room she'd ordered the servants away and locked herself inside, clearly distraught.

"You have to talk some sense into him. Such a match can not be allowed! Oh Mycroft! What will the Hills say? Oh, they'll laugh at us and point, those snobby hypocrites! We'll be the laughing stock at family gatherings. What if he chooses to have children? Did you read this Omega's medical history? He has discipline issues. "

Mycroft handed his mother the crystal tumbler, wincing slightly over this revelation. "Your father will be turning over in his grave!"

The red haired Omega sipped the brandy leaning back onto the couch wiping at her eyes. She was wearing her bathrobe, really the woman was overdramatic.

"Don't give me that look, I've been so upset all day it's impossible to dress and face the public knowing that our family is headed for complete destruction. Oh, I bet your grandmother has had a hand in this. You know how she loves to upset me! Hateful old bat! "

"Mother I assure you this has just come to light. No one knows as of yet. There is still time to rectify my brothers bumbling mistakes."

"You don't think it's a serious match then?" The woman sat up unconcerned with the brandy sloshing over the sides of the glass onto her hand. Her red rimmed eyes hopeful, she tossed her long red braid over her shoulder.

"I think it's still new enough that both parties can be swayed to changed their mind."

The older Omega woman smiled brightly, "Oh, Mycroft. You'll take care of it wont you? You always do. I know I can trust you. Yes. Perhaps you can bribe the tawdry little slut with money. That's what these types want. I'm sure this Omega thought he'd found an easy target in your vulnerable brother. But you can fix it. Don't give him too much Myc, no but enough. You know the types. My poor Sherlly he'll be heart broken at first but it'll be for the best wont it. You'll see to it wont you Myc?" smiled hopefully accepting her sons white silk handkerchief.

"Yes, mummy. Let me take care of it. You don't worry. Now how about you return to your room and rest."

The fragile looking woman nodded happily, her cheeks gaining some color and the scent of distress suddenly thinner. "I'll just take some of my anxiety pills. A nap will do me good." She kissed her son's red hair and left the room murmuring to herself about fortune hunting sluts praying on the innocent young men of society.

Mycroft rolled his eyes, Sherlock was anything but innocent and unsuspecting. Still, the situation could not be ignored. Mycroft had gone over the Omega's back ground. Indeed the man was an unsuitable match. It wasn't his discipline issues, as far as Mycroftcould tell the young man was a loyal and compliant soldier. The young man did come from a less than impressive family, a drunkard father who had abandoned his family after his methods of disciplining his children ended up drawing attention from the police and child services. Then John's care was left to the young man's older sister. The Alpha female was obviously falling into her father's footsteps. John did spend time with an aunt and uncle for a few years before his sister claimed custody. John didn't have a police record but his sister and most of the Watson family did.

This didn't mean the young man wasn't a drug addict or dealer. Mycroft had seen he boy's bruises, obviously a scuffle perhaps a failed transaction of some sort? The Omega's uncle had been in and out of jail for extortion and blackmail. Something like that could be taught. It was best to steer the boy away from the newly clean Sherlock Holmes.

He already had an idea where to start; first he would try to persuade the boy. Yes, that would be easy enough. Mycroft could easily arrange for Sherlock's newest toy to be caught in a compromising situation. That would save the Alpha money, and insure his younger brother would want nothing more to do with John Watson. If there was one thing Mycroft knew about Sherlock, it was that the younger Alpha hated to share his toys.

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